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They Love

The day started out pretty normal. Harry woke up. Harry woke Naruto up. Harry shagged Naruto. Naruto had to leave for a mission. This mission was supposed to take two days tops and it seemed pretty standard. Naruto was supposed to go handle a disturbance caused by some missing nins with Kiba (Who Harry still detested with every fiber of his being), Kakashi and Hinata.

Day one started out okay. Day Two was pretty normal. When Day Three rolled around and Naruto still wasn't back Harry began to feel a little uneasy. Day Four passed and still no Naruto and Harry was worried. Day Five came and went and Harry was pissed. There would be no Day Six he decided. He was going to find his Naruto, chain him to their bed and keep him there for a couple of days…or weeks. Months? Well, whenever Harry felt like letting him go. That might take a while though.

Despite his new goal Harry couldn't just find Naruto with a snap of his fingers. He needed to get the blonde haired nin himself, but first to find out exactly where he went. Off to Tsunade's office!

-moments later in Tsunade's office-

Hari jumped through the office window and landed lightly on his paws. Tsunade looked up from her paperwork and frowned.

"Shoo cat. I don't have time for this."

Hari narrowed his eyes at the very brave (or very stupid) woman. He jumped on the desk and glared at her. However, Tsunade wasn't one to be intimidated by a mere cat. Unfortunately, for Tsunade she had never had an encounter with Hari. She did not know of his unique…abilities. So…she stood up grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and tossed him out of the window.

Hari fell through the air in shock. The nerve of that woman! He apparated right onto her desk.

Tsunade wiped her hands clean and turned to her desk. She froze in shock. The cat…the cat was back. She gaped at it. To her disbelief it gave her a giant Cheshire grin.

"What…what are you?" Hari's grin stretched wider.

"I'm more of a 'who' my dear and if I were you I would not do that again. As for 'who' I am…well I am Hari."

Tsunade gaped. 'Naruto's cat?! That cat?! Oh dear kami.' She just couldn't deal with this right now. She nodded at the 'summon' hiding her unease.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

"Naruto left a few days ago for a two day mission. He has yet to return and I'm a bit…irritable. Where? Is? He?" Hari's eyes glowed an eerie green.

Tsunade swallowed.

"A debriefing has been scheduled…two minutes from now." Hari nodded and walked to the left side of her desk. He sat back down his tail waved in the air lazily. He raised an eyebrow at Tsunade and she blinked before sitting back down at her desk. She looked at the cat warily.

The cat summon contract had been lost for many centuries. The abilities of the cat summons were legendary. She did not want to anger Hari. Tsunade poured herself a cup of sake and downed it quickly. Where in the seven hells had Naruto found the cat summon contract? Why was it always her brat?!

The door opened after Tsunade finished her drink and the ninja filed into the room. Kiba froze at the sight of the black cat. Hari narrowed his eyes at him.

'If Kiba is back where in the hell is Naruto?'

More and more people filed into the room and suddenly Hari had a bad feeling. Soon the room was filled with all of the former rookie nine, excluding that bastard Sasuke of course, and their senseis. Some of them cast glances at Hari and others steadfastly avoided looking in his direction as if not seeing him meant they were invisible and therefore impervious from his wrath.

Hari scanned the crowd and much to his growing alarm everybody was present who had went onto the mission with Naruto except Naruto himself.

Jiraiya walked into the room last. He raised his eyebrows at Hari.

"Why is he here?" Tsunade shifted and glared at the other sannin.

"Never mind that!" she snapped, "we have something more important to worry about."

All of the ninja sobered and focused on Tsunade.

"Approximately five days ago Naruto was sent on a mission with Hinata, Kiba, and Kakashi to deal with a few missing nin. Unfortunately, our information was incorrect…the missing nins were not B class. They were all S and SS class missing nin." Tsunade took a deep breath, "they were the Akatsuki."

Hari whipped his head around so fast he almost fell off the desk.

"I'm afraid Naruto was their goal and they got him. I am putting together a rescue team."

The only thing Hari heard was that Naruto was captured by some dangerous, but stupid, ninja and that Tsunade was going to send capable ninjas after them to take back Naruto. Those same capable ninjas that had lost Naruto in the first place. Oh hell no!

Something in Hari snapped.

"You lost my human!" Those who had not heard Hari talk before or did not believe the rumors stared at Hari in shock.

Hari hissed and then jumped off the table. With a flash of light and a crash of lightening he transformed into his human form. The surrounding ninja gaped.

"I left my human in your care for two days and you lost him! Not only that, but you are just telling me this now?! You know what?! I'm going to get him myself!" With another sharp crack and a flash of light Hari was gone leaving behind a group of dumbfounded nin and one smug one.

"I told you guys he was a summon!"

-with Naruto-

Naruto spat blood onto kakuzu.

"Fuck you.

Kakuzu slapped Naruto and the blonde's head snapped to the side.

"You little shit! Don't worry the full moon is tonight and you'll get what's coming to you!"

"Can you get anymore cliché?" Naruto said and winced in pain when Kakuzu dug his fist in his gut. Kakuzu smirked down at the mouthy brat and left the room.

Naruto sighed and laid his head against the stone behind him. He couldn't believe that this was finally happening. That the Akatsuki had finally gotten him. Him. Naruto. The last freaking jinchuuriki they needed to go on with their crazy plot to take over the world. Fuck.

