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UPDATED TIMELINE OF EVENTS (notice: differ from canon)

Feb 11th 1977- Nymphadora Tonks birthday

May 23rd 1977- Madison Summer's birthday

July 31st 1977- Harry's date of birth

Oct 30th 1977- Katie Bell's birthday

Oct 31st 1978- Harry's parents die and Voldemort is temporarily defeated

Sept 1st 1982- Harry's first day of primary school and the day he meets Madison Summers. Also, the day he first realizes the powers he has.

1984- The Lightning Phoenix starts to make appearances in the muggle world. Largely believed to be a myth.

1986- The wizarding world discovers Harry's disappearance. Albus Dumbledore is largely blamed for their hero's abuse at the hands of muggles.

1988- Harry Potter fails to show up for his first year at Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore hides the Philosophers Stone in the school.

Sept 1st 1988- The Queen announces to the wizarding and muggle worlds the Lightning Phoenix.

June 1989- The Lightning Phoenix steals the Philosophers Stone after defeating the possessed Quirrel.

July 1989- Albus Dumbledore tries to convince wizarding world of the Lightning Phoenix's theft, before Flamel makes a showing with the returned stone.

June 1991- Sirius Black escapes Azkaban. Queen demands for Wizarding world to cease attempts at finding Black, stating he was in her control. Queen also demands that Black is given a trial.

July 1991- Trial for Sirius Black. Also the first appearance of The Lightning Phoenix as he stands bodyguard for Black. Black is exonerated after Veritaserum and showing Pettigrew is still alive. The Queen also reminds the wizards who ultimately has the power over them.

June 1993- Monster in Chamber of Secrets is defeated by the Lightning Phoenix after Ginny Weasley is taken. The Lightning Phoenix leaves the Chamber open with a note for the Headmaster. He then takes all valuables from the Chamber including the Basilisk, by right of conquest.

Oct 31st 1994- Harry Potter's name comes out of the Goblet of fire.

Nov 18th 1994- Harry Potter makes his appearance in the Great Hall of Hogwarts as the Lightning Phoenix.


The First Task

The day of the first task brought an unusual sight to the millennium old castle. The air was thick with anticipation, students running around earlier than ever before on a Saturday. Very little of the excitement had anything to do with the long anticipated first task though. The students had been largely in shock the night before, when Harry Potter made his spectacular debut back into the wizarding world. With a night to recover, the students and staff were excited to see what the boy-who-became-legend could do.

Seven in the morning and all students were already impatiently waiting for the person of interest to arrive. It didn't matter that he didn't have to be there until eleven, when the task was set to start. Everyone was watching the doors with interest. Food had long been forgotten on the tables in favor of excited gossiping, now that many realized that Harry Potter and the Lightning Phoenix were the same person.

The students hadn't failed to notice all the extra guests at the school either. Whether they were there for the tournament or Harry Potter had yet to be determined. Even with the slow communication owls provided, the appearance of Harry Potter had to reach the whole of Britain in record time.

Reporters, government officials, Lords and Ladies were all gathered around ready to sink their claws into the mysterious wizard. Anyone who thought they had a right to be there was waiting and trying to get into the castle. Even the common wizards and witches had shown up in mass and were waiting at the castle gates just to get a glimpse. They conveniently chose to ignore the fact that Harry Potter and his guest went right through the wards the night before into the Great Hall. They either ignored it or just assumed it was a fanciful tale.

The school and ministry officials directly involved in the tournament were second guessing the decision to have half the seats in the tournament be first-in, first-serve. The stands were built to seat ten thousand guests and the first five thousand were immediately reserved the day after the unlikely Champion selection. The choice to make it first-in, first-serve was to give the more common people a chance to enjoy the show. Now, it looked they would have a riot from all the people that weren't going to be allowed in.

All the attention was focused solely on one individual who had yet to show up. The expectations and excitement at how he would dazzle the crowd was enough to make most forget that he was a seventeen year old wizard. Harry Potter had put himself on a different level the night before and with his actions the last ten years. The show he would have to put on today to appease the crowd's expectations would have to be nothing short of amazing. The crowd was expecting to see magic never before seen and wouldn't be satisfied unless they got it.


With a small pop, a door materialized out of the castle wall and immediately opened up to show five individuals. In the front stood the person who everyone in the castle was currently waiting on. Behind him stood his four biggest supporters, Katie Bell, Madison Summers, Nym Tonks, and Fleur Delacour. All held their heads high as they marched through the castle to the pandemonium they were sure awaited them.

Harry was in the lead with a royal blue uniform on, specifically designed by the Queen's staff for this occasion. He had the monarch's seal on his right breast, showing the world exactly who he was representing in the competition. The Potter crest was worn with pride on his sleeves. Honours, Decorations, and Medals covered his left breast with the Knight Grand Cross displayed prominently for all to see. The back of his uniform displayed for the world to see, the Lightning Phoenix symbol he had come up with so long ago. It was still one of the proudest moments of his life when he decided to use his powers to better the world.

Of course underneath the standard royal uniform was a more comfortable version meant to help him when it came time for the task. The uniform he wore now was for one purpose. It was meant to impress upon the people who had his allegiance and show them he had earned everything that was given to him. The girls also found him in a uniform incredibly attractive and who was he to complain about the rewards.

Madison, Katie, and Tonks were all wearing dark green dress robes with Harry's Lightning Phoenix symbol on them, showing exactly where their support was. Fleur, a Champion herself, wore the uniform that was picked out for her by her Headmistress. Dark blue pants with a crème shirt that had gold lines crossing to form a diamond pattern. There was also a thin coat to go over the top until the task started. The sleeves were the same dark blue as the pants, while the actual body was white with her name printed over the left breast in a fancy calligraphy. The back had the Beauxbatons crest displayed proudly.

Reaching the doors to the Great Hall, their ears were assaulted with noise beyond the echo of their footsteps on the stone floor. There was no illusion as to why everyone was still in the hall at nine in the morning. Harry Potter was well aware of his status in wizarding society, even if he had yet to fully embrace it. The fact that he had just admitted the night before to being a vigilante, whether it was sanctioned by Her Majesty or not, and acting blatantly against the statute of secrecy that had governed the world for centuries. This meant the government and likely a lot of former Potter allies would be firmly against him when it came time for him to take up his own place and start spreading his own agenda.

