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Harry learned of his magical powers before Hogwarts. Reading his cousins comics, he realized he was born to be a superhero and needed to build up his powers to combat evil. He ignores the Hogwarts letter at age 11, realizing he can learn so much quicker by himself. He makes two magical friends and one muggle friend that know who he is. He is the Lightning Phoenix, a wizard known to both muggle and magical worlds as a hero. What problems will this bring the wizarding world when they realize a wizard is flaunting the statute of secrecy. First, they need to find out who this wizard is.

Light Harry/Powerful Harry/Independent Harry

Dumbledore is good, but controlling.

Parts of this are screwed up. Don't pay attention to certain canon ages or what happens in what years. Things are changed. Obviously AU.

The first chapter is just a quick overview of the ten years Harry has been missing, so I apologize if it seems rushed. The rest of the chapters will hold more detail.

Harry/Tonks/Fleur/Katie Bell/OC

This is not a smut fic, just because its Harry/multi. I don't write lemons, maybe hints at activities, but that's it, if that's what you are worried about.

10 Years

Dumbledore looked over the sea of students that were waiting on the new first years to be sorted. He couldn't help having his thoughts drift to the magnitude of problems that had plagued him over the past ten years. Foremost on his mind was Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Disappeared, as it always was on the first of September. Harry Potter had been missing from his relatives since he was 9 years old and he had yet to be found. Many people had given up all hope of finding him, but Dumbledore wasn't one of them.

He knew Harry Potter was alive and he also knew Harry Potter was well aware of his wizarding heritage. First, the book of magical children that Rowena Ravenclaw herself created, still had Harry's name listed as a potential student and his name wouldn't disappear until after his seventh year, which coincidentally was this year.

It was an educated guess that the only way a wizard, especially a nine year old, could hide himself so thoroughly from a whole world of witches and wizards that were looking for him, was if he had magical help. If he had magical help, then he was obviously aware of the world that he belonged in.

The second thing that proved without a doubt that Harry Potter was alive and aware of his role in society was the Wizengamot. On Harry Potter's eleventh birthday, the Potter seats were lit in the chambers, but Harry had yet to show up. Many people were expecting him to show up at the previous Wizengamot's meeting, since it was the first one since Harry turned seventeen, but they hadn't been that lucky.

Now here, Dumbledore sat hoping and praying Harry would show up for his last year of magical education. He needed Harry here where he could be looked after when Voldemort returned. He felt the time would be soon. Dark activity had been increasing over the last couple of years and the Headmaster was getting increasingly paranoid. He had even convinced his long time friend Alastor Moody to become the DADA teacher.

Albus Dumbledore himself knew he was extremely lucky that he didn't face multiple charges in the disappearance of Harry Potter. He had gotten to the Dursley's first, thanks to his monitoring charms and was appalled at the treatment given to their savior. He had to do quick damage control, so when the DMLE showed up, he could minimize the abuse. Oh, the Dursley's had still been locked up for their despicable behavior, but if Dumbledore wasn't there, he was sure there would be a new war on muggles and he wasn't sure if he would even get any support preventing it.

Even with the damage control, he had to use all available influence he had, to keep all of his positions in the Wizarding world. He couldn't keep out his own involvement in picking the Dursley's as guardians and Minerva was only too happy to testify about his involvement.

The disappearance of Harry Potter wasn't actually what worried the magical world and Dumbledore the most though. No, it was the new wizard that had come out of nowhere two years before Harry's disappearance. An extremely powerful wizard that had absolutely no regard for the Statute of Secrecy. The worst part about it was, they could legally do nothing about it since he was actually given the Queen's approval and was Knighted.

The Queen's approval didn't stop the whole magical world from trying to find out who this mysterious wizard was and get him to stop his actions though. He was the equivalent of the muggle world's superhero. He had powers wizards at Hogwarts, and many that had finished Hogwarts, could only dream of having.

It had first started ten years ago with little things. Saving people from burning buildings, stopping an odd mugger, and just all around helping people out. He had perfected the disillusionment charm, so many people had no idea what had saved them and as muggles were apt to do, thanked God for the miracle.

Two years later and things started to change. The wizard was no longer hiding from the muggles. The powers he had were amazing and even Albus could admit he was envious. Broomless flight, wandless magic, and the power to control storms, made the wizard a very formidable opponent. His powers just continued to increase from there and it was uncommon for the Aurors to even see him, never the less corner him. He didn't seem to care when they did corner him, because he had an uncanny ability to get out of every situation.

Six years ago was when things really got interesting. It would have been Harry Potter's first year, but the young man had failed to show up. Everyone old enough to know what was going on could remember September 1st of 1991 like it was yesterday and it wasn't because of Harry Potter.

Getting the students to bed, after the start of term feast became impossible after every wizarding wireless turned on at the same time. This could only mean one thing, an emergency broadcast was about to be given to the entire British Magical Community. What was said still haunts many of the Wizarding Worlds leaders to this day.

It was the Queen, one of the few non magicals that were well aware of the magical community. Many of the magicals refused to believe it, but she did also have every right to step back in and take control of the magical government. The Queen was quick to point out that whatever she broadcasted here would be given to the muggles as well the next day. No warning had been given to the magical government about what was about to be said.

