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Naruto is 16 in this fic.

The Jinchuuriki and the Demon Cat

Part One: They Meet

Harry glared at the wall and dared it to retaliate. It didn't though much to his disappointment.

Truthfully, Harry just wanted to pick a fight with something or someone. He was pissed off and he wanted to take his anger out on something.

Why was he angry mind you?

Well, once again it was because of the stupid ministry, and those stupid aurors, and a stupid unspeakable.

After the fiasco in the ministry with Voldemort, Harry had been hailed a hero. The wizarding world adored him for killing the evil wizard and they basically worshipped the ground he spat on much to his angst. They'd forced him to get the wizarding world equivalent of a GED and gave him a job at the ministry against his will. Not long after that he was shafted into another job as an auror and put through a rigorous program to become a top auror by his 17th birthday.

Harry had been hounded by the press for the last few years. He had truly become the face of wizarding Britain.

It sucked. Oh god did it suck.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had drifted away from him early on. Hermione had been a bit miffed that Harry had graduated early, but tried to put it aside. Ron had been jealous of all the attention he was getting, but he too looked past that. Ginny hadn't ever been a huge part of Harry's life so she faded out of it easily.

The others on the other hand...Harry was sure it was some sort of plot by those who wished Harry not to have any distractions. Slowly Hermione and Ron stopped visiting, stopped owling, and stopped firecalling. Soon they didn't talk to Harry at all. Harry tried to gain his friends' attentions again, but they always avoided him. It wasn't until he was halfway through his 17th year that Harry found out what was happening.

Someone, Harry wasn't quite sure who, had been telling his only friends that they were burdening him and that he didn't want them around anymore. Well that was a load of bollocks! Harry went right over to them and tried to knock some sense into their heads. It had almost worked too, but Harry could see them holding back. Harry and his first two friends would never be close again.

This however, wasn't why Harry was glaring angrily at the wall. Oh no, he was pissed off for another very good reason.

A few short days ago Harry had been inducted into the Unspeakables. Great right? Wrong.

Some fucking idiot had decided that it was a good idea to bring in some dark objects on the day that Harry was supposed to join. He'd dropped them off near the party supplies and Harry just had to be the one to find them. Harry had touched one of the odd gizmos and BAM he was in another freaking dimension.

Harry had spent the week in this dimension and he already hated it. The people were weird, it was violent, and they had no treacle tarts. Everybody spoke Japanese and getting around without a notice me not charm was an absolute bitch.

The place had ninjas. Fucking ninjas. If he showed up out of bloody nowhere without a backstory he was seriously fucked.

So he hid and hated every bloody miserable moment of it.

Harry scowled at the wall.

Damn that wall for mocking him.

"Tora get back here!" A group of ninja kids ran by after a small cat. Harry smirked. He made sure his notice me not charm with still in effect before following.

Harry was in for the three most amusing hours of his life. The small, ribbon wearing cat led the kids on a chase around Konoha. It was a wily, slippery and resourceful little bugger. The kids had come close to catching that cat at least three times before it would suddenly spring away. It had a lot of stamina for a cat. Was this a common occurrence?

"Stupid fucking cat! God damnit this is the fourth time this week and it's only Tuesday!" one of the scratched up ninja growled. In the arms of his female companion was Tora, the cat was still struggling to get away. Harry was tempted to hex the girl to let Tora go just so he could see the havoc that Tora would most surely cause.

"Evil fucking cats making our life hell."

Harry's eyes widened as an idea began to grow in his mind. A slow, evil grin spread along his face and he chuckled.

'Evil cats huh?'

Oh he could definitely work with this. He would make this world pay. Harry slunk back into the shadows and when he walked out of it again he was a small black cat. Green eyes gleamed in anticipation.

Konoha wouldn't know what hit it.

-3 months later-

"Kinchi no!" a genin wailed as he watched his teammate mauled. The black devil sank its claws onto his back and held on tightly as the other nin tried to tear it off.

Harry hissed at the hands grabbing at him. Suddenly,out of freaking nowhere Tora popped out and deposited her claws in the other offenders butt.

Ten feet away, a relatively safe distance, a female chunin watched her team be taken down by a cat. Her female genin was already unconscious. Tora and the Green-eyed devil had already knocked her out. She wondered who she had pissed off to be given this mission.

Tora, the daimyo's wife's cat, was hard to capture. It took the average genin team 4-5 hours to retrieve her with another team's personal record being 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Tora was a wily cat, agile and mischievous. She was hard enough to capture alone, but a few months ago another cat came into the picture. A green-eyed black cat with teeth and claws as sharp as needles. They called him Hari.

Hari didn't belong to anybody, but that didn't stop the cat from interfering when a team was after Tora. The black cat was vicious and had a mean streak a mile wide. Many genin teams were admitted to the hospital after a run-in with him. The best case injury being a few scratches and the worse a cracked rib. The cracked rib belonged to the chunin-sensei, but he refused to speak about what exactly happened. Still, on rainy days he can be heard murmuring about weird things happening around that cat.

She believed something was strange about that cat too. Just when they thought that had a hold on Tora she would disappear and reappear elsewhere. Objects popped out of nowhere and tripped up the team and one time she could have sworn she saw the cat appear out of a wall.

Perhaps Hari was a vengeful ghost? It would explain some things, but someone three teams ago had come to the same conclusion and threw salt at the demon cat and started praying...it did nothing.