Stopping outside the doors, Harry looked over to his companions, more to give himself time to compose himself than the girls. He wasn't nervous about dealing with all the people, but he knew that it would take some time before people would come to terms with him being back. He doubted that he would get any time to himself for the foreseeable future. The night before he had gone in for the shock factor and was out as quickly as he came, before anyone was able to even question him. His life as a secret super hero was at an end and he would admit that he was going to miss pulling one over on the wizarding world.

"C'mon Harry." Madi spoke to Harry as she reached for his hand. "If they annoy you too much, just hit them with lightning."

Laughing, Harry looked over at Madi with a grin. "Thanks Madi. Just more upset at losing my secret identity then I expected to be. Even though last night was fun. I didn't know it was possible to petrify a whole hall of people."

This got grins from the rest of the girls. The looks that had been on the sea of faces the night before had been funny to look at.

"Ready?" Harry asked. Getting nods in return, Harry turned to the door and pushed them open, not really knowing what to expect after everyone had a night to adjust to his presence.

As the doors opened agonizingly slowly, heads whipped around in the Great Hall with hope written in their features. Silence descended upon the expanded hall as Harry and his companions came into view. It seemed as the people just thought they had overcome the night before, because no one seemed ready to speak. Students and adults alike just stared.

Harry started to become uncomfortable with the blatant staring. He had expected the people to start shouting, making demands, or if he was lucky, praising him for how awesome he was. Well, it looked like he would have to start the conversation.

"Hello!" Harry felt a little awkward starting a conversation with at least a thousand people. He really hoped someone got the courage to speak soon or he might just have to leave and only show up for the tasks themselves.

Harry finally got his wish and someone responded to him, if not the way he was hoping or expecting. His return 'hello' was in the form of three stunners, a body bind, and four incarcerous's, all one after the other from the same person.

Having advanced magical training since he was nine, Harry was always ready for an attack, but even he was surprised at one happening in the current setting. That didn't stop him from whipping out his wand and raising a high powered shield covering him and his companions. It was high powered mainly because of the area it covered. It was actually weaker than the standard protego, but seeing what spells were being sent, he wasn't too worried about anything getting through.

Pinpointing where the spell was coming through in such a mass of bodies was difficult, but not impossible. Catching sight of the perpetrator, Harry went into full attack mode. Sending his own volley of body-binds along with an accio, the assailant was quickly put down. The whole time, the crowd had yet to move and Harry was really thinking about just walking out on them. Ignoring them for now, he moved quickly to the prone figure on the ground. The man who was considered one of the greatest Aurors in history was laying frozen on the ground, crazy eye spinning wildly, and a fierce glare on his face. Whether that was for being beaten or the wooden leg that was no longer attached from Harry's summoning charm, was yet to be seen.

Standing over him, Harry tried to give his fiercest look, but couldn't hold it in for long, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE Alastor! What would your proteges think when they realize you've been beaten by a teenager." Harry finished with a grin as he quickly released the man.

Many in the hall were once again going through a wide range of emotions as they watched their once again hero get attacked by one of the Light's strongest supporters, put him down with minimal effort and then laugh about it. It didn't look like anything was going to get done that morning either. Just to cap it off, they watched Harry reattach the leg and then pulled him up into a big hug.

"Always testing me Alastor? You haven't been my mentor since I was fourteen."

Moody just huffed, not relenting in his glare, "And you let me get off seven spells before putting me down. It seems to me like you are getting worse without my guidance."

Rolling his eyes at the ever vigilant man, "I wouldn't talk old man. Who had to bail you out of trouble before school started? Maybe you need to take the Harry Potter course of protection. I remember the day when no one who had harmful intentions could get within a hundred meters of you and now they are inside your house and you need a 'snot nosed brat' to save you."

"I was perfectly fine on my own Lightning. I didn't need you or anyone else pulling stupid heroics. I think you are letting your ego get to you. Go back to the muggle world and save the little girls who lose their cat up a tree."

The whole time Harry and Moody were having their bonding moment, no one noticed the approach of one individual until he interrupted them. "So sorry to interrupt the reunion gentlemen and let me say welcome back Mr. Potter, but we do have business to attend to." Headmaster Dumbledore spoke in his friendly manner. Only his eyes spoke of how annoyed he was at realizing Alastor had known where his lost charge was for years. "And Alastor, I believe we need to have a discussion later."

"Can it Albus! It was a state secret and to be honest, just because we are friends doesn't mean I answer to you." Dumbledore obviously didn't want to have this conversation in the hall and gave a quick nod and quickly moved on. It didn't take the brightest student to realize the conversation was not over though.

Turning jovial, Albus spoke directly to Harry, "So glad you could make it early Harry, as we haven't had a chance to do the wand weighing for you yet. Its an essential part of the tournament, making sure that all wands are in peak condition. It wouldn't do for your wand to cease functioning in a deadly task."

Harry just nodded along waiting to be shown where to go. "Lead the way Headmaster. It seems like everyone is eager to get started," pointedly looking at every eye waiting on them.

Dumbledore just motioned for Harry to follow him and they made their way over to a corner where a small table was set up with an old man behind the desk. The man was odd, even by magical standards. He had glowing grey eyes, a look of immense excitement on his face, as he waited to inspect the wand.

"Before we get started," a reporter spoke up from near the table. "I'm sure the readers would be curious to why you even have a wand. The rumors going around is you have a staff and if you can channel magic through a staff, why would you have a wand?"

Harry just looked at the man, then allowed his eyes to wander around the rest of the reporters who were all eager to get the answer to the same question. As far as they knew, no one had been powerful enough to use a staff in at least 800 years. Finally looking into the eyes of the master wand maker, Harry and Ollivander shared an amused look, before finally breaking out laughing. Even Dumbledore couldn't help but chuckle softly along with them. The reporters and most of the audience couldn't help but stare bemused at what was going on. To them it was a perfectly valid question.

"Would you like to take this one Mr. Ollivander?" Harry asked after getting his laughter under control.

