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Ultimatums, Reconnections, and New Allies

The sky was a gorgeous cerulean blue, sun shining brightly on everything that it touched. Birds and local wildlife were in constant movement, with foxes chasing each other and fish surfacing in the still waters. Overall it was a picturesque day, a day that many muggles and wizards alike would love to capture on film or canvas, but yet no one cared for the beautiful day they had been blessed with.

It was the second of November, the year 1981, two days after the wizard known as Lord Voldemort had been defeated at the hands of the Potter's. The muggle world knew the man as a terrorist and in the early morning of the first of November, broadcasted for the whole world to see, that the man had been taken care of by a special force of the military. This in itself should have caused the whole world to rejoice at the thought that they were all safe once again, but yet one thing loomed over the horizon that many of the people, wizards, magical creatures, or muggles could not understand.

Right in the center of England, a plot of land had mysteriously turned up. Saying it was a plot of land would be seriously understating the phenomenon. It was a tract of land the size of Wales, with one edge reaching London, and the rest heading north. Oxford, Luton, and Cambridge had all been repositioned on the map. Somehow, there was even a piece of the new territory that reached the North Sea.

Amazingly enough, this wasn't even that disturbing with what was inside the land. For some reason, no one could actually enter the area. Wizards and muggles alike would just walk into a solid wall of air. There was no telltale signs of wards or even to the more experienced magicians, a sign that magic had been used at all. They might not have been able to walk any farther, but that didn't stop their eyes from seeing all that was inside, or at least as far as the eye would allow.

In many spots around the new tract, cities could be seen off in the distance, but to say they were cities like any had seen before would be a lie. Even the most backwards of wizarding societies would be laughing at these people being stuck in the middle ages.

Each little town had a small stone wall surrounding it with a few battlements on each wall. The only way through these walls was a heavily fortified iron gate, unless someone were to use force. Many people would laugh at these little towns stopping any military force, let alone the British governments with its many allies.

Outside of each town were many farms and you could see the food being grown in mass. The question was, who was the food for? As of yet, no one had seen any sign of life except for the food that was admittedly flourishing. The people in the know about magic, just assumed that magic had been keeping everything preserved for however long the area had been hidden.

Now, the people who were standing where Iswich used to be, had a truly spectacular site. There, looking everyone in the face was a massive castle. Huge twenty foot tall stone walls, that had to be seven feet thick, with massive battlements another ten feet high, every twenty feet along it. The castle even had a thirty foot moat in front of it, making many feel like they had jumped 1500 years into the past. It was clear to see that the massive wooden door was a drawbridge, just waiting for the order to be lowered.

No one could see down behind the walls, because many were too afraid to get in a plane or helicopter, not knowing exactly where they would hit a solid wall, but it was hard to miss the massive castle that loomed a ten kilometers behind the wall. The massive towers in each corner along with the smaller turrets spread between were awe inspiring to the watching people. The place itself looked like it had been just built, no signs of deterioration anywhere. Once again, the people who had any idea that magic was real assumed that this was the only cause.

The day and a half that people had just stopped and stared at the brand new land and its buildings, admittedly the crowd grew by the second, not one living being had been seen. There were no rabbits hopping around, no birds soaring through the sky, and definitely no humans roaming around.

The muggles had massive speakers going with someone speaking to anyone that could hear inside, yet no one showed. Reporters were there by the score, from all over the world. Just the picture of the massive castle on the television would have had the world glued to its seats for a month.

Wizards had yet to try much, knowing more about what magic was truly capable of and very few believed anyone to be alive. Most wizards knew of their lost kingdom of Camelot, even if they had forgotten how it was lost, and could only gaze wide eyed at seeing the site of the most famous castle in their history. Historians and specialized wizards from the unspeakables were currently doing everything they could do counter the wards in place. The historians were there to go over all the ancient knowledge that they had.

While many common wizards rejoiced at the thought of Camelot returning, many of the higher ups, like Albus Dumbledore, Millicent Bagnold, and pretty much the Wizengamot as a whole were in a panic. The Queen and the Prime Minister were demanding answers that none of them had. To think that this incident had been isolated to England was a laugh as well. The entire statute of secrecy was completely blown out the window, with no way to recover. There was no way to obliviate the entire world and that still wouldn't help if they couldn't figure out how to hide Camelot again. The upper echelons of society finally settled on a meeting for the next day so everyone could gather as much information as they could.