The Queen went on to explain about the Lightning Wizard, the name the wizard came up for himself. She went on to explain how he had the Queen's full confidence and that yes, he was a true superhero to the world. He was immune from prosecution until the Queen revoked the decision herself.

She went on to explain, mainly to the Muggles, that he did truly have supernatural powers and she looked forward to see him continue fighting crime. She went on to explain the Knighthood and everything that it included.

The Muggle world had truly changed that day and the higher ups in the magical world would never admit it was for the better. This included Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. How could Muggles understand them? The magical world needed to stay hidden and therefore safe from the muggle's greater numbers. Muggles were a violent race and he had trouble believing that they wouldn't be wiped out if they were discovered. This upstart wizard had just given the Muggles a greater chance of finding them.

There was little point in obliviation anymore when it came to this Lightning Wizard now that the whole world knew of him. To be honest, there was little point before. It was hard to cover up someone that had no problem being seen. Obliviation couldn't destroy video cameras and wizards had no idea what cameras were anyway.

Muggles though, were ecstatic with this new hero. It took them virtually no time at all to fall in love with the man. Toys were made of him, movies made, and children would go to bed dreaming about meeting or becoming like their hero. It did not take long for this wizard to become the most famous man in the world. The Queen's approval only cemented his reliability.

Albus admitted that this was a horrible development for the magical world, but he could have excepted it, if it would have stayed in the Muggle world. No, the man couldn't keep himself away from the wizarding world though and made his first debut right in Hogwarts.

That year, Albus had decided to set a trap for the spirit of the Dark Lord Voldemort. He had convinced his old mentor Nicholas Flamel to hand over the stone for safe keeping, since he had heard rumors of an attempt on the stone. A few whispers in the right ears and he was positive Voldemort would be on his way to Hogwarts. The year went exactly as he expected until it was time to set the trap..

Knowing the target had taken the bait, Albus had quickly went to the room that housed the mirror. There was no way that Voldemort could defeat his trap and he then could go through the process of trying to trap the Dark Lord. He knew he couldn't defeat or kill Voldemort, that job was Harry Potters, but he could try and get answers on how he had survived that fateful night.

When he got to the room, he wasn't sure if he was livid enough at the situation to cause his blood to boil or turn to ice out of fear at what he was seeing. There in the middle of the floor, next to a broken Mirror of Erised, was a pile of ash, with the Lightning Phoenix symbol, hovering a few feet above. A midnight black phoenix, with a lightning bolt in its claw, taking off in flight, looking ready for a fight.

How had the wizard broken into Hogwarts without his knowing? How had he defeated a possessed Voldemort? How did he get out of here so fast through the school's legendary wards? Did this wizard take the Stone? That question brought him out of his stupor and he immediately examined the mirror. The stone was gone and he had no idea where to look. Actually, he now had reason to get that stupid immunity off the wizard and they could start hunting him again. Stealing a priceless stone from a couple that were over six-hundred years old was enough reason to get him arrested. He was sure the Queen would be cooperative when he explained the crime.

He had just issued the arrest warrant and set out half of the Aurors to arrest the wizard when the Queen had made an appearance. She had actually made an appearance in the Wizengamot and the worst part about it was she looked absolutely livid. Maybe he shouldn't have assumed she would just listen to him. He had explained what had happened and why they had no choice to issue the warrant. Surely she could see that this was as bad as the Crown Jewels being stolen.

The Queen then presented her own witness and it was not one that Albus Dumbledore had been expecting or looking forward to meeting so soon. He had been ignoring the man, hoping to get the stone back before having to talk with him. Nicholas Flamel came in and he was smiling and Albus knew this wouldn't bode well for him.

Nicholas went on to explain how this mysterious Lightning Wizard showed up at his house within ten minutes of taking the stone and handed it back to him. All attempts at reaching Albus to placate him and assure him that the stone wasn't in any danger failed since the man was ignoring him. Nicholas also refused to answer any questions on the identity of the wizard. It was truly an embarrassing day for the Leader of the Light.

At least the next year, the only thing that happened was the Lightning Wizard was back out in the Muggle World and Albus would be happy if he just stayed there. The more interaction he had with both worlds, increased the chances of exposure. Already the Muggle world was asking if there were possibilities of more people being capable of these supernatural feats.

His relief had been short lived though as the 93-94 school year had been terrorized. He knew what was causing the petrifications and he knew who was causing them, just not how. Dumbledore wasn't considered a genius for no reason, but the problem he had was it took a certain skill to get into the chamber. No matter how powerful he was, he couldn't match the power of the founders and the sentient magic of the school, to break down the wards on the chamber. Once again, he could only sit back and watch as the basilisk wreaked havoc in his school.

Then, something truly terrible happened and a student had been taken into the Chamber. His assumption that a student was being possessed somehow to open the Chamber had been verified when he had been told about Ginny Weasley entering the Chamber using Parseltongue from Myrtle. There was just no way that a Weasley could be a Parseltongue or the Heir of Slytherin. They were as light as they came.

All he could do over the course of the next few hours was pray that young Ginny made it out of the Chamber alive. Hopefully, she possessed enough willpower to beat back whatever was trying to possess her. He, himself felt defeated. He should have swallowed his pride and allowed the Unspeakables a chance to examine the second floor bathroom.

