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Flashback and then back with the main story

Return of a Legend

Sept 1st 1982

"BOY! Get your ass out here!"

Dust rained down on a young messy haired boy with the shout. For as long as the boy could remember, his alarm was the screeching of his relatives. Today was a special day though and the boy, better known as Harry Potter, would be allowed outside of the house. School was starting and he would be out of his Aunt and Uncle's care for 8 hours of the day.

"Coming Uncle." The strong voice of Harry Potter could be heard as he opened his bedroom door. Saying that Harry lived in a room was laughable, as he lived in the cupboard under the stairs, but Harry had learned early on to be happy with what was given to him. The cupboard was his and no one else ever went in there.

Vernon Dursley, better known to Harry as an experiment between human and walrus gone horribly wrong, watched his nephew walk out of his meager accommodations with a big smile on his face. It was one of the things that seriously bothered the big man. No matter the punishments, Harry kept up his cheerful demeanor around the house, never letting anything keep him down. He just went about his chores and took the small amounts of food with a smile and a 'thank you'.

This more than anything pissed off Vernon and Petunia Dursley. It was proof in their eyes of the freakishness that enveloped their nephew. The boy had yet to need a haircut, with it just staying short and messy as ever. His bright green eyes were unnatural in the way that they glowed and if Vernon could admit to such things, would say that sparks could be seen dancing in his eyes. Yes, his nephew freaked the owner of the house out, but he was willing to wait and do everything he could to see that the freakishness was cleansed from the boy's body.

"You'll be starting school today with our precious Dudley and I expect you to be on your best behavior boy. I don't want to hear about any of your freakishness from the teachers. We've already told them about you and what a troublemaker you are, so don't think you can get away with anything." Vernon spoke as calmly as he could, while talking to the little freak.

A small frown was the only thing that came over Harry's face at the mention of warning the teachers. It was gone as quickly as it came and the smile was back in place. "Don't worry Uncle, I'll be on my best behavior."

"You better be or the chores you do now will be nothing compared to what you will be doing. Now Petunia was gracious enough to buy you some school clothes out of our hard earned money, for you to use. These are to be put on when you go to school and then taken off as soon as you get home. I will not have you ruining these clothes while you are doing your chores after school."

Harry's eyes lit up at the chance of getting clothes that actually fit. "Yes Uncle, Thank you Uncle! I'll be extremely careful with them."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get going. Dudley and Petunia have already left. You better not be late for your first day or you won't like the consequences." Vernon threatened before turning as fast he could to get out of the presence of his hated nephew.

Harry ran to the kitchen to get his new clothes and then to the bathroom so he had enough room to change. It felt great to have clothes that fit him for once and for a small moment, Harry felt like this was the first step to making his relatives love him. Harry wasn't stupid, he knew there was something that caused his relatives to hate him. He didn't know what it was, but he was determined to make his relatives realize he was worthy enough to be part of their loving family.

Racing out the front door with his backpack held firmly in his hand, he ran in the direction of the school. He didn't know exactly where it was, but he did know the general direction and that it was about a mile and a half away. The distance didn't bother him though, as he was finally getting past the yard of number 4.

To Harry, it felt like he was going on a real adventure, one that he had read about in one of Dudley's old novels. Yes, it was only to school, but to Harry, it was more about freedom to make friends and prove to people that he wasn't as worthless as they thought.

"Oomph!" While Harry was daydreaming, he had run right into a girl and they both went sprawling onto the concrete.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so, so sorry! I didn't see you there." Harry quickly apologized to the girl. She was about his age and had dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and about an inch or two taller than Harry. Harry immediately offered his hand after jumping to his feet, while continuing to rain down apologies to the girl.

The girl just stared at the offered hand, then her eye's darted to Harry's face, while his mouth continued to move. By now, his words had all slurred together and nothing he said could be understood. It was too much for the girl and to Harry's astonishment, she broke out into laughter, while grabbing Harry's hand.

"Settle down. I'm not mad." She giggled out as Harry helped her up. "No harm done. Just a few scrapes that will heal."

"Sorry again. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Harry hurried out, not quite believing that this girl could forgive him so easily.

'Obviously," the girl drawled out. "So, why were you in such a hurry that you forgot to look where you were going?

This got a small blush on Harry's face. "It's my first day at school and I guess I was just excited for it."

Giggling, the girl tired to embarrass the boy. "You're cute when you blush. It's my first day at school too. I'm Madison Summers and we just moved here from the United States about a month ago."

After his blush brightened at the cute comment, Harry was able to get himself under control. "That's so cool! I've never been outside of Little Whinging." Harry wasn't about to tell Madison that this was the first time he had been past his relatives yard. "I'm Harry Potter. Would you like to walk with me?"

"Sure! That'd be great. Who would of thought that I would have made a friend before I even reached school?"

This brought up Harry short. 'Was she a friend? Did he finally have a friend?' His relatives had always told him that no one would ever want to be friends with a freak like him. Looking over at Madison and seeing the hopeful look on her face had his heart soaring.

"Yes, it is good to have friends before school even starts. Best friends?"

A smile lit up on her face. "Yes, best friends!" And then something happened that stopped Harry in his tracks. Madison threw herself at Harry and grabbed him in a massive hug. It was the first time Harry could ever remember being hugged. Hell, it was the first time he could remember being touched. When thought came back to him, all he could think of was how wonderful it felt and immediately returned it. What neither Harry or Madison noticed was the soft silver glow that encompassed Madison's arms and the scratches that Harry had caused, slowly disappeared.

Releasing each other from the hug, Harry grabbed her hand and made his way to the school. They continued to talk about anything and everything that interested them. Madison's father had died two months previous and that's the reason she had moved to Little Whinging. Her mother was originally from England, only staying in the United States when she met the love of her life. With nothing keeping her in the U.S. except painful memories, she immediately made her way back to Britain.

Harry kept most of his life a secret, only going so far as to say he lived with his Aunt and Uncle after his parents were killed in a car crash. The walk to the school went quickly once the two children got to chatting. Finding out they were in the same class with Ms. Brown as a teacher made both children light up in smiles once again. Quickly navigating the small school, they found the classroom before anyone else. The rest of the children were outside, making new friends and saying goodbye to their parents.

