This sequel is going to focus more on Area no Kishi and their activities, but there are still going to be KuroBasu characters in here...just not for the next two/three chapters. There are also going to be a slew of OC's introduced. If that bothers anyone, sorry, but I really wanted to write more about soccer since I am a soccer player, after all.

Sequel 1

It had been close to two weeks since the exciting day with the Seirin students and the encounter with the Generation of Miracles. The Enoshima soccer Club had traveled to Tokyo to see the finals match between Kamakura and Shukyu which Kamakura lost in the end. Now they were back home, preparing themselves for the Winter Cup.

While everyone was focused on practicing, Rin was sitting in the bleachers, staring off into space. She had both headphones of her iPod in and she had her feet on the bench in front of her while she rested her chin on her hand. She had received a call early that morning from Liz, the captain of the U-17 USA Women's National Team. She had told her that they were currently leaving for Japan for the U-17 Women's World Cup. They would arrive sometime tomorrow.

Snapping out of her daydream, she looked down at the players running around on the field. Right now they were doing footwork exercises with the managers and coaches studying them carefully. She spotted Nana shouting something that was lost in the breeze to Kakeru.

Argh, those two should just date already. Rin rolled her eyes in exasperation. Ah, but I thought she liked Suguru. Hmmm, too bad, Kakeru, she shook her head slightly in sympathy. Mmm, I should tell Coach Iwaki that I won't be at club for a while. Rin sighed as she stood up and stretched, reaching her arms above her head. After patting her pocket to make sure that her iPod was secured, she began her descent to the field.

As she approached the field, she also looked at the boys who were on the field, especially one. Whoa, why am I staring at him? Look away, Rin! Look away! She forced herself to look at the ground in front of her, trying to ignore the slight blush that colored her cheeks.

Iwaki turned around with Nana as she walked up to them. "Hello, Rin, where were you? I haven't seen you all day," Nana greeted the striker. Iwaki also said hello to her.

Rin nodded in return. "I was thinking alone."

"About what?" the coach asked.

"Tomorrow, my team from America is coming to play in the World Cup and I wanted to tell you guys that I won't be coming to club because I'll be training with them." Rin explained.

Iwaki nodded in understanding, "Oh, that's right, there is going to be the youth World Cup in two weeks. I hadn't thought about it much since I've been distracted by preparing for the Winter Cup." He chuckled. "Well, I hope you have fun playing in the tournament, do your best." Rin took that as permission to leave the club for a while and she nodded gratefully.

"Thanks a bunch, Coach. Maybe you guys can come and watch us, if you aren't busy."

"I'm sure the boys will love to see you play, since they've never seen you before. And I must say, that I'm looking forward to seeing you play as well." Iwaki smiled at her.

"Okay, I'll be sure to win just for you guys!" She grinned and gave them a thumbs up.

"Will you join us in practice today?" Iwaki asked. "Nana, you too."

Both girls' eyes lit up and Rin pumped a fist into the air. "Yeah! Boys are so going down!" Iwaki and Nana laughed and he called the players in for a rest. While they were taking their break, he divided them into teams, with Rin on one team and Nana on the other.

Rin saw that Oda, Sawamura, Kurebayashi and Hino were on her team. I wish we had Araki, but this is good, too, she thought as she looked at the other ten players. Kurebayashi pulled his gloves on and set himself up in the goal while the other players all took their positions.

Hino and she were the two forwards with Oda and Sawamura in the midfield. They got ball first. She could see Kakeru and Nana ready to charge at them. The game began with a swift back pass to Oda from Hino. They took off for the opposite goal. Oda dribbled it a little ways and then passed to another player when Mako challenged him.

Possession bounced back and forth between the two teams with neither getting a chance at shooting on goal. Finally, Kakeru's team had a breakthrough from a terrific pass that Araki sent with Kakeru chasing it and Nana square to him.

