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The Potters had a family member they had been trying to keep secret from the wizarding world for as long as they could remember. The world is about to learn that some truths are worse than rumors. How does the founder of the family line have anything to do with Harry James Potter and why did he fight along side Morgana Le Fey against Merlin and Arthur? The world is about to meet a threat greater than Voldemort could ever imagine being.

This IS NOT a Harry Potter/Merlin(the TV show crossover) It will be based off the actual legend. Obviously even my story will differ from the actual legends. This is AU from the beginning. Yes, that means characters will be OC and things will be happening differently than what the books have.


"Lily! Thank Merlin I found you! I've been looking all over for you. What are you doing in here?" James panic decreased with every word that he spoke.

James was always in a state of worry the past few weeks and it had nothing to do with the war that was being fought. Well, maybe it had a small part to do with the war. The leader, Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort, was wreaking havoc on the wizarding world and was slowly taking over.

At this point in time, James could care less about the outside world and was only worried about his family, mainly his son, Harry James Potter. His son had turned one a few weeks ago and if it wasn't bad enough that they had to celebrate one of the happiest days of James and Lily's lives at home by themselves, the one man who had ordered them into hiding had showed up to explain his sudden commands.

A stupid prophecy! Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and arguably the most powerful wizard alive came over to tell them that they were number one on Voldemort's hit list, because of a bleeding prophecy. Dumbledore believed it, Voldemort somehow heard it and believed it, and now they were number one on his hit list. It didn't matter that both Lily and James scoffed at the wooly subject, but their son was in danger and that led them into hiding.

They had put their modest cottage under the Fidelius charm, a ridiculously powerful charm that only Dumbledore had the power to perform. Well, maybe the Dark Lord, but they weren't about to ask him for any favors. The charm needed a secret keeper, someone that didn't live at the house, to allow those they trusted to find them.

James Potter had three great friends that went all the way back to first year in Hogwarts. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. He wanted to trust them all with the lives of his family, but there were some circumstances that needed to be carefully looked at.

Remus Lupin was a werewolf and as much as he didn't care, he knew a majority of the wizarding world did. The light and dark sides were both prejudiced against the diseased wizards to the point of alienation. Voldemort was telling them they would have equal chances in a world where he ruled and while James knew that it was complete lies, he couldn't deny that it would be hard to turn down if he was in Remus's position. The light had done nothing for him and it didn't look like they would if they were to get through this mess either. No, Remus Lupin would not work as secret keeper and his heart broke that he couldn't trust one of his closest friends.

Sirius Black, his brother in all but blood, was the obvious choice for secret keeper. But, then there was that little bit of doubt about Sirius's true family. They had been aligned with the dark since the founding of Hogwarts. Sirius was a true Gryffindor in school, but now that times were getting tougher, would family roots take hold once again. No, he didn't think Sirius would turn on him, but it would paint too big a picture on his back if he was. Sirius would be the decoy.

That left Peter Pettigrew. Peter, the harmless one of the group. To be perfectly honest, he worshipped the ground that the other Marauders walked on. He was from a purely light family and he had to admit, even if not out loud, he doubted the Dark Lord would even contemplate his membership. Peter was weak, barely passing his OWL's let alone his NEWT's. He would be the perfect secret keeper. No one would suspect a thing and as long as Peter stayed safe, they could raise their son with two loving parents.

The charm had been performed that same day once they were able to get a hold of Peter. Dumbledore congratulated them on their excellent choice and told them to stay safe inside the wards. This was what brought us to the present state of panic James was in.

With nothing else to do except watch over his one year old son and worry about their future, he panicked every time they were out of his sight. He knew Harry couldn't really go anywhere, but if Lily was like him, then she wanted to be outside those wards as much as he did. Meet some friends for dinner, just sit and chat, but they weren't even allowed to have any friends over. 'It would jeopardize security' Dumbledore would say.

His mind would play horrible scenarios over and over in his head, whenever he had a moment to think. His nights filled with terror, waking up in a cold sweat from the vivid nightmares. He had just woken from one of these naps, watching his son die due to a well-placed killing curse while his mother laid in a puddle of her own blood, while he and countless other Death Eaters watched. They laughed at his pain while the Dark Lord mocked his foolish attempts at protecting his family. This was one of the milder dreams, but it still lead him to running around the house for his wife and son, just to see with his own eyes that they were alright.

