The Kiss That Changed Everything


Naruto x Ino


Story Start


Naruto closed the door behind him and turned towards the Hokage. Hiruzen sat down as he extracted his pipe from his robes and quickly lit the contents. Tobacco permeated the air around them and Naruto wrinkled his nose slightly. The Hokage gestured for Naruto to sit across from him which he did.

"The reason why I wanted to speak with you Naruto is the fact that it's time for you to know the truth about your history and heritage. As you've come to learn last night there were parts of your past that were classified."

Naruto nodded. "Like the Kyuubi?" he asked.

The Sandaime sucked on the pipe, inhaling the tobacco, filling his lungs with it. He breathed out the smoke, causing the smell of tobacco to intensify. "Yes, it was never my intention to deceive you, but to do what was best for the entire village. Though, in my old age and naivety I put too much trust in the good nature of people. It was naïve for me to overlook the dark nature of people. The information I kept classified was also a means to protect you. While information regarding your Jinchuuriki status getting out was unfortunate, it did prove a deterrent from other villages attempting to attack us, especially during the unfortunate Uchiha Massacre incident."

"But what does this have to do with me Ojii-san? What does that have to do with my past!? Are you telling me this whole time you've been lying to me?" he yelled out as he stood up.

The Hokage sighed. "That outburst of yours has proven my point Naruto. You lack the emotional and mentally maturity to learn about your legacy and heritage. You always felt it prudent to prove yourself and brag. What would happen if you let slip sensitive information during an emotional outburst. You would have been putting the people around you in danger."

"If that's the case why tell me now?" the now subdued blond grumbled.

"You are a Shinobi now Naruto. It's for you to grow up!" The sternness of the Hokage's voice made Naruto recoil. "You're not a child anymore. You're a soldier of this business and you will not last long with your behavior. I indulged your behavior for years because of my own guilt, but now that has to stop. Especially considering being a Jinchuuriki means you need to learn how to control your emotions. The nature of your seal is unlike any other intricate; its properties are unknown because of the reasoning behind it. Jinchuuriki are usually created to serve one specific purpose… To be a weapon for their village. You on the other hand, were given a demon to protect the village, not to become its weapon… well, not in that sense as your father trusted you with a heavy burden."

It took a few moments for Naruto connect with the Sandaime's statement and what he was told last night about his condition. Shock registered in Naruto's face and voice began to crack. "The Yondaime…he was…he was my father?" it came out in a whisper.

"He was a great man. A brilliant man. It was with a heavy heart he had to seal the demon inside of you lest the entire village would be destroyed. The Kyuubi's attack was so sudden we hardly had time to mount a counter attack. If your parents didn't seal the Kyuubi that night there might not have been a Konoha left."

"P-Parents…you mean…my mother? Ojii-san, what was my mother like?"

The Sandaime couldn't help but chuckle. "You are a lot like her then you realize. Kushina Uzumaki was as hot-tempered as they came. Despite her tendency to brawl she was very loving and passionate. Just like you she desired to become Hokage. Hence the reason why I waited to reveal this information the Uzumaki village was attacked and destroyed quite some time ago. They were allies to Konoha, our breakthroughs in sealing knowledge was thanks to them. "

Naruto was about to reply when the Sandaime Hokage spoke up.

"Unfortunately the history regarding our alliance was also hidden for your protection. As Shinobi one of our greatest arts is the skill of deception. Much false information regarding several topics was spread to give out false information that we could distribute and control to our will. After all Uzumakis were known for their red hair so anyone encountering you would merely dismiss you as falsely using the name." The Sandaime inhaled more of the smoke from his pipe before continuing. "I understand if you feel hurt and betrayed Naruto, but I am only one man. Having to deal with political and other problems both inside and outside the village I have to deal with many problems that divided my attention, but now that you are aware of your status things can't go back to the way they were. You probably have many questions you wish to ask."

"My parents, can I, can I know more about them?"

The Sandaime nodded. "There is a man by the name of Hatake Kakashi. He will be the Jounin assigned to you as a Sensei. He will be training your team as and as your father's student he can tell you a bit more about your parents then even I can."

"Okay but what about the Kyuubi?"

"I will be sending a message to my pupil Jiraiya who was your father's teacher. He will need to examine your seal to make sure it is in no danger of breaking and to train you in its power. I was always hesitant and allowing you this training because of your emotional immaturity, but now I realize the lack of authority figures and guides to tutor you was just as flawed. He will train you as an untrained Jinchuuriki can be particularly damaged, especially considering I expect that last night you tapped into the demon's power for the first time. For now I want you to think about the information you've learned. I don't want to overwhelm you, especially with team assignments tomorrow. If you wish to talk more in the future my door is always open."

Naruto nodded and stood up from the chair. He had learned so much It was almost staggering. "Right, see you later Oji…" the Sandaime's words replayed through Naruto's head as the observations of the blond's immaturity and his inability to trust him with this information because how he could put people in trouble. Maybe before, Naruto would have been his usual rambunctious self but the memory of Iruka getting hurt, protecting him over information he himself only learned from that incident caused him began to question if he wanted attention no matter the cost if people he cared about were going to get hurt as a cost. "Hokage-sama." He corrected before leaving the room.