"Where do you want to sit?" Harry asked his new friend.

Giving him an incredulous look, she just walked to the back of the room. "I hope you aren't one of those brainy kids. I'm not sure we will be able to stay friends if that's the case."

Harry, having gotten used to her teasing on the walk to school, didn't take her comment to heart like he would have a couple of hours ago. "I'm not sure I would be able to stay friends with someone that is as stupid as my cousin. You sure that your natural hair color isn't blonde. It would make a lot more sense if it was."

With an indignant shout, Madison jumped up at Harry and tried to tackle him to the ground. She only succeeded in pushing him back into a desk. "Take it back! Take it back before I tickle you until you pee!"

"WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?" A shout came from the corner of the room. Looking up, they saw an older lady with graying hair. She had a severe look on her face, demanding answers to her question. "School hasn't even started yet and I already have kids fighting in my class."

"Sorry Ms. Brown. We were only playing around. We'll make sure to keep it outside next time." Madison answered with her head down, wanting to show how sorry she was. Ms. Brown's face softened a bit, but she still kept up her stern appearance.

"Since it is only the first day, I will allow it to go unpunished this time. Please don't let it happen again."

"Yes Ms. Brown. Thank you." Harry replied.

"Find a seat. The rest of the class should be here soon." Harry and Madison found seats in the middle of the classroom, a compromise between them. "What are your names so I can mark you off for attendance?"

"Madison Summers."

"Harry Potter."

Ms. Brown's head shot up at the mention of the name and she narrowed her eyes at the boy. "I've heard from your relatives Mr. Potter and I just want to let you know that I will not tolerate any misbehavior. I have been given permission to discipline you as I see fit."

As Ms. Brown's rant continued, Harry's eyes lowered to his desk, embarrassed with what his relatives had been saying about him. It just made it worse when he realized Madison was right there with him. When Ms. Brown finished her tirade and went to sit behind her desk, he felt the comforting warmth of Madison's hand in his. Looking up, he saw the confused face of his first friend. There was no accusation, just concern, and that lifted his spirits slightly. At the questioning look that she was giving him, he just mouthed 'later'.

Satisfied, she turned to the teacher and took her hand from his as they watched the other students trickle into the classroom. Dudley walked in with a small boy with a face that slightly resembled a rat. It looked like they were good friends already and they sat directly behind Harry.

Class went by with all the students giving introductions to the other students. Ms. Brown then went over what she expected the class to learn that year, until the first break in the day. Madison dragged Harry outside, after he seemed reluctant to leave.

When they reached the large oak tree that was bordering the school property, she forced him to the ground and then sat cross-legged facing him. "So, why was the teacher being so mean to you?"

With a sigh, knowing he wouldn't be able to get out of it and still feel like a good friend, he told her everything that he knew. "My relatives think I'm a troublemaker. They say that I take after my parents. I don't know what I've ever done, but I never seem to be able to make them happy. That's why I want to try my best in school and not get into trouble. I want to prove I am worth their time."

"I believe you Harry. Even if I didn't, what's life without a little trouble from time to time."

They just sat there and talked until break was over and the bell rang calling them back inside. They reached their seats and listened to the teacher start an introduction to their first math lesson. About a half hour into the lesson, the teacher had her back turned towards the classroom, writing something on the board, when a crumpled up piece of paper fell onto Harry's desk. Looking to his left, he saw the small smirk on his new friends face and immediately knew where it came from.

Grabbing the paper, he started to open it up when the class was interrupted.

"Yes Mr. Dursley. You have a question?"

"No ma'am. I just wanted to let you know that it's kinda hard to pay attention to your teaching when Harry is making so much noise in front of me."

Harry's head snapped up with horror written on his face to see a happy Dudley and an angry Ms. Brown.

"And just what might you be doing Mr. Potter that is more important than what I am teaching you. Give me that." She took the paper before he could even protest his guilt. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Madison shrink into her desk. That was all he needed to see that that piece of paper was not something he wanted the teacher to see.

Opening up the paper, Ms. Brown frowned down at it, before looking back up to Harry. "Think this is funny Mr. Potter. We haven't even gotten halfway through the day and you are already causing major disruptions."

"I didn't do it. It was someone else."

"And lying now too. Who gave you this then?"

And she showed the paper to Harry and the class all laughed at the drawing pictured there. This did nothing to improve the angry teachers mood. The picture was of Ms. Brown in front of a sleeping class, with wrinkles completely covering her face. The part that caused the class to laugh was her hair. It was the only color to the picture. Her hair was colored blue, but the style was what made it really bad. The front of the hair was flapping in an invisible wind, that made everyone think she was wearing a wig. It was not the most flattering picture she had ever been given, Harry was sure.

"I'm waiting Mr. Potter. Who gave you this picture if you didn't draw it?"

A glance out of the corner of his eye saw the fearful look on his friends face and he knew what he was going to do. In the end, it was a funny picture. "I did it. I apologize."

There was a triumphant gleam in the teacher's eyes and Harry knew that it meant that she now fully believed all of the stories about him. This just caused him to sag in defeat. It would be no different here, then back at the Dursley's house. Was he doomed to be hated everywhere he went?

"Detention Potter! At lunch."

This caused something to snap in Harry. He was tired of being treated the way he was, for no reason other than that they thought he was a freak. When the teacher went back to her board and the class got over their laughing at seeing a fellow classmate get into trouble, Harry glared at the back of the teacher. He didn't even mind getting in trouble for his friend, because the picture had been funny, It was all Dudley's fault, but the teacher had believed him.

Thinking of the picture, Harry continued to glare at the teacher's back. A small tingle shot up his arm, so small that it was barely noticeable, and Harry hoped with every inch of his body, that she would end up just like the picture.

