Author's Note: Hello guys! I'm back with the sequel to No Church in the Wild, titled Do as Thow Wilt.

Summary: Morgan finds herself in a pack of werewolves, faced with the hatred of one god and the affection of others, she'll have her work cut out for her.

The Grand Canyon – June 5th

Blood smeared the forest ground as screams filled the air, clogging every other sense the Alpha had. The Alpha had grown weary of the bloodshed; truthfully speaking, was fed up this type of prey. They always had to scream once they met their end and always so loudly, causing the wolf to regret ever making the decision in the first place. Hunting was hardly ever a delicate process but the Alpha cared for the pack like her own flesh and blood. The pack's problems all could have been resolved months ago…

12:02 AM Christmas

The sky had opened up, raining down a steady stream of water. A faint silhouette of nine wolves could be seen trekking though a snowy trail to reach Chicago. The journey was short but the wolves were exhausted, two of the smaller wolves, Regina and Sophie, were carried by Morgan, daughter of Dionysus, through the strange winter storm. Both the small wolves had managed to fall asleep despite the wind, rain and slush of snow. But, finally, the wolf pack reached the city limit of Chicago.

"Sophie, wake up, we're here." Morgan whispered.

The rest of the pack grew more alert as they saw the bright lights of Chicago. Even at night the city was still a burst of light and activity, but the wolves decided against exploring the bright lights for some much needed rest. Logan, son of Lycaon, sniffed around for any woodland area to set up camp. Avia, daughter of Libitina caught a scent further towards the left that smelled strongly of thick trees and moss.

"This way, we need to hurry if we don't want to be seen" She said.

Morgan nodded, "Move it people, the little ones are falling asleep as we speak,"

"They would have fallen asleep regardless, Merry Christmas everyone." Sydney replied.

The wolves quickly ran in the direction that the she wolf found and ran towards the thickest part of the forest preserve. Logan, Aiden and Chase set up all three tents away from the public trail, using the tree as a way to camouflage them. One by one three tents were set up and firewood was gathered quickly to create a fire. Morgan, called out to Sydney to bring her bag when after she tucked in the girls. Sydney, daughter of Apollo, rustled Regina and Sophie into a tent on the far left. Logan stood in front of the fire, his eyebrows knitted together and he rolled his neck around causing the muscles to flex.

The remainder of the older wolves stayed by the fire, an important decision had to be made about the pack. They were all starving and the wolves were already restless adding hunger would only make matters worse. A flapping sound was heard to the left as Sydney approached the fire holding out Morgan's bag. The she wolf thanked the girl and opened the bag calling out to her Hephaestus phone to call an old friend.

Morgan's POV

It had been a long time since I used the phone; I wasn't worried about getting jumped while using it anymore. I'm a monster now so it's not like other monsters would want to mess with me. I pressed speed dial button number one to reach Ollie, hadn't spoken to him in months and I'd like to get a feel for all that's happening. The phone was picked up on the second ring and a smooth baritone voice answered on the other end.

"Damn, I was hoping you wouldn't call."

I scoffed, "Well Merry Christmas to you too, Ollie! I'm good, nothing going on with me, how are you?"

"Sarcastic much? Merry Christmas, baby-doll, I don't need to ask how you are because I already know."

"I doubt it."

"Oh, so you're not a crazed werewolf running around eating people?" Ollie asked.

"…w-what, why would you think that?"

"Did I just hear you stutter? I heard it through the grapevine and you just confirmed it, you're eating people, really? Morgan that is beyond crazy and you're a werewolf too. I saw when you were attacked and that sounded painful…"

"You saw it? Wait, don't tell me-"

"MTV! Apollo kept on repeating the same episodes about you fearlessly fighting off Jared then killing him, killing your step-father and Lycaon biting you. I also saw your surprising return to the world too. Woman, you're cold blooded!"

"Ollie, I only choked him out and I thought you'd be happy to know I'm not dead."

I started to pace the camp fire avoiding the wolves' eyes.

"Apollo was devastated that he couldn't see you. So…what do I owe this pleasant call from you?"