He had been the hero for so long, the one that everyone came to for the last fifty years, that he thought he knew best. The sad thing was, that he could only admit it when he realized there was no hope to get the youngest Weasley back. It was time to inform the parents and siblings.

The parents were distraught. Molly fell to her knees in despair, while Arthur tried to look strong for the family. It was easy to see that he would be joining his wife on the floor soon. The other four Weasley's that were in school just stared in disbelief at the Headmaster, hoping it was some kind of sick joke.

Arthur was the first to break the silence, still holding on by a thread. "I would like to see the place my daughter has been taken." Arthur wasn't sure why he said it, but he felt a need to be there. He needed to see the writing himself, he needed to see that there was absolutely nothing that could be done about getting in the Chamber.

The walk was a slow walk towards the second floor bathroom. They desperately wanted to get there, but were in absolute terror at what they would find. If there truly was nothing there, it would just hammer home, that Ginny was probably gone for good.

What met them was as much a shock as it was a relief. There, with her back to the open sink was Ginny Weasley, crying her eyes out. It only took a moment for the shock to wear off before Molly Weasley was running for her baby girl. "GINNY! Oh Ginny! Thank Merlin you're alright." She proceeded to crush her youngest in a hug while bawling. Her words became unrecognizable after reaching Ginny. Arthur had been only a step behind his wife, along with the rest of the family.

Albus, not having quite the emotional attachment to the situation was looking over the scene, trying to determine what had happened. How was Ginny Weasley alive and looking little worse for wear? Then he saw it, the sign that he had seen two years previous. A midnight black Phoenix, with a lightning bolt clutched in his claws, while taking off in flight, was etched into the sink.

The Lightning Phoenix had once again saved the day and once again made Albus Dumbledore look incompetent. He would wait to question Ginny later though, because the Chamber had been left open and he had desired this opportunity for fifty years. He wanted to see inside the legendary Chamber. Turning back to the Weasley's he instructed them to wait in his office for his return.

He took the slide down to the chamber, through a long tunnel where he reached another set of doors that was still open. Wary of a trap that may have been set, he walked in the vast hall with wand in hand looking for any movement. He knew there was a basilisk down here, so he needed to be careful. Looking around at all the snake statues and the face of Salazar Slytherin created in the far wall, he continued to walk towards it. If there were any secrets, they were sure to lie there.

Upon reaching the statue of Slytherin, there was a note stuck at eye level on Salazar's chin. Checking for any traps and finding none, he reached for the note to see what the Lightning Phoenix wanted with him.

Headmaster Dumbledore,

I just wanted to let you know that I have taken care of the Basilisk for you. The only entrance into the Chamber is through a Parselmouth, so without Voldemort completely changing his outlook on muggleborns, the terror would have continued.

At your obvious question, yes I am a Parselmouth, but I am not an heir of Slytherin. As you know, Parselmouth wasn't just a Slytherin trait, it was just he who made the trait infamous. Now, we all tend to hide the gift that was given to us out of fear of persecution. I, however am not afraid of what the public may think of me. I have a record that speaks for itself and I am determined for the world to see what it really is. A gift, that is incredibly useful, and how we use it determines who we are.

As for the basilisk, I slayed it using Gryffindor's sword and have taken it as a 'Right of Conquest.' I have also invoked my 'Right of Conquest' over Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort, and have stripped the Chamber clean of all books, magical objects, and Potions ingredients. As you know as Chief Warlock, this is well within my rights.

I have allowed the Chamber to stay open indefinitely, to allow it to be used as a historical reference. You may want to send some people down to make sure that I haven't missed anything that could potentially be harmful to students. I had limited time to clear the area before I knew you would show up.

Yours Sincerely,

The Lightning Phoenix

By the time he had finished the letter, he was livid. 'How dare this wizard steal anything from the school.' In his mind the Chamber was part of the school and therefore, everything in it belonged to the school, namely him. He had been waiting fifty long years to get into the Chamber and when he finally did, there is nothing left but some fancy statues. He completely forgot, that the only way he was able to get down there, was because of the mysterious wizard.

Remembering, he still had the Weasley's waiting for him, he called for Fawkes and made his way back up to his office. There he learned, that it indeed was the Lightning Wizard and they were able to get their first eyewitness account from a magical. He was about 5' 6" and if the blush on Ginny's face was anything to go by, incredibly well built. From the description, Dumbledore put together that he had a lean athletic body.

The description of his face, however, was frustrating. It was clear that no one had gotten a clear look at him, not even in the muggle world. His hair had changed from blue, to green, to a midnight black, before he left Ginny at the entrance. A Metamorphagus, just another power that this mysterious wizard had under control. If it wasn't for the fact that they couldn't change genders he would be going to look for one of his third year students, Nymphadora Tonks. Not to mention, it was out of the realm of possibilities that she could take on Slytherin's basilisk and win as a third year.

The next three years were much calmer at Hogwarts. Nothing exciting happened besides the usual hallway duels. The outside world was a different story. It was indeed the Lightning Phoenix that had been in the Chamber and he had indeed slain the basilisk. He now was only seen wearing basilisk hide as armor, which was rumored to be able stop all curses, except the unforgivables. He was also seen carrying the sword of Gryffindor in a scabbard as well. He truly looked like a Muggle Superhero. How he got the sword's allegiance, Albus was still pondering.