The situation may have not amounted to a full out panic for muggles yet, but most believed that was simply because the shock hadn't had time to settle in yet. Many, the people who hadn't seen it in person, were trying to pretend nothing was happening and that it was some tasteless prank. One thing that the governments knew for sure and for once, no matter what side of the aisle you were on, knew that it would have to be taken care of soon or there wouldn't be much of a society left to govern.


"Well, that definitely went the way I expected it to." The beautiful witch spoke with mirth, who stood next to the frowning Harry James Potter.

So not funny Morgana. Your parents aren't supposed to pass out because their son said hello to them."

Her tinkling laugh caused a small smile to grace her husband's face, before she tried to calm him down. "Well, the last time they saw you, which was coincidentally three days ago, you were the size of a football."

"Humph! I was bigger than that, but I guess you are right. I was just excited to meet them properly for once. It may have been three days for them, but it has been about 1500 years for me."

Giving the love of her life, her best encouraging smile, Morgana reassured him. "I'm sure it just came as a shock to them. It would probably be best to wake them after a calming draught has been administered. Remember that many of the Potter's viewed us as evil too. We never put the reasons for doing what we did in that journal you left."

"Yah, I know, but that was intentional. The world couldn't remember me. And it's not like we aren't dark. Many of my ancestors would still be appalled even after hearing our excuses. I really have no idea how my family got to be the way it did." He did, but it was something he didn't want to remember. A betrayal that also broke both his and Morgana's heart. "Give them the draught and let's try this again. Now that the castle is visible again, we'll have to make our move soon. The people and animals are going to get irritated fast if they aren't allowed to leave their homes."

"Don't worry Harry, everything will work out and our dream will finally become a reality."

Giving a soft smile in return, Harry woke the two up once again after Morgana administered the potion. Watching them blink awake once again, Harry approached them a little more cautiously then the first time.

"Good morning. How do you two feel? Can I get you anything for breakfast?"

Lily and James just stared at the man that was once again speaking to them. The gorgeous, black haired woman stood slightly behind him with a soft smile on her face. All thoughts of what had happened earlier being a dream went out the window after a quick once over of the man once again showed the Potter ring on his finger. There was absolutely no way to forge the ring, so that meant that this was actually the Lord Potter. How his son, he still wasn't sure about that part yet, was the Lord Potter and older than them now was still puzzling him.

The calming draught was doing its work, so James was able to ask what he wanted of the still mysterious man. "I know you called us your parents, but how can that be? Both Lily and I aren't a year older than when we last saw you, but yet you are older than us? Also, how did you gain the ring's allegiance? No one since the founder of our line has been allowed use of that ring." James was exceptionally proud of himself that he hadn't started screaming by then. Lily was content to wait for the answers to her husband's questions before asking her own.

With a sigh, Harry began what he knew would be a long story. "To tell you the truth, I have no idea how it happened, but what I say undoubtedly will shock you and will be hard to believe, so forgive me for what I am about to do. I know it is against what you have been taught James."

James and Lily both leaned forward in curiosity, as Harry stood up from the bed, before James leaped back in horror as Harry produced a ritual knife. It wasn't just any ritual knife, but it was plain to see that it was meant for blood rituals. The fact that it had the Potter coat of arms on it made James glad he hadn't eaten anything for a few days.

"What are you doing?" he screeched. You shouldn't be messing about in things like that. They are evil and dark. No son of mine should be playing around with blood magic." Lily just looked on without an ounce of disgust. Blood magic was something that truly fascinated her, but couldn't find many books on it. There were only a few in the Hogwarts library and besides the warnings about it, the only spells in it didn't seem even dark, let alone evil.

With a tired voice, expecting the argument, Harry countered, "And why is it dark or evil. Like any magic, it could be evil, but I am not sacrificing a baby for this ritual or anything else for that matter. If you give me one good reason that using my own blood is evil, I will stop this right now."

James didn't have an answer to that. All he knew is that he had been preached to that blood magic was illegal and therefore evil. He had always assumed, just like Harry had said that it always involved human or animal sacrifice. He never thought about the things that could be done by using one's own blood.

"Will this do any damage to you when it's done?" James spoke defeated.

"No." was the simple one word answer. James then made a motion for him to get on with it, still fighting the urge to flee the scene.

What followed was amazing to see. Lily recognized the spell immediately from her small amount of research. She couldn't remember that this was another one of those books that just seemed to call to her. It was basically just a truth spell.