"I was hoping that you would tell me, we've traveled through a couple of states and I haven't picked up any scent of any type of woodland creatures. What's up?"

Ollie sighed. "You pissed off Artemis, remember? First, we gave Apollo the footage of you and your ex-, who happens to be her second in command, and then you go and get yourself turned into a werewolf. Wolves are her sacred animal, you know. She basically decreed that wherever you are there will be no furry friends to eat."

"We'll starve! That bitch has no right, she can't do this!"

"Actually she can…look if there is anything I could to do help, within reason that is, I will. All you have to do is call,"

I sighed. "Your mother is watching you?"

"Like a fucking hawk, I can't do shit after the son of Jupiter freed Hera. Bloody bastard, I should strangle him; I can't conduct my business anymore because the gods ended their lockout. I'll talk to you later, baby-doll."


This is not good. This is really, really, really bad.

I placed the phone back in my bag and turned to the wolves surrounding the fire. I'm sure they could tell that something wasn't right; I could tell that they tried not to eavesdrop on the conversation but werewolf hearing doesn't permit that. I'd have to explain myself. Great.

"…long story short, Artemis hates us, she cut off our food supply and we'll probably starve to death."

"We won't starve to death, Morgan, it's not possible." Logan said.

"Oh yeah, why is that?"

"Because we're immortal, we don't have to eat but it does help that we do or else or insatiable nature will spill over and…you don't want to know."

WHAT? I'm immortal, since when? What the fuck? This must be a joke, I can't be immortal…

"I'm guessing you didn't know that, it figures." He scoffed.

"Hey! I wasn't born into this, okay? So I didn't know we're immortal, sue me!"

"I guess you don't know that we have to decide on who should be Alpha then, right?"

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not aware of your old world traditions, besides, I thought this was usually won in a fight-"

"It is, but it wouldn't be a fair fight, now would it?"

"I would be happy to vote for anyone besides you."

"The feelings mutual, Princess, seeing as our food problem is your fault."

"HEY! No more fighting, the girls are sleeping and if you wake them up I'll punch you both in the throat." Sydney said.

Drift coughed loudly, "Okay, maybe we should get to the voting process. I vote Morgan-"

"And why would you do that?" Logan asked.

She smiled. "Because she reeks of awesomeness, did you not see her take your father down? She made him her bitch and last time I checked, have you known any werewolf that could handle silver, yet alone wear it around their neck."

All eyes flew to my chest to stare at the vine patterned, sterling silver necklace that my father gave to me. I couldn't help but feel my ego grow ten times its size in Drift's comment; I had to admit: I was the only wolf able to handle silver.

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know, Drifty." I winked.

"You don't know how to run a pack, you've already pissed off one God, and you probably angered the others." Logan said.

Well, he's right about not knowing much about running a pack but it can't be that hard…

I smiled. "Actually, I have quite a few that adore me so your argument doesn't hold much weight. You should let them decide,"

"Okay all those in favor of Logan being our Alpha," Sydney asked.

Logan, Aiden and Chase raised their hands.

"All those in favor of Morgan,"

Drift, Sydney and I raised our hands.

"We have a tie, Avia, why didn't you vote?" Logan asked.

Avia scrunched up her brow and sneered. "Maybe I don't know what I want; maybe I don't think either can get the job done."

Damn it! Maybe if I cuddled with her after we did it, she would have voted.

I blew out a puff of air while ignoring the crisp temperature; I was not going to wake up Regina or Sophie just to settle a vote.

"Bitch, if you have a problem, you better say it now or I will make you." Logan seethed.

Avia bared her teeth. "I'm not afraid of you."

And not two seconds after she uttered those words Logan launched his body at Avia and he threw her to the ground, biting and ripping at her body with his claws.

"Get off of her, you bastard!" I yelled.

I shifted my hands into claws and slashed at Logan's back leaving a deep gash. Golden ichor dripped down my claws and spilled onto the forest ground. I smirked as Logan slowly got off of Avia and turned to me, I didn't give him a chance to gain his bearings, because I slashed across his face too.

If it's a fight you want, then you'll get it.