Gasps of shock brought him out of his internal revenge, to look at the class to see them all staring at the teacher with their mouths open. Looking himself, he had to stop himself from doing the same thing. As one, the class turned their heads from the teacher to Harry and then back to the teacher. She was exactly like the picture. Her hair was a bright neon blue and her skin had bubbled up giving her an image of a lady twice her current age.

The teacher turned around, clearly expecting that Harry had interrupted the class once again, if the way her eyes immediately turned to him were any indication. When she saw all the class staring at her though with shock written on their faces, more specifically her hair and face. A quick peek towards her hair was all she needed to see before she started screaming.


Stunned at being singled out for this prank, Harry tried to defend himself. "I didn't do anything ma'am. I was right here the whole time."

"DO NOT LIE TO ME! Do you take me for a fool Potter? Fix this now or I can guarantee you won't pass my class and make it into next year."

Harry was extremely fearful at this point. He didn't know what was going on. He didn't know how he did what he did, but he was sure that he wouldn't be able to fix it. "I don't know how Ms. Brown. I swear I didn't do this."

Before the teacher could answer, a small breeze came in through the window and all of the blue hair fell from her head, one strand at a time. The class once again gaped at the teacher, too stunned to even laugh at the situation.

"Potter, with me now," she growled out slowly. "I will see you suspended by the end of the day. Congratulations on breaking all of the previous records."

Harry slowly got out of his desk, fear taking over , trying to comprehend what just happened and how he was responsible. What was his uncle going to say when he realized Harry didn't even make it through the first half of the first day before being suspended. He had never been hit before, but the threat was always there and for a five year old, it was enough to always keep him on his best behavior. Now, without even knowing what he did, he was going to be subject to punishment for disobeying.

With a sigh, knowing there was no way out of it, Harry replied to the glaring teacher, "Yes Ma'am." He followed the fuming teacher out of the classroom at a subdued pace, eyes looking at his shoes, class still silent with shock, all the while thinking up worse and worse punishments that would be inflicted on him when he got home.

"Sit here!" The stern teacher barked out, breaking Harry out of his morbid thoughts, only to be replaced with more dread at being at the principles office. "I'll be right back after speaking to the principle and your guardians." All Harry could do was nod before she left him alone. His mind was in such turmoil that he didn't even notice all the random students and adults snickering in the direction his teacher had just gone in.

It was only about five minutes before Ms. Brown came back out from the office, but instead of heading towards him, she completely ignored him and made her way back towards the classroom. Harry was too busy watching the strict teacher that he didn't notice a tall man come out behind her until he noticed the shadow that enveloped his small frame.

Startled, he looked up into the face of the man who was studying him. Mr. Clark, the principle of the school, had a handsome face that was accentuated with wavy black hair. The light blue eyes were calculating and if Harry wasn't so nervous, he would have seen the mirth dancing in his eyes. Overall, he came off as a patient and kind man, but able to command respect at any moment.

"Mr. Potter, please come with me. Your guardian will be with us shortly, but I would like to talk to you before she gets here." All Harry could do was nod and follow the man into his office, where he was offered a comfortable seat, straight across from Mr. Clark.

"Now, while we wait, can you tell me what happened in Ms. Brown's class? As you can probably imagine, some of what she says just doesn't seem to add up. Then again, I can't just dismiss the fact that she has lost all her hair in the matter of a few hours when she had a full head earlier in the day."

Harry just sat there staring at the man. What was he going to say. He had wished it to happen and then it just did? He would be in the loony bin before the end of the day with the Dursley's full support.

"I don't know sir. I was just at my desk when someone threw a picture they drew of Ms. Brown at me. She had blue hair in the picture and the teacher found it. She assumed it was me, since I didn't know who threw it at me. And then her hair just instantly turned blue, before falling out. I swear though sir, that it wasn't me. I was just sitting there at my desk, listening to what she was saying." Harry was near panicking at the end of his explanation, expecting to be brushed off and accused of the infraction like usual.

Before Mr. Clark could continue questioning the student, a knock sounded on the door. Looking up, he could see the angry face of an extremely thin, shallow faced woman. Getting up, he walked over to the door and let the woman in. Before he could even offer her a seat, she immediately laid into the five year old boy.

"What have you done now? Can't even go one day without causing trouble."

"Mrs. Dursley!" The principle cut her off, before she could get a full head of steam going. "I just wanted to talk about today's incident please. Ms. Brown came in this morning with Mr. Potter and immediately blamed him for the incident. When I asked for proof, she could provide none, except for a picture that could have been drawn by anyone. She also said that you and your husband have made it clear to her that this five year old boy is nothing but trouble and he needs a firm hand. Now, please explain to me how a five year old is able to pull off a prank of this magnitude and what he has done to warrant the teacher's watching him for the slightest things done wrong? This is a primary school and kids will be kids. I realize that this prank is way over the top, but I ask again, what gives you reason to believe that Harry here can make something like this happen?"

Mr. Clark was ranting by the end and it was clear to both Harry and Petunia that he was not amused with the accusations against the young boy. Mr. Clark was one of the administrators that truly enjoyed what he did and received satisfaction molding the minds of young children. He understood a child's attention wasn't what an adult's was and knew that you had to be a little more patient when dealing with them. The fact that this young boy's guardian called him, at five years old, a lost cause, was enough to get him extremely angry. The fact that he could do nothing about it just caused his mood to deteriorate further.

Petunia, a house wife she might have been, but was not as stupid as many would like to believe. She knew a lost cause when she saw one and her senses were screaming for her to do damage control. "I apologize Mr. Clark. My husband and I just wanted to warn the teacher that Harry here, might need a firmer hand when dealing with punishments. We just want to correct his behavior and see him as a respectable member of society in the future."

Mr. Clark studied the woman in front of him, not missing the slight look of disbelief that Harry gave her, before he schooled his features back to neutral. He wanted to believe her, but being an administrator for as long as he was, he could tell when someone was giving him a bunch of bull. There was nothing that he could do though, so he was stuck with trying to make the best of the situation and keep an eye on the young boy.