Harry cut the palm of both his hands as he chanted words in an ancient language, gaelic if Lily had to guess. Harry just let his blood drip over a dark blue bowl, about the size of a small child's hand. There were runic markings that the two couldn't even begin to decipher. As the chanting stopped, they watched in slight awe as Harry healed both cuts with wandless magic and then a snap of his fingers, the blood in the small bowl was lit. It was a pure white flame that reached about five inches high.

James just looked on in confusion, still fighting his instincts about blood magic, even if he had to admit that nothing remotely alarming had happened. Lily though, was looking on in comprehension. Harry looked at the two of them and saw the recognition in Lily's eyes and just gave her a small wink.

"You did it." It was a statement by Lily and not a question. Everything about that day came back to her and she could finally remember the small pull to look at a particular book. "You're the reason I looked at blood magic?" There was a small amount of accusation in her voice, mainly from having her thoughts manipulated and not the subject matter. James just looked on with confusion.

"Yes, I did." he said without a hint of remorse. "The thing I didn't do was put it into your head to go looking for blood magic. When I saw you looking for it, I actually put my own book into the library with some of the lighter spells so you could see what some of it was about. Yes, it did have a small compulsion on it, nothing you couldn't have overcome if you didn't want to. It was hardly a mind controlling spell. I did it mainly so you could see that not everything the ministry says is correct. They have their ways of controlling what they don't like."

James, having worked for the ministry couldn't help but agree, but he still was curious to what the two were talking about. "Lily, do you know what spell this is and what it is about?"

"Yes James, I do. It's a truth spell. When the flame turns black, that means that the person whose blood was spilled is lying. If it stays white, then he's telling the truth. There is no way to get around it, since it is tied directly into your blood."

"Correct!" Harry spoke cheerfully. "Coincidentally, this is also why blood magic is illegal. There is no in-betweens with it. If the spell was done correctly, it will work. If you cast the Imperius at me right now and did it correctly, it wouldn't work, because it can be beat. This, if done correctly cannot be beat without a counter in blood magic. Oh, there is truly sinister uses to blood magic and the ministry is probably correct in regulating it, but there is nothing harmful about this spell. So, now that that is out of the way, why don't you start firing off questions."

"Are you Harry James Potter, born to Lily and James Potter, in the year 1980?"

"Yes, I am." Harry spoke softly, knowing the emotions that would be going through them at that moment.

James and Lily both watched the flame for close to two minutes before finally looking up at him. Lily had tears and James looked about ready to start crying. "Harry." they both spoke softly. They had still been in doubt up until that point. Getting just a nod, Lily was up in a flash wrapping her arms around a full grown Harry.

"What happened?" Lily was sobbing at this point. "What happened to us? Why are you an adult? Oh my God," full blown tears were breaking out at this point, "we missed your entire childhood."

"Shh, it's ok." Harry desperately tried to calm his mother, but was extremely happy to finally get a hug from her.

"No….it's not." she was finally calming down after a few minutes of crying. James just continued to stare in disbelief.

Deciding to introduce himself properly to his father, now that he knew who it was, Harry extracted himself from his mother and walked over to his father. Sticking out his right hand, hoping for at least a handshake. "I'm glad to finally talk to you. I've been waiting for longer than you can imagine to finally spend some time with my parents. I hope you know that the circumstances were entirely outside of my control and you'll soon see why. I hope you will come to accept me with time, but I would love to have both parents in my life." His hand was still outstretched and tears were threatening to fall from the formidable man, when he was surprised. He didn't get the handshake he so desperately wanted, but James had leapt up and hugged him with all of his strength.

"Oh, Harry!" it was James turn to start bawling, "I thought for sure that you were dead when Voldemort showed up. I thought for sure you and Lily wouldn't make it. Does this have anything to do with that night? What did Voldemort do to us?"

"Calm down dad. I'll explain everything, but many parts, actually most parts, won't be easy to hear or in some cases accept. Just remember everything I say is the truth." All he got were a couple of nods in return, both looking on in slight fear of what they had missed for however long they had been out.

"First of all, I am Harry James Potter, your son, and am also Lord Potter. What you don't know is to this day, there has still only been one Lord Potter." Letting that information sink into his parents heads, he continued on after holding up a hand to stop any protests he knew were coming. "Yes, I am the original Lord Potter, and no, I have no idea how I was brought back to what is now called the Middle Ages. I have memories that you can visit later to show you, since we don't have time to go over everything right now. Like I said, I don't know what brought me back, if it was a result of a killing curse that didn't work, but I seriously doubt it. Believe me, we had some of the most influential minds at the time, including Merlin the Great coming up with theories. Nothing came even close to being concrete though.

