284 AL, the Red Keep, King's Landing

As the sword of Jaime Lannister pierced the heart of the Mad King Aerys Targaryen a storm fell upon the land of Westeros and somewhere in the walls of the Red Keep a cry can be heard. It was the cry of the newborn Targaryen princess. In the throne room Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark of Winterfell arrived along with his banner men to find Jaime Lannister brazenly sitting on the Iron Throne with the corpse of the Mad King covered with a crimson cloak slumped below it.

"It's done" said Jaime.

"Kingslayer" Ned said disgustedly.

"Nice" replied Jaime with a hint of sarcasm.

"Where are Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys?"

"The Prince was spirited away by the Targaryen loyalists and as for the Queen, Well; she is too heavy with child to travel."

Suddenly a scream echoed throughout the castle.

"The Queen!" said Ned.

"So the Queen is giving birth." said Jaime.

"It's seems I've work to do, if you'll excuse me Lord Stark."

With that Jaime Lannister followed by Lord Stark went to the South Wing where the Queen's chambers are. As they entered the Queen was pushing the child, Ned went to the foot of the bed and saw the child was born. He picked up the child and saw that the silver haired, lilac eyed baby is female.

"A healthy girl, my Queen" He said as he handed the child to the queen.

"Her name is Daenerys Targaryen" said the dying queen as her gaze went from her daughter to a locked chest.

"Lord Stark, Take it with you, it's hers, Take care of her and tell her that I Love Her."

"I swear to you I will, Your Majesty."

"So beautiful, my Dany, I'm so sorry, your mother loves you, my beautiful girl"

With that the silver haired queen breathes her last. Lord Stark closes the eyes of Queen Rhaella whose last gaze remained on her daughter, then just when Jaime was about to strike Ned intervened and came between him and the child.

"What is the meaning of this Lord Stark?"

"She is a Targaryen, a spawn of the man who brutally murdered your father and your brother." Jaime blurted out.

"I'm taking her to Winterfell." declared Ned.

"What?!" said Jaime not believing his ears.

"You heard me perfectly Lannister. She is not responsible for what her father did to my family. As far as I'm concerned she is innocent. "

"You are an honourable man Lord Stark."

Ned carrying the infant Daenerys left Jaime Lannister who was covering the Queen with a crimson cloak. At that moment, the infant cried in the arms of Ned Stark

"There, there, little one, you are safe. I'll protect you Daenerys Stormborn. As long as I breathe no one will harm you."

As Ned enters the throne room he is appalled by the sight of the slaughtered bodies of members of the royal family though covered by the crimson cloaks being offered by Tywin Lannister as tokens of fealty to Robert Baratheon.

"Take those bloody Targaryens out of my sight." Robert yelled at a Baratheon banner man.

"I never want to see another of those filthy inbreds. Dead or -." Then he sees Ned holding a lilac-eyed baby in his arms.


Ned! What in the Seven Kingdoms is that?!"

"My cloak"

"NO! Not your blasted cloak! What are you holding?!"

"Oh, a Targaryen and She happen to be a newborn."

"Yes and yet it's ALIVE!"

"And your point is?"

"It's a Targaryen!"

"I find it tedious to repeat but again I ask

What. Is. Your. Point."

"May I bluntly remind you, that her mad father killed your father and your brother and that her monster of a brother abducted your sister, my betrothed, have you forgotten what that madman and his family did to your family?!"

"Leave the child out of this! What sins her father and brother committed does not concern her. If you so wish it I will take her to Winterfell and raise her as a ward. She will stay there and as long as you will it, she will not come to King's Landing unless you say so."

"Do as you wish, but if that child shows any sign of madness, I will have you kill it."

"As you wish, we are old friends Robert. Now that you have the Iron Throne I pray you rule Westeros wisely but I will have no part in this slaughter. This is vengeance not justice. They raped and killed the women and butchered the children. They murdered the wife and babes of the Crown Prince. Where is the honour in this massacre?"

"I see no babes, only dragon spawn"

Ned left Daenerys in the protection of his House's banner man at Harrenhal and along with six of his companions, traveled to the Dornish border to find the Tower of Joy, where Prince Rhaegar Targaryen had hidden his sister Lyanna. It was guarded by three members of the Kingsguard, including Ser Arthur Dayne. A fight saw the deaths of all but Ned and Howland Reed. As they searched the castle, Ned came across a locked room. There he found his sister Lyanna holding a small, sleeping boy in her arms.

"It's good to see you again, brother." Lyanna said with a warm smile.

"Lyanna, you're alive and who is this?" Ned rejoiced as he approached his sister.

"This is my son. He's Robert's. I know the man will never keep to one bed, even if I marry him, I know he will never stop. I refuse to marry Robert, Please Ned I beg you."

"Before I make my decision, I wish to know, is there someone else Lyanna?"

"Yes there is and he is the Crown Prince"

"But he's dead, Lyanna."