"Good! I would hate to see such a bright young lad's future gone before it began, just because no one believed in him. There is no proof that this incident was his fault and I wouldn't dare punish him without any. It is my belief that he found the picture by the person who had set up the prank and therefore was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Petunia gave a stiff nod to show that she agreed, no matter how reluctantly, with the head of the school. "Thank you Mr. Clark. If that is all, I have many things that need done." Getting a nod in return, Petunia left the room, hiding the scowl on her face.

With the guardian dealt with, Mr. Clark turned to the young boy sitting quietly in front of him. The boy had a look of astonishment on his face, likely wondering what had just happened. He had to hold back his chuckles and put on a stern expression. "Mr. Potter, what happened here wasn't a free pass to do whatever you would like. If it was indeed you that caused this prank, then be thankful that I have no proof. That being said, I do not believe that it was you and like I told your Aunt, it was likely a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, with this unpleasantness over with, you should run along to lunch. Before you go though, remember I am always there if you have any problems Mr. Potter." He hoped that Harry received the hidden message, but with all that happened, it might have went over his head.

"Thank you Mr. Clark!" Harry happily said. "I promise that I'll behave and you won't regret giving me another chance." It was really sad that a five year old boy was so excited about second chances, even when he did nothing wrong on his first one. He promised himself to watch the young lad for any signs of anything untoward happening to him. Returning the smile, Mr. Clark watched the young boy practically skip out of his office.

Harry was thrilled. He had finally gotten away with something, whether he did it or not. And he just knew that he had done whatever it was to Ms. Brown. He had no idea how, but he was sure it was part of the freakishness that his relatives hated so much. He wouldn't worry about it now though. Everyone was on lunch break now and were playing outside before going in to eat.

The weather was perfect, sun shining through the cloudless sky, as Harry looked around for anyone in his class, hoping Madison was with them. He found her at the big oak at the back of the school's property with a bunch of their classmates. Well, it would be better to say she found him when she tackled him to the ground again.

"Harry!" she yelled as his shoulder hit the unforgiving ground. "You're not expelled! What happened? Ms. Brown came back with a hat on and wouldn't stop glaring at your empty seat."

By now the rest of the kids that were with Madison circled around the duo, who had yet to get up from the ground. Not that Harry hadn't been trying, but Madison had no intention of getting off, until she was sure nothing was happening to him.

"You know you should get off me and then maybe I'll be able to answer your questions." Not even looking the least bit embarrassed, Madison slowly got off of her first friend and helped him up. "Thanks!" Harry then noticed all the other kids around them and couldn't help but look curious. They all had smiles on their faces, all directed at him.

"Mate! That was awesome! How did you do it? The greatest prank I've ever seen." A short kid, Harry thought was named Terry yelled out, with all the other kids nodding their agreement.

"And how'd you get out of the principles office so soon. I thought they would have expelled you for sure, especially with how mad the teacher was." Another girl joined in, named Mary.

Harry flinched at the reminder of the teacher and how he would be back in her class in less than an hour. Looking around at the ten kids circling him, with Madison still right next to him, he couldn't help but feel excited. No matter the circumstances that brought it on, he had people that wanted to be by him and listen to him. He decided that even if it only lasted for today, he would make it count.

Harry enjoyed the rest of break with his new friends, Madison staying by his side the whole time. He neatly dodged every question of how he pulled it off, which just made them more determined to find out. He did notice that after being tackled, Madison had stayed quiet. He wasn't sure the reason, but he had a feeling she was just waiting for a chance to get him alone.

Harry made it through the rest of the day, pointedly ignoring the glares he was receiving from his teacher. Just giving a sigh at being hated by yet another adult, Harry decided to just do what he had been doing his whole life. He just needed to keep his head down and hope that the teacher decided he wasn't worth it.

As he imagined, Madison confronted Harry on their way home. "How'd you do it?"

"I don't know what you are talking about." Harry tried to play ignorant, knowing it wouldn't work. He had only known Madison for less than a day and knew she wouldn't be satisfied with less than the truth. It would probably give him less of a headache.

With a sigh he explained everything he knew, which now that he was talking about was a pitiful amount of knowledge. "When the teacher didn't believe that I didn't draw the picture and then continued to yell at me, I just got so mad that I wished that the picture was true. I don't know how I did it, but I felt something tingling in me and then just wished her hair to be blue. I was as stunned as the rest of the class when it actually changed."

He finished the small explanation, looked over to his new friend, expecting to see an expression of terror on her face, but was once again surprised. She had a look of wonder on her face, like he was the coolest being on the planet.

"That is so awesome! Have you done anything like that before? Just think, my first and best friend has super powers."

Harry had to cut her off before she got too excited. "I don't think I have super powers Madison. This is the first time anything has happened that I can remember and my relatives just say that I'm a freak. What if this is just proof that they were always telling me the truth."

Madison seemed to be ignoring everything Harry was saying and continued to babble to herself. "What if you're one of those humans that is supposed to have super cool powers and be a hero to all of us regular people. I wonder what other powers you have. My dad was a big comic collector and I bet we can find a bunch of cool powers in there. I'll bring them tomorrow and we'll try them out. This is so cool! Why aren't you saying anything Harry?"

Harry was just looking on in bemusement. He, of course had heard of comic books. His cousin had hundreds of them in his room, but Harry was not allowed to look at them. Harry also wasn't quite convinced that he had any of these powers and the incident back in the classroom wasn't just a freak accident. But then again, this was the first time anyone was excited about what Harry could do and wasn't calling him a freak. This in itself, allowed him to go along with his best friend.

"Alright," Harry said with a sigh. "Bring the comic books tomorrow and we'll see if I have anymore powers. Just don't hold your breath. I'm sure I don't."

With a squeal, Madison once again pounced on Harry, this time he managed to maintain his balance. "This is so awesome! Harry Potter, superhero of Little Whinging, defeater of evil teachers, and my best friend. Just think, I could be your sidekick. Hmm, doubt I have any cool powers, but I'll find a way."

Harry could only stare at his friend in amusement. He had made it a goal out of life to make the best of any situation, but this just seemed a little far fetched to him. But then again, if it allowed him time to spend with her, who was he to complain?

