This only going to be a 2 chapter long story, i haven't written in a few months and wanted to get back into the swing of my others so started a new one to get in the groove.

Rating: T

Disclamer: Own no characters apart from the ones I make up.

Plot: Umbrella stopped hunting down the last few survivors, Kmart had a grand idea of celebrating their future freedom, but trying to convince Alice that was hard, It was up to Claire to persuade her and if was able to then something nice return would be given, but what is it ?

On board the Arcadia there had been an idea of celebrating, the fact of Umbrella were no longer after Alice or the other survivors, but it was hard trying to convince Alice that is was a great idea to start letting their hair down and relax.

"C'mon Alice, it be a great night." Kmart whined at Alice as they both were walking the corridors of the ship.

Alice rolled her eyes, "I know it would but it's just not my thing, K." Alice told her in a huff.

Kmart followed Alice into the main part of the ship where Claire, Chris and Luther were.

Claire turned around once she heard the door open and sent a warm smile over to Alice, "You alright?" she mouthed silently.

Alice pulled a face and walked up behind Claire, "We are not celebrating." She whispered into her lover's neck.

Claire turned around facing Alice, "Why not? Just a few drinks with the rest of the people on the ship." Said hoping she could persuade her.

Kmart watched the two lovers talk and smirked, "Claire, you're going to have to try better than that to persuade Alice, because we all know you can."

"Kmart, go and study." Claire simply replied to the witty teen ignoring her remark.

Chris and Luther looked at each other and smirked, before Claire caught them they carried on with their tasks.

Claire stepped away trying to get away from Kmart's awkward remark, and glared at the blonde.

"Kmart, did I just go tell you to study?" Claire reminded the blonde.

Kmart huffed, "Yes. But I don't want to." Kmart challenged.

Claire walked over to Kmart, "Fine, you'll have to do a night shift while we have a party."

Kmart's face lit up then dropped, "So we are having a party? And no Claire, I was the one with the amazing idea."

Alice over heard the pair arguing and muttered to herself sarcastically, "Yeah, amazing idea."

"Yes were going for it, Alice over there," Claire pointed, "Can decide against it all she wants, we're having a party." Claire stated.

"Yes." Kmart first pumped the air, "Now I will go study." She then left the adults alone.

Alice glared at Claire, only making Claire smirk.

"Smile Alice, you look old when you frown." Claire teased, and went back to doing her job.

Later that same evening…

Everyone including Claire, Kmart, Alice, Luther and Chris were having supper in the food hall talking about random things.

"So, Luther, taking anyone to the party?" Chris asked while shovelling his pancakes into his mouth.

Claire watched him in disgust at his eating habits and pulled a face, "pig." She mumbled.

Luther jerked his head up from his cup of hot chocolate, "I don't know, I would have asked Alice but, of course I can't."

After mentioning Alice, Claire looked at him and glared.

Luther smirked then looked at Kmart, "Would you like to come with me?"

Kmart pulled a face, "Sorry Luther, I've already been asked."

Before Luther could say anything Claire spoke up first, "Who?!" she sounded shocked.

Kmart rolled her eyes, "Yes Claire, I'm not saying who, just have to wait and find out."

The redhead laid back in her chair, "Fine, he best be someone who is your age, or I'll rip his balls off."

Chris spat his chewed up pancake out onto his plate.

His sister looked at him, "Really? Chris, how old are you? Four?"

Chris cough a little before he could answer his sister, "No, just, that's a bit extreme, as long the guy is decent does it matter?"

Luther was enjoying the sibling bickering and sat back to get comfier.

"He's got a good point, Claire." Alice backed up Chris and received a curt nod.

"Fine!" Claire through her hands up in the air, "Do what you want but if anything bad happens don't bother come after me, either of you." She gave up, she was too tired to try and stand her ground.

Everyone sat around the table were starting to yawn, thanks to Kmart who had started it off.

"Right I'm off to bed, night guys." Luther said as he got out of his seat, taking his hot chocolate with him.

Chris stretched, "Hmm, I might second that, see you beautiful people in the morning." He got up and winked at Kmart.

Kmart smiled but was short lived after a yawn made its appearance, "Its way past eleven thirty, I best go too, night Claire night Alice."

"Night, K." both Alice and Claire said in unison.