"James!" Lily spoke exasperated with the constant hounding and then demanded, "you need to stop freaking out every time I go to the library, or the loo, or just for a walk outside. I won't go past the wards, I promise. Will you at least try and remain calm. I just got Harry to sleep."

James looking chagrined attempted to apologize. He didn't want his wife angry at him. He would rather go duel Voldemort than have her ire directed at him. "I know and I do apologize, but I just can't help it. These dreams are so real and they scare me so much. I can't lose either you or Harry."

"I know James and that's why I'm in here. I've been attempting to find a way that guarantees at least Harry is safe and I think I found it."

Before she could even finish James cut in, ecstatic at the thought of saving his son. "Great, what did you find? There isn't that many books in here, so I am kind of surprised you found anything."

"It was weird. I don't know if I can explain it, but it seemed the book was just calling out to me. I never saw the book before and all of a sudden it was just there."

"Interesting." James was confused and if honest with himself a little worried about what the book was. There were secrets in his families past that he didn't really want to mention to Lily at this time. Most of the wizarding world knew of the stories, but just put it down to rumors by now. It was a topic for discussion among fellow magicals, but most just thought it was a big joke.

"Yah, it is! Lily exclaimed with enthusiasm, not noticing the worry in her husband's voice. "It's a spell created by your family. I don't know who though. All it has is Lord Potter written by it." Lily looked up to James puzzled by the lack of actual name only to be alarmed by James horrified look. His eyes were wide with terror at the mention of the name.

"We can't use that spell Lily," James whispered.

Lily wasn't impressed with the simple answer and the confusion she felt with the whole situation caused her to respond a little more hotly than intended. "And why not James? This is for our son if you remember. And why the hell are you so afraid of this 'Lord Potter'?"

James knew he would have to come clean with his family history and with a heavy sigh, he walked over to a very small section of the family library. Grabbing a small journal that was well hidden among the thick tomes, he walked back to sit across from his wife.

"This," pointing to the journal that was made out of some old leathery material, "is the journal of Lord Potter, the founding member of this family. All Potters are given this journal on their eleventh birthday to show our history. As you know the Potters are considered a grey family, leaning towards the light side. Well this wasn't always true as the journal will tell you. We are descended from possibly the darkest wizard to ever live. If this journal and stories of him are to be believed, he would make Voldemort look like a bumbling first year."

"He was born in the time of Merlin and Arthur before Arthur became King. Actually if the journal is correct, he actually grew up with Arthur, and Merlin was considered a grandfather to him. When Merlin came back to bring Arthur to Camelot, Lord Potter went as well. It was actually Arthur who gave him the status of Lord and they were said to be the best of friends. Things are a little fuzzy at this point, but we do know that he became involved with Morgana Le Fey and she had his children. We don't know if they became married or not, but it is clear she was his lover."

"We assume this is where his darker side starts to show itself and she seduced him into using his powers for the other side. I for one think that he knew perfectly well what he was doing and was just waiting for an opportunity to build his army. He and Morgana both left Camelot after many arguments with how best to run the kingdom. Lord Potter and Morgana wanted magicals to rule with the non-magical as servants. Merlin and Arthur felt everyone should be of equal status."

"What many people don't remember is that Arthur was magical himself. He just didn't have the power to do anything besides the simplest of spells. He chose to then refine his skills with what he would later name his Knights. Lord Potter was actually a Knight before he left the kingdom. Horseback riding, swordsmanship, archery, and other form of non-magical combat, Arthur became a master at.

"We aren't sure what caused the final rift between all of them, but battles were soon commonplace between them all. What baffles everyone is that Merlin, Morgana, and Lord Potter would never aim to kill each other. It was almost like a game to them and they just wanted to see who was stronger. Merlin would win, then Morgana would win a duel, and then Lord Potter would win. They were all equal in strength, so maybe it was just impossible for one to deal the final blow to the others."

"The story just becomes more confusing at this point. As you know Mordred dealt the fatal blow to Arthur. He came out of nowhere and according to Lord Potter's journal, Mordred wasn't magical like many believe, but what we would consider a squib. In history books it is said that Mordred was on Morgana Le Fey's side, but immediately after the blow to Arthur, Lord Potter took Mordred's head clean off his body and the battle stopped while both sides retreated."