"I'll only do it on one condition." Madison looked up at him, eyes dancing with joy. Harry seeing she was waiting for the terms continued. "If you're my best friend and side kick, you'll need a shorter name. Madison takes way too long to say. I'll be calling you Madi from now on."

Harry was happy with the shortened name. Madison or Madi now was not. She was currently glaring at the young boy in front of her. "You certainly will not!"

With a smile Harry just walked up to her, gave her a one armed hug and spoke. "Hey now, I'm the superhero and you're just the sidekick. That gives me privileges and I'm using one now to allow me to call you Madi."

Harry wasn't prepared for the shove that came his way. He might have been the one with powers, but it was proven that she could still take him in a physical fight. She landed on top of him and once again started tickling him.

"Take it back! There is no way I'm allowing you or anyone call me that."

With all of his effort, Harry was able to get out from under her and start running towards his neighborhood with Madi hot on his heels. "NEVER! You can't make me."

"WE"LL SEE POTTER! WE"LL SEE!" She yelled back, giving chase and giggling the whole way home.


Nov. !8th 1994

"Ready Madi."

"Damnit Harry!. You know I hate that name. You better not be planning on using it at that school."

"C'mon Madi. It's a good name. Fleur, Nym, and Katie all call you that as well. You never get as mad at them as you do me for calling you that."

"We had enough problems without me getting upset over what they were calling me and you know it. I still don't think they've fully accepted what we have yet."

Laughing Harry responded to his first friend and admittedly she was much more than that now, "And the only reason you are ok with it now is because when you were thirteen you realized you found girls as attractive as guys."

Madi or Madison as she liked to be called was what muggles called bi-curious. She had yet to be with a girl and wouldn't ever be with one that Harry wasn't currently in a relationship with either. What Harry always seemed to forget was that he meant more to her than any girl ever could. She would never jeopardize anything with him to satisfy her curiosity. Now, if Nym, Fleur or Katie were willing, she would be all over it.

"Doesn't matter. None of the other girls have any other interest besides you. I keep telling them that it would help make the relationship work, but they keep denying me," Madi finished with a cute pout on her face.

Laughing, Harry quickly brought her back to the task at hand. They had plenty of time to work out relationships later. Madi and Harry were currently standing in the entrance hall of Potter Manor. He was able to gain access to it on his eleventh birthday when he claimed his lordships. It was one of the safest places in England, belonging to one of the oldest families and each generation added to the already impressive wards. Only the head of house was able to access the list of wards that were used and many of them were so ancient that they had fallen out of practice a millennium ago. Harry had yet to add his own special wards, mainly because he wasn't quite sure if it wouldn't just be overkill at this point.

The Potter's main home may have been called a manor, but it was actually a castle built back in the 400's when the Potter family was founded. It, like the wards, had been added to with each generation. Unlike many of the other wizarding families, the Potter's kept themselves current with the muggle world as well. It only started happening the past couple hundred years, when the muggle's technology allowed them to catch up with many of the wizards magic.

Courtesy of Harry's grandfather Charlus and his wife Dorea Potter nee Black, an entire small building was built based solely on muggle ideas. It was an entire gymnasium, which included a large in ground pool, sauna(wet and dry), and weight room which was updated when Harry moved in.

Harry had lost count of how many times he had come home to find Madison and his other girls sitting in the large hot tub. For a while, it was the only place they would act like friends. This was also the place that allowed him to learn that yes, girls and boys were different, and the girls especially liked to see him stumbling over his words with face as red as a tomato, before he would race out of the pool area with giggling following him. The bikini's were bad enough, but when they were a little older and braver, the tops would come off and to Harry's everlasting shame, it was the first time he had to be rescued in his own home, when he slipped and hit his head on the marble floor. At least the girls realized he wasn't ready for the other half of the bikini to come off or he was sure he would have made it to his seventeenth birthday.

The rest of the castle had been spectacularly kept up as well, courtesy of the Potter family house elves. The Potter family prided themselves on being the best and that included their elves as well. Wearing black suits with the Potter family crest on the right breast pocket, saw them as the sharpest looking elves in England. Having thirty of them in the castle alone allowed the Potter properties to look like they had just been built.

Keeping the 42 bedroom suites, three libraries, Master's study, along with all of the public rooms cleaned took a massive army of elves. That didn't include the extensive grounds either. Sitting on a hundred square miles, it was a huge tract of land, but in reality was a small piece of what was once part of their territory. When political climates changed and the monarchy started losing power, so did the Lord's. The Potter's title, along with every other Lord was just that, a title. All other power was lost and that was one of the major sticking points to old wizarding families hating muggles. It was the muggles that had taken away much of the Monarch's power.

The land the Potter's still owned had a large forest that many magical animals came for refuge, along with a nice river that cut right through it. The front had a cobblestone drive that led up to the main entrance. One of his relatives had a fondness for old muggle oil streetlamps and they lit the entire drive. Off to the east of the property sat an unfinished garage that was being built by his father that he wanted to keep all his toy cars in. He had yet to buy any, the war coming between him and that dream. Harry had promised to finish it for him after his first goal of ridding the world of Voldemort forever was complete.

There was so much else about the property that simply amazed him and his girls that he still wasn't sure if he had seen it all. The entrance hall where Harry and Madi were sitting right now was just as impressive as the rest of the castle. Ceiling twenty feet high, with murals of ancient battles that the Potter's had fought in painted beautifully, used to impress whatever guest decided to come over. Walls made out of a light blue marble surrounded the pair. Directly behind them and to the right of the massive oak doors sat the fireplace, if that was it could be called. Ten feet high by twelve feet wide, it just capped off the impressive room. There was no Potter portraits in the room, those being kept in the family wing, but there was plenty of pictures of their famous guests. A portrait of Merlin, Morgana Le Fey, Circe, one each of the founders of Hogwarts, and one each of the King or Queen of the time. Overall it was a most impressive display of status and did it's job when people came over to see it.

"So are you ready to return to the wizarding world Harry?" Madi asked him.