The only exciting event to happen in the wizarding world was Sirius Black's escape and then subsequent pardoning. The Lightning Phoenix had not just made a fool of Albus Dumbledore this time but the upper echelons of the Ministry as well. He wasn't above admitting that he felt some vindictive pleasure in the humbling of Cornelius Fudge.

Sirius Black had escaped the summer after the Chamber incident. Within a week, the Queen had issued a memo to Cornelius that they were to cease any attempts at capturing Black, as the Lightning Wizard had him in custody. The truly confusing part was that they refused to hand over Black until a trial could be arranged.

This didn't go over well with the wizarding world, because all knew he was guilty. Anyone that was warming up to this wizard that was parading around in the Muggle World, were now calling for his arrest at harboring a criminal. It didn't matter that the order had come from the Queen. Albus also used the opportunity to 'accidentally' leak that this wizard was a Parselmouth.

The older generation, that remembered Voldemort, wanted his immediate capture. The surprising thing was the students at the castle. Usually ones so young were willing to go along with any gossip and follow their leaders, but this was not the case. With the instigators being the Weasley's, they actually defended this wizard for saving the school. They reminded everyone of the terror that the monster had unleashed and if it wasn't for him, there would have certainly been deaths next.

Because of this, parents started questioning things and soon people were actually questioning why they cared if Black had a trial. They were sure he was guilty, but that would be seen in the trial. Nothing actually unlawful was being done and the Queen and Lightning Phoenix were perfectly willing to give him up if he was guilty.

This also led to questioning of why he didn't have a trial in the first place and soon public pressure mounted on Cornelius to give Black a trial. The public just wanted him locked back into Azkaban and if a trail was the way it would happen, then it was a simple enough solution.

The day of the trial was set and everyone was waiting at the entrance hall at the ministry for the accused to be brought in. There were excited murmurs going around, that only the Lightning Phoenix had the ability to bring in Black and that surely meant he was going to be there.

The Atrium at the Ministry had a similar enchanted ceiling as the Hogwarts Great Hall so that the weather could be seen inside. It was a beautiful day, without a cloud in the sky, when things started turning around. Dark, stormy clouds came in out of nowhere, winds howling so fast, that you could see debris whipping around in what looked like the eye of a tornado. Then the lightning started and with it came thunder louder than anyone had ever heard. While people were watching this spectacle and becoming increasingly afraid, the more observant could see a ball of white energy sparking, getting bigger every second within the clouds, until without warning it shot through the storm, through the Atrium ceiling, and struck the floor. A thunder clap at the spot the lightning reached brought all attention to the smoke that was slowly dissipating.

There, where the lightning bolt hit, stood three people. Sirius Black, looking healthier than he had in years, the Queen of England, and who everyone knew had to be The Lightning Phoenix. He was sporting dark green hair at the moment, with icy blue eyes. Everyone knew that he was a Metamorphagus, so they didn't even try to get a conclusive view of him.

"Wow, what a ride! Can we do that again?" Sirius shouted out in glee, not caring that he was standing in front of a group of people that would like nothing more than to see him drop dead.

"Maybe another time Sirius." It was the first time any of the magical community had heard him speak. It was s deep voice, no doubt disguised with his talents, but it was still interesting to know, for sure, that this wizard truly did exist, and not from second hand accounts. "First, we need to get you that trial."

The Lightning Phoenix deferred to the Queen, when he realized the people in the Atrium, had yet to move since the entrance. She quickly took the lead in the situation. "Where is the Auror Guard that is supposed to escort us to the Wizengamot. We don't have all day and want to get this situation over with."

A tall black man, with a gold earring came out of his trance at the sound of the Queen's voice and he immediately took control. Walking over to the Queen and the two wizards, he gave the orders for his Auror's to provide the guard. Without haste, the Guard immediately marched the three through the still stunned Atrium. The Auror's didn't even try to bind Black up like they normally would. After that display of entering, what was supposed to be one of the most secure areas in Britain, and the guy didn't even look tired, they weren't about to get on his bad side.

Entering the Wizengamot, they could see the Chamber was full already with people waiting for the trial of the decade. Everyone expected the outcome, but it was still a momentous occasion. Sirius Black was the first wizard to escape from the inescapable Azkaban.

As the defendant sat down with his two companions, the trial immediately got started with Dumbledore taking the lead. "This is the trial for Sirius Black on the account that he broke out of Azkaban and is a danger to the magical and non magical world."

Dumbledore didn't get any farther when the Queen stood and objected. "Chief Warlock, my client will receive the trial that he deserved thirteen years ago. He never received a trial for the crimes against the Potter's, Peter Pettigrew, or the thirteen Muggles. He was thrown straight into Azkaban without even a questioning."

There was mumbling in the gallery at the unexpected news. No one had realized that, but still none were ready to say anything other than Sirius Black was guilty.

Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic, didn't like the direction the case was going and decided his own interruption was in order. "ENOUGH! Sirius Black was guilty of all crimes. Everyone knew that he was the secret keeper and all we found of Pettigrew was his finger. I won't have you dishonoring a war hero."