"You are going to regret this," He snarled.

"Let's dance, stud." I kicked him in the face.

Logan shifted into a large dark brown wolf and lunged at me, I didn't want to be out done so I yanked my necklace off and imagined it to turn into a long thick chain. The necklace transformed and I swung it over my head in circles and whipped it at Logan. I whipped the chain in front of the wolf as a warning but Logan was just as stubborn when as a wolf. This situation makes me wish I paid more attention to Annabeth in battle strategy class. I could really use her brain at a time like this.

Wrap it around his neck…

What? Who's there?

Do not question me child, wrap the chain around his neck…

Alright, but if I get my ass kicked because a female with a sexy voice told me to, I'm not gonna be happy about it.

I swung the chain over my head making a lasso; dodging Logan's snapping jaw was becoming quite a feat. He growled so loudly that I could feel the vibrations from deep inside my core. I exhaled and swung the chain and hoped that it would land around his neck, within seconds the chain was around Logan's neck and I pulled. Digging in my heels into the ground I pulled until the wolf was at my feet. I quickly pressed my foot on the wolf's jugular, daring him to try something, there is no way he's that stubborn.

"Keel, you asshole, I'm tired of your charades!"

After a few minutes Logan shifted back and starting screaming his lungs out, writhing around under my foot. I loved it. My ego was probably swelled to the size of Canada at by now, I glanced over at Sydney and saw that she was flinching; she was also looking over Avia wounds. I watched Avia, she seemed to enjoy Logan's pain, who was I to stop her joy?

"I think that's quite enough, Morgan." Sydney said.

I pulled harder; I wouldn't stop until he submitted to me, declaring my victory.

"I'll only stop once he stops,"

Sydney sighed, "Then we'll be here all night and that won't solve our food problem. Logan, give up already, she has you bound in silver!"

I guess Logan took that to heart because he growled out, "I submit" so sarcastically that I thought he might try to attack me again.

"Good. That means I'm Alpha because I won fair and square." I turned to Logan with a glare, "If you ever put your hands on any member of this pack without their permission or to attack them, I'll kill you."

"Yes, Alpha." Logan spat.

"Glad we reached an understanding. Now for the food problem-"

"What about your beta? You have to pick a beta, Alpha." Aiden said.

"Alright, I pick…Sydney-"

Logan yelled. "WHAT?"

"Um, I didn't stutter, if you don't know who I am by now, you better ask somebody. Yes, Sydney will be my second in command, any problems with that?"

"Does Sydney get to say anything?" She asked.

"I don't know…does Sydney not want to be my beta?"

She smirked. "Sydney wants to be your beta."

"Alright, we have work to do."

2 Hours Later - Christmas Morning

"I can't believe we're doing this…" Sydney sighed.

"Do you have any better ideas? Gods, I forgot how tough it was to walk in high heels! Wait give a minute…there. I've got my walk down, let's go hunting!"

After I beat Logan's ass royally, I told the other members of my pack that me and Sydney would handle getting food. Of course that meant we'd have to get food the same way we did with Lycaon's pack. I dragged Sydney into my tent and searched through my bag for two dresses and heels. I had to admit that I was very nervous about catching "hunting" especially since I hadn't done it in a long time…well not that kind of hunting. The approach would be the same; men were pigs no matter what day of the week. So Sydney and I ventured off towards downtown Chicago to rope in some idiots and we wouldn't come back to camp until we did.

Naturally it didn't take us too long, another perk to being a werewolf was animal magnetism, and all eyes were on you once you entered a room full of people. This didn't bode well for the drunken bachelor party of thirteen we left with. I did most of the luring, but Sydney got the groom to take the bait. The ruse was that we had a party out of the woods and there might be a chance to get laid. You know, one last blowout before getting married, but I don't think they're prepared to never see the light of day again.

"Say, how far is it until we get to this party? If the women there are just as fine as you, I can't wait any longer!" A groomsman yelled.

"Don't worry sweetie, you'll get to the party." I said loudly. "But you won't be left alive." I said to Sydney.