Kakeru beat two defenders and then passed to Nana who was in the penalty area. Rin grinned in the pure joy of playing she felt as she slide tackled her from the side. Nana lost the ball and Rin quickly took possession of it, driving it hard up to where Hino was waving his arm. After passing, she printed up the field, calling for the ball again.

She received the ball just outside the right edge of the penalty area and without hesitation she one-touched the ball straight for the goal. Akitoshi jumped out to catch the ball, but it was above his head and he thought it was going out. Two other defenders were rushing towards him and he called them off, sure that ball was going to sail over the crossbar.

Much to his surprise, the ball did not go over the goal, but hit the upper edge of the crossbar, rebounding it high into the air and headed for the open space created by the two defenders rushing into the six, right in the middle of the penalty box.

There was a fierce scramble as the players on all sides switched direction to try and be the first one to the ball. The one who beat them all was none other than Rin who cut neatly in front of a defender and, without letting the ball touch the ground, took another shot; this time to the upper left corner, where Akitoshi was not. He jumped for it, but the ball sailed into the net, well beyond his reach. He landed heavily on his side.

Rin celebrated her goal by doing a back flip. Hino clapped her on the shoulder before giving her a hug. "That was a nice goal, Rin!"

She just smiled and said, "It was nothing compared to what Tsubaki can do. She's a lot better at hitting the ball off the post than I am."

He stared at her, "There's someone that can do that intentionally?"

She nodded. "Yeah, she hits it off the post, messes up the defense and the goalie and then either me or Liz pounds it into the goal. It's not very hard, really." She was very proud of her teammates.

"That's crazy," Hino said, shaking his head as he let go of her and they jogged back to their side of the field.

Rin was too busy grinning and explaining to him that there was really someone who can do that to notice that a certain midfielder was looking at the two of them in slight jealousy.

The game ended with Rin scoring another four goals and Hino scoring one. She teased him as they walked off the field back to the club room.

Nana looked at the two strikers as they walked away and then she glanced at the tall midfielder who was also staring after them. Poor Oda, she sympathized. She knew that Rin didn't flirt, it was physically impossible for her to flirt, but the closeness that she shared with some people could be taken the wrong way.

She remembered a time back when she was still living in America when she thought that Rin and her best friend were dating when they weren't. She had been so embarrassed while Rin and her friend had almost died laughing.

She shook her head at the memory, a small smile on her lips as she headed into the girl's locker room to get changed.

After coming out and finding Kakeru and Rin waiting for her, the trio made their way home.

"Rin, do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?" Nana asked as they walked.

"That would be wonderful. Now I don't have to set that damned alarm! I swear, I have a heart attack every single time it goes off!" Rin complained about her phone alarm.

"Can't you just change the sound?" Nana asked. She froze for a few seconds and Nana laughed. "Guess you didn't think about that, huh?" She laughed again at Rin's pouting face.

"I guess I never thought about it. I was always too angry at it to try and look." She pulled her phone out and began to mess with the different sounds. Finally, she picked the BellTower tone, it was quieter, but still loud and different enough that she would wake up and it had a smooth sound to it. "Wow, thanks, Nana. I hadn't even thought of it." Rin thanked her as she put her phone away.

"Anytime," she replied. They came to the side street and Rin said goodbye to Nana and Kakeru. She reached into her pocket where her iPod was and turned the volume up. It was an upbeat, Korean pop song and she began to dance her way to her apartment.

Alright, so I am back, kinda. I'm trying to challenge myself and write a bit of romance, which I suck at. But there won't be a lot! Just slight...and if it's cheesy I apologize. This sequel is going to be shorter than the first, hopefully. School is starting soon and I want to finish before all the stress makes my brain explode.

I got the idea for the U-17 World Cup from the U-20 Women's World Cup that is currently going on in Japan. Watch, if you're interested. YouTube channel: ussoccerdotcom. When I found out that there was going to be such a tournament in Japan I was over the top happy. So this story is born from that. :)