"This is where it gets really fuzzy and difficult to understand. All fighting stopped and many people were told to leave Camelot. This is where the record ends for everyone. Many people have come up with their own conclusions, but the fact remains, no one knows for sure what happened or how it was even possible. Lord Potter, Morgana Le Fey, Merlin, Arthur and their armies completely disappeared. Not only did they disappear, but so did Camelot and all its surrounding areas. No one even has a clue where to look for it and I doubt they would be able to unravel the wards that are hiding it if they did find the right area. The amount of land that vanished was the size of Ireland. The amount of power that would take to hide the area for close to fifteen hundred years still astounds me."

James looked up at his wife and could see the shock on her face, but knew he needed to continue on so she would understand why that spell was not something to be trusted with their precious child. "Lord Potter's first name has been lost with time and we have worked hard to make other families in the wizarding world forget our origins. What would they say, if we were a main contributor in Camelot disappearing. What most families believe is that we simply don't want the added burden or responsibility of being on the Wizengamot and becoming Lord Potter. This has the added benefit of making our family look humble and easy to approach. The truth is much more simple and in actuality much more worrying. There has been no Potter that has been considered worthy to become Lord Potter in the eyes of the family. Every Potter, once they reach majority has gone to Gringotts, to the family vault and tried to become Lord Potter and yet every Potter has failed."

"We don't know why this is, but the most common conclusion is that we just don't have the original Lord Potter's brutality or drive to control for the Vault to accept us. Some even say that Lord Potter is still alive, since there has never been any record of death. Many of us have tried to change our family name to something else, but magic wouldn't allow it. Usually only a Lord would be able to change something that big anyways, so it was always a worthless endeavor. Now, we just continue to show the public that our family is firmly in the light and hope that our past never comes back to haunt us." James finished looking worn and nervous.

"Thanks James. I'll read it immediately." She spoke and James just gave a nod before standing up to look in on their son.

Lily and James admitted it to very few people, but they were much darker than they let on. Now, light, grey, and dark hardly meant anything unless you added the intent into it. There was a reason her best friend had been Severus Snape through almost five years of school until Severus started to actually believe that he was better than her, simply because of her birth parents.

The wizarding world was also full of idiots. She knew this well and used it to her advantage. She was a muggle-born, therefore she couldn't be dark, because she wouldn't harm herself. The world now believed that dark meant you wanted to kill muggle-borns and rid the world of all traces of muggles. How ignorant they were. There were numerous causes out there that one could get involved with that were worth starting a war over.

She had no problem using the darkest of arts and knew that James felt pretty much the same way, if not to the same extent, especially after his parents were brutally murdered. What James didn't publicize and only a few knew, was that his parents weren't killed by Voldemort or his minions. They were killed by a gang of muggles.

The Potters were an extremely wealthy family, even without access to the Potter Family Vault. Every time a new Potter was born, a trust was immediately set up for that family member and it was changed accordingly to the family's needs. The goblins wouldn't give away any secrets to how this was accomplished, but they did know that it was set up by the first Lord Potter. It was almost like he knew that no one would be able to get access.

The Potters were never ones to necessarily flaunt their wealth, but they didn't hide from it either. One of the favorite past times of the elder Potter's was taking walks through London. It allowed them anonymity out in public and away from the worst part of the war. The Potters were constantly targeted and it was nice to be free from it all for a while.

For all of their walks and interest in muggle life though, the elder Potters didn't really know much about the different areas of London. They didn't know that there were areas of the city that were off limits to certain people. They had been walking in a rundown neighborhood and before they knew it, they were under attack.

This wasn't a wizarding attack with brightly colored lights flying around though. There was a loud bang where Charles Potter was shot in the knee. Dorea then panicked and couldn't think straight so all she did was try and comfort her husband, not knowing what caused the injury. Before they even realized anything else was happening, they were ganged up on by a group of muggles, who took great pleasure in beating them to a pulp, just because they were seen as rich.

The gang was caught because they were trying to see how much the Gold Galleons and Silver Sickles were worth in an old pawn shop. Alarms blared at the ministry signaling wizarding money in the hands of muggles and Aurors were immediately dispatched. This is how the fate of Charles and Dorea Potter were found out and Dumbledore used all his influence to cover it up. Charles and Dorea Potter were never found and it still tore James heart out, that he never was able to give his parents a proper burial.