"Of course Harry and how many times do I have to tell you to call me Derrick." Ollivander stood from his small chair, looking over at the disgruntled mass of faces, with a serene smile on his face. He then started lecturing to the audience on his favorite subject. "Staffs are just another form of focus for ones magical potential. They are no more powerful then a wand or a focus ring or any other focus you can think of." Looking back at Harry, "Can you get your staff out Harry?"

Getting a nod from Harry, Harry reached behind him and pulled the staff out of what must have been an enchanted holder. The staff was bone white, had a huge diamond on the top that crackled with energy when being held by the wizard. There was also a gold inlay into the wood, that on further inspection proved to be runes. Only the Runes masters knew what they meant.

"Now Mr. Potter, shoot a stunner at the wall with your wand first and then one with the staff."

Harry taking his wand, pointed it at a particular target in the stone wall, and let loose a stunner. It sizzled with energy as it flew by the crowd and hit exactly where he was aiming leaving a small scorch mark. Putting his wand away, Harry grabbed the staff and let loose another stunner. To the surprise of the crowd, it looked exactly like the first. It still sizzled with energy, but it left the same mark as the first.

"Now give your staff to the lovely Ms. Delacour if you would." Handing it over to Fleur, she then demonstrated her own stunner to the shocked crowd, disproving that only a ridiculously powerful wizard could use a staff.

"Then why don't we all use staffs if they can be used by anyone?" The same reporter asked.

"Simple," Ollivander explained. "Staffs were created 1500 years ago, because they didn't have the knowledge to craft wands. Wands are the same thing as staffs, just compressed into something more easily used for the average wizard. Just think about being in the middle of a battle and trying to do the standard wand movements with a six foot staff instead of a twelve inch wand. What would work better? It is true that a staff will last longer before burning out due to the crystal, but the amount of magic that would have to be used for such a long duration, I don't see even Mr. Potter being able to achieve. To finish answering your question, staffs have and always will be a first attempt and rather crude one at that, at a magical focus."

The crowd sat stunned as they had life long beliefs shattered. Telling their kids, 'You're gonna be so powerful you need a staff,' didn't sound like quite the reassurance to their scared children anymore.

"But, why does Mr. Potter have a staff then if its useless?" The same reporter spoke up once again, hoping to find a hole in their words.

"Because it looks badass." Harry deadpanned to the audience, who just stared back at him unsure how to take that response. At least the students chuckled a little bit, knowing how awesome it was to be badass.

Chuckling, Dumbledore decided to get everything back under control. "Alright, if everyone is agreeable, we still need to get the wand weighing finished before the task."

Sitting back down in his chair, Ollivander asked for Harry's wand. "Yes, I remember this wand well Mr. Potter when you came to get it six years ago. You were well on your way to harnessing your magic without it, but again wandless magic and wand magic are completely different. Focuses allow us to channel our magic into specific spells. Wandless magic is just forcing your magic to act upon your will. There are no spells to distinguish what is happening when using wandless magic."

Getting another laugh from Harry, "I know, everyone seems to think I shoot multicolored bolts of light out of my finger tips." The crowd turned red at this, many had thought that was exactly how wandless magic worked.

"The core in the wand shapes your magic into what is desired and leaves a residue that creates the color that we all associate with spells. You, Mr. Potter could banish someone with your wand which creates a pale blue light for your enemy to see or you can use your wandless ability and it would just be a wave of energy. Still detectable by the skilled magician, and much less controlled, but in many instances, much more effective."

Harry just nodded along, getting this lecture before and knowing it was Ollivander's way of finally being able to share his passion with the world.

"Now, enough of that. Your wand, the Anadenanthera tree, from the South American Rainforests, 13 inches. The tree of Knowledge and I can see you are still learning everything you can find, just like when I first met you eight years ago. Core of a griffon feather, one preserved in your family manor, from one of your ancestors familiars. Tell me Mr. Potter, give in to an old man's curiosity. Have you taken any more familiars besides the lovely Levina?"

Harry blushed at the twinkle in the man's eyes. Levina was his storm phoenix that came to him when he was younger, at a time that he was obsessed with lightning as his other name would attest to. Levina was another name for lightning and at the time it seemed like the perfect name. Now that he was older, he wished he could have come up with something cooler than Lightning Phoenix. As much as he cringed at his unoriginality of his hero name, he still thought Levina was a good choice.

"Stuff it you walking corpse. Levina is a lovely name and no, I have not found any other familiars. There are many creatures that roam the Potter lands, but none are willing to give me more than a passing glance."

"Oh! Well, that is certainly disappointing. I was expecting you to have at least two by this point."

It is well known and one of the few things that can be taken as fact in the magical world. Creatures are attracted to power and the more magical familiars one has, the more magical power should be at their disposal. There is no way to actually measure a person's core. That is why many believe Merlin was the most powerful wizard of all times. Many historical documents have him being the master of nine magical creatures, with one even being a dragon. The founder's each had three familiars, while the current Headmaster and his nemesis Voldemort each has one. No one else in Britain currently had a magical familiar. Across the world though many could be found with one. To the world's knowledge though, no one had currently more than that. Combined with his knowledge and the fact that Headmaster Dumbledore's familiar was a very rare Phoenix, the world had pronounced him the most powerful wizard of the times. It was likely true with his 110 years of knowledge. Being a wizard of his power meant he was still in his prime.

"As long as it's something cool, Mr. Ollivander. The last thing I need is to have a Kneazle as a familiar. Nothing would destroy my reputation faster than having a cat trailing after me as I fight my battles." Harry stopped to shudder at the thought. No, he was definitely not a cat person.

Amused at the man in front of him, "Fair enough Mr. Potter. Now, I think we have taken enough of everyone's time. We only have an hour before the task starts and I assume you would like some time with your lovely ladies."

"Thank you Derrick. You mustn't stay a stranger. Come by anytime."

"Will do Harry. Will do."

Harry turned around to see reporters scribbling furiously on their parchment and the rest with the same attention on him as when he entered the hall. Then as one everyone exploded into action.

"How'd you become so powerful?"

"When did you decide to become the Lightning Phoenix?"

"Do you care that you are about to end the secrecy between the magical and muggle worlds?"

"Why didn't you come to Hogwarts when you were 11?"

