Returning to my room, I leaned against my door feeling the whole day's happenings crash on me. My shoulders felt as if the whole world was pressing its weight against them. I was extremely grateful that my chest no longer throbbed and felt as if it were to explode with every breath I took. Surprisingly, tiredness hadn't succumbed me; probably because of the fact that I was still in shock of the whole situation: much more matured body and discovering that I was Sailor Cosmos. With all of this new information bombarding all at once. Immense chest pains that turned out to be my star crystal forming and maturing. A reoccurrence of me saving Sailor Saturn which ultimately caused my transformation of Sailor Cosmos. All of my memories of all three lives were something that I would have to work out. Remembering such vivid recollections were overwhelming and I couldn't recall everything before my head started to pound against my skull. I would need to organize them so becoming confused with which memory with which won't be a problem-

My eyes caught sight of something in the mirror. Slowly, I made my way over to the reflection which revealed… me. My body. I hadn't seen my… new self. My non-fourteen-year-old looking body. The dress that I had been wearing since the hospital was much tighter than I remembered since I now had developed a healthy curvature of hips and also…breasts. How old would I say I was when I was born only fourteen years ago? How old would a person think I was? Eighteen? Nineteen? I was in the body of an adult, the oldest I had ever been in any of my lives. Realizing I couldn't wear this nightgown any longer, I searched for something that I could wear.

But nothing was fitting. Nothing was fitting! Royal princess gown? Too tight everywhere… especially around my bust. I just had one made a few months ago, too. Casual dresses to wear around the castle as I study or have a tea break? Those are all too tight as well. A strangled, frustrated yell escaped from my vocal cords as I continued to throw all of my clothing on the floor. Short party/cocktail dresses (which I had never worn anyway), simple tea dresses, beautiful ball gowns that I absolutely loved, and identical models of my princess dress just in case I tore or my clumsiness just simply ruined one. My nightgowns were also too uncomfortable for slumbering purposes. None of them fit. Not even my damn shoes.

The door creaked open and through my tears, I saw a familiar shadow walk into my room. Of all times for him to come visit, now would be the time to choose? Bad timing, he has.


"Oh, so you've decided to speak to me, now?"

Seito's voice softly rang through the room, "I'm sorry, Akari."

"Whatever. Can you just… leave, please? I don't mean to be rude, but I just don't want to see anyone at the moment."

"I heard you scream, and I was checking if you were okay. What's wrong?" He asked as his footsteps came closer to me.

"Don't come any closer!" I raised my voice, chucking a much too tight shoe in his general direction.

"Damn it, Akari. What is going on?" He asked, rushing inside of the closet.

"What the hell do you want, Seito? Obviously I am upset! Now, leave!" I yelled at him as I stood up from crouching as I searched for something to change into.

"That's why I'm here! I want to help!" I replied, raising his own voice.

"Oh, now you do! You wouldn't even look at me earlier during the meeting or put your arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the conference hall, Seito! How is that even plausible? How can you even be okay with that? I was trying so hard to gain your attention, but I could tell that you were your hardest to ignore my please to even look at me! To smile at me would have comforted my anxiety immensely. But, no! I had to deal with the damn anxiety by myself and figure out how to calm myself down and then deal with you ignoring me! Why…were you ignoring me?"

"I'm just so confused, Akari. And I'm in shock as much as you are, because I honestly didn't expect the necklace I gave you to turn you into a senshi and change you physically like it did."

"Is that a bad thing? That I've changed the way I have?"

A blush brushed over his cheeks, "No, it's not a bad thing, Akari."

"Then why were you ignoring me? You haven't given me a feasible explanation, Seito."

"Because you're supposed to be a fourteen-year-old princess, reading and studying in the library. You're not supposed to be a senshi and training. And you're definitely not supposed to remember everything from your past lives! I just don't know how to feel because you're where you were when you-when you died as Sailor Star. You're gorgeous and I just want to kiss you until you feel as if your lips are about to fall off because it's been hundreds of years, Akari. Hundreds since I've gotten to hold you and kiss you. It's been such a long wait. You have no idea. You have no idea how difficult it's been watching you grow up without the abilities to defend yourself. Why do you think I came to Earth to train as a guard?"

"To protect me?" I replied quietly.

"So I could be your protector. Sure, you have your senshi, but I wanted to be the one person who you could trust and go to when you're stressed or hurt. I wanted you to be safe, but now that you're Sailor Cosmos… I feel like you won't need me."

"But I still need you in my life, Seito! Don't you understand? Is that so hard to comprehend that when you're gone, I feel so incomplete! That I feel so lost without you? Even when I had no memories at all or when I was a child, I missed you! Because you were the one person who let me be myself and have that one time where I could have fun!"

"You don't need me, Akari! Don't youunderstand that you're Cosmos and that you need no help to defend yourself?"

"Being able to defend myself doesn't matter at the moment, because all I really want is to be content in your arms every night and kiss you every morning," tears were freely flowing down my rosy cheeks as I continued, "Sure, I wanted to become a senshi just so I wouldn't be alone anymore and I could be able to fight for peace along with my friends, but since I met you again… I want nothing more than spend another lifetime with you and finally be able to live the life that we were supposed to live a really long time ago. Even though I recently regained my memories I know that all I want is to be with you because- because I love you, Seito!" I cried, almost sobbing as I released all my emotions and told him how I really felt.

Silence filled the air briefly before Seito stepped forward to me, gently cupping my face in his calloused hands, lowering down to kiss me. The kiss reminded me of our previous kisses we've shared, the passion that we drew out of each other and the love coursing through our veins, making us drunk with adoration. The kiss was blissful, but at the same time it was confusing for we knew not of where we should go in our relationship. Although, it was obvious as we felt nothing but peace and safety while we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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