"I guess that just leaves us." Alice stated and looked at a growing tired Claire.

"Yeah, I guess, is the ship set to automatic?" Claire asked her lover.

"It is, I set it just before we came down." Alice looked at Claire while talking, "You are so beautiful."

The leader smiled, "C'mon you, I need sleep, you need sleep,"

Both strong women got out of their chairs and stretched, Claire looked and smirked at Alice, "Besides, party tomorrow night, need to be rested up ready for dancing."

Alice tried to look serious but couldn't, Claire's grin made her crack the stern look, "So," Alice started and pulled Claire closer by her belt loops, "Do you have any dance moves you want to show me?" Alice's voice became husky.

Claire wrapped her arms around Alice's neck and leant back and smiled, "I might have but," she came closer to her lovers lips, "You will have to wait and see."

Alice kissed her back and pulled away, "You're such a tease."

Claire ignored the comment then stepped back, she reached for Alice's hand and started to walk towards the corridor to their room they shared.

They both walked hand in hand on the corridor that had their room, they both had been comfortably quiet while walking back, Alice hadn't noticed the grin that was plastered on her girlfriends face.

Just as about they reached their room, Claire roughly shoved Alice against the wall, "Am I a tease now?" Claire voiced quietly, staring straight into Alice's eyes.

Alice was taken surprise and breathed heavily, "No, no your not."

Claire smiled and went in to kiss Alice, soft lips joined each other as they kissed in perfect time, the moment was beautiful, but this was Claire, good moments never lasted long.

"Oh for god sake! Your room is just there!" Kmart shouted and pointed, clearly annoyed at her wall been banged.

Claire and Alice looked straight at Kmart without separating, and watched the teen head back into her room slamming her bedroom door.

Alice and Claire looked at each other and burst out laughing, "I guess we were caught red handed by the blonde." Alice commented.

Claire put her finger on Alice's lips, "Shhh, don't let that ruin the moment. Lets continue this in our room." It was more of a statement then a question but Alice followed anyway.

With their bedroom door closed, Claire pushed Alice into the door and kissed her passionately, their hands racing to remove each others clothing as if they were scared of loosing touch.

The next morning…

Kmart was heading up to the control room to meet the group before heading down for breakfast, she had plenty of energy flying around her, and she knew there was someone she would annoy at this time of the morning, Claire Redfield.

"Morning guys!" she shouted in the control room, everyone but Claire greeted her.

Kmart saw Claire with her head in a pile or paper work and walked up to her grinning from cheek to cheek.

"Good morning CLAIRE REDFIELD!" Kmart shouted behind Claire's back, and quickly jumped back before Claire could do anything.

Claire closed her eyes, "thanks, K could always count you to wake me up properly at SEVEN AM!"

Kmart laughed at little then remembered something, "Well, soon as I drifted off to sleep, what did I hear?" she pointed out to Claire and Alice.

Chris enjoying this banter, "What was it K?"

Kmart looked up at Chris then pointed at Alice and Claire, "These two getting it on and it not stopping till three am!"

Luther burst out laughing, "So that explains Claire's tiredness."

Alice made herself busy by going over to the computers completely letting Claire take all the rap.

"Guys just stop okay, your all only jealous 'cause none of you guys are getting any." She defended herself it was rather weak come back, seems as though Alice left her to it.

"Aww its okay Claire, just next time don't start off pushing Alice into the wall of my room next time." Kmart teased.

"Anyone else want to rub salt in my wounds?" Claire held her hands up then looked straight at Alice, "And you leaving me to defend our openly talk sex life, thanks to Kmart."

Alice turned around from the computers, "Sorry babe, I'm busy."

"That's what she sai…" Kmart was cut off.

"Don't even!" Claire warned Kmart who was still grinning.

It went awkwardly quiet, but could still hear Kmart giggling behind her hand.

"Breakfast anyone?" Luther announced.

Everyone left the room and headed down to the hall for food, Alice and Claire were at the back whispering.

"Oh thanks for helping me." Claire sarcastically mentioned to Alice.

Alice pulled a face, "You seemed to be handling it pretty well."

Claire rolled her eyes, "That's the last time I'm giving you surprise sex!" she hissed and walked quicker to catch up with the others.

Part 2 will be up soon, thanks for reading, let me know what you thought :) ciao x