"Will you marry me?"

"Can I be part of your harem?"

These were some of the questions being shouted at the young man and he wasn't quite sure how he was going to get through them to the other side of the hall without using magic. And then a savior came. Just in time, because Harry could see the Minister trying to make his way through the crowd with his trusty advisors.

"HARRY POTTER! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO WAIT FOR ME BEFORE HAVING ALL THE FUN." A voice shouted over everyone else, quieting them, no doubt using a sonorous charm.

"YOU WERE LATE PADFOOT!" Harry shouted just as loud back. There in the entry hall stood his godfather, the man he had rescued three years previous, standing next to a beautiful black haired woman. She looked to be in her mid thirties and was clinging to Sirius with a look of wonder crossing her beautiful face. Light blue eyes were mesmerized at the scene playing out in front of her.

Making his way through the crowd Harry embraced his godfather. "Good to see you Padfoot! How come you were late?"

"Well, you know women? Obviously not as thoroughly as me, but seeing as you have four at once, you have enough knowledge for this." Then as if telling a big secret that no one knew, he leaned into stage whisper to Harry, "They take bloody forever to get ready! I waited for two hours before she came out of that stupid bathroom."

"Oh knock it off Sirius. Who was in the bathroom for the two hours before me? What was it you kept telling me? Oh yah, I can't have my godson showing me up all the time. It isn't fair that he has 4 women and I only have one." By this point, the unknown women was glaring at the sheepish Sirius. Harry was chuckling at the usual antics of his godfather.

"What do I keep telling you Padfoot? It's just my natural charm. These lovely women," acknowledging the girls that had yet to leave his side, "fight over me and who am I to deny them?"

This was followed by a smack to the head by Katie. "Don't let that ego inflate your head any more Harry, I don't believe the four of us will be able to keep you from floating away."

Ignoring the girls glares into the back of his head, Harry continued his conversation with his godfather. "Remember what I told you though Padfoot…..I know how sentimental you can get…..There's only one fool proof method that guarantees your girlfriend will stop having sex with you."

Sirius rolled his eyes at Harry's favorite saying, but didn't want to steal the young lads thunder, since he no doubt thought it was educating the masses. "And what would that be Prongslet?"

With a big grin on his face, "Why, marry her of course!"

No matter how bad it was, Sirius couldn't help but bark out a laugh, causing the people around to slightly chuckle as well. It was worse than the serious, Sirius joke, but it was something the Marauders had lived by in their early school days hoping to never get too attached to one person. Harry, now took any chance to laugh at how attached he was with his new girl.

Before the girls could get a chance to show their displeasure at Harry once again, an old voice interrupted them once again. For some reason they never saw the humor in the little joke.

"As amusing as this all is, we really do have a task that must be seen to." Dumbledore spoke as he motioned for them all to follow him to the area. Madam Maxine was waiting just ahead with a disapproving look on her face. She must have been livid with one of her students taking off the night before, especially with an uppity foreigner.

"Glad you could make it Ms. Delacour. We will be speaking of last nights behavior after the task. I always thought you had better sense than what you showed. Obviously I was mistaken." It was obvious what she was speaking about since her glare never left Harry. Well, at least she didn't show massive hero worship like the rest of the world.

Fleur, who was now walking right next to Harry, barely glanced at her Headmistress. "As you can see Madame Maxine, that I am beyond caring what you feel. If you couldn't figure it out on your own, your days of trying to mold me are over." She, along with Harry and the rest of the entourage walked right by the flustered Headmistress before she could rein her fury on them.

"Now, now. There will be plenty time for conversations later. I need to have a talk with Harry and my two students as well. Now is not the time though," Dumbledore stepped in, trying to prevent any scenes. He then quickly changed the subject to something he hoped was more comfortable. "It is good seeing you again Sirius. I had hoped you would come to me after your acquittal, but I see you haven't done so bad for yourself. Why, you even have a lovely young lady with you. May I ask who she is?"

"Of course Headmaster. It is after all, still your school." Sirius then gave him a big grin, eyes filled with mischief. "This is Kelly Blackwood, my beautiful girlfriend. We met in America last year, when Harry and I, along with his girls were on vacation."

With obvious delight in his voice, Dumbledore congratulated the man, "Good for you Sirius. I'm glad things are turning out for the better after your unfortunate incarceration." Ignoring the way everyone's eyes darkened at the reminder, he turned to the woman standing besides him, still looking around as if trying to catch a glimpse of everything at once. "It is wonderful to meet you Ms. Blackwood. Hogwarts is truly one of a kind. You aren't the first one to be stunned by its natural beauty. May I ask what school you went to?"

Kelly caught off guard by being spoken to by the extremely old man, could only blush like a school girl at being caught paying more attention to her surroundings than her host. Gathering herself under control, she began talking to the wizard. "Oh, I'm sorry about that. All of this magic is so new to me and wonderful. To think, that I've missed out on all of this for the first part of my life. I almost feel cheated. Thank you so much for inviting me."

Kelly was so excited that she missed the sour look that passed on Dumbledore's face. It wasn't that he had anything against muggles. He did truly believe he was their strongest champion, but he did fear what would happen if they were to find out of magic's existence. It was his biggest problem with the Lightning Phoenix. There was only a matter of time before people realized that the superhero wasn't some anomaly, but a single person from a different world.

Putting on a pleasant expression, knowing there was nothing he could do now, Dumbledore nodded his head in acknowledgement. "Well, it is wonderful having you here. I truly hope you enjoy your stay." Turning back to Sirius, Albus had to know if there were any more surprises. "So, what can I expect next Mr. Black or am I destined to be kept in the dark from now on." He couldn't help throwing in a little extra to make them feel guilty about keeping him uninformed.

"Knock it off Albus. The guilt trip doesn't work on me anymore," and then pointing to where Harry was joking around with his girls ahead of them, "and it never worked on Harry, so I wouldn't even try it. He would be more likely to laugh in your face at even attempting it. And remember, he has full support of the crown….which reminds me. Her majesty will be here for the final task sitting in Harry's visitors box. I have no doubt you will accommodate her accordingly."

Keeping his face neutral at yet another kink in his plans, Albus nodded politely. "Of course! I will make sure that everything is up to par. It will be good to see her again."

