Dalia Diamons Pov-

The victor of the 99th hunger games died last week. He was murdered. The father of some dead tribute killed him. I don't know why it took the man until right before this years reapings to finally kill the victor. But I figure he's just a most talented procrastinator.

Mom says the father's a psycho. My dad says when a parent watches his child die, understandably, all logic is lost.

The president had the father killed the day after he was captured. The man was hung in the open streets of district 2. It was all over the news. I watched his dead body swing in the wind on my television. Citizens crowded around his body, some shouted curses at him. Most just watched with big, tired eyes.

Today is the first time the president will address Panem since the incident. It's also the day the twist for the 4th quarter quell will be announced. Dad's taking me to see the president speak.

By the time we arrive, the square is already filled with capitol citizens. There are countless street musicians jamming on their saxophones, drum sets and guitars. A group of woman hurry past us, their animated laughter filling the jubilant air with more glee.

Dad buys me a t-shirt that says The 100th Hunger Games in neon colors.

President Road has one of the coolest walks I've ever seen. He walks sluggishly, yet contains such grace that he appears to glide. His spine remains strait, his neck unmoving. I gape as he makes his way to the podium on stage. Enlivened roars hurdle from the audience.

Once he places his hands on the podium, he stares out at the capitol. His gaze swipes across various faces in the crowd. I watch the screen, which shows a close up of his wrinkled face. His dark brown eyes sag almost down to the sides of his nose. He opens his mouth to speak.

"We are one. We are Panem. And what happened last week shows me how pitted against each other we have become." The whistles from the audience turn to silence. Even the smiles seem to quiet down to blank facades. "Some of you districts blame this on the games. But, the games is an attempt to show you how you must make sacrifices for our nation. Don't blame the capitol. Don't blame your neighboring districts. Remember- you brought this on yourselves." He takes a deep breath, allowing himself a moment to look down at the podium. "So…this year for the 4th quarter quell we are having each tribute partnered with a tribute from another district. The two will be connected, so that if one dies, the other shall die soon after."

He starts to turn away from the podium, but twists his front back around. An almost childish spark lightens his face. "Lets see how the districts of Panem can work together."

Welcome to the 100th hunger games! Here is a list of the tributes that will be in the games:

District 1:

Male: Colton Orsel (16)

Female: Sparkle Uccello (17)

District 2:

Male: Jared Lynxx (17)

Female: Brynn Carson (16)

District 3:

Male: Skip Ryden (18)

Female: Arianne Pixel (16)

District 4:

Male: Tommy Scott (17)

Female: Janette McKinley (16)

District 5:

Male: Talen Morton (15)

Female: Sophie Merita (13)

District 6:

Male: Anderson Piely (13)

Female: Hadley Paxton (15)

District 7:

Male: Joey Morel (16)

Female: Clara Kinking (16)

District 8:

Male: Todd Brown (12)

Female: Kat Callaghan (15)

District 9:

Male: Mikey Jonah (15)

Female: Clarity May (17)

District 10:

Male: Friesian Wade (14)

Female: Halley Morris (15)

District 11:

Male: Falcon Dide (18)

Female: Riley Kramer (17)

District 12:

Male: Hunter Night (15)

Female: Kasey Spalik (16)