"Been waiting for this day since I turned eleven Madi. I'm finally ready though. It's time to make a change and put our names in the history books."

Harry and Madi were dressed to impress, or intimidate depending on who you asked. The dark green basilisk hide had been converted into battle robes for Harry and his four girls. The robes fit them like a second skin and allowed for superior movement when spell casting and when they were playing with their swords. The hoods had been enchanted by Harry himself to hide the face inside. Harry's robe had his symbol sewn into the back. He was done hiding and by the end of the night, everyone in the wizarding world would know exactly who the Lightning Phoenix was. The outfit was finished off with basilisk skin boots.

Pulling up his hood and giving time for his companion to do the same, Harry pulled her close, readying his staff and settled himself for the life changing moment.

"So, how are we getting there?"

Harry laughed at her, knowing full well what method she wanted to go in with. "I thought we would just sneak into the castle and show up at the Headmaster's office when everyone else is sleeping." Harry teased her, knowing she was looking forward to making a scene.

"Knock it off. We're taking the lightning and you know you want to."

"Definitely have to make an entrance. It wouldn't do for the famous Lightning Phoenix to show up in a boring manner."

"Quit talking Harry. Let's get this show on the road." If her hood wasn't shielded, it would show the annoyance that was currently on her face.

"Alright, alright. Hold on."

Madi grabbed onto Harry and held on tight. She knew very well how rough the ride was. Harry closed his eyes, brought himself into a mini meditative state and pictured the entrance to the great hall. Releasing a hold on his magic, he concentrated it into small balls of pure white energy that crackled from the inside out. About 20 small balls started circling the two of them faster and faster until the only thing that could be seen was a blurry halo circling them. The balls continued to circle for about a minute, the whole time getting closer and closer to the duo. When it finally reached them, time seemed to stop for a second as the light blinked out of existence, only to come back instantaneously, making the two look like they'd been hit by an electrical line. Electricity was running up and down their bodes, until their bodies were completely lit up. When it would have been painful for anyone watching to see, their bodies disappeared with a giant boom. The two didn't see one of their faithful companions, a storm phoenix, hop onto Harry's shoulder, looking forward to the ride.

The couple and the Phoenix ended up a mile into the clear night sky, spinning and falling, allowing gravity to do its job. Harry's magic wasn't quite through yet though and like before, small balls of energy were circling him, calling in cloud after cloud. This time the balls of energy were jumping from cloud to cloud, creating a continuous flow of lightning for the viewers below. After about sixty seconds of free falling, the balls once again converged and like before the couple lit up into a bright white ball of energy. They were gone an instant later.

Their next landing was right where they expected to be. Erupting an immediate shield after sensing the incoming spells, Harry allowed the dust to settle to look on in amusement at all of the faces in the hall. Some of them were awe filled, some full of fear, while the teachers just looked on determined. They were probably planning on how to defend the students from him.

Harry couldn't take the silence any longer, his partner fidgeting impatiently beside him.

"Is that any way to treat guests Headmaster Dumbledore?" The Lightning Phoenix spoke in a deep voice, laced with amusement.

He watched the emotions playing over the old wizard's face. It was easy to see that he wasn't quite convinced whether attacking was the best option or not. Finally Dumbledore's shoulder's relaxed, hoping to get out of the confrontation without a fight.

"You are trespassing sir, and therefore are no guests of this school. If you could please explain your presence, we may be able to figure out a solution peacefully." Albus and the teachers still had their wands raised, ready to follow their leader's direction. It was obvious many of them were wary of facing the man though and couldn't quite hide it.

"Believe me, I was definitely invited." It was the only thing the robed wizard offered in his defence, clearly amused at the teacher's battle ready stances.

If that's the case, please enlighten us to who you are. Please remove your hood and join us for the end of tonight's festivities."

"As you wish Headmaster Dumbledore." The man reached up to his hood and what felt like minutes to the excited crowd, pulled it back.

Dumbledore couldn't hide his shock this time and stumbled backwards into the head table. He made himself feel better knowing he wasn't the only one. Flitwick had collapsed, Minerva had fallen back in her chair, and Severus brought a new meaning to the word pale.

There standing in front of them was someone they had all been looking for, for eight years. He had been right in front of them the whole time. They had just never thought to look in that direction. He had the same messy black hair that James had, that made it look like he had just gotten off of a broom. Lily's emerald eyes stared back at everyone with amusement. The one thing that was different, is Harry had a goatee, instead of James' clean shaven look.

"Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, The Lightning Phoenix, Knight of the Queen, and Triwizard Champion, at your service!" Harry announced to the stunned crowd with a bow and a wink.

Harry could feel Madi giggling next to him as the whole of Hogwarts and its guests continued to stare unabashedly at the wizard before them. Expectantly, Dumbledore was the first to regain his senses and begin the questioning.

"Harry?" He timidly spoke out. Getting a nod in return, all he could ask was one thing. "How?"

"How what Headmaster? How did I become the legendary Lightning Phoenix or how did I hide myself so thoroughly from the wizarding world that not even you could find me?"

Getting a small headache and realizing that any question that he had would need way more time than what they had right now, in front of the three schools, he decided to forgo them for now. "Never mind those Harry. I would like to meet with you later to satisfy my curiosity though if you wouldn't mind?" Dumbledore clearly knew that he couldn't use his normal tactics when asking for information. This wasn't a student at school and with the rumors of what he had done going around the world, both muggle and magical, he wasn't about to be intimidated either.

"That would be fine Headmaster. Feel free to bring whoever you like to our meeting. Since the first task is tomorrow, I would think Monday would be the best day. Is that agreeable?"

Dumbledore just gave a confused nod. "That would be fine, but what about Sunday morning instead?"

The school just got a feral grin in return. "C'mon Headmaster. Since you are head of that body, I won't insult your intelligence. I plan on taking up my rightful seats on the Wizengamot on Sunday."

All the Headmaster could do was nod his agreement to the young man's plans. There was nothing he could do to keep him out of his seats and that would be the quickest way to exile himself if he were to try. The Potter's were one of the oldest families and could crush just about any other family in the government. He didn't really want to prevent him from taking his seat, he just would like some idea of where the young man stood before he took one of the most powerful seats out there.