"If that is everything Albus, my godson and his entourage are waiting outside the tent. I would like to wish him and Fleur good luck. I will be sitting in Harry's box for family if anything is required of me. I assume it won't be a problem if Kelly and Harry's girls join me."'

Having expected this, Dumbledore motioned for Sirius to go on ahead. "Of course, my boy. I will see you again soon." With that he made his own way inside the tent to wait for the other tournament officials.

Sirius made his way over to Harry as Katie was giving him a massive hug. It was always interesting to see the strong willed girl Harry had met when he was seven get overly emotional in situations like this. Anytime Harry went out on a mission that was deemed dangerous at all, it was Katie that was most affected.

"I'll be fine Katie," Harry spoke lovingly to Katie as she tried to keep the tears out of her eyes. Harry was a completely different person when alone with his girls then he was when out in a crowd. He may have had Lily's intelligence, but his personality was all James. Giving Katie one last big hug, "I'll see you as soon as its over. You'll be with Padfoot in the family box."

As soon as Katie vacated the famous wizard's arms, Nym came rushing in to them. "Be careful Harry and make sure you completely crush Diggory." She spoke with disgust in her voice. Diggory was one of the few boys who couldn't get it through his head that Nymphadora Tonks wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. The fact that every other girl couldn't stop drooling over him, seemed to give him the impression that she was just playing hard to get and would eventually fall to his charms. She just hoped that the night before would be enough to get him to back off.

Chuckling at her, he nodded and gave her a smile. "Of course! Can't have some pretty boy thinking he has any chance with you. Now, quit worrying and have fun watching the tournament."

Harry watched Nym walk up and wish Fleur good luck before he had Madi in his arms. "Good luck Harry. Not that you need it. But you better keep me entertained. I would hate for all of the work I did on you end up with you embarrassing yourself in your first public appearance."

"Ha Ha Madi," Harry laughed mockingly at her. "I'm glad you have such faith in me." Giving her a quick kiss, he pushed her in Sirius's direction. "You guys better get out of here. I would hate to keep the judges waiting any longer." Giving everyone a reassuring smile, Harry turned and made his way over to Fleur so they could get started.

Grabbing her hand, nothing was said between them as they made their way into the tent. Walking through the flap, he immediately noticed that they were the last ones to arrive. In one corner stood Cedric Diggory with his Head of House, Pomona Sprout. In another corner sat the scowling visage of Viktor Krum and Durmstrang High master, Igor Karkaroff.

In the center of the room stood four figures, all of them had varying expressions. Ludo Bagmen, a former Quidditch great, was bouncing on the balls of his feet looking extremely excited about the upcoming festivities. Barty Crouch, head of the Department of International Cooperation, looked bored out of his mind. If one were to see his face, they would assume he was about to take part in an extremely time consuming business meeting, not an international competition that hasn't been used in centuries.

Albus Dumbledore, of course, looked as calm as ever. There was his ever present twinkle and he smiled as he saw the newcomers. Before he could get in a word though to welcome them, the final person made their presence known.

"I'm tired of your disrespect young lady? I don't remember giving you permission to leave with this ruffian," clearly pointing at Harry, who didn't look at all insulted by the large lady.

To the shock of the everyone there, besides Harry, Fleur gave her Headmistress a sneer. "And if you think I answer to you, you are sorely mistaken. As even you can understand, I am of age no longer need any permission from the Headmistress of the school to do as I please. Harry's been there since my parents were killed, far longer than I've been at Beauxbatons Madame. If you haven't guessed, it was Harry that has always sprung me from your attempts at controlling my summers."

After finally getting that off her chest, she retook Harry's hand and pulled him over to an unoccupied corner of the tent, leaving her Headmistress sputtering in anger. It was quite interesting how much time Madame Maxime spent trying to groom Fleur into the perfect little witch. She never came out and said it, but Fleur and Harry assumed it was her way of trying to prove that 'half-breeds' could be better than pure witches and wizards. Fleur was her attempt at getting back at everyone that belittled her. Just to further irritate the half giant, Fleur pushed Harry down into a chair and plopped herself right onto his lap.

Coughing to hide his amusement at the situation, Harry turned to the center of the tent where the three British judges were currently waiting. "Ready whenever you guys are."

Ludo needed no further prompting. "Well, gather round, gather round." He pulled out a bag from his pocket as he waited for all of the champions to get into position around him. "Now, in here is what you will be facing and what order you will be going in. Now ladies first." Ludo gave Fleur his most charming smile as he shoved the bag at her.

Reaching in, Fleur couldn't help it when her hand trembled a little bit, knowing what she was about to face. Grabbing onto the first object she could, she ignored the spikes that dug into her hands and the rough scales that were scraping her delicate skin as the model tried desperately to get out of her grasp. She did gasp though when she actually felt the small scale model actually shoot fire that slightly burned her palm. Finally bringing out the small dragon for the rest of the group to see, she could only sigh in relief, realizing she had gotten the common Welsh Green. While a dragon was a dragon and nothing to get complacent about, the Welsh Green was the most docile. It would leave you alone as long as it thought you posed no threat and even then tended to try and warn you off instead of attacking. Yes, Fleur was glad to get the dragon she did.

Harry had been watching Fleur as she reached into the bag. He knew that she had been informed about the task in advance and he had refused her when she wanted to tell him. When he saw the dragon, it wasn't much of a surprise, since he knew the first task tended to be a battle between a deadly magical creature. He was happy to see the look of relief that passed Fleur's face, knowing that she had worked endlessly on a way to defeat the task.

Looking at the other champions, Cedric was the only one that had paled significantly at the reveal. It was expected really. Dumbledore would never condone cheating, even if he knew that it put his own school at a significant disadvantage. Harry would have felt bad, if not for having to listen to all the times he went out of his way to antagonize Nym. Going after his girls, even if he didn't know that she was involved, was unforgivable to him.

Cedric reached in and pulled out the Swedish Shortsnout, while Krum pulled out a Chinese Fireball. Both of them were aggressive dragons when threatened. The Shortsnout tended to stay on the ground, while the Fireball took to the air at any opportunity. So far, each dragon would take a different strategy to beat.