The reason Dumbledore had to cover up the murders was because it would totally destroy the light side. If it got out that one of the most influential light sided families was killed by those 'barbaric' muggles, it would put an almost immediate halt to recruiting for the light side. As it was, James, Sirius, and Remus almost went over to Voldemort so they could get vengeance. Dumbledore was able to talk them out of it and show them that it wasn't the correct way. Only Dumbledore's reputation saved James and his friends from joining Voldemort.

Coincidentally, this was also the event that allowed Lily to see what kind of man James truly was. James had become more serious and much darker than he was before. No longer did he blindly listen to Dumbledore and his second chances for everyone. If you were in a fight for your life, you aimed to kill or cripple, or you ended up dead yourself.

Lily finally gave James a chance in seventh year and she had never looked back since. Lily found out the true James Potter and James found out about the true Lily Evans. James was now a dark wizard that wasn't willing to offer second chances. He still fought for what he believed in, but with a ferocity that Lily loved.

James came to realize he knew nothing about his muggle-born crush. He was one that believed there was no way a muggle-born would learn the darker arts since it would lead to only joining Voldemort. Once he realized how wrong he was, he truly felt like an idiot.

They complimented each other perfectly. James would curb her more sadistic side to the battle field and it wasn't that hard since there were battles every week. Lily would allow James to never lose focus on his new goals. It no longer involved protecting muggles, but protecting Lily and his future family. He could care less about the muggle world, but his Lily was a muggle-born and still in incredible danger. This was the only reason he didn't give up on the war and declare his family neutral.

They also complimented each other perfectly on the battle field. Lily being a Charms Mistress, with James being a Transfiguration Master, they used their talents to devastatingly efficiency. They were so efficient that they were actually kicked out of the Order, because Dumbledore wasn't happy that they didn't allow these monsters to redeem themselves.

With that, Sirius and Remus left the Order as well and Dumbledore lost four of his best fighters, leaving the Order in disarray. The only reason it was still standing was the amount of influence Dumbledore controlled. It was a joke, Dumbledore defeats one Dark Lord forty years ago and he instantly becomes infallible.

Leaving the order didn't stop the Marauders from their devastating attacks. James and Sirius were Aurors and were always the first to hear of an attack. The DMLE had stopped trying to forbid Remus and Lily from joining. Headed by Barty Crouch and they were given almost complete immunity from the law when it came to attacking Death Eaters. They were the one group that Death Eaters came to fear.

This went on until Lily became pregnant with a son. As much as Lily wanted to be out there, she had a responsibility to her unborn son to stay safe. It was easily the happiest times of the Potter's lives, even whilst in the middle of a war that looked like it would never end. James also slowed down his attacks to stay home with his wife. The most important thing was her safety. She was the reason he was fighting, so he wasn't going anywhere away from her for the duration of the pregnancy.

Harry James Potter was born on July 31st in 1980 and it was the happiest day of their young lives. It just proved that what they were fighting for was worth it. They didn't want young Harry to grow up in a war filled world. That all ended the day Dumbledore forced his way into their house and told them about the prophecy. James and Lily may have lost all respect for the old man, but they were sure he wouldn't joke about something like this and since Voldemort knew, they had no choice but to go into hiding.

After getting Dumbledore to put up the Fidelius with Peter as the secret keeper, they immediately gave only their closest friends the secret. Albus knew that he had just hid the Potters, but he had no idea where and without the secret, all he could do was apparate back to Hogwarts.

Now, Lily was here contemplating how her life had turned out. It was amazing how much her priorities changed. When it was just her and James, they would look forward to battles with death eaters and getting their revenge. Immediately after she became pregnant, everything revolved around Harry and seeing him grow up to be the greatest wizard he could be. If he was the one to take out the dark lord, then she would make damn sure he could do it.

That's why she had been searching the library for assurances that her son would live, even if it cost James and her their lives. Walking into the library, the book seemed to just call out for her. There was no malicious intent and being in the Potter library, she felt pretty safe. Grabbing the book and she didn't even have time to react before the book opened itself to the exact page of a spell she had been desperately looking for. She was so excited that when James came into the library she couldn't help but blurt out what she had found. She had been disappointed and surprised with his fearful reaction of the author's name.

After getting the abbreviated story of Lord Potter from James, she actually felt extremely excited with the chance to read the journal. Lily was confused with the shortened version of the whole story. Many things didn't seem to make sense and she was itching to read the journal. The book she had been reading was obviously written by a brilliant wizard and if what James said was correct, he had power and intelligence at least on par with the Great Myriddin Emyrs.