The bastards had only gotten him because they had surprised him and slapped a seal on him to seal off his chakra. Then they had ganged up on him and his taijutsu just hadn't been good enough to handle all of them. Bastards.

Naruto banged his head against the wall. Why now? Why now when he had just found somebody to love that actually liked him back? Was a few more weeks much to ask for?


Out of nowhere a ball of light appeared and with bright flash of light and some weird cracking sound Harry appeared. Naruto's mouth dropped open.


Harry glared at the chains on the blonde and with a snap of his fingers they disintegrated into dust. He marched over and grabbed Naruto's head and pulled him into a possessive kiss. Naruto gasped in surprise and then enthusiastically returned the kiss. Harry pulled away reluctantly.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Naruto said breathlessly.

Harry scanned Naruto's body and took in his injuries. He turned to the door with narrow eyes.

"Stay here."


"No buts," Harry interrupted, "stay here. They've caused you enough problems and its time somebody took care of them."

Naruto shook his head and stood up.

"They are really strong." He tried to warn Harry, but to his surprise his cat/boyfriend smirked.

"I'm stronger."

He disappeared again, but this time there was no flash of light only a popping sound.

-with Harry-

Harry wasn't exactly sure how he found Naruto, but hey he wasn't complaining. This new form of transportation was pretty cool and he would probably explore it later, but right now he had some troublemakers to take care of.

Harry would like to say he was vicious with how he handled the Akatsuki. He would like to say that his magic overcame their infamous abilities and he tore them limb from limb, but it didn't really work out that way. Instead Harry surprised them, stunned them and beat them all to death with a bat he conjured out of nowhere. Later when Konoha ninjas found the site they would say that Harry had frightened the ninjas into paralysis, turned into a giant cat and beat them to death with his tail and paws.

Where they got that idea…well Harry didn't really know…Konoha ninjas had very active imaginations.

After exacting his revenge on the Akatsuki Harry puffed back to Naruto who was trying to get out of the locked room.

Naruto jumped on him and hugged him.

"Is it over?!"

Harry hugged his boyfriend to him.

"Yeah, it's over."

Naruto buried his face in Harry's chest in relief. His body sagged against him. Harry looked down at Naruto in concern and used his magic to scan his body for injuries. With a frown he disrupted the seal that was messing with the blonde's chakra and Naruto's wounds began to heal rapidly. Harry cast a few spells to take off Naruto's clothes and clean the blonde up. He then conjured a blanket and wrapped it around Naruto, inwardly cooing at how cute he looked while he was sleeping. He picked him up bridal style and nuzzled his face.

"My poor Naruto. I'm never going to leave him alone with those inept Konoha nin again." he purred and Naruto snuggled into his chest as if agreeing with him.

Later, Naruto would deny agreeing to anything. Especially when Hari locked him in their apartment.

Harry popped back into the Hokage's office in Konoha. Roughly fifteen minutes had passed since he had left and the office was in chaos.

Naruto woke up from the noise and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck. He looked around him with wide eyes.

"umm…what's going on?"




Iruka ripped Naruto out of Harry's arms and snuggled the blonde.

"Naruto you're back! Dear kami I'm never leaving you alone with Kakashi again."

"Hey!" Kakashi squawked defensively.

Harry glared at Iruka and snatched Naruto back who squeaked in surprise. Suddenly, everybody focused on Harry

"None of you are allowed near my human for an indefinite amount of time."

"Huh?" Naruto said with wide eyes.

"No. they don't take care of you." Harry glared at Kiba in particular who flinched. "Until I feel that he will be safe around you he will be with me at all times." He glared around the room. For now we will be going home. Don't call. Don't knock. Don't even go near our apartment. The Akatsuki are two miles Southeast of here and they are already dead. Goodbye." Harry and Naruto popped out of the office.

With a moment of supreme stupidity Tsunade sent a few ninja after them. They returned five minutes later blushing furiously and in the case of one sannin giggling and scribbling in a notebook.

"Um…they are kind of…busy." Ino said blushing.

"Well," Kakashi said with his eye smiling, "at least we all know why Naruto is so fond of his cat now."

-time skip-

Harry expected some fallout to occur for his Gryffindor like actions, but much to his shock it all blew over. Kiba's conclusion of Hari being a summon was now deemed a fact. In fact, Hari was now labeled the Boss Summon of the Cat summon contract much to his angst and disbelief. Naruto had laughed himself into hysterics when he had heard.

On top of that Hari and Naruto had earned a place in the bingo book. Naruto was labeled as an A-class ninja, much to his shock and proud pleasure, but beneath his profile was another. It was Hari's. it included a picture of Hari in his cat form, and his profile read like this.

Cat Summon Boss Hari. Avoid at all costs. Flee on sight while screaming for mercy. You may be spared if you have sushi and milk. DO NOT KIDNAP, HURT OR EVEN SCARE UZUMAKI NARUTO OR YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN MERCY AND EARN INSTANT DEATH BY TAIL.

Harry wasn't sure if he was amused or not.

Life had gone on after Harry had killed the Akatsuki. Harry woke up. Harry woke Naruto up. Harry shagged Naruto. Well almost everything was the same. Naruto didn't go on missions anymore.

Harry still wouldn't let him out of the apartment.


Finally! I hope you guys like this. I worked hard on it darn you. I've started the sequel to Harry in Agrabah and it has a pairing that absolutely nobody asked for. Lol. I promise you will all love it anyways.