"Cornelius, you will stand down. Your government only functions because of my ancestors and their treaty. I have every right to dissolve that treaty and have you ruled under the Muggle government. Choose your words carefully, because I am not afraid of tearing that treaty to pieces. As you can see, the young wizard next to me can get in and out of anywhere, wards or no wards, so there is nowhere that you would be able to hide."

The Chamber was silent at the Queen's words. The gallery was trying to decide if she could actually do that or not, while the Wizengamot knew quite well that she had every power to do what she had said. It was something they had tried to keep secret for centuries, but that was now over with. No matter what side you were on, most wizards believed that exposure would amount to war and ultimately death. Wizards in government weren't so naïve in the technology Muggles had, as other wizards were.

Dumbledore decided to get the situation under control and try to get some information for himself. "I apologize for this bodies words Madam Queen, but I can assure you everything is under control. Sirius Black had told me himself that he was secret keeper for the Potters and all that was left of Pettigrew was a finger. It was also a time of war and just like the Muggle government, our leader has special authority in certain situations. Detaining a dangerous criminal is certainly one of them. So there was no miscarriage of justice and the trial should strictly be for the breakout of Azkaban. Now I would like to know is who is sitting beside Mr. Black?"

Before he could answer for himself the Queen once again took charge. "He is not under trial here Chief Warlock. He is only here for my protection and that of Mr. Black's. You are of course right about there not being a miscarriage of justice and that your previous Minister had every right to detain Mr. Black without a trial." She paused and certain members of the court were wondering where she was going with this. She certainly wouldn't give up a fight that easily. "What you also need to remember Chief Warlock, is that as Queen, I have power to pardon anyone, whether they be magical or not."

She let that statement hang over the heads of the wizards in the court. It was clear, either give him the trial he was meant to have or have a free Sirius Black running around the streets, while they could do nothing about it. It was also clear that if she was willing to pardon Sirius Black, she was actually willing to go through with exposing their world. They only had one choice.

With a sigh Dumbledore banged his gavel and restarted the trial. "Very well your highness. You have spoken and it seems that we have little choice but to agree with your demands. I just hope this isn't a waste of time. I amend my earlier statement, this is now a trial for the betrayal and subsequent murder of the Potters, murder of Peter Pettigrew and thirteen Muggles."

"Thank you, Chief Warlock and I would like to call Sirius Black to the chair and ask that Veritaserum be given to the accused." There was a gasp at this. They rarely used Veritaserum on any criminal, because it had to be taken willingly according to the law.

"Are you saying your highness, that the accused is willing to take the truth serum without any reservations." Dumbledore now felt a headache coming and a sense something wasn't going to end right in this trial. How he didn't see it before was beyond him, but like everyone else, he thought there was no doubt about Black's guilt. "Give the accused three drops of the truth serum. I will begin the questioning."

After Black was in the chair and his eyes were glazed over showing that the serum had taken effect Dumbledore started the questioning.

"What is your name?"

"Sirius Orion Black."

"Were you the Potter's secret keeper?"

"No." Mutterings went up in the court room at the unexpected answer

Dumbledore pressed on through his own shock. "Who was the secret keeper?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

"Were you ever a death eater?"


"Did you kill Peter Pettigrew and the twelve Muggles?"


"Who killed them?"

"Peter cut off his own finger, threw a reductor at a gas line and then transformed himself into a rat

so he could escape into the sewer."

There was no talking in the courtroom. Everything they had ever believed about Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew had just been proven false. There were only a few people too stubborn to believe it.

"How do we know that Sirius Black hasn't found a way around the truth serum? He escaped Azkaban which is also supposed to be impossible. And where is Peter Pettigrew been hiding for the last thirteen years if he isn't dead?" A toad like woman yelled out, trying to defend her minister.

All valid questions and points and this seemed to bring the courtroom back to life. They grabbed onto any hope that they were right in their opinions so many years ago.

The Queen stood and the court fell silent waiting for her response. They wanted no reason to make her or the wizard beside her angry. "You make a good point Madame Umbridge, but I assure you my defense is yet done."

Nodding to the wizard beside her, he got the message and stood up. The room watched curiously as the man took out a small glass cage from the inside of his basilisk armor. He then waved his hand, bringing the cage back to its regular size and everyone could see a rat in it. Some people were even more confused while the smarter ones remembered the part about Pettigrew escaping as a rat. Grabbing the rat that looked like it had been stunned, he proceeded to throw the rat to the floor and before he could even hit the floor, the Lightning Wizard waved his hand and the rat started to change. Slowly the rat morphed into a man that hadn't been seen in thirteen years. All chances of the trial proving Sirius Black's guilt just went down the drain.

The trial continued and Peter admitted to everything, earning Sirius his freedom and Pettigrew was then stripped of his Order of Merlin and thrown straight into Azkaban. Sirius was awarded ten thousand galleons a year per year of imprisonment, which according to him wasn't even close to enough reparations. Sirius Black had then disappeared and no one had seen him since the trial. Many thought, and Albus agreed, that he had somehow caught up with his godson.

That was the last exciting thing to happen to the wizarding world. The Lightning Phoenix was still out gallivanting in the Muggle World, becoming more and more popular every year. His popularity had now increased in the magical world to outside the walls of Hogwarts. It was still limited to the younger generation, but if it kept up, years down the road, he would be completely accepted.

It was also rumored throughout the world, that he now had partners. No one had ever been seen with him, but the rumors were there. It was now an accepted fact that he had between two and five people helping him in his adventures.