As Harry reached in the bag, he couldn't help but feel excitement about what dragon he would face. This was the first time that people would be able to watch him in action and he had no plans to disappoint. The fact that it was against a dragon just increased the excitement. Grabbing onto the angry dragon model, he pulled out what he instantly recognized as a Hungarian Horntail.

The Horntail, while not the most dangerous of dragons, certainly presented a danger to anyone going up against it. They were said to have a keen intellect when facing an enemy and wouldn't easily be tricked.

"Excellent! Excellent! Now that everyone has their dragon, we can explain what you will be doing." Bagmen spoke excitedly. "Each dragon is a nesting mother and your goal is to get the golden egg that was placed in the center between the regular eggs. The rules are quite simple. The only thing you are allowed to bring with you into the ring is your wand, but everything else goes. There is no legal repercussions involved, meaning you can use any spells you deem necessary. Just remember that the judges are awarding points and it is their discretion what is appropriate or not. Now, any questions?" Looking around at the champions stoic faces, Ludo clapped his hands once and finished his speech. "Great! Cedric, your first, followed by Ms. Delacour and then Mr. Krum. Mr. Potter will be last. Good luck everyone." With that said, Mr. Bagmen, along with the rest of the judges swept from the tent and made their way to the judges area.

"You ready for this?" Harry asked Fleur when they reached their corner.

"Of course I am Harry. You don't doubt me, do you?

"You know I don't. I was just making sure you had everything planned out."

"I do, but that doesn't mean that my nerves aren't getting the better of me. I mean, I'm still going up against a dragon."

Laughing, Harry looked into Fleur's eyes and gave her a quick kiss. "You'll be great. Don't doubt yourself and remember you don't have to beat the dragon, just get the egg. Why don't you take the time until its your turn to relax. I'll be here if you need me."

Knowing that she needed the time to calm her nerves, Fleur just gave a quick nod after another kiss and sat down to mediate. It allowed her to calm her mind and breathe easier.

Harry decided to get up and get some refreshments. There was a small table with water and juice at one end of the tent. There was also some small sandwiches, but he wasn't sure why anyone would be hungry before facing a dragon. Grabbing a small cup of water, he felt the presence of someone coming up behind him.

"How'd you do it?"

Turning around he noticed it was Diggory. He wasn't really surprised with Cedric coming up to him. He understood that he had shocked the community with his re-entrance into the world, but he wasn't quite expecting the hostile look he was getting. He wasn't quite sure what the boy was asking either. "Do what exactly?"

"You know damn well what I mean. I don't care who you are, but I'm going to find out what you did to Tonks. There is no way she would go out with a guy like you. You don't even hide the fact that you're cheating on her with three other girls. She's meant to be with me and she'll see that eventually."

Cedric had started yelling by the end. Clearly his infatuation with Nym was worse than they thought. Both Fleur and Viktor were looking at them at this point, Cedric having distracted them from their pre-task preparations. Fleur looked mad at anyone thinking of her friend as a belonging, while Viktor looked intrigued at how the confrontation would end.

Deciding that getting angry would solve nothing in this situation, Harry calmly responded to the accusations, "First of all Mr. Diggory, I owe you no explanation for my relationships. As you saw last night, everyone in the relationship is well aware of everyone else. If for some reason Nym wants to leave me, I will of course be heart broken, but would never dream of standing in her way. That doesn't mean I wouldn't come begging for her to take me back, but I would never do anything to force her love. That's all you are getting out of me. Please refrain from speaking to me, if all you are going to do is talk about things you know nothing about."

For some reason as Harry's mini speech concluded, Cedric looked much happier. All in the tent were confused by his random mood swing. He must have grasped the part about Nym walking away and just assumed it was a matter of time before she came to her senses. "Well, let the better man win then!" he boasted before walking away, leaving the rest of the tent staring in disbelief at his retreating form.


"Good luck Cedric," Harry spoke to the Hufflepuff. Never one to let another get the last word in to end an argument, Harry couldn't help himself, "And you wanted to know how I can keep a girl like Nym, or any of my girls actually?"

Cedric looked like he wanted nothing more than to decline what Harry was offering, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. "And what would that be?" he asked annoyed at speaking to him.

"Girls like a guy that can reach his eyebrows with his tongue." Harry watched as Krum choked and he didn't have to turn around to realize that Fleur was blushing. Cedric's was the most amusing expression though. He looked confused for a second before realizing what Harry was implying. His face just reddened with anger, before turning and stomping out towards the dragon.

"Do you really have to antagonize him Harry? Nym does a good enough job of that every day that she sees him." Fleur spoke from behind him.

"Oh, c'mon. It was funny."

"Maybe," Fleur didn't sound convinced, but her tone turned lustful, "I'm still waiting for the day that you try it on us. And you don't have an excuse anymore. We are all of age now and I know I'm not the only one that plans on taking advantage of you as soon as this task gets over."

Harry couldn't help but shiver at her voice. It had taken all of his strength to wait for the girls to become of age before doing anything that parents the world over would disapprove of. Now that Katie was seventeen, there wasn't anything holding him back, but nerves.

"Lets get through today and we'll see what happens tonight." Harry told her diplomatically.

Fleur, not convinced, just had to whisper one final thing as they heard the crowd cheering about something. "If you aren't going to help me with my needs, I may just need to go to Madi. I'm sure she would be willing to help." Seeing the smile on Harry's face at the thought, she decided to crush the happiness out of him. "And I'll lock you out so you can't watch."

That certainly got his attention, if the look of horror on his face was anything to go by. "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Harry cried to his Veela girlfriend. "Alright, alright, no more excuses. Get through the tournament and you girls can have your way with me tonight."

Fleur smiled wickedly at him. "Glad you finally came to your senses. Now, don't get too distracted. You still have a dragon to defeat."

As she finished blackmailing Harry, they watched Cedric limp back into the tent with his golden egg under his arm. It looked like he had a broken right ankle and burns up his entire left side. Half of his brown hair had been burnt to the scalp. He was quickly grabbed by the school medi-witch before anything could be said. No one in the tent dared say anything or laugh though, knowing that there turn would be coming.


