Chapter 9

The Lannister camps at Riverrun

Lord Tywin Lannister was outraged when news of his eldest twins Jaime and Cersei were accused of incest by Lady Catelyn Stark had reached him. He saw this as a direct slight on the family's honor and Tywin Lannister does not tolerate any slights to House Lannister. In response sent Ser Gregor Clegane and his men, disguised as brigands, to sack and pillage various villages and hamlets across the Riverlands, Lady Catelyn's home. However, he did not expect that on the death of King Robert, Cersei had fled the Capitol and brought with her Lady Catelyn and Arya Stark, much to Tywin's delight. With Jaime's help she was able to abduct Catelyn and Arya Stark but they were betrayed by Tyrion. When the Braavosi got caught up with them, Jaime made a choice that left Cersei distraught when Jaime had sacrificed himself to buy her some time to escape the wrath of Stannis Baratheon after the Starks had revealed the truth of her children's paternity but she made sure that if she should burn in the Seven Hells, she will bring Catelyn Stark and her daughter with her. When news had reached her that her husband's legitimized bastard Jon Baratheon was to be the heir of the Iron Throne once he weds the Targaryen girl. She summoned the exiled knight turned sellsword, Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island.

"You summoned me, Lady Lannister?" he said

"Your grace, Ser Jorah. Not Lady Lannister" she corrected him

"Forgive me, my lady but you are queen no longer" he declared

"Do you still want this royal pardon?" she snapped sounding annoyed

"It will do me some good but I know that with you Lannisters, there is always a price" he drawled

"I want you to kill Daenerys Targaryen" she said as she threw him a bag of filled with golden dragon coins

"Your husband's attempt failed to kill Viserys Targaryen and since he is the last male of House Targaryen he is the one you must fear. Why the girl? What good will that do? Aside from sending your house to it's doom." he sneered

"My house will never die and I will not let Robert's bastard have happiness, be sure to bring me her head. Now get out of my sight" she screeched as the knight left

Storm's End

Weary of the preparations for his half-brother's wedding and concerned for the safety of his betrothed in the hands of the woman he thought to be his mother, Prince Gendry excused himself from Ser Loras after sword practice at the training grounds. Renly noticed the sullen look on his nephew's face. He was thinking when his wife Lady Margaery came into the solar.

"What are you thinking about?" Margaery asked she poured herself a cup of sweet wine

"I'm worried about Gendry. You know, I've seen that same look on his father's face everyday since he released Lady Lyanna from their betrothal. I never thought that I would see that look on his face though. Seeing Gendry like this reminds me too much of Robert. It's like Harrenhall all over again." Renly stated as he took a gulp of Arbor Gold

"My lord, forgive me but Gendry is not Robert just as Arya is not Lyanna Stark and just because the former look too much like their respective latter does not mean that they are. However I do pray that they find Lady Catelyn and Lady Arya soon, for Lord Eddard and Gendry's sake" Margaery said

"My dear you are too kind. How are the wedding preparations?" he asked

"They're coming along quite smoothly. All we need now is the bride and groom. I cannot wait to meet the girl. The way Jon talked about her when you asked him about her, he sounded completely besotted but I hope that he will have happiness." she joked

"Ah Jon, that lucky bastard's got himself a living prize. Robert must be rolling in his grave. Gods rest his soul." Renly cracked

Moat Cailin

The Starks finally arrived at Moat Cailin; they made camp a half mile away from the rendezvous point. Robb left Jon in charge of the camps as he went with Tristram to the rendezvous point where they are greeted by a host of 5000 Dothraki warriors, bearing the red Targaryen dragon and the bronze Caspian tiger sigils. Three dragons loomed into view, diving between the Stark force and the Dothraki host as their riders dismount five feet of the ground; Landing on their own stallions before the dragons fly back up to the cover of the clouds. As the four approached Robb, the one in the center, whom Robb assumed to be Daevon Caspian approached him and spoke.

"You must be Robb Stark. I am Daevon Caspian formerly known as Rhaegar Targaryen. I come in peace for I merely wish to pay my great debt of gratitude to your family for caring for my sister for five and ten years and to repay the kindness your house had shown to my family in spite of my crimes. I will stand with you against the Lannisters. 20000 More of my men will come." Rhaegar declared looking intently at the man beside Robb Stark.