"So, I was ripped from your house and landed in a different time. Of course, I knew nothing about what time period I was in, learning it was the year 542 later on. I was a lost and scared child, looking for his mother and father. I landed on a dirt road that was running through a forest. As you know, I couldn't hardly walk more than around the house, but I followed that road for what felt like days, all the time crying for my parents. That was when I met him, my mentor and for many years my grandfather. Coming up the dirt road was a horse pulling a carriage behind it. In the seats sat a tall man with a long white beard and a small child, no older than myself.

As you have probably guess, this was the Great Merlin and his charge Arthur Pendragon. Arthur's father had just been slain a few days previous and there was no one to take up the throne since Arthur was clearly not ready. Merlin took me with him, did a few spells on me, where he found out my name and a few other things that he refused to tell me until I was older. We were going to a small town in what you now know as Cambridge. Plenty far enough away from Camelot that no one would be looking for the future king there. Many had thought Arthur dead with his father though.

"We stayed with an older lady, who while poor, provided everything that we would ever need to survive. Merlin knew that I was magical and along with Arthur, he taught us everything he could over the years. Now, Arthur wasn't much of a magician. He had a small magical core and could only do the simplest of spells. Well one day, he became so frustrated that he swore off magic all together. He was about eight at the time, but stuck with that promise for the rest of his life. I, on the other hand, soaked up everything Merlin taught me like a sponge. There wasn't a spell that he would give me that I couldn't do given time. It was one of my proudest days when he told me I reminded him of himself.

"We didn't just learn magic though. Merlin was a wizard who had many things to do around the entire country side. He wasn't famous yet, he was just another face in the crowd, but just because he wasn't known, didn't mean he wasn't preparing. He was preparing for Arthur's return and laying the groundwork. While he was away on his trips, we would learn swordsmanship. It was a skill Arthur quickly bested me in. Since he had sworn off magic, he put everything into it that he could. He still is the best swordsman that I have ever seen.

"For eighteen years, Arthur and I were all the other had. With our destinies intertwined, the few other kids in the village couldn't keep our interest or intensity for learning. We were best friends, vowing to never forsake the other. Arthur was quickly coming to rely on me as much as Merlin, me the same with him. Then the day came for us to leave. Merlin took me aside without Arthur and spoke to me about everything that he had learned the day he picked me up.

"He didn't know how and he told me he had been researching it since that day, but the spell he did gave not only a name, but a birth date along with parents as well. Naturally, I wasn't so worried about the birthday, since I knew how old I was, but my parentage was always something that I strived to know. Arthur at least had the knowledge that his parents were dead and could move on. I, on the other hand, knew you were still out there somehow. Well, I was sort of right. Before I could get mad at him, he explained to me about how I was from the year 1980. He had done the spell so many times that he was positive of the results. My parents were Lily and James Potter and that was another clue the spell worked, since there was no one in the countryside with those names.

"That was the conversation that changed my life. If I was focused on magic before, it was nothing like I was now. I had all but given up fighting with weapons and hand to hand. I still did enough with Arthur to keep him happy, but nothing that would get me anywhere near his top Knights. It took us about a month to journey to Camelot and the whole time, I reflected on what I had learned. There was no way to get to my own time and know you. According to Merlin and at the time, if he said it I viewed it as true, there was no way to time travel. He was as lost as I was at how I ended up back there.

"Just because I knew there wasn't a way to time travel, didn't stop my obsessive focus about getting back. That's when I became obsessive about immortality. I studied all branches of magic, just to get a glimpse of how to get back to you. Enough about that for a second though and let me get back to the story.

"We had reached Camelot and the once magnificent city was almost in ruin. There were daily riots in the street, pillaging, and all kinds of illegal activity happening. It was clear that the city needed a king. If the main city was that bad, we didn't want to know what the rest of the realm was like.

"Well, it seemed like Merlin had everything planned out like usual. For, that same day that we came into town, so did every other Knight currently loyal to the crown. Lords and Ladies walked the city in their fancy clothes, sneering at the once proud city. Something Merlin did not tell us, was that when Uther passed away, he had placed the fabled Excalibur into a stone of granite right outside the front gate of the castle. Every year, on May 17th, Arthur's birthday, everyone who thought that they had a claim to the throne came up to that stone and tried to pull the sword from it.