Startling himself out of his thoughts, seeing all the first years were now sorted, the Headmaster put on his best smile and stood to make the announcements. The past couple of years may not have had any excitement, but this year was bound to be one of his best years at Hogwarts. He proceeded to explain about the Triwizard Cup, the limit on what age group could enter, and the prizes that would be awarded. He then dismissed the excited students to bed, all looking forward to finding out who their champion would be.


"I estimate, that we have about a minute left before the Goblet of Fire is ready!" Albus Dumbledore announced to the excited crowd.

The students were giving out last minute guesses to who the Champions would be. Albus himself, felt he knew who the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang champions would be, but he had no clue about the Hogwarts champion.

Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons was considered a true prodigy in magic, even the staunchest pure blood supporters, couldn't help but agree and she was a Veela. O's in all her classes since her first year, she left the rest of her year mates way behind. If the magical community believed in advancing children, like their muggle counterparts, Ms. Delacour would have graduated years ago. But, then again, maybe it was for the best. She was now able to compete in this prestigious tournament, many would die for the chance.

The Durmstrang champion would be none other than Viktor Krum, not because of any extreme talent on his part, but he was sure Karkaroff only allowed Viktor's name to be entered. The man had been boasting about his champions skill since he got off that ship.

That left the Hogwarts champion. He really had no clue. He wished it was Nymphadora Tonks, seventh year Hufflepuff, Metamorph, and the most skilled student he had ever taught. He had actually gone out of his way to actually try and convince her to join, but she would have none of it. She liked to stay out of the spotlight.

The next person Albus hoped to see was Katie Bell of Gryffindor. She wasn't far behind Ms. Tonks in skill. She had just turned 17 the day before and was perfectly eligible to enter the competition. Again, she had said no, hoping to stay out of the spotlight. Then again, he should have known. Those two girls had stayed to themselves since they joined Hogwarts. The only friends they had were each other and they seemed perfectly happy to leave it that way.

The Goblet started glowing red, breaking Albus out of his thoughts. A small, smoking piece of parchment shot straight out of the goblet into the Headmaster's waiting hand, with the first champions name on it.

"And the Champion for Beauxbatons is FLEUR DELACOUR!" Looking over to the Ravenclaw table, he saw the prodigious young Veela get up from the table, looking like she expected no less. Even Albus Dumbledore had to admit her superior attitude had gotten annoying, but it was amusing to see the other French women crying because they lost to her once again.

Looking up in time to see the second parchment flung at him, he caught it with a small jump, when it tried to evade his reach. "The Durmstrang Champion is VIKTOR KRUM!" Just like he had thought, there was no surprise from the Durmstrang students. Viktor, like Fleur, expected to be their champion. He just hoped it wasn't down to a Headmasters interference. This tournament was supposed to be for the best each school had to offer, not the most famous.

Reaching and catching the third piece of parchment, he could see the staff and students were a little more excited about who was on it. He looked down at the parchment and couldn't help but give a small sigh of relief. At least they wouldn't be completely embarrassed. Their Champion was one of the top in all of his classes.

"And finally, the Champion for Hogwarts is CEDRIC DIGGORY!" The Hufflepuff table erupted in applause, the likes not seen from them in decades. No longer was it the house of leftovers, but it now held the school Champion. The other three houses were stunned for a second, no doubt wondering how such a house could lead their school to glory, but rallied their support a moment later.

"I would like to congratulate our three Champions. It is truly an honor to represent not only our individual schools, but countries as well. I know that they will do us all proud…" And before he could continue, the goblet had once again turned red.

He was confused, a feeling that was all to common in the past few years and he couldn't help the dread that crept through him. When a fourth parchment shot out of the goblet, reactions were the only thing that allowed him to catch it. He was as stunned as any other person in the hall.

Finally getting over the shock of the moment, he looked down at the piece of parchment that was disrupting the celebrations. 'Oh no, this has to be a joke. There has to be a way out of this." Albus thought as he was panicking at what lay on the slip. There was no school name on the parchment, just the name of a wizard that wasn't even in the school.

"Albus!" Minerva startled Albus out of his temporary panic attack. He couldn't deal with the shocks anymore. It wasn't the first time that he felt he should have retired years back to enjoy his last years of life. He knew there was no resting for him though until Voldemort was finally defeated for good.

Looking around, he saw all the anxious and impatient children, along with the staff. The three Champions that had already been picked had come back out as well, to see what the hold up was. I guess it was time to shock the world. He would definitely need a headache potion tonight.

"Our fourth Champion is Harry Potter." There was no applause or congratulations. The hall was completely silent, waiting for the joke that was being played on them, because that was the only option. When it became clear, that Albus Dumbledore was not playing a joke, excited whispers soon spread like wildfire. Many people could be seen looking around waiting for the wizard to pop up from a place that he was hiding.

Harry Potter, a living legend was a TriWizard Champion. There were many theories of where he was. Being trained by the best private tutors in the world, becoming the next Merlin. In hiding, afraid of showing himself, because he is actually a squib. Some had even guessed that he was the mysterious Lightning Wizard.