"Thank you, my lord. Your aid is most welcome and many thanks for sending my father's sword. "Robb said

"You already know Viserys so allow me to introduce to you my son Aegon Targaryen but is now called Edvard Caspian" after Rhaegar introduced his companions then Viserys took to the skies while Edvard went back into the Dothraki side.

"This man right here is Tristram of Aleanarnith. Lord Caspian, I'd imagine you would want some rest and would desire some time to speak with your sister." he spoke with kindness

"If it is not too much" Rhaegar uttered as the men dismounted and walked toward the Stark camps

"Not at all, follow me my lord, her tent is this way. Though, I am rather curious about your men." Robb expressed as they walked toward the tent the bore the red Targaryen dragon

"I won their loyalty when I defeated Khal Drogo, their king and leader. In a way I was meant to be their khal but I relinquished that role to Viserys. Fret not they are my brother's to command." Rhaegar explained as they neared the tent

"Of course, Lord Caspian; Dany, are you decent?" Robb spoke in front of Dany's tent

"Yes I am, Robb." Dany answered immediately

"Good, you've a visitor. Your brother is here to see you." Robb announced

"Enter" Dany said as the men came in

"Sweet sister, I've missed you" Rhaegar mused as he embraced Dany, who put Barra in her crib to embrace her brother

"And I you, dear brother" Dany sighed as she saw Jon come in and shook Rhaegar's hand and kissed the back of Dany's hand

"My lords, my lady, forgive me but I must borrow my cousin, Lord Stark and Tristram" Jon said with urgency

"Of course" the Targaryen siblings said together.

"We'll take our leave then" Robb heaved while he and Tristram followed Jon

"I wanted to see you before you reach Storm's End and wed your beloved Jon. Viserys, Aegon and I want to steal some time with my sweet sister before she is a married woman. We are your family and we love you Dany. All we ever wanted was your happiness."

"I so look forward to spending my life with Jon but I wish to know my family and I would love to spend some time with you. "

Rhaegar took a seat when Dany offered him after that his son came in accompanied by two women garbed in Pentosi gowns.

"You must be Aegon"

"Dear aunt, finally we meet! You look lovely" Aegon exclaimed

"You are quite the charmer aren't you; but thank you for Nieseryne. She is great help to me" Dany said gratefully

"You are very welcome, sweet aunt. Nieseryne will be your person handmaiden. However I must present to you Irri and Jhiqui. They are Uncle Viserys' gifts and they shall be your constant companions." Aegon spoke uncomfortably.

"I will thank him later. I expect Robb will need to speak to the both of you regarding Riverrun" Dany answered as Tristram appeared

"My lords, Lord Stark wished to discuss some pressing matters with you." Tristram announced

"By and by they will follow, Tristram. We shall have more time to talk later." With that Rhaegar and Aegon left Dany's tent following Tristram

The Stark camps outside the Trident, Two weeks later

Robb splits his forces, sending the infantry down the Kingsroad to engage Tywin while the cavalry will cross at the Twins and race to Riverrun and surprise the force held by Ser Daven Lannister. For allowing him crossing and his allegiance at the Twins, Lord Walder Frey extracts the price of a marriage contract, ensuring that Robb will marry a daughter of his house to be chosen by Robb after the war is finished, much to Robb's dismay. After making camp, Dany was taking a walk along the river while the northern lords discuss their strategies. She felt someone approaching her; she turned and saw a man with a sword in his hand about to attack her. She wanted to move but couldn't feel her legs so she let out a gut wrenching scream.

"Shut up or I'll kill you slowly" the man growled as he struck her on the cheeks.

"Run Dany!" Viserys yelled from out of nowhere and jumped in between the man and Dany, who moved aside, his longsword blocking the man's blade before it hit her.

"We meet again, Viserys Targaryen" the man raged as their swords clashed

"Jorah Mormont, you will pay for attacking my sister!" Viserys cried in anger

As they exchanged blows, Viserys nicked Jorah's back and was about to cut his head off when Jorah swung his sword at Viserys, who stepped back causing him to lose his footing.