"Very well, Monday it is. Now, it is getting late and the year is already three months into session, but I can have Professor McGonagall run up and get the sorting hat quick. I'm sure the rest of the students would be delighted to watch such an intriguing sorting. We could add your companion to the list as well."

These comments were met with amusement from Harry and loud laughing from the still unidentified woman. "Headmaster, you are mistaken. I do not belong to Hogwarts and have no plan too. You already have your Champion. As far as I am aware, I was chosen for a fourth school, therefore am independent. Unless this fourth school should come forward, I believe that I will still be on my own schedule." Some of the students and staff had deflated at this bit of news, but Harry was amused at the reaction that no doubt would occur at what he would say next. "And for my companion," he motioned for her to lower her hood, showing off a gorgeous girl with shoulder length curly, brown hair. Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with mischief and she had a small smirk on her face. "This is Madison Summers and she is a muggle and has no need to enroll in a magical school."

Harry and Madi had to hold in the laughter that had threatened to break out at once again stunning the students and staff speechless. After one thousand years, the castle had its first muggle inside it. The school didn't know that this wasn't the first time she was here, but then again they didn't need to know that either. Even Dumbledore was in a state of shock. Here was something that went completely against what he had planned on achieving. He had nothing against muggles and truly thought himself a champion of them, but he believed that the safest way for them to coexist is strong secrecy between the worlds. Now, Harry or the Lightning Phoenix had started to breach the worlds ten years back, and even brought a plain muggle into his castle.

Surprisingly, Dumbledore was not the first one to break out of his stunned silence. It was none of the other teachers either. It was a group of three girls sitting by themselves at one of the tables. They were three of the most gorgeous girls one could lay eyes on and they were currently applauding Harry and his companion.

Not caring that all eyes were on them, Fleur Delacour, Katie Bell, and Nymphadora Tonks sauntered their way up to the famous wizard. Then to further shock the crowd into complete silence, each one rose up and gave Harry a peck on the lips and a hug. Three girls that were considered untouchable and who many thought would never give any man a chance, suddenly had things click in their heads. They already had their man and not only was it the same one, but it was the mysterious Lightning Phoenix. After greeting him, they all stood beside him, looking out over the crowd enjoying the chaos they had all caused.

Madi couldn't help herself and had to get in on the fun, spoke to the three girls that just came up. "What? No hug or kiss for me? I thought we were all in this together?"

The reactions for the five of them were expected, but the rest of the schools could only stare at the show that was going on in front of them. Tonks just chuckled at the girl, knowing that she would never give up. She had no interest at all in other girls, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy teasing her friend. It was fun to see her flustered.

Katie, of course, just ignored her, besides a small glare. She liked the other girl and they were good friends, but she just didn't have any interest in the same sex and didn't feel like encouraging the girl like Nym did.

Fleur though, she was the one who truly interested Madi. Not because she was more beautiful then the other girls, because they were all equally stunning, but she would always blush and mumble something before turning away from her. Whether it was her Veela nature or her own curiosity, Fleur reacted to the flirting far more than any of the other girls and it amused all of them. It was the consensus that if any of them fell for Madi's charms it would be the part Veela.

There was one Professor at the table having flashbacks to his younger years and they weren't something he was enjoying reliving. When it came between a Potter and a Snape, there was only so much time that one of them could go without sniping at the other. Seeing four girls draped all over the son of his greatest nemesis, three of them being the smartest girls the schools had to offer and one of them being a muggle was enough for Snape to lose it.

Standing up and not afraid to show his full fury of the situation Snape bellowed at the unexpected guest. "POTTER! JUST AS ARROGANT AS YOUR FATHER! He was always strutting around here too with girls always hanging off his arms. It's amazing to see you have even exceeded his arrogance, by having 4 women. Potter's always believing they have the right to anything they want." Spittle was flying out of his mouth by the time he was done.

The sound of Snape berating someone brought many people out of their shock and they all watched on with interest at what Harry would do. Would he smite the evil Potion Master down with a bolt of lightning or would he challenge him to a duel of honor with the legendary sword of Godric Gryffindor?

Many were surprised to just see a smile on the man's face. Snape, not used to kids showing amusement when he showed his fury, started gaining more and more red to his face as he was ready to explode.

"Let's see. Enough grease in his hair to heat a room for the winter, pale enough skin that many believe his mother mated with a vampire, hooked nose and following muggle gothic fashion trends when it comes to clothes." Harry was speaking to himself, giving himself all the clues to figure out the identity of the accuser. "Ah, I know. You must be Severus Snape. I didn't quite think those features would be quite so accurate." With that he had effectively ignored Snape, or at least in Harry's point of view he had.

"And I expect that," Snape growled, "that mangy mutt you call a godfather told you all that. That just shows how childish him and your father's friends were."

"Actually sir," Harry continued in his ever polite voice, "but that was the opinion of these two lovely ladies." He pointed out Nym and Katie, who looked wholly unconcerned with the ramifications of their words. "My godfather on the other hand had a very different opinion of you."

"Well, don't keep us waiting." Snape sneered, "what did Black in his wisdom have to say about me?"

"He told me to look out for the school employed death eater. He would be easy to spot, as he would be the one that had his tongue up the Headmaster's ass. How else would the man stay out of Azkaban prison without even a trial while Sirius didn't even have a dark mark and was sent there without a trial. He also told me exactly who was the one who set Voldemort after my parents or more specifically me. Lusting after my mother was the only thing that brought you back to the light side. Tell you what sir, if it meant my mother being alive and having to be with someone like you, I'm glad she's living peacefully in the afterlife."

Stunned silence met Harry's words. Snape and Dumbledore had both gone pale at the revelations. They were both sure that Harry knew much more than he just told. Many of the staff and students were looking at the Potion's Professor with disgust at what he had done to their hero. The closest staff, being Rubeus Hagrid and Filius Flitwick were edging their chairs away from him, hoping not to get caught in the cross fire. Snape was back in his seat and didn't look like he would be saying anything for a while, but Harry had one more thing to say.

