The Kiss That Changed Everything


Naruto x Ino


Story Start


It had happened so fast that hardly anyone had time to register what happened until long after it was over. Naruto was being his usual loud and rambunctious self. Being over the top he climbed on top of Sasuke's desk to stare down the cool and collected kid, letting his temper and dislike of the boy get the best of him.

He was not the most studious student. He often skipped class during the early days and didn't pay attention to lectures. Because of that and other factors his test grades were abysmal, not to mention the lack of aid and assistance led to him having sub-par Shinobi skills.

So when Kiba accidentally bumped into him, causing him to slide forward he wasn't able to react. Sasuke on the other hand had dedicated the past few years to growing stronger. He had one purpose, an ambition, to kill a certain man. His senses weren't as strong as Naruto's, because of the blond's heritage, but they were definitely sharper.

He reacted on instinct, the blond was close enough for that to happen and his pride wouldn't allow it. So he performed a substitution. He used the person close to him, who happened to be none other than Yamanka Ino, one of the two girls who were quite vocal about sitting with him.

Because of the incident all those years ago Sasuke was stunted in a sense. He dedicated his time into the Shinobi arts, unconcerned about certain customs, romance, and such things.

Naruto and Ino finally broke apart, both blushing furiously and their faces red. When it finally set in what happened for Naruto he began sputtering furiously, apologizing and exclaiming how his first kiss to Sakura-chan was forever muddied. Ino though, took what happened a bit harder.

''S-Sasuke-kun, why?'' the hurt in her voice was evident. The other students looked on in interest, as if they were watching a drama. Even Sakura, who in any other situation would have taunted Ino didn't say anything. She knew just how she would feel if she was in her former friend's place. If she had simply had her first kiss stolen like that.

''You just happen to be nearby Yamanka. You could have easily been anyone else.'' he remarked. Sasuke felt he was being honest. That was what happened. It wasn't anything personal; she just happened to be unfortunate and didn't see what the big deal was. Then again he lost his parents at age seven and even now a good deal of the village was weary of him. He never really had anyone to go to about romantic advice, not that he would, considering how much of a distraction it would be.

''So you don't ever care?'' the way Ino asked was heart breaking. She sounded so hurt and defeated. Most of the class was moved and began feeling for Ino, even the good portion who also fancied Sasuke and often wished something bad, yet not lethal to happen to the girl to get her out of the way as a romantic contender. ''My first kiss, you threw it away and it doesn't even matter to you?''

''Why should I care who you kiss? The way you concern yourself more with romance and looks is shameful. You're from a clan, you should be focusing on improving yourself as a Kunoichi.'' Sasuke did not sugarcoat things. He wasn't as tactless as Naruto, but he didn't beat around the bush either.

Ino didn't say a word and just simply walked away. She sat in a chair on the far side of the other room. ''I-Ino-san,'' a pudgy boy by the name of Chouji called out to her. He, along with the pineapple boy named Shikamaru knew Ino for years. Their fathers were all on the same team and were heralded as one of Konoha's legendary teams, The Ino-Shika-Cho combination.

''D-Don't. Just don't...'' she stated, she wasn't in the mood to talk. Moments later Iruka had arrived and the students were split into their teams. Later that night Ino had returned home, by the time the team test was over it was nightfall. Team Ten's mission was to defeat, capture, and acquire information from three chunin of Konoha. These Chunin were asked by the Jounin-sensei Asuma to assist, doubling as not only as a test of team work, but a means to see the exact skill level of the team mates.

''There's my little seed. How's it feel being a Kunoichi?'' the person who greeted Ino had the door was none other than her mother. Mouko Yamanka, Konoha's Hellcat. A woman herald as vicious as she was sexy. With her figure and platinum blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders, it was expected that Ino would grow up to be a knock-out like her mother.

''It was fine.'' Ino said, walking inside and refusing to face her mother. She might have been able to smile and sweet talk her father, but her mother was another matter altogether.

''Ino-chan, what's wrong?'' Mouko instantly recognized something was wrong. Her daughter was a very proud individual. Any other day she would have bragged about beating Sakura, about her crush Sasuke, or how Chouji, Shikamaru, or Chouji and Shikamaru were driving her crazy.

''I'm just tired.'' Ino shouted as she was halfway up the stairs.

''Ino!'' Ino stopped in mid-stride when she heard her mother forcefully shout her name. ''Come sit with me with for a moment my little seed.''

Ino couldn't help but groan. Why did her mother keep referring to her as that? She wasn't a little girl anymore, she was a Kunoichi now. Why did she have to use such an embarrassing nickname? ''Okaa-san, I'm fine.'' Ino tried to state, gulping, her eyes beginning to tear up.

''Ino, what happened?'' she asked her in a tone only a parent could muster.

With a cry of mom, Ino broke down in a sob and told her mother what happened. It took quite a while but Ino had fallen asleep. Between her team's test and this emotional break down it took a lot out of the girl. When Inoichi got home, Mouko told him what happened. Though, only after inviting Shikaku over and telling him first, because she was sure that she alone wouldn't be enough to restrain her husband. Inoichi was a good example of a protective father and throwing in anger to the mix was not a good combination at all. After taking some time for cool heads to prevail, Inoichi and Mouko talked about what to do and came up with an idea to help Ino recover from what happened.


Chapter End


Some of you are probably wonder why Ino had such an extreme reaction. I've talked with people and someone told me and a few others in a discussion that in some eastern cultures, a Girl's friend kiss is extremely important and held in a much higher regard then in a lot of western cultures. It's more emotional and such and I decided to use that.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy that, I am currently working on a double chapter for Bonding With a Violet Rush. By double chapter I don't mean two chapters, but doubling the length of what I write for an average chapter of this kind of story.