"No, brother, He is very much alive as you and I. There is something you should know, I was already with child when Brandon and I attended the Tourney at Harrenhal. There I met Rhaegar and fell in love with him. He went to seek the counsel of the High Septon in order to end his marriage to Princess Elia of Dorne on the grounds that she can no longer bear him any children. He never abducted me for I went with him willingly. You must know the man Robert killed was not Rhaegar but Raemond Rivers of House Blackfyre and the basterd son of the Mad King and the last of his House."

"If what you say is true then where is his Highness now, Lyanna?

"He is the leader of the Targaryen loyalists who took Prince Viserys away. That is all I know of the Prince. As far as I am concerned as long as he lives and breathes I will never marry Robert Baratheon. "

"But what of your son, He will be branded a 'basterd' if you do not marry Robert, and you cannot deny your son, his right to have a father as well as Robert's right to his son, your son."

"All the people need to know is that I am his mother and he is my son but I agree with you. Robert has the right to know who his son is but I will not marry Robert. So, please do not make me do this. Promise me, Ned."

"I promise. After all, I just got you back. Did I ride for miles to find you only to lose you again? No, my little sister, I've no plans to give you away just yet. You and your boy will stay in Winterfell and you help me and Catelyn run the place. Does your son have a name?"

"Jon Snow"

"Before we leave for Winterfell, you should know you're not the only one who brings a spare home with you."

As the four left the Tower of Joy they stopped at Harrenhal to rest and there Ned pulled Lyanna aside and took her to a room.

"Lyanna, when the Queen died giving birth, she gave her child to my keeping. Catelyn and I are to raise her as a ward. Now, I know that you loved her brother; surely you will have no difficulty loving her. She is Rhaegar's sister, his flesh and blood and a mirror of his image. Do you wish to meet her?"

"I do, Ned. I wish to see for myself if she really is the mirror image of her brother"

As they entered the room Lyanna saw the infant Daenerys and is astonished by what she saw. She then remembered her lost love now crossing the Narrow Sea. She took the child in her arms and looked at her brother.

"She is so like her brother in image and likeness. I will love her, Ned"

"That is good to know, but then again she is a Targaryen"

"She is so beautiful and so sweet."

"That she is, dear sister that she is."

The Stark siblings with Jon and Daenerys in tow left for Winterfell along with their House's banner men.

Meanwhile in Winterfell

Lady Stark sits in her chambers cuddling her son Robb in her arms when there was an urgent knock on her door, it was Maester Luwin bearing a letter from Lord Stark.

"Maester Luwin, milady, He says it's urgent." said a handmaiden.

"Enter" said Lady Stark as she dons a robe around her dress.

"Lady Stark, I bring news of your husband"

"What news from King's Landing?"

"Not King's Landing, my lady, from Harrenhal. It says here that they are coming in a week's time by way of Kingsroad, they've found Lady Lyanna, and that Lord Stark has brought with him the newborn daughter of the Mad King. Robert Baratheon demanded that the child should be raised in Winterfell, away from the capitol. It seems Lady Lyanna has been keeping a secret."

"Interesting, what secret would that be Maester Luwin?"

"She brings home a son."

A week later, Lady Stark carrying Robb with her small entourage awaits the arrival of her husband, sister-in-law and the children at the East Gate. Asthe banners of House Stark loomed in to view, Lord Stark is greeted by the sight of his wife and son waiting for him at the East they reached the entrance Lady Stark presented Lord Stark a son and he in turn presented to his wife, his long lost sister and her young son, and their newborn ward.

"Welcome home, my Lord."

"It is good to be home, milady."

"I present to you, Robb Stark, your son and heir."

Lord Stark took the boy from his mother's arms and Robb smiled at his father.

"Well, aren't you a sight to behold, little one.I in turn present to you, my sister Lady Lyanna."

"I'm delighted to finally meet you, Lady Lyanna. Your brother has been very worried about you since the Prince abducted you."

"The feeling is mutual, Lady Catelyn. I'm sure that my brother was worried about me; however, the alleged abduction is merely a fabricated story. The truth is a tale I shall share another day" said Lyanna who turned as she felt a sight tug at her skirts. The action revealed Jon shyly hiding behind his mother. Lady Catelyn smiled at Lyanna and at the boy.

"Lady Stark, May I present to my son, Jon Snow."

"I'm pleased to meet you, dear nephew." Jon smiled brightly in reply. Then he ran to the wheelhouse where Daenerys is kept. Lyanna looks at Catelyn and sighs as she and Catelyn follows her son and takes Daenerys in her arms and gives the child to Catelyn.

"And this is your newborn ward Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen."

"She will grow into a beauty this one like the ones who will help me raise her" said Lord Stark.

"Rascal!" said Lyanna.

"Without a doubt my lord, indeed she will grow beautiful"

"And loved" Lyanna added.