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Five years later.

Naruto lay on the leather couch in the living room, arm draped over his eyes as he rested his tired feet and aching back. Though, he was far from sleeping as his ears were under constant assault from two, two-week olds and four, five year olds. Kyuubi sat in the floor by the soft comforter laid out for their newest additions to lie on while the older fox held a stuffed toy above his newest young, two small black dragon males. They were still too small to be able to change to their humanoid forms so they still looked like miniature dragons, lying on their backs with their scaly newly fed tummies up trying to reach the toy in their "mother's" hands.

"Mama." A light tug on his arm brought Naruto back from his half daze and let his arm fall from his eyes and looked at his oldest son Daiki, his twin, Tomio standing behind him, sucking on him thumb.

"What is it, Daiki?" The oldest of the twins look at him with his Uchiha stare, like he should know without being tolled. Naruto sighs and after a few minutes and with a few huffs manages to sit up, now he just have to get up to a standing position. With a lot of effort he manages to stand and after stretching his back, begins to make his way to the kitchen. It was apparently time to feed his kits, and while he is at it, why not help himself with something too? The baby growing in him is taking a lot of energy and strength.

After seating his kits in their high-chairs he waddles over to the fridge and takes out two premade bottles of gruel and heats them up and gives them to the two toddlers. He then walks back to the fridge and gets his snack and turn back to the table to watch the two youngsters while they feed.

Although they are five years old already, they still looks more like two year olds. But that is normal for their kind. Both of them are blonds with small fox ears on their heads and their k9s are already in place, and they have a small fluffy tail. The only thing making them not look like miniature Narutos' are their black eyes that they got from their father. He absentmindedly look down to his bulging stomach and wonder what the next one will look like. He can feel that it will only be one this time, he is not nearly as big as he was by this time with the twins. But he is a little worried, the infant have been keeping still most of the time. There have been small movements but not nearly as frequent nor as strong as the boys were.

But the blond fox tries not to thing to much in to it, he is in his last trimester now and fell into his second heat only two weeks after his brother, and he delivered his second pair of twins roughly two weeks ago, which means he can go into delivery any day now and he is not going to stress about the possible reasons of why his baby is so inactive.

After taking the now empty bottles from his boys, before they started to play with them, he takes them back to the living room and his brother, who he sees is breast feeding one of his youngest while the other is snoozing away happily on the comforter. The sight reminds him of how much newborns need to feed to be able to change forms and how demanding it could be as a new parent with twins.

He smiles at his brother who looks up and then he leaves his twins to play with their cousins before retiring to his and Sasuke's room.

As the days went by, Naruto started to feel restless and one day in particular woke up in the middle of the night. He slowly and carefully extracted himself from his mate's strong arms and crawled out of their bed. He walked over to the bathroom and emptied his bladder, thinking that that might have been what awakened him. But after going back to the bedroom he still felt restless. Without him noticing it he walked over to their wardrobe and started sorting through their clothes, throwing out old and damaged clothes into a pile on the floor. After doing that he walked over to the linen cabinet and did the same thing, all old and worn bed linens were thrown out on the floor.

When finished, he looked over to the bed and looked at his sleeping mate, a frown marring his features as he studied the sleeping form. He walked over and took a hold of Sasuke's pillow before snatching it right out from under the other head, resulting in the other male startling awake.

Sasuke watched with blurry eyes as his pregnant mate walked away with his pillow to a pile of clothes and what not lying on the floor. He shook his head and rubbed at his eyes to clear them and followed Naruto's movements, the fox sat down in the pile before shifting into his fox form. Not his full size but approximately the double size of a normal wolf. The large fox began gathering fabric in his mouth and walked back to Sasuke's side of the bed and placed the fabric on the floor once again. He repeated this until there was a sizable pile on the floor before he started circling in the middle of the pile and finally dropping down in a comfortable position with his head placed on the stolen pillow. Sasuke watched as his mate soon fell asleep in his fox form, looking comfortable. Something was up. But as the minutes turned into hours and still nothing, the dragon soon fell asleep too, even if only lightly and on alert.

As the sun rose the following morning, Naruto had not moved and as morning turned into day and later into evening, the fox remained sleeping, his mate faithfully by his side.

So when Naruto moaned softly in the middle of the following night, Sasuke was on full alert and was at his mate's side in seconds, watching the fox wrinkle its snout before blue eyes slowly opened and a pained whine emerged from Naruto's throat. Sasuke stroked the golden fur on his mate's head as the pains increased and soon he had to help the blond up so he could pace the room, trying to ease the pressure he was feeling in his lower abdomen.

After a few minutes of slow walking, Naruto stopped as he felt something give and felt the tell tale feeling of fluids running down his legs. Sasuke noticing his mate stiffening by his side looked at the blond who suddenly shuddered and he heard a faint trickling sound and soon saw the increasing puddle between his mate's hind legs. The dragon swallowed thickly, it was really happening now. He had thought that he would be less nervous after the birth of the twins, but no, he was scared shitless right now, not knowing what to do, how to help.

A soft sigh caught his attention and he figured the water had finished. "I need to lay down, Teme." Naruto moaned and Sasuke only hesitated a moment before helping his birthing mate back to his nest where he would soon deliver their next child.

The overgrown fox lay down heavily with his head on Sasuke's pillow and breathed in the soothing sent. Soon a contraction hit and he grit his teeth. He didn't feel the need to push yet so he breathed out the next couple contractions, listening to Sasuke mindlessly trying to sooth him. He was secretly happy his mate wasn't freaking out like the first time, running around, being of no good.