It was clear that the Potter family was desperately trying to forget this wizard, if James was forgetting his own forays in the darker arts. Maybe he felt Lord Potter's goals didn't justify his actions. She felt that he was reacting more on his eleven year old beliefs than his current views, but there was only one way to find out. She needed to take the time to read the journal. Picking up the book with an excited gleam in her eye, she opened it to the first page.


Lily had just spent a week reading Lord Potter's journal and to say she was in awe was an understatement. The man was a genius, but she had to admit that some of things that he did were just insane. The journal talked about his love for Morgana Le Fey, which seemed so pure, she wondered how they could be evil. He talked about growing up with Arthur and having Merlin as a mentor, in a small city on the outside of Camelot.

There was entries about Arthur's return to Camelot and taking up the throne with both him and Merlin at his side. The confusing thing is it just seems to skip over how Arthur, Merlin and Lord Potter had a falling out. All of a sudden Lord Potter and Morgana were leaving the kingdom and Morgana was trying to take over the throne. It was definitely frustrating to see all the blanks in the story.

What was also confusing was how the traitor Mordred was portrayed. In all the history books she had read, Mordred was on the side of Morgana Le Fey. He was her nephew and in some great battle between Morgana and Arthur, Mordred came in out of nowhere and killed Arthur. According to the journal, Mordred had never been on Morgana's side, but took up his own side after convincing Arthur he worked for him.

Like James had said, it almost seemed like none of the sides could beat the other until Mordred came in. Lord Potter spoke almost reverently about his battles with Merlin, like they were the best times of his life. Some of the things that Lord Potter did in life were equally as horrifying as they are awe inspiring.

Lord Potter had been obsessed with achieving immortality, but wasn't willing to destroy any part of himself to get it. She wasn't sure if he ever achieved it, since the journal ended after that final battle, but he hadn't succeeded by that time. On his way to gaining immortality, he created certain creatures that were still terrorizing the world. Vampires were one of his first attempts at immortality, but losing his use of magic and the blood lust were too much for him. Why he didn't destroy them after he failed, but instead let them go, he never mentioned.

The one vampire that he was able to create that also kept his magical abilities turned out even more horrible than the vampires of today. The Vampire was supposedly of moderate power, but the effects of the ritual were so bad that Lord Potter didn't even write them down. The one thing that he did write was, 'The more power a witch or wizard has when undergoing this ritual has correlation between their bloodlust an insanity'.

The dementors were also created by Lord Potter. How he achieved the feats weren't written down and she wasn't quite sure she even wanted to know. One thing she was sure about, was the Ministry would give everything they had for this wizards journals of magic.

He had formed alliances with the goblins, which would account for why they still guarded the main Potter Vault with the best the bank had to offer. This was the last alliance between wizard and goblin the world had seen. He had griffins, phoenixes, basilisks, and all sorts of magical creatures in his army. It was truly awe inspiring and it was a wonder Camelot could even hold them back.

She had to giggle though at one of his attempts at immortality. She now knew where house elves came from. Apparently Lord Potter had struck up an alliance with the elves and decided to experiment on some of the elfish prisoners. House elves was what he came up with. Somehow, he took their magic from them unless they bonded to a wizard or magical source. He also took the immortality away from them. It was a wonder that he even stayed allied with the elves after proving he could strip them of their immortality and essentially make them slaves. It did show that he treated his allies with respect when he immediately ceased any attempts of using elves to gain immortality though.

It wasn't all alliances and immortality though. When he wasn't out walking the grounds with Morgana, he was crafting spells left and right. He created some of the most powerful spells on both ends of the spectrum. The Patronus spell was created by him after the dementor debacle. Supposedly he had a way to eradicate them himself, but that secret was well hidden. He also created the killing curse. He actually justified its creation in his journal though as a merciful death in war besides getting stabbed with a blade.

Overall, Lily was in awe at everything the wizard accomplished before he vanished. It was obvious they didn't have the complete story and she wondered why James reacted so badly to the spell she wanted to use to protect Harry. The man may have been evil or not, she honestly wasn't quite sure. No mention of the politics of the war were ever mentioned, but the man was obviously brilliant creating spells for both sides. It wasn't like she was going to choose differently anyways even if he was ten times more evil than Voldemort. This was for the protection of her son and she would do anything for him.