The excited chatter seemed to die down when they realized that Harry Potter wasn't going to instantly materialize inside of the Great Hall. All heads turned to the one that always seemed to have the answer. Even the other two heads of their respective schools turned to Albus Dumbledore, expecting some kind of explanation.

"I don't know how this happened, but I will not rest until this situation is taken care of. As you all know, this tournament will cost a witch or wizard their magic if they don't compete after being chosen. It is clear that Mr. Potter has not entered himself in the competition, but I am not sure if that will matter to the goblet. I will make every effort to find Mr. Potter so he can compete. Now, you are all excused."

Albus then promptly left the Great Hall, forgetting that he was supposed to be there when they announced the first task to the Champions. His mind was a turmoil of mixed emotions. On one hand, he might finally get to see Harry at Hogwarts where he could try and guide him to his destiny. The world was doomed otherwise. On the other hand, Harry could be so far out of reach, that he wouldn't hear about the tournament, until he was a squib.

He had been looking for Harry for over ten years and hadn't even come up with a trace of where the boy was. He was sure Black knew, but he had disappeared as well. If Harry lost his magic, he may as well give up, since there would be nothing left stopping Voldemort from taking over the world,

He would alert the papers, hoping Harry read them and understood the situation. After that he would get to bed, so he could get started early the next day trying to fix the mess this had created. The more he thought about it the more excited he became though. He knew Harry was aware of the wizarding world, and this was likely to be in every paper across the globe. There was no way that Harry wouldn't see it and he would finally have Harry back where he belonged. 'Maybe this was a blessing in disguise'. Albus thought before reaching for the floo powder, to make some urgent calls.


Dinner was being served in the Great Hall, the night before the first task was to begin. Harry Potter had yet to show and there was no sign that he even would. Whether he believed the goblet couldn't be affecting him because he didn't enter it or if he just didn't get the message, they didn't know.

Many of the older students who understood the ramifications, were subdued, no doubt thinking that the boy-who-lived wouldn't be much of a wizard after tomorrow's task. The younger students, ever the optimistic group, were convinced the great Harry Potter was just waiting to make the perfect entrance. Doing it weeks before the first task wasn't cool enough for him.

Albus Dumbledore was looking older than anyone had ever seen him. No longer were they looking at the powerful man that seemed to defy age and always had a cheerful smile on his face. Albus Dumbledore had given up hope of ever finding Harry and any hope of saving the world from a monster. All his past failures were replaying over and over in his mind.

He had been up twenty plus hours a day, since that eventful Halloween night, looking for any sign of the wizarding world's savior. Just like all previous attempts, he had failed. There wasn't even a whisper of his whereabouts. In 24 hours Harry Potter would be at best a squib, at worst dead. He had given up all hope of Harry coming now, the night before the task.

Next to the Headmaster sat his second in command, Minerva McGonagall, who was in just as deep of thought as her mentor. She couldn't help but think of how she failed two of her favorite students. She hadn't protested enough about young Harry's placement with the Dursley's and that led to where they were now. Harry had run away, just to save his own life. The questioning of the Dursley's after it was found that Harry was missing still gave her nightmares and made her sick on more than one occasion. She just hoped that Harry would get the message.

Like Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick was also thinking of the son of his favorite student, Lily Evans. James Potter was talented, but was too much of a pain in the ass for Flitwick to think of him as anything other than a troublesome student. Lily, on the other hand was one of the brightest witches that he had ever taught. To think, her son was about to lose his magic, barring some miracle, brought tears to his eye's.

Severus Snape didn't quite care about the brat losing his magic. He was sure that the boy was waiting for some perfect moment to make his entrance. All Potters were the same. Arrogant, idiotic, Gryffindors. He refused to even acknowledge that he was also Lily's son or had been abused at a young age. He was a Potter and they would all be the same.

Out in the Great Hall, three students were huddled together, in deep conversation. What made the situation unique, was the people involved. Fleur Delacour, Nymphadora Tonks, and Katie Bell were all known to stay to themselves and rarely converse with others. Tonks and Bell actually spent quite a bit of time together, but it always seemed to be just studying together. Adding Fleur to the mix and you were bound to be noticed by the rest of the population.

Fleur had beautiful silver blond hair, a perfect complexion with rosy red lips and a body men couldn't help but drool over. She stood about 5'8" and held herself with grace and confidence. The fact that she could back it up with her wand work, wasn't lost on anyone.

Nymphadora Tonks was a woman who quickly gained respect in the house of badgers. For the longest time, Hufflepuff was laughed at for having the weakest students. That quickly ended when Tonks was top of every class, leaving her classmates behind. It quickly became common knowledge, even among the professors that you didn't call her by her first name, unless you wanted to be hexed. She made sure to make good on her threats as well.

She was a Metamorphagus and could change her appearance at will. After the first boy asked her to change into a muggle supermodel, also happened to be the last. He spent three weeks in the infirmary. She had three weeks of detention, but the damage was done and no one had asked again. She kept her appearance in her natural form, except for changing her hair color every day. Right now, she was sporting an emerald green color. She was shorter than Fleur at 5'6", but people couldn't help but feel like she was the predator, while they were the prey. The students quickly learned to stay out of Tonk's way.