"Waiting his turn, Arthur watched every hopeful man fail and then he walked up, the most determined I had ever seen him. There were many snickers at the young man, who thought he had more claim then men twice his age, but he was calm and picked that sword out of the rock without a thought. The crowd was stunned. After learning who the man was, the people started to rejoice at finally having their king back.

"There were parties every night for a week, but eventually Arthur had to take up his duties. This left me by myself, with nothing to do. He would of course ask my opinion on things, but he was the new king and you could see the stress getting to him. He also had Merlin advising anything he did. This left me a golden opportunity, one that broke my heart as much as it excited me. I decided to travel and see the world. I hadn't forgotten my new goal, or I should say, obsession. One way or another I was going to become immortal. So, I left, to Merlin's understanding and Arthur's look of betrayal.

"I had promised myself that I would only be gone for a few years and then be back with knowledge to help Arthur. I went all over for two years, learning everything I could, from the Druids to the Elves. I had yet to go past the shores and more importantly, had yet to come close to my goal."

"It was the third year that I met her. The most beautiful woman that I have ever met. Up north in what is known as Scotland, I met her and I have never been without her for a day since. Oh, it wasn't easy getting her to fall in love with me. It started off with a trade between us. I would teach her magic and she would allow me to spend time with her. I know, not a very good trade, but what can I say, I was in love. Her name, Morgana Le Fey, now Potter and is the lovely woman behind me.

James and Lily had completely forgotten about the woman, too startled with the revelations that were coming out of their son's mouth. They tore their eyes away from Harry over to Morgana Le Fey, or they guessed daughter-in-law would be correct as well. Just now realizing the implications that their son was not only Lord Potter, but also a master at dark magic's and all the other things that were written down, brought James and Lily back to earth and maybe a little afraid of what the rest of the story had in store.

"Please, for my sake, or at least before you know the full story, forget everything that was left in my journal and whatever you have heard about her. Yes, we didn't get along with Camelot for a while, but it wasn't out of trying to kill Arthur for the throne. It was because we differed on things that we saw as keeping Camelot alive. If you read the journal, you know that we never tried to strike any killing blows against the enemy." Getting nods in return, Harry made a final plea. "Listen to the end of the story and if you don't want to stay with me and can't except her, I promise I will let you walk off without any complaint on my part."

James and Lily just studied their son. The revelations so far were astounding and it was a wonder that they weren't passed out again. His son was the legendary and feared Lord Potter. The one his family had tried to erase from wizarding history and pretty much succeeded. Now, he wasn't sure what to believe. This was his son and he already decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and he knew Lily was more than willing too. He looked up at the hopeful face of the woman, Morgana Le Fey, legendary evil witch, and just couldn't process them being one and the same. So shocking the entire room, it was James that stood first and embraced her.

"Welcome to the family. I guess it might be a little late, but welcome all the same." That was all Lily needed before she too leapt up and hugged the witch. Lily, already being more accepting of anything dark and the fact that she had already admitted to herself that Lord Potter and his wife were truly amazing people. Maybe dark, maybe evil, but still amazing.

"Thank you." came the soft voice of Morgana, truly touched by the acceptance.

"Alright, you'll have plenty of time to talk later." Harry got them back on track. "We have to finish this story before I have one more surprise for you two. Ok, like I said, I fell in love with her and spent all my time with her. Teaching her and being with her was truly a gift to me. My obsession was slowly destroying me and Morgana helped me control it. I was still hoping to solve it, but I didn't spend every waking minute on it anymore."

I spent about two years in that little village and by that time Morgana tolerated me enough to accept my hand in marriage. By this time, I was 25 and had spent five years away from Arthur and Camelot. I decided I wanted Arthur to meet her before becoming wed. We made our way back to the castle and when we got there, it was a sight to behold. The run down city was nowhere to be seen. In its place was a flourishing symbol of a new age. I was truly proud of my brother in all but blood's work."

"Arthur and I embraced happily at our reunion. Arthur had finally come to terms with my desire to see the world. The happy reunion didn't last long though. Merlin took Arthur, Morgana, and I aside, where he explained her true origins. Morgana was Arthur's half-sister, born from Ygenra and Uther. This, understandably made her upset, thinking she had been abandoned to a life of a commoner, while her brother sat on the throne of a kingdom. Let me tell you now, she never cared about the throne, just upset that her rightful place was kept from her."