"Now, this is from me, from just being around you since I've been here. I wonder how long your father had to jerk off into a flower pot to raise a blooming idiot like you?" Ignoring the snickering going up around him at the expense of the sour man, Harry looked around before speaking. "Does anyone else have anything negative to say to me before I retire for the night. I came here because my name came out of the goblet of fire. As you all know, I was not here that night, so I answered the wizarding world's pleas to return. I did not come here to hear insults about my dead parents." It was clear to see they had now pissed off the wizard and he was showing why he had built up his reputation. His staff was glowing, Phoenix on his shoulder was alert, looking for any untoward movements, and he had an aura extending from his body of pure emerald green. Looking like he did, there was only one wizard stupid enough to get into an argument with him.

"You will not insult my godfather Potter. I don't care who you are, but you will rue the day you messed with one of the Malfoy allies." Of course the school knew Draco Malfoy would have to put his foot in his mouth. The hall waited for the inevitable to happen.

"Malfoy?" Harry spoke in a questioning voice. Getting a sneer and a nod in return, Harry's attitude changed completely from the pissed off wizard of a minute ago. "How great it is to meet you Draco. I've been hoping for this chance for five years." Harry had a big grin on his face and excitement was leaking out into his voice. Draco on the other hand was pleased to see that someone knew who was important, namely him, while the other staff and students looked on in confusion and some cases horror.

Walking over to Draco, who was in the middle of the aisle between two of the tables, he put his arm around the slick haired blonde. "Tell me Draco. How does it feel to be the son of the finest MILF that I have ever seen?" And with that one sentence, everyone knew what was happening. Harry didn't even have to look around the hall to know that pure-bloods were finding out from the muggle raised what the term meant. "I'm glad she isn't my mother. I don't know if I would be able to keep my hands off her, taboo or not. She is just too fine a piece of ass to lay off of. You, my friend, can invite me over to my house any time."

Before the red faced Draco could even respond a voice that no one expected to hear came from the entrance. "Why Harry dear, you only have to ask and you are welcome in my house anytime."

"Mum?" Draco weakly spoke. There standing in the entrance hall was Narcissa Malfoy, dressed in a beautiful dark blue robe. A beautiful aristocratic face, with straight blonde hair that reached halfway down her back. Blue eyes were set in one of the faces of true beauty in wizarding upper society.

"Go back to your table Draco. Mr. Potter and I have some business we must be seeing too."

"Why Narcissa, you are even more beautiful in person. You have just proven God exists, because you my lady must be an angel fallen from heaven."

Blushing Narcissa walked right up to Harry. Everyone in the hall was too stunned to even blink. "Thank you Harry dear. You know just what to say to me." In a stage whisper that carried clearly in the large hall, Narcissa spoke into Harry's ear. "If you're lucky, Madi looks like she would enjoy some time with us as well. I'm always up for some exploring."

With that Harry had had enough and he closed the remaining gap between the two before pulling her into a steaming kiss. Draco fainted. Everyone, teachers included were too stunned to notice that where Harry was standing before, there was one less girl, while the rest were giggling into their hands.

Finishing the kiss, everyone in the hall looked upon the image of Harry and Narcissa, except it wasn't Narcissa anymore. Harry and Tonks were now leaning their foreheads on each other with small smirks on their faces. "There you go love. Now, I don't want to hear anymore about any Malfoy's." Taking her hand and making their way back to the other girls, leaving a passed out Draco in the middle of the hall, Harry once again found his way into the middle of them.

Looking back up at the head table to see many dumbfounded expressions and a few like Hagrid laughing at the prank pulled. "Anything else Headmaster, otherwise my lovely ladies and I would like to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day after all."

With a weary sigh, the Headmaster shook his head. "No, Mr. Potter, that is all I need for the night. We will need to speak soon though and I imagine I don't have to say it, but please refrain from any untactful pranks in the future. And I am sorry, but Ms. Delacour, Ms. Tonks, and Ms. Bell cannot stay with you for the night. It is against school policy and the only reason I am allowing Ms. Summers to remain with you is because I have no where better for her to go at the moment. That is another thing we will have to talk about soon. It is a blatant act against the secrecy of our world to bring a muggle into the castle."

Harry just waited patiently for the Headmaster to finish. "You act like I care Headmaster. Believe me, I have all the power I need to have Madi with me at this time and even if I didn't, you would risk alienating me from wizarding Britain forever. Good luck trying to explain that to the people. And as far as Fleur, Nym, and Katie go…" Harry didn't say another word. With a swish and twirl of his cloak, the five of them were gone in a cloud of smoke.

A spell had left one of them as soon as Harry had started twirling and it shot up to the ceiling of the Great Hall. Words started snaking out across the enchanted ceiling. In killing curse green lettering, the lines started forming into the words 'THE MARAUDER'S RETURN PRESENTED BY THE LIGHTNING PHOENIX'.

With Harry and his girls gone, talk quickly picked up in the Great Hall. The Headmaster and some of the senior staff, mainly the ones that were close to Harry's parents had yet to process all that just happened. Draco was still passed out with his two bodyguards trying to revive him. Maybe the greatest reaction sat at the Gryffindor table.


"Yes George!"

"I think it may be time to give up the ultimate past time."

"Blasphemy! You can't mean pranking?

"Of course that's what I mean." George yelled at his twin. "That guy just came in here and in one hour pranked the entire school eight different times. He even caused Malfoy to pass out."

"Yah, I see your point. That prank alone was greater than anything we have ever pulled."

"And just think," George said with a dreamy sigh. "He has the three hottest girls in the school."

"And that muggle isn't anything to sneeze at either. NO! I won't let us give up. This is our dream and we will overcome this setback."

"You're right Fred. We can't compare ourselves to the son of a Marauder. Harry Potter is clearly a God amongst mere children."

"Agreed. I say screw Merlin. He has nothing on Harry Potter."

"Righto brother. Praise Harry Potter!"

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