The third member of the trio was a sixth year and just as beautiful as the other two. A brunette, standing at 5'5" with the body of a professional athlete. Playing Quidditch on the Gryffindor team was the extent of her social life. Like Tonks, her grades were well above what the teachers could ever hope of seeing from a sixth year. Unlike Tonks though, she just tended to ignore any boy that came up to her. She didn't hex them, she just proved they weren't worth her time, by not even acknowledging them. The two of them were quickly labeled as untouchable.

Why the three prettiest girls in the school were sitting together and actually looking excited for something was a mystery to the three schools and staff. Many had feelings of dread coming when they saw the wicked smiles on their faces. Many ignored them and pretended they didn't see what was going on. If they ignored them, then they wouldn't do anything to them.

The students and staff members all grew immediately silent when Albus Dumbledore stood up to his podium ready to dismiss the students. "Before I dismiss you, I would like to remind you all that the first task will be tomorrow at the far end of the Hogwarts grounds. Teachers will escort you there at half past nine in the morning. The task starts at ten. Now I would like to wish all the Champions good luck. I'm sure you…." Once again Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts was interrupted.

This wasn't a piece of parchment though, that had gained the attention of the hall. No, this was something that Albus had only seen once before and wasn't looking forward to ever seeing again. He definitely wasn't happy with this new development. All students and staff were looking up at the ceiling that showed the night sky.

Five minutes ago and the sky was full of bright stars and not a cloud could be seen. Now, clouds were moving in at a rapid pace, all converging in on one spot, right above the middle of the great hall. Sparks were jumping from cloud to cloud. If it wasn't so terrifying, Albus would be sure to say that it was beautiful. Thunder started rumbling causing the students to start panicking. Everyone could see that nothing about this storm was natural.

"WANDS AT THE READY!" Albus yelled to the teachers, only causing more panic among the students. At least none of them had left their seats. That would be total mayhem.

"Stunners only. It's the Lightning Phoenix and I want to know why he feels the need to trespass on Hogwarts grounds." The teachers instantly tensed, knowing of the rumors of the man. The students, surprisingly became calm, many waiting in excitement to see their hero.

Just like back in the Atrium, all sparks started to converge on one spot, in the middle of the storm, before it became a light bright enough, that caused everyone to look away.


Thunder so loud, many people screamed in fright. Screams started up again when a lightning bolt hit right at the exit to the Great Hall, scorching the floor.

Albus being the only one at the school who had seen this before was ready. "NOW!" Fifteen teachers all let overpowered stunners leave their wands at the spot that the lightning bolt hit. Everyone watched as they raced towards the cloud of smoke, before they dissipated into thin air a foot in front. As the cloud of smoke cleared, everyone could see two figures standing tall.

They were both dressed in battle robes, made out of Basilisk skin. The robes seemed to shimmer between the darkest black and a dark green as they blew behind them in a non existent wind. Hoods were up, so they truly looked intimidating. The one on the left was easily recognized as the Lightning Wizard. Standing at 6' 0'', he held a beautiful staff white as snow, with a huge diamond, that sparkled with energy just waiting to be released.

On his shoulder was another magnificent sight, for there was a majestic Storm Phoenix perched there. The phoenix was midnight black, with silver tips to its feathers. It was truly a creature to respect and many in the hall were awed to be in the magnificent bird's presence.

In a scabbard, on his back sat the fabled sword of Gryffindor, ready to be drawn at a moments notice. If people had doubted the rumors before now, they were all convinced now. This guy had just used unknown magic to break through the strongest wards in the world, without breaking a sweat.

The figure next to him was obviously a woman, who was only a little less intimidating. She stood tall at 5'9", with a sword on her back as well. No one doubted that she knew how to use it and weren't willing to find out.

"Is that anyway to treat guests Headmaster Dumbledore?" The Lightning Wizard spoke in a deep voice, laced with amusement.

Dumbledore was in a quandary. He didn't want to fight this man in a hall full of children. He doubted it would be over quick. He could fell the power rolling off the unknown wizard. His best option was to try and talk to him and see why he was there.

"You are trespassing sir and therefore are no guests of this school. If you could please explain your presence, we may be able to figure out a solution peacefully." Albus and the teachers still had their wands raised, ready to follow their leader's direction. It was obvious many of them were wary of facing the man though and couldn't quite hide it.

"Believe me, I was definitely invited."

Albus didn't know what to think when the man made that statement. He had a sinking feeling that he knew what this wizard was going to announce. He just couldn't figure out how it was even possible. He hoped he was wrong. "If that's the case, please enlighten us to who you are. Please remove your hood and join us for the end of tonight's festivities."

"As you wish Headmaster Dumbledore." The man reached up to his hood and what felt like minutes to the excited crowd, pulled it back.

Dumbledore couldn't hide his shock this time and stumbled backwards into the head table. He made himself feel better knowing he wasn't the only one. Flitwick had collapsed, Minerva had fallen back in her chair, and Severus brought a new meaning to the word pale.

There standing in front of them was someone they had all been looking for, for ten years. He had been right in front of them the whole time. They had just never thought to look in that direction. He had the same messy black hair that James had, that made it look like he had just gotten off of a broom. Lily's emerald eyes stared back at everyone with amusement. The one thing that was different, is Harry had a goatee, instead of James' clean shaven look.

"Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, The Lightning Wizard, Knight of the Queen, and Triwizard Champion, at your service!" Harry announced to the stunned crowd with a bow and a wink.

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