"Arthur was most accommodating to us and we wed a month after returning. Again, we felt like life for us was outside the castle and we left. This time, all Arthur did was ask us to promise to visit more than once in five years. We did, but we mainly traveled. We met Gringott of the goblins and after saving his life from a score of muggles, he revealed to us how he was the leader of his race. We created the first and ever wizard alliance, mainly because it is still in place. It took many centuries, but we eventually helped them create a bank and they named it after him, because it was his dream."

"Even back then many of the magical creatures had to suffer isolation in fear of non-magicals. It was truly a shame, because every race had something to offer another. This is where Morgana and I started thinking things that put us at odds with Camelot. We didn't feel Arthur was doing enough to keep the peace and he didn't know what else he could do without starting a full out war. I'll even admit now that I once viewed muggles as beneath me and Morgana did the same. Now, I know they have their uses, but I still think wizards were sent to earth to guide them, like Merlin did for Arthur."

"Arthur, Merlin, and I had our arguments, both sides thinking the other was wrong, but we never once felt different about each other. If Arthur ever needed help, I would be there in a second. We just had one major political difference, but at the time it was a huge one."

"Then we met the elves and let me tell you, they are a sight to behold. Even in our time, they were a myth. Well, for starters I was ecstatic that I had finally found an immortal being. As you know I did my tests and utterly failed with them and promised to never do them again. Mainly because, unlike actual elves, house elves bred like rabbits and it was against elf nature. They were immortal and would always be a small race. They only had children when one of them chose to pass on. This kept a population of about five thousand in the world.

"It is true that we created an alliance with the Elves, but we never included them in any of the fighting. They were and still are a peaceful creature that refuse to become directly involved in a war. They understood the situation, maybe better than we ourselves did, and were willing to help us out in anything else. Apparating was actually a skill taught by the elves. Gaining the allies we did, we doubled our efforts to get Merlin and Arthur to see reason.

"They didn't of course, Merlin being a peaceful man, only drawing weapons or magic when absolutely necessary. The future is not set into stone, so he didn't want to make a decision now that could have a worse change in the world.

"We had traveled pretty much everywhere on these shores by then and were ready to settle down. At age thirty, Morgana and I had our first child, a boy we named Arthur. It was a way to stay close to Morgana's actual brother and someone I felt like I had abandoned in his hour of need. This is about the time that Dementors came about. They were actually captured muggles. Muggles that had attacked the elves without provocation. Well, let's just say that if muggles could become what they did, I didn't want to try on a magical. And yes, I can destroy them if I want and will call their allegiance back to me when we are done here.

"Over the years, we met many interesting people and creatures. We each had Phoenixes as companions, along with Griffins, Basilisks, and so much more. These proud creatures would never bond to someone, but would become as loyal companion as one could ask for."

"Then came the last time that we went to the castle before the fighting began. Arthur was as excited as I had ever seen him. He had a new general for his army, Mordred. He came from the West, what is now Ireland. Morgana and I didn't like him from the moment we saw him. Arthur praised Mordred's success at creating peace between muggles and magicals. I was happy, but a little leery. There was something off about him, but I had no reason other than my gut to be against him.

"I did follow him one night though, when he was supposed to be stopping a faction of people from going after a family of druids. I watched, happy to see that he did indeed talk the people out of killing the druids, then in horror to see his army do the deed itself. He then went back and told Arthur that the men had finished before they got there. They even killed one of the non magicals just so he would have 'proof' that he was working for the king.

"Arthur wouldn't believe me and Merlin had decided to let the king make his own choices. We were 35 at the time, our son just turning four and the thought that there was a monster under the king's control doing those things to magicals was scary. That was when we started to attack. I had the goblins with me, who were well versed in weaponry and could stay with the knights and the rest of the king's army. I had the dementors, who were mainly used as a fear tactic. I did give them the order to kiss Mordred on sight though.

"It was funny though, Mordred never showed up to these battles. Arthur would fight alongside his Knights, Merlin would battle me and Morgana to a standstill, and Mordred would always have an excuse why he missed the battle. The battles were draws, since neither side really wanted to hurt the other. Oh, there were definitely deaths, but both sides felt it was for a good cause.

"Three battles it took before I captured one of Mordred's men. He had sent his men in, but he had stayed behind. I guess Arthur had tired of his excuses. I captured him and was all ready to just kill him then and there, but Morgana figured, since he was magical, he was the perfect person to try my latest attempt at immortality on. Well, we now have Vampires. He was also a magical vampire and to my everlasting shame, is still out there. He escaped us when both Morgana and I were drawn into a battle. I only hope the sadistic person has been finally put down.