The familiar sight of trees that covered our camp came into view as we approached. Sydney directed the groom and his groomsmen to the campfire while I went to go wake up Regina Sophie. I hope they don't mind eating their dinner raw. I walked into the tent to find Sophie clinging to the furs she laid on and Regina graphing the landscape.

"Shouldn't you be asleep? Dinner is ready, I hope you don't mind that's its raw."

"Couldn't sleep, Logan woke me up and I heard you kicking his as-" Regina paused, "Assets, then decided to map the landscape just in case we needed to kick more assets."

"Okay, wake Sophie and get out here."

Exiting the tent I saw Sydney had rounded up the bachelor party around the fire. Logan, Aiden and Chase were salivating, I could tell that they wanted to butcher these idiots; the three of them eat the most of all of us. I turned my head to my right slightly to see Sophie yawn cutely and rub at her eyes.

"Are we going to eat now?" She asked.

"Yeah, sweetie, you and Regina get the first bite, okay?"

"Okay, but you should tell them that too, Logan looks really hungry."

I stomped over to Logan. "Hey! The girls get first bite; there will be plenty to go around. Aiden, Chase: that goes for you two too."

Finally, I turned to the slightly confused group of drunken idiots standing by the fire. I was too hungry to postpone the inevitable, better to end this ruse now so that everyone can chow down.

"Aye, where's this party you were talking about earlier?" said one of the drunken idiots.

"Hey guys! You ever wanted to be a midnight snack?"

The bachelor party all had shared looks of deep confusion

"Can I have you for a midnight snack?"

I smirked. "No, but I'm really hungry. Girls, dinner's ready!"

Regina and Sophie shifted and launched themselves in midair like a cheetah about to pounce on a gazelle. The groomsmen never had a chance, Regina sunk her teeth into the groom and ripped his throat clean off, Sophie landed on all fours on top of the best man and ripped his leg off with her canines. This signaled the rest of the pack falling onto the remainder of the bachelor party causing screams to fill the night.

1 Hour Later…

I wiped blood from my mouth, it probably made it worse. Sydney carted off Regina and Sophie back to their tent with Drift following behind her. They all had swollen tummies full of meat. The boys had dug a large six foot hole in the ground to bury the scraps left over from dinner; they tossed the bones and entrails into the mass grave and quickly covered the evidence with dirt and gravel. Finally, Logan, Aiden and Chase sluggishly waddled to their tent to get much needed rest.

That left only one other wolf besides myself awake. I found Avia hovering over the mass grave, observing it, she really admires death. It's really creepy but I think I can look past it. She had her back facing me and I could see her breath show up in puffs through the cold air.

"Are you going to stand out here all morning?"

She sighed. "No, I just wanted to honor the dead. It's the right thing to do seeing as we'll be eating our food like this."

"Actually, I only rushed this because everyone was really hungry, next meal we're cooking over the fire."

Avia turned around. "So now you want to talk to me? You ditched me right after we had sex-"

"You're making me seem like a cold hearted bitch-"

"You are, but you beat the shit out of Logan. I guess I owe you for that,"

I smiled. "You do and I know the perfect way you can make it up to me, Avia."

"And what would that be?"

She walked a few paces towards me and faced me nose to nose.

"You could warm your Alpha's furs for her, I'm sure she'd like that very much."

"Hmm she would but that doesn't mean I would."

"What if your Alpha asked politely?"


I laughed, shaking my head. This woman will be the death of me but I'm okay with that.

"Okay, will you accompany me to my tent so that I can watch your sex on fire?"

She smacked my arm. "Really, that's you politely asking?"

"Hey! You should be in trouble for hitting your Alpha, you're lucky I don't order your death or something but you might like that a bit too much."

"I embrace death, you should too."

"Fine, would you like to rest in my tent?" I asked.

"Much better, was that too much to ask-"

I slung Avia over my shoulder with my right arm; she tried to squirm her way out of my grip. After a minute of flailing her arms and wiggling her bottom to distract me, she gave up and went limp. I opened my tent and laid her on top of my furs, settling down into the furs I closed my eyes for much needed sleep and relaxation.