After a few more contractions, Naruto began to feel the need to push and did so, gritting his teeth and lifting his hind leg as he felt his young travel downwards through the birthing channel and down to his opening. Sasuke kept petting his head and telling him how good he was and telling him to breath between his pains. His voice was soothing the blond and helped him through the painful endeavor.

Soon Sasuke moved from his position by his mate's head and down to see if he could glimpse the new arrival. What he saw was not what he had expected. At his mate's entrance he saw a milky white surface being pushed out with each push from the fox. Not to worry his blond he said that everything looked good and that he saw no feet, which was no lie, but he began to wish that he did. Even if a breech position could be dangerous, at least that meant he could see the child, which he couldn't now.

None the wiser, Naruto kept pushing with his contractions, but even if Sasuke didn't say anything, the blond could feel that this delivery felt different then the two earlier ones. With a tentative hand he reached down to catch his baby while putting the last of his strength behind the next push. On pure instinct the snatched the prize of his efforts and brought it up to his fac. Only when his eyes made contact with the object in his hands did he see that something was not as it had been the previous pregnancy.

In his hands was a 25 centimeter long oblong object that was leathery to the touch and milky white in color. Sasuke had now crawled back up and was looking at the odd thing in his mate's hands. Not knowing what to do, he stretched his hand out to touch the ting only for his fingers to get a gentle kick when they lay on the leathery surface. Pulling his hand away with a start at the sudden movement he looked down at his mate in question. Naruto on the other hand looked with wonder at the form in his hands and soon pulled it close to his body to keep it warm. As he felt small movements within the object, Naruto felt his body relax, and with the delivery now over he soon fell asleep, leaving a confused Sasuke awake the rest of the night.

When morning came and Naruto awoke, still in his fox form, he looked over his shoulder and saw his mate as in a trance looking at the unidentified thing the blond was still curled around protectively.

Naruto glanced down and noticed that the leathery surface had now hardened into a hard shell. Naruto chuckled lightly at his mate and called him from his trance. "Oi, Teme. You going to sit there staring like an idiot or are you going to say 'hello' to our newest baby?"

Sasuke flinched at the sudden sound and blinked his eyes before focusing in on his mate. "What is that thing?"

The dragon sounded odd, almost as if constipated. The blond looked at his mate and then it dawned on him. Sasuke had no idée what he was holding. With a roll of his eyes, Naruto shifted slightly to give his mate a better view. "This teme, is our new baby, well sort of. It's in there."

Sasuke still looked apprehensive and with a sigh the fox drew his baby closer once more. "You'll see when it hatches." That seemed to catch the dragon's attention. "Hatches? You mean like an egg?"

"Yes, how do you think dragons are borne?" The fox asked his mate like the answer would have been as clear as day. How could his mate not know how dragons were borne? He was one himself for crying out loud!

A faint cracking noise was heard in the otherwise silent room and the still sore fox shifted to sit up, looking down at the egg. A few seconds later the two parents could hear small picking noises from inside the now hard shell. Sasuke, who was now sitting opposite his mate, reached out his hand and knocked gently on the hard surface and was a little surprised to get a picking back as a reply. With an eyebrow lifted he looked at his blond who was smiling fondly down at the hatching egg.

Naruto leaned down to the egg and whispered encouragingly, "That's it keep it going. Mommy's been waiting to see you."

Soon small lines began to appear and gradually those lines grew and cracks formed on the hard surface. With what must have been quite an effort, a piece of the shell was forcefully kicked away and a small hind leg covered in black shiny scales hung out of the gap.

Sasuke was awestruck as he saw his newest baby kick off more pieces and soon a tail and the other hind leg was visible. He had to hold himself back from reaching forward and helping the infant, but remembered his mother telling his brother and him and their mates not to help with the hatching as that was an important achievement for the young. A baby dragon who couldn't get itself out of its shell was a weak one and would probably not survive long anyway.

When the baby suddenly stopped halfway from being free, Sasuke held his breath, it couldn't give up now could it? The mini dragon stretched inside the egg and curled into a small ball the best it could, tucking its tail between its legs and small snores could be heard resonating from the shell.

Naruto snorted amusedly, "Look at that, it fell asleep. Well, I guess we will have to wait a while yet."

Sasuke looked a bit peeved at being told to wait. Hadn't he waited enough to see the little thing? Fortunately they didn't have to wait more than half an hour before the little dragon had snoozed finished and soon began pushing away the last half of the shell.

Now laying in a pile of eggshell pieces lay a small little baby dragon girl, her scales shimmering blue-black in the morning sun. Big eyes opened to reveal milky blue, too early to have cleared to their future color and the baby would probably be seeing poorly for a few days. With a wide yawn, showing toothless gums the small female stretched and sniffed its surroundings as if searching for something or someone. Naruto's maternal instincts sparked and he swooped forward and took the infant in his maw and gently lifted the her to his stomach and nuzzled his young as close to his body he could before the little dragon began sniffing the fur for a lactating nipple to latch on to. When his young was securely feeding, Naruto began licking her small body clean and to putt his sent on it.

Sasuke was mesmerized by the scene and just like the first time when he saw the twins suckle for the first time, he couldn't help but feel proud of his mate and the thought that he was the one to putt that child in his mate's body was incredibly arousing. But he also knew, from pain full experience, that his mate was not up for it, body nor mind. So he had to control his body's wants to transform and take his mate then and there with the thought that he would have plenty of time to ravish the younger later.



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Daiki "Great glory"

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