Hari actually sat down and watched the genin pray. The genin swore up and down that the cat was amused. Soon however, amusement turned into annoyance and the genin's hair began to fall out. Well, more like it was being pulled out with the help of Hari's claws.

Finally one of her students caught hold of Tora and Hari disappeared. The poor student looked near tears and was sniffling.

"It's, it's over. Our comrade Haruhi may have fallen, but we have won! We have succeeded in catching Tora, sensei!" happy tears streamed down his face.

In the shadows Hari rolled his eyes.

'Drama queen.'

-The next day-

Hari lay down on a window ledge and yawned. Yesterday had been pretty fun, but he was glad for the break. Tora had escaped every day this week and Harry had helped her maintain her freedoms for as long as possible.

Tora was pretty nice cat, but she had a very annoying owner. The lady nearly squeezed her to death every time Tora was caught. Hari figured that a stuffed animal would suit her better, but he didn't think she would go for that.

So in order to spare Tora, Harry had helped her avoid the genin teams trying to capture her. When she gave them the slip they would usually hang out for a few hours. Tora knew the best places to fish and which civilians to beg milk from. Sometimes they just lazed in the sun or climbed trees and nap there.

Hari liked naps, but he figured it was just a cat thing.

He yawned again and stretched out. The only warning he got was a pair of hands latching onto his chest.

"Yowl!" Hari hissed and scratched at the hands. The owner of the offending hands laughed.

"Don't worry kitty I'm not going to hurt you!" the owner hugged him to his chest and Hari hissed and squirmed in his grasp trying to get free.

"I'm going to bathe you and feed you and love you forever and ever and ever!"

Hari blanched under his fur and looked at his capturer.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes.

Whisker marks.

The jinchuuriki brat?! Well shit.

Naruto loosened his tight grip on the cat when it stopped moving. He peered down into green eyes.

"Hey pretty kitty. Wanna be my pet?"

'No.' Hari thought annoyed. He didn't have anything against the jinchuuriki he just didn't want to be his pet or anyone's for that matter.

Harry hissed again and tried to bite the blond. Naruto cursed and held Hari out at arm's length. He glared at the black cat.

"Bad kitty! No biting!"

'I'm a cat. Therefore I won't listen to a single command you give me.'

"Want some tuna? I just went to the store. I've got milk too and it's not even expired!" Naruto grinned at the cat hoping to win it over.

Harry turned over the offer in his mind. He could eat and then bail.

And that's just what he did. He ate the tuna, drunk the milk and when Naruto turned his back he jumped out the window and made sure to note to never ever lay across that certain window ledge again.

-Two days later-

Hari narrowed his eyes at the blond. This was getting ridiculous! The blond idiot kept finding Harry no matter where he went. Hari would try his damnedest to escape, but Naruto always and I mean always captured him!

The stupid blond would take him home feed him, give him milk and try to play with him. Hari would always escape, but the cycle would just repeat itself.

He hissed warningly when Naruto stepped forward.

"Don't be this way, kitty. I just wanna be your friend." Naruto pouted.

Hari narrowed his eyes and thought. If he agreed to become Naruto's 'pet' then he would be regularly fed nice fish. If he didn't agree than the blond baka who won't take no for an answer would just keep stalking him. He sat down on the ground, his tail waved lazily.

He turned over the pros and cons in his mind before finally nodding to himself. Naruto, however, took this as confirmation!

"Yay! I got a kitty now!" he darted forward and crushed Harry in a hug. Harry hissed and squirmed in his arms. Now he knew how Tora felt. This time however, Naruto loosened his arms until Harry was suitably comfortable. Harry adjusted himself in Naruto's arms and lay his head down on the blond. Naruto smiled down at the cat happily.

"Yowl!" Hari's head darted up and he jumped out of Naruto's arms.

"Where you going kitty?!" Naruto wailed.

Hari sprinted off to the cry of distress. Tora needed him Naruto could wait.

Hari found Tora two blocks away. The ribbon wearing cat was thrashing in a male genin's arms. The genin was cursing and trying to hold onto the cat.

"Hurry Kitsuke, before He comes!"

Harry hissed menacingly. The three genin froze and turned around slowly. Their chunin teacher was standing on the wall in a zone he deemed safe.

"Oh no. He's here." the female genin whispered. The genin with Tora in his arms took a step back in fear.

"Kami help us." the third genin murmured.

Hari grinned evilly and launched himself at the genin. Their screams of panic filled the air.

Halfway through the epic battle between Ninja and cat Naruto finally found Hari. Hari was latched onto an unfortunate genin's arm. Tora was dodging the other two genin.

"Kitty!" Naruto yelled.

Hari ignored the voice. He couldn't be bothered with Naruto. He was working.

Ten minutes later the battle ended by Naruto prying Hari off the sensei's face. The genin had gotten away with Tora and the teacher decided to gloat. Hari had gotten angry and then showed the sensei that he too could walk on walls. The man had gaped and by the time he realized how close Hari was it was too late for him.

"Come on kitty it's time to stop playing."

With a loud and very unmanly yell from the sensei Hari's claws were finally pried out of the man's face.

"Get Hari! Away from me! I swear I'll never do this mission again!" the man ran away from the pair.

Hari turned into Naruto's arms and shifted until he was comfortable.

"Your name is Hari huh? I wonder why?"

Hari snorted.

'Don't worry. You'll find out.'

This is the first installment. Woot woot. I hope you guys like it. For those who didn't know this story was the topped the Polls with the second place story 20 ways to kill Edward Cullen by Jacob black.