"Good luck Fleur!" She just gave a shaky nod, before straightening herself out. She walked confidently to the door and without looking back, strode into the arena. Harry had no idea what she had planned for the dragon, so he resigned himself to sitting back and worrying about her. He gave off the impression that he was fully confident in her abilities, but he would always worry about her and the others, especially in situations like this. He knew Fleur was planning on entering the tournament and he couldn't say that he was thrilled with the idea, but he would always support them. Now, he just hoped she would get it over with quickly.

Fleur knew that she had a couple of options when she walked out into the stadium. The Welsh Green afforded her a lot of time that other dragons wouldn't allow. One of her specialties in magic was enchanting and enchanting a being to sleep, even one as powerful as a dragon would be easy as long as it stayed still. Any of the other dragons and it would have been virtually impossible. It was the safest route, but this was entertainment as much as it was about getting the fastest time. What would her score be if she went that route. It certainly wasn't something that would wow the judges and audience.

She decided to go with plan B and if anyone asked, she would blame her boyfriend and all of his stupid reckless behavior. Calming herself, Fleur took out her wand and began drawing flaming symbols into the air. Everyone, including dragon, were watching fascinated as she demonstrated a mastery of Runes. It took about five minutes for her to finish and she had about twenty different symbols circling her.

With the fiery symbols still circling and picking up speed into a blur, so she looked like she had a ring of fire around her, she stepped confidently towards the dragon. The whole stadium sat silent, Bagmen forgetting he was supposed to be announcing, as the beautiful girl just walked right up to the dragon and stopped twenty feet from it. The only warning Fleur got that she was starting to get too close to the nest was a low growl.

At this point, she could see the gold glistening between the bone white eggs. It was easy to see that she wasn't going to get any closer without a direct confrontation with the dragon either. Hoping her calculations were correct, Fleur decided to test her first layer of defence.

The stadium forgot to breathe as the blonde took another step forward and before they could comprehend what was happening, fire was shot directly at the witch. Many expected her to shield or at least dodge, but she just sat there calmly waiting for the fire to reach her. About five feet from her, the fire seemed to hit a shield that diverted it around her. When the fire disappeared, the crowd could see Fleur still standing proud in the middle of her ring of fire, but two of the runes were now on the outside and even for the students who never studied the art, understood that they were some protection against the fire. How would they stand up to more than one attack though.

Before anyone could react, Fleur had her wand out banishing herself up into the air over the dragons tail that tried to swipe her. While in the air, Fleur was not stationary. She was flourishing her wand at the ring of fire flinging four runes out of it and hurtling them over to the nest, while the dragon was busy with its attack. The runes formed a square around the nest and as soon as the last one placed, the fire went out, to be replaced by a dim glowing blue light.

When she was back on the ground, both dragon and witch staring each other down, Fleur stopped the runes around her body. With dragon watching intently, she used her wand carefully to move runes, one by one to different areas of her body. Some were for temporary speed, strength, and agility, along with others.

Before the dragon could react, Fleur made her move. She shot towards the nest at incredible speeds, jumping over the dragons tail as it reacted and flinging two more runes that settled about 7 feet above the top of the eggs. Reaching the center of the nest just as the runes lit up brightly and formed a solid blue dome, protecting her from the dragons wrath.

The temporary ward would last a minute or two against the dragons tail and fire attacks, but Fleur had no plan to be there that long. Grabbing the gold egg and using the flame as a distraction, Fleur shot out from her ward towards the exit, narrowly missing the tail making a frantic attempt at rescuing her young. Before the dragon even recognized the girl was no longer there, Fleur was breathing a sigh of relief at coming out of the task with no harm. She didn't even acknowledge the ecstatic cheers from the crowd, just staring at the judges waiting for a score.


Fleur couldn't be happier with her score and was even happier that she didn't end up like the first champion. One miscalculation or the dragon acting differently than research provided and it could have been disastrous. She was just satisfied that she proved her worth as school champion. The only thing that upset her now was the fact that she was ushered back into the stands after she was checked for injuries. She wasn't allowed to go back to Harry.

Finding Harry's section, she was congratulated by Katie, Nym, Madi, and Sirius. Kelly was too busy freaking out over the fact that dragons were real to congratulate her. She sat down gratefully and watched as Krum came out of the tent.

Krum's performance was impressive, if a little expected. Using a blinding hex to set his dragon on a rampage, that unfortunately destroyed some of the real eggs, he was able to summon his broom and swoop in and grab the egg. He was the fastest time so far, but had to be docked points for the destruction of the real eggs and for a lack of creativity. Krum ended up with a 37.


As soon as Bagmen was finished, the stadium was blanketed in darkness. Before anyone could cry out in alarm though, music started blaring throughout the arena. For Harry, it wasn't good enough to just put on a good show. He wanted the show to be something everyone would remember.

As the music boomed through the stadium, strobes of every color started raining down on the entrance to the arena, allowing all eyes to focus on that particular spot. People watched with anticipation for the person of interest to appear. They didn't need to wait long as Harry came out in what was fast becoming a trademark.

All anyone could see was a body lit up in white lightning calmly walking out into center stage, bolts of multicolored lights dancing around him. As he got closer to the stage, the song started to get louder, lights flying faster, and his visage getting brighter, until people had to start shielding their eyes. Just as it was getting too much, a pulse of energy released from Harry. The music and strobe lights stopped and the lightning flew from his body in all directions and the few that hadn't before had to shield themselves.

When there eyes adjusted again, there standing tall in the middle of the brightly lit arena, stood Harry Potter. He was no longer in the uniform he was in earlier. He was in much more comfortable clothing. The closest thing they could relate too would be basketball clothes. Athletic shorts that went past the knees, tennis shoes, and a black t-shirt that had his Lightning Phoenix logo on the back.

Ever the entertainer, Harry bowed to the cheering crowd for the entrance. It was easy to see that most of the cheering came from the students, but he had time to work on the adults. Getting back to the task, knowing that the entrance would be a big joke in the future if he couldn't pull off an entertaining task, Harry got himself ready to go.

Staring up at the snarling dragon, it was safe to say it wasn't quite as impressed with the entrance. Eggs were firmly behind the dragon, so the only way to get the egg would be through the dragon. Harry hated to think it, but this would be a lot easier if he could kill the dragon. Well, he could kill it and still be in the rules, but that didn't mean he wanted to.