That didn't stop me from using the spell on muggles that I had captured. Soon enough, I had a large army of the undead at my call. We were ready. We were going to make Arthur submit to us. We didn't want to kill him, but force him to see reason. Our plan was working perfectly. Morgana was fighting Merlin, leaving me to cut through many of Mordred's forces, and that's when I saw the man I hated more than anything. Mordred was directly behind Arthur. I was just about to throw the killing curse at him and get him out of the way, when he did the unthinkable.

"He gave me a little smirk, pulled out his dagger and then stabbed Arthur right in the side. Fighting stopped as Arthur fell to the ground gasping for breath, coughing up enormous amounts of blood. Then, to my horror, Mordred's army started cheering. They had just been waiting for Morgana or I to take Arthur out so he could claim the throne. He just got sick and tired of waiting for us to stop playing.

"I flew into a rage at the sight of my brother laying on the ground in his own blood and used the most vicious curse I could come up with. I bound him and then hit him with a curse that slowly peeled him like an apple, layer by layer. He was alive the entire time and I made sure of it. Seeing three seriously pissed off wizards, the rest of Mordred's army withdrew, or at least tried too. A shockwave from Merlin, hellish fire from Morgana, and a battle spell I came up with, they were dead within a few seconds.

"Now, understanding what we could really do, everyone else just laid down their weapons. We all only had eyes for one man though. Quickly, I rushed off to get an Elfish healer and barely made it with enough time to spare. We healed Arthur, but he had weeks of recovery time. That whole time, we stayed with him and Merlin in Camelot. The city was subdued. Arthur had opened his eyes after Mordred's betrayal. Let's just say, we both made concessions that day.

"We banished many people from the realm, only keeping the people that were needed. All magicals were welcome also. The elves still reside there, along with many vampires and other mystical creatures. The goblins created their bank and decided to stay out in the world. There was limited money in Camelot, but they did always promise to come to our aid if needed.

"Merlin, Morgan, and I then performed a powerful spell that I doubt could be duplicated today and hid the entirety of Camelot from the outside world. It was decided that if the world was going to self-destruct around us, then we didn't want to go with it.

"Things changed though and I could see how truly destructive non magicals were being. They are a selfish people that once more are in need of guidance. I truly blame wizards as much as I do them. They have hid away and allowed the non magicals to destroy the world. The ozone is almost nonexistent. New plants and animals are becoming extinct every year. The world is over populated to the point that some governments are putting limits on how many kids a couple can have.

"This is just a few of the things they have done. Morgana and I knew that I would cease hiding at the time of Voldemort's attack, but we were seconds away from acting many times before. It didn't truly start getting bad until the 1900's, but to watch as magical after magical is killed because no one will stop with their prejudices is disheartening. Morgana and I have studied the world over in our long life and we are now willing to drag the population into peaceful times.

Lily and James just stared incredulously at the story their son had just told them. It did fill in all the blanks from the journal. The only question now was, what was their version of a utopia? They had so many questions, but the story had taken four hours and it was noon already. They were both hungry as well.

"What is your plan for the world?" With a sigh, James continued, knowing it was the only choice he would choose anyway. "I just don't know if I agree with killing everyone for no reason. I'm with you Harry as long as I am kept in the loop, to why things are happening. If I don't agree, I would just like to be kept out of that particular plot. Merlin only knows that I have no love for muggles either."

A smile threatening to split his face, Harry enthusiastically agreed. "Of course! I wouldn't dream of it. Actually I was planning on offering you both advisor roles on the council. How about you mother?"

"As long as I agree on what you are doing, I see no reason not to join you. I have a suspicion you already knew it was going to be your father you had to convince anyway with all those books you left out for me." Lily chastised, but had a smile on her face as well.

"Harry blushed slightly, looking extremely guilty. "I'm glad you are both on board. Now, let me give you your final surprise while you have lunch. Nippy!" A house elf popped in, eager to serve the creator of his race. "Please get lunch for six and grab the guests."

"Right away Master Potter!" and then popped away.

"This is where Morgana and I leave you. Eat lunch, catch up, and then we have a meeting with all of the advisors."

Before they could protest, Harry and Morgana left the room, only to be replaced by four more individuals. They were both older than the last time they saw them, but they recognized them in an instant. From both their mouths came the same words. "Mum! Dad!"


Harry and Morgana walked hand in hand back to the room they had left his parents in with his grandparents. It may have been near a millennium and a half, but Harry and Morgana were still very much in love with each other. Harry also had, after all that time, finally had all the missing pieces back together.

