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"Momma!" She heard her baby yelling for her, but the exhaustion was much too strong. Her eyelids wouldn't budge. All of the royalty duties were wearing her down and all she wanted to do was sleep.

"My love, she won't stop crying for you." A male's voice tried to reach out to her in her sleep oblivion.

His voice always soothed her, but this wasn't the time to be lulled; she needed to be awake so she could comfort her child. Eyelids fluttering open, she realized that her husband was sitting upright in bed holding their second-born.

"What's wrong, Little One?" She asked her daughter who was still crying and sat up.

"She was having a nightmare; I woke her up and all she wanted her Momma."

"I'm sensing a little jealousy," Smiling, she plucked their daughter from his arms and almost instantly the crying stopped. "What were you dreaming, sweetie? Bad things? Your mommy's here; no need to fear anymore."

"Momma…" The child sniffled, rubbing her puffy, red eyes. Her cherry blossom colored hair was down from their usual odangos and her nightgown was disheveled and wrinkled. "Bad dream…"

"I know, Little One. Go to sleep; I'm here."

While the little girl's mother gently rocked her, her father pulled out a golden locket from the dresser. Opening it, a familiar tune filled the room and the little girl's eyes drooped. Curling up closer to her mother's comforting bosom, her light snoring could be heard against the melody of her father's locket. The two parents chuckled lightly as they watched their sleeping child for a few moments.

"Usako, the nightmares are becoming more frequent as she ages."

"I know, she's remembering her past, and quite honestly it scares me. She is only three years old, Mamo-chan. It's too soon. She should be dreaming of unicorns and fields of beautiful flowers, not war and bloodshed."

"I've been having strange dreams that something powerful is to become of her. I don't know how to explain it, but soon enough I suppose we'll find out."

"Oh, my sweet Akari-chan. I really hope in this life, you will finally find happiness. Aishiteru." Gently kissing Akari on the forehead, Usagi tucked her young daughter in between herself and Mamoru.

"She should stay as a princess; fighting and training would only worsen her pain and maybe the nightmares would vanish."

"What if she was meant to protect this planet, Mamo-chan? We can't hide her abilities away from her."

"I just want her to be happy. No broken bones or scratches running up and down her limbs, Usako."

"She has healing powers, you know. Akari is not weak."

"I never said she was weak. She just… I don't want her hurt."

"The senshi's children… they could protect her then? Without proper training, Akari won't be able to protect herself."

"She could have the normal life that we never had."

The couple wearily looked at each other. No words needed to be spoken; they were both trying to be optimistic but no matter what, their efforts were futile. Nightmares would always find their way to Akari, disturbing her pure mind and heart.

So here is the first chapter of the sequel of 'Alone Until Now'! I'm not sure if I like the title, but it just kind of popped in my head as I was writing. Thank you for reading and please, please, please review!