He also couldn't go with his first idea using runes. After Fleur's remarkable performance, it would take away from his own. Well there was definitely one thing that he had to accomplish and wouldn't be satisfied unless it happened. He just hoped the Queen wouldn't be too upset with him.

Everyone associated him with Lightning and he had to admit it was his own fault since he did over use it and was his favorite, but wanted avoid it for the task. It would hopefully show he wasn't as one dimensional as some people would think.

Before Harry could even get off an attack, The Horntail showed how much more aggressive it was than the other dragons. It rushed straight at Harry and before he could blink, it was upon him with white hot fire spewing out of its mouth. With a quick turn, Harry disappeared in a cloud of smoke, reappearing ten feet to the right of his previous position. It wasn't apparition, but a form of travel that lost its relevance centuries back. The most powerful could only travel a mile at a time and it was much more draining than apparition. It did have its uses though as Harry had just shown. He could have used it to grab the egg, but that almost seemed like cheating.

Quickly, while the dragon was staring around for her downed foe, Harry shot two purple beams of energy at the dragons front feet. Before she could react at his new position, Harry once again disappeared and ended up on the other side of the dragon. Two more beams of purple light hitting the dragons back feet and Harry was once again on the move.

This time Harry landed above the dragon on a rock that he had conjured. It was tricky magic, because the rock was being levitated through will power, and he had a few more charms to do at the same time. While the dragon was darting her head back and forth looking for her target, Harry carefully took aim. Four beams of blue light shot out in four different directions, hitting a rock in each corner of the stadium.

There was no chance of even seeing if the beams hit the intended targets, as the dragon shot another breath of fire destroying the conjured rock he had been standing on as soon as his last beam left his wand. Reappearing back at the entrance, Harry could only hope that the chains would hold a moment longer while he finished this. The magic he was about to use was incredibly draining.

Holding his wand at about an 80 degree angle into the sky, Harry began to chant in ancient welsh. About a minute later a golden glow started forming around him, starting at his feet and quickly growing until it reached his head. The golden aura was then sucked into Harry until there was none left. Not a second later, it was shot out from his wand in a beam of pure gold about six inches thick, straight into the sky.

The crowd didn't have to wait long as another beam of pure white came back down splitting up into four smaller spells, each one going to a different corner of the stadium. Where Harry had shot the four blue charms, they lit up in a blinding light. They in turn, shot a rope of purple energy towards each dragons feet.

The stadium was lit up in a number of different colored beams of energy and they were all connecting with each other, all tied together with the original beam of energy still coming down from the sky above the dragons head. Harry was no longer putting any of his power into the massive spell.

While the ropes of energy coming from the corners kept the dragons feet in place, that wasn't all the spell did. The charms on the feet began to come to life and energy began flowing between each one and since they were placed on the dragons feet, she had no chance of getting away. The energy continued to get more powerful by the second until you couldn't tell where the magic started and where it ended. It just looked like one massive halo circling the dragon.

The halo started rising, energy stretching out to cover dragon from feet to head. There was nothing dangerous about the spell. The energy just caused a temporary paralysis in the animals limbs. As long as the tornado of energy was around the dragon, it no longer formed a threat. It was actually a spell that was well known to Dragon Handlers even if they never used it due to the power requirements. Dumbledore and Voldemort could pull it off, but he doubted anyone else in Britain could.

Even though the dragon was dealt with for the time being, Harry wasn't quite done yet. Once again pointing his wand, this time straight at the dragon, Harry once again began chanting. It was in Latin, but he was mumbling hoping no one would pick up on what he was saying. A silver beam of energy shot out of the end, hitting the dragon right in the chest, enveloping it in magic. Once again the magic pulsed brightly when the spell finished. When everyone looked back, the dragon had been knocked out.

It was clear it was still alive, but Harry Potter had just taken down a dragon by himself. Walking over to the egg, he grabbed it and once again bowed to the cheering crowd. This time, the adults joined in with the students. It was quite a feat to pull off the magic he did. There were quite a few people that knew of the magic that he used, but that just impressed them more, knowing the requirements needed to use it.


By this point the crowd was screaming itself hoarse at the score their hero received. Harry bowed again and started to make his way to the medical tent so he could get checked out. He stopped moving when he heard the change in the crowd. Looking back, he noticed they were all looking back at the fallen dragon.

"Shit!" Harry swore. The dragon was glowing again and there was only one reason that would be. Before he could get away, there was a pop and the dragon disappeared. Harry watched as the dragon handlers rushed into the stadium, searching for their missing dragon. Harry knew exactly what they would find.

Seeing a red headed dragon handler staring at something on the ground in shock before looking between Harry and the ground back and forth.

"Mr. Weasley? What seems to be the problem?" the voice of Albus Dumbledore boomed from the judges stand.

"The dragons gone!" Weasley yelled back in panic. He then bent over and picked up something from the ground, showing the entire stadium. "This is the model that the Champions used to pick what dragon they were going to face. The actual dragon is gone!"

The entire stadium then turned to the one they assumed was responsible. Most had incredulous looks on their faces trying to figure out what was going on.

Harry, for his part was looking at the entire stadium with a sheepish expression on his face. His hand going through his hair, a trait many remember his father possessing when he was caught doing something he wasn't supposed to be. "Umm, I had really hoped that the spell was going to last longer." Harry couldn't help admit. He did end it with a nervous chuckle.

"Mr. Potter. Please tell us what happened to the real dragon."

The whole stadium was waiting on the answer. "Well Bagmen did tell us that nothing we did in the arena was against the rules and there could be no legal repercussions. Well, I've always wanted a dragon, so I sorta switched the real dragon with the model dragon in my pocket."

"And where exactly is the real dragon?" Dumbledore asked in exasperation.

"Potter manor and I'm sure my elves are already taking wonderful care of it."

The only stadium just watched in shock, some awe at the way the teenager just stole a full grown dragon out from under them. The fact that there was nothing that could be done to him just added to their expressions.

Giving a nervous chuckle at everyone, Harry couldn't help but ask, "This isn't going to affect my score, is it?"

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