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"So, what's going down?" Claire asked as she entered the big hall, where everyone was gathering to set up the party for tonight.

Kmart looked around to find Claire with her hands on her hips looking at the d├ęcor, "Well we've got some things set up but just need the alcohol and food."

Kmart smirked at her mention of alcohol.

Claire raised her left brow up at Kmart, "Yes alcohol for legal age people so soft drinks for the not so aged and food yeah I'm sure there be something going round." Claire cleared up.

"But Claaaaaiiiire!" Kmart whined.

"No, you're not having any alcohol." Claire told the whiney teen and was shortly joined by Alice.

"What's up with K?" Alice asked gruffly.

Claire turned to look at Alice, "She wants alcohol but she's underage." She explained.

Alice smirked, "So not happening, K." then walked off.

Claire then gave Kmart the 'get over it' look and followed Alice.

Once Claire and Alice were out of ear shot Kmart walked off to go find Chris, instead of being around Claire and felt she was treated like a kid.

Claire watched Kmart walk off in a sulk then shook her head, she moved up behind Alice and circled her arms around her waist.

Alice smiled and held Claire's hands, "You're telling me at her age you never drank?"

Claire pulled away and moved around to face Alice, "Of course I did but that was when things were normal in reality, besides I don't fancy having to sort her out if she has too much."

Alice laughed, "What so you can drink and not have to worry?"

Claire smirked, "Yeah," she moved closer to Alice flirtatiously, "But you will just have to worry." She winked at Alice and walked off.

In the control room Luther and Chris were talking to each other about tonight's event.

"Do we even have any alcohol left anywhere? 'Cause Claire seems to take it whenever." Luther asked randomly.

Chris looked up at Luther to answer him and smirked, "Yeah we do, it's in the cellar, that's where she gets it from."

Luther looked shocked, "What?! So all this time, there's been a cellar full of alcohol and I didn't know?"

Chris nodded, "Claire told me not to tell you."

Luther folded his arms, "Is that right. I'm going to go find her." Within that Luther walked out of the control room.

"Ah she's going to be happy now." Chris mumbled to himself.

Chris wasn't alone for long, Kmart appeared around the control room door.

"Hey." She sweetly greeted.

"Hey, K. you okay?" he asked

"No, your sister treats me like a kid." She moaned to Chris.

Chris smiled, "Why? What's she said now?"

Kmart dramatically through her hands in the air, "She's not letting me drink alcohol tonight!"

"Well, you are young." He sided with his sister.

"I know but c'mon I'm not going to drink loads." Kmart defended.

"Fiiiine, I'll get you some." He gave in.

Kmart's eyes went wide, "Really?!"

"Yes!" he finally said.

Luther found Claire in the hall where things were being prepared.

"Claire!" he shouted from the entrance.

Claire looked up at the shout of her name, "God! What does he want?" she mumbled under her breath, then out a fake smile on, "Yes Luther, what can I do to help you?"

"We have a cellar and you didn't let me know about it?! What the hell?!" He was pissed off at her.

Claire raised her eye brows, "Erm, I did tell you but you were to busy making eyes at Alice to even listen."

Luther pulled a face, "Oh, yeah I remember, sorry." He apologized and realised how stupid he looked, but then smirked which crept Claire out.

"What?" She asked arrogantly, totally wearied out at his smirk.

"Nothing, just tonight's going to be good." He replied and walked off grinning.

Claire rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

Claire was getting ready, no change of clothes as such but pre-drinking to get into the mood of the atmosphere for tonight.

"Claire!" Kmart burst into Claire's room, making Claire jump and spilling her beer.

"What now?!" She said loudly due to the fact Kmart made her jump.

"I need you to sort something out. My dress at the back I cant fasten it, help me!"Kmart was acting over dramatic for Claire's liking.

Claire face palmed, "K, I though there was something seriously wrong!"

Kmart eyes went wide, "There is! My dress." she blurted.

Claire sighed, "Let me sort it out, Miss Over Dramatic." then walked over to Kmart to help her out.

"Ha. Very funny." Kmart sneered.

As Claire buttoned Kmart's dress she couldn't help but notice the Kmart looked, she was over dressed and Claire couldn't help but be curious.

"So what's with all the over dressiness?" Claire asked.

"I just want to make an effort tonight." Kmart shrugged, not wanting to tell her the real reason.

"Okay, well you look beautiful." Claire complimented, and turned Kmart around after fastening her dress buttons.

Kmart wore a white dress that went down to the top of her knees showing off her elegant legs, she wore a black buckle belt around her waist to give it some design and to show off her slim frame. She had managed to curl her hair by platting it and wore a little bit of make-up to spruce herself up. Her shoes were flats and were a mucky white to match her dress, she looked beautiful.

Kmart was surprised smile at Claire's comment, "Thank you Claire that means a lot to hear."

Claire smiled, "You're very welcome K."

Kmart hugged Claire, "Thanks." Then pulled away and exited the room.

Kmart was walking down the corridor soundly until she heard someone's voice that made her light up.

"Well hello, beautiful young lady." The voice behind her called.

Kmart turned around smiling. "Hello Chris and thank you."

Chris walked over to her, "Looking extremely beautiful, for tonight I guess?" His charming voice asked.

"That would be right, I'm looking forward to see you looking handsome." She said with a hint of flirtation.

"Yeah I shall try, but can't live up to your standard, you look far too beautiful for guy to even try to complete." Chris wasn't flirting but admiring Kmart's beauty.

At this Kmart blushed slightly adding a nice pink glow to her cheeks.

"Oh well erm, I'm su sure you ca can." she tripped over her words due to the compliments she was receiving.

He smiled completely happy at Kmart's unheard sentence and headed into his room before she could say anything.

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