"Say goodbye, Beggar King." Jorah said as he plunged his sword into Viserys' chest

"NO" Dany screamed in horror as she watched her brother slowly slipping away, his eyes on her, as the man walked towards her then Rhaegar Aegon and Jon appeared in front Jorah

"I wouldn't take another step if I were you" said Rhaegar, whose dagger was on Jorah's throat as Aegon disarmed him then he ordered his son to take his uncle away to the nearby clearing, while Jon went to Dany's side.

"Brother, don't kill him" Dany interceded

"Go see to our brother." Rhaegar ordered as two bloodriders appeared while Jon led Dany to where Viserys was.

"Rhaegar, not now, not like this, please." Dany gasped hysterically as Rhaegar understood

"Take him as a prisoner. I'll deal with him later." Rhaegar said the bloodriders who took Jorah away.

Aegon was desperately trying to plug Viserys' wound in order to prevent more blood loss while being assisted by a bloodrider named Rakharo, who moved aside when he saw Rhaegar. He looked up to see his father and his aunt teary-eyed in her betrothed's arms. As Jon went to fetch the maester, Dany sagged as she approached Viserys, who was still alive but Rhaegar could see that his brother will not last the night. He helped his sister and his son make his brother comfortable as they attempted to heal his wound.

"Brother I am not long for this world" Viserys wheezed

"Oh, do shut up and lean on me for once! You will live Viserys. So hold on just until Jon arrives with the maester." Rhaegar bellowed

"Do not speak anymore uncle. You've lost too much blood." Aegon said quietly

"You need your rest and save your strength. You will be fine, brother." Dany cried

"Come now, We all know it is pointless. I know I will not last the night" Viserys said weakly as Aegon turned away to hide his tears.

"The maester is here. Now, now, my love, Listen to me. Your brother will live and he will get through this." Jon said as he sat next to Dany, who cried on his shoulder while he soothed her.

"Help my brother, please" Rhaegar implored as the maester bent to examined Viserys then stood up

"My lord, I fear his heart will not last, he is losing too much blood for the sword had cut an important blood vessel surrounds his heart. He has but a few moments left I am so sorry." the maester whispered

"No." was all Rhaegar can say.

"Forgive me, this is my fault." Dany blamed herself as she cried in Jon's arms

"Sweet sister, do not say such things. It is not your fault. I would gladly lay down my life for you to be with us, your true family. I know I was rather distant but it is because I felt cheated by Robert Baratheon. It was not for him to marry you off, he had no right. We have waited for too long to see you and take you home but seeing you happy is worth it and enough to satisfy our longing for you, dear sister. It's a shame that I die without my beloved wife but I do not regret trading my life for you to live longer, sweet Dany. I am fortunate at the least to have my family by my side in my final moments. I am sorry I cannot help you win back what is rightfully ours, Rhaegar" Viserys breathed weakly

"No need to be sorry. You fought well, brother. Don't worry about Rhaenys and Annalysse." Rhaegar uttered as he kneeled beside Viserys

"You saved Dany when I could not, my lord. I know you despise me but I thank you for Dany's life" Jon said gratefully

"Forgive me, Jon. Now, I realize that Dany truly loves you and you make her happy. Promise me that you will take care of her, look after one another and live for each other. Before I forget Aeneas is yours, so take care of him. Viserys pleaded

"There is nothing to forgive. I promise to look after your sister" Jon said

"Rakharo, come here" Viserys called for the bloodrider and whispered something in Dothraki to the man when he bend down to listen to his khal then Rakharo went towards Dany.

"Your brother wished to have a Dothraki funeral and said that from this day forward the khalasar will follow you, Khaleesi." He said as he bowed his head then left.

"I feel cold" Viserys rasped

"Look at me, brother" Rhaegar said

"Goodbye, brother." Viserys breathed

"No" Dany cried hysterically as Jon held her

"Dany; Can you do a kindness to a dying man?" he asked then she nodded her tear-stained face

"Let me see your eyes" Viserys begged as Dany leaned closer to Viserys

"Farewell, Rhaenys" Viserys whispered as he kissed Dany's cheek and breathed his last.

Rhaegar closed his brother's still open eyes as Dany turned to Jon and broke down in his arms.