Holy crap, he's really hot…..I thought, staring off at Alex and dozing at the same time.

As if right on cue, Alex looked back at me with his lopsided grin, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

I quickly cleared my throat and pretended to doodle. He rolled his blue and green eyes, looking back up at the teacher.

That was freaking close! I need to be more careful when staring at him.

I made a mental note and stretched.

"Yes ?" the teacher said, "Do you have the answer?"

The class broke off into little giggles, knowing I wasn't paying attention what-so-ever.

I looked up at the teacher, slowly sneaking into his thoughts.

I wish Bonnie would pay more attention! The answer is obviously the Rocky Mountains!

"Is it the Rocky Mountains?" I called softly, a smile forming at my lips.

His mouth went a gape, but it quickly shut and he cleared his throat, nodding, "Correct."

I fist-pumped under my desk, the bell ringing shortly after.

I got my purse-bag thingy and ran out of class, texting my brother Flynn.

'Come pic me up, im done with 3 .'

He texted back while I was dumping my books in my locker. 'B there n few.'

I sighed and looked over my shoulder. Alex was leaning against the lockers across from mine, watching me intently. A shiver ran up my spine as I got my bag and exited the school.

I sat on the stairs, my hands holding up my chin.

"Are you Bonnie?" someone said from behind me.

I didn't turn around, "Yeah." I said, sighing.

What they did next surprised me big time.

They kicked me in the back of the head, sending me flying across the front entrance and a few feet into the parking lot. I banged my head on the cement. Black spots dotted my vision.

"Well, nice to meet you." A little girl stood above me, her golden curls falling around her face and her ruby red eyes boring into mine.

"Please don't-hurt me….." I blacked out.

"Don't worry, princess, I won't."

~~~~~~~~~~~Alex's POV.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I panicked. Well, on the inside. I don't panic on the outside, it's not what trackers do.

Bonnie wasn't suppose to leave! I needed to get her to come with me before the Vittra attacked her!

He ran outside, looking around.

"Oh Shit!" he said, seeing Heather throw Bonnie across the parking lot.

He was about to make a tackle for the little girl, but her hand shot out and he went flying backwards into a school's column.

"Be careful who you talk to Alex. I see everything." Heather purred, stuffing Bonnie in a bag and running away with her super speed.


"Ashley. I swear to god!" he yelled, his hand poised to slap the pregnant woman.

Ashley flinch and held her stomach, feeling the baby kick.

"Please, John, don't hurt her! She won't be a changeling! I know because we can raise her, together!" she said, her voice cracking.

John's arm dropped down slowly, and a smile crossed his face, "That sounds great, my love."

He kissed her cheek and walked upstairs.

Ashley rubbed her stomach, "Don't worry, Bonnie, he can't hurt you. I won't let him."