Lily couldn't stop the sobs when she realized her husband was going up against that insane monster. She had her job to do though and she just hoped James was still alive to take care of Harry after. The ritual she was about to perform required a sacrifice of pure love and she was ready to give her life so her precious baby would live.

Hearing the shouting downstairs, she quickly got everything ready, while using every locking charm and ward on the door that she knew. Grabbing the ritual knife from off the bedside table, Lily immediately started chanting in the Ancient Language that was written in the book. The whole time she was chanting, she started cutting her palms. On her left hand she cut in an ancient rune of love. Her right hand, she needed to cut in the rune of sacrifice. Then came the worst part of the ritual. Right on Harry's forehead above his right eye, she had to carve in a lightning bolt, Thor's hammer, rune for the destroyer of enemies.

As soon as it was done, Harry was screaming for the pain to stop. Putting both hands on her son's forehead she continued the chant and watched the bright golden glow envelop the both of them until her chanting stopped. She didn't know how, but she knew she had done the ritual right. Sinking to the floor in relief, she knew her son would be safe.

She had just enough time to realize that there was no longer any sound coming from downstairs, before the door was blown off its hinges in a shower of splinters. She had hoped her wards would have lasted a little longer than they did, but at least the ritual had been finished.

"Step aside and only one has to die today," came the hissing voice of the Dark Lord. It sent chills down her spine, but she held her ground.

"Please," Lily cried. "Take me instead. Just leave Harry alone."

"I have no use spilling anymore magical blood tonight than is necessary. Only one will die." Voldemort didn't waste any time before petrifying Lily, then taking steps towards the crib where Harry was laying. He noticed the weird cut on his head, but put it out of his mind. There was nothing powerful enough to stop him.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort yelled in pure hate at the one that was prophesied to be his downfall. He watched in glee as the curse sped towards the small boy, before the glee turned to a moment of shock, when the curse rebounded off of a golden shield. There was no time to get out of the way. The killing curse struck the Dark Lord in the chest and his soul was ripped from his body and the last thing he saw before he fled the house in pain was a hole where the Potter brat had lain. 'At least I killed the Potter brat. Now I just need to find my faithful servants to resurrect me.'

Voldemort didn't see the blue glow that enveloped James and Lily as he left the house. It was similar to the sensation of a port-key and both Potter's still in the house were transported miles away from their safe house.

When Sirius and Hagrid came to investigate, both left with tears in their eyes, seeing the crib blown to smithereens. The Dark Lord's body was there in front of the crib, obviously dead, but that didn't explain Lily and James absence.

Hagrid went to report to his boss that little Harry was dead. Sirius meanwhile, went to get his revenge on the traitorous rat. He would avenge his friends and godson before following them afterwards.


"Time to wake up, both of you." A deep voice broke them out of the realm of Morpheus.

"Let them sleep love. They've only just healed," interrupted a beautiful voice that Lily could easily admit being envious of.

Finally opening her eyes, Lily realized she was in a small hospital room. She never remembered being hurt though. Then everything came back to her. James fighting Voldemort, her petrified and the killing curse thrown at Harry right before she blacked out. "Where's James and Harry?" Lily asked before she could even get her vision to clear.

"I'm here Lily," James spoke, obviously in the bed next to her. "I don't know where Harry is though." You could hear the worry in his voice at the last statement.

The man coughing and the woman's giggles brought their attention back to the others in the room. They both hoped that they knew where Harry was. The man was 6'1" and 220 pounds. He was solid muscle with a lean athletic body. Lily immediately got the feeling she did when she was around Dumbledore. There was power, but this man seemed to have so much more, that Dumbledore would feel like a student in comparison. That's when he said something so unbelievable it left both Potter's gaping.

"Hello mother, father. It's good to see you after all these years."

James and Lily just continued to stare disbelieving until they really got a good look at him. He had the same messy hair as James. He had a goatee instead of being clean shaven, but then they saw the eyes. Never before has there been a recorded Potter with the shade of green that Lily and Harry had. Before they could get over their shock, they both noticed the sparkle coming off of his hand. Looking down they both saw the ring that had been sought after for over a millennia. The ring clearly showed the Potter coat of arms and when the implications of what that meant hit Lily and James, both couldn't help but let darkness claim then once again.

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