(I utterly adore the dark carnival trope, so have some AU drabbles based on it. If anyone's got any suggestions for what various cast members could be or do, tell me.)

The Midway

Bloodred ink on parchment rags informed you of the carnival, and tonight you follow your curiosity through the dark woods to the midway. Cold rain patters through the whistling trees. Lights flash and music blares, the white fence topped with the wrought iron words "ATLAS CARNIVAL". Flyers promise marvels and miracles in glistening red.

The tents and cabins within are mottled deep bluegreen, trimmed with seafoam white, flashing red and white and blue in the fairground lights. An emotionless woman takes your money, dark eyes flashing from beneath her white veil, and beckons you through to join the crowd's revelry.