A/N - This chapter is extremely short. I know. I've been in hell and while I was there my Muse though it'd be really funny to leave me. It's gonna be a few weeks until I post a new chapter. I got a few things going on that's gonna take over my time. It's actually a good thing. While I take a break from this, maybe it'll strike up something in my noggin'. I'll try to get the next chapter as soon as I can, but like I said, it should be a few weeks. Until then, i'm leaving you with this short chapter. I wasn't gonna post, but I thought that it'd be better that I post this than nothing. This chapter was originally longer, but I lost the hard copy a few days ago and I can't remember what was on it. :( Sorry.

I rolled over after a full nights rest to face a peaceful unconscious Emily. I lifted my head off the pillow a little bit to check the alarm clock and saw that it was just a bit after nine in the morning. Mornings like these made all the troubles we went through worth it. All the obstacles we had to maneuver through to get to where we are, just didn't matter anymore. I watched her sleep serenely for a good while before I decided to make my way over to the bathroom to wash up. I lightly moved her arm off of my body and back onto the bed, trying my best not to wake her as I got off her bed. After I got dressed in some sweats and a t-shirt, I exited her room and walked down the stairs, intending to use the downstairs bathroom, so that I wouldn't wake my sleeping beauty.

I was in the middle of washing my face when I heard the doorbell ring. I rushed to the front door fearing that another ring of the bell would wake up Emily. I saw the girls through the peephole and let them into the house. Spencer looked at me up and down before saying through a smirk, "Looks like someone had one hell of a night." I ignored her remark and simply closed the door behind them. We all made our way into the living room and sat down.

"So... What do we do now? Sit around and wait for A 2.0 to attack?" Hanna asked while she absentmindedly played with her phone. I left them in the living room while I finished washing the rest of the cream off my face.

Spencer's voice filled the silent room, "Look, I know I'm usually the last one to back down, but maybe we should lay low for a while. We have no idea what A wants this time around. We wouldn't even know where to start anyways. I say we play it cool and wait for A 2.0 to make a move. We find out what they want, and from there we can build a plan to our advantage."

I dried my face with a nearby towel and walked out, "Hey look! It's Rational Hastings. Long time no see! But no, Bumble Bee is right. I think we should play it dumb. I always let my guard down when I'm swimming against an amateur, so maybe A 2.0 will let their guard down if they think that we don't know anything and don't plan to know anything. Let them play with us, and when they least expect it, we bite back."

"Paige, sweety? Are you talking to yourself again? Come back up here! I miss your magic ha..." Emily came halfway down the stairs wrapped in a sheet before she noticed the others sitting on her couch. In one swift motion she twirled around and ran back up the stairs leaving her sentence thankfully unfinished. The room burst into a fit of giggles,

"Sorry. I guess we were interrupting something. Why don't you and your magic hands go upstairs and we'll meet later. Dinner at home, okay?" I nodded and the girls left whispering to each other about Emily.

"You couldn't have given me a warning? I was lucky it was a little breezy and I bothered to cover myself up!" Emily yelled as I walked into the room.

"Hahaha, sorry babe. I didn't hear you coming down the stairs. We were talking." I explained. "Oh and Spence said dinner at her place tonight. We'll talk about our little situation with them later."

"Why would we need to talk about what happened this morning, later?" Emily exclaimed.

"I meant the whole A situation, silly." I explained through a chuckle.

"Oh. Yeah." Emily said slightly embarrassed, "the whole, someone coming after us for the past two years, thing."

"Yeah. That thing. I can't believe you guys have been doing this for two years! How do you handle it?"

"At first I was scared. Now I'm scared and angry. We just gotta do what it takes to get our lives back. The quicker we handle A, the quicker we can just move on. Simple as that." I stared at my brave beautiful girlfriend as she explained to me how she felt and I could feel myself falling more and more for her by the second.

"And now you have my help as well, so maybe we can get this over with and move along with our lives? Together?" She nodded and pulled my shirt towards her, kissing me deeply in the process. "Now what did you say about my magic hands?"