Knocking and getting a quick 'Enter' from the occupants, Harry pushed the door open, happy to see everyone catching up and enjoying themselves. "How's everyone doing?"

He didn't even get an answer, before both James and Lily were enveloping him in a hug thanking him profusely for saving their parents.

"Hey! They are my family too, don't forget that." he smiled at them. "So, if you are all ready, we have a meeting to decide our immediate future. I figured afterwards you both can look at my memories if you would like. You can see my life growing up and you can also stop the feature if you see a particular spell you would like to learn."

Getting beaming smiles from his parents, he led them out of the room and through the magnificent castle.

"Hey, before I forget. You obviously became immortal, so how'd you do it?" James asked curiously.

A smile was returned, "All in good time father."

"Oh, this is so beautiful!" Lily cried out.

Glad to finally be able to be part of the conversation, Morgana jumped in, "Oh, you haven't seen the best part yet. Right up here….C'mon!"

Morgana led Lily and James towards a window at the end of the hall and Harry could hear them gasp all the way back where he was. He knew why too. The view was of the mountains with a huge green forest rolling in the foothills. A large stream running right through the center. It was even more impressive in the morning, when the sun first peaked on the horizon. It also was probably the final proof that Lily and James were really in the legendary Camelot.

They made their way back to Harry and continued on their way through the hallways, before reaching the center of the castle on the second floor. Reaching a large oak door, Harry didn't even announce himself before entering the room. There it was, right in the middle, the legendary round table. There were already eight people sitting at the table waiting for them to arrive.

Maybe James and Lily hadn't thought that far ahead or it hadn't sunk in yet, but sitting there, smiling a big smile at the stunned pair, was none other than Merlin or Myriddin Emyrs, white flowing beard and all. Sitting right next to him was a young Arthur Pendragon. He was as formidable looking as legend depicted. About six foot tall and weighing in at about 190 pounds, he looked just like a legendary swordsman. The others they did not know. There was a goblin, an elf, vampire, but the rest were either wizards or muggles.

"Sit down! Sit down." came the booming voice of Merlin. "Glad to finally meet the parents of my favorite student wizard.

"I'm almost as old as you are old man. Just because I choose to look young doesn't mean I am."

"You'll always be younger than me Harry. But, anyway, have they decided?'

"They are with us as long as we keep them in the loop."

"Excellent!" came the baritone voice of Arthur.

Getting over one to many shocks in a day, James composed himself, "Actually, we don't exactly know what the goal is yet."

Merlin just gave the pair a smile, "Why young children. It is quite simple. We are going to simply put the world under Camelot's rule."

"Oh….that's all?" James felt faint.

"We're going to bring Camelot back under its rightful king?" Arthur spoke up with authority.

"We'll of course start out small, with just England, then make our way from there. It's not going to be an easy fight. There are many powerful wizards and witches in the world and our entire army is currently in Camelot right now. We have a few allies in the outside world, but they aren't an army, unless you count the goblins. Too bad they are only the bankers for a few countries." Harry spoke up, letting them know the difficult task ahead of them.

"We hope to actually bring the world back a few centuries, fix all the problems pollution did, and hopefully create a completely peaceful world." It was Morgana who spoke next.

The goblin Ragnok was next to speak and in typical fashion, wasn't wasting any time. "The question is, are you in or out, Mr. and Mrs. Potter?"

"We already told our son we are in, as long as it is something we can agree on. As long as we have a purpose and don't forget ourselves like Voldemort, I see absolutely nothing that I can't get on board with." James spoke, finally getting excited at the chance to change the world.

Lily piped in, "Now, what do we do next?"

With a feral grin, giving a glimpse of what Harry was truly capable of, he motioned to a man that both James and Lily missed. "Watch and find out." The man walked out and only a few minutes later, horns were blaring and all of a sudden the city came to life. "William there will make sure that the world knows of our demands." The whole table just smiled.


"Let's get this meeting started!" The Queen announced in her full authority. Sitting around her were some of the leaders of Great Britain. Albus Dumbledore, Millicent Bagnold, the Prime Minister, his top general in the army, along with similar ranking individuals from the U.S., France, Spain, and Germany. Everyone wanted to have representatives, but they decided to just have it with their closest allies and neighbors to get a solution started.

"I assume you have all read the notes and know what this situation represents to the world as a whole," Britain's Prime Minister started. "Since this is mostly out of my control, I turn it over to the magical worlds Chief Warlock, as I hear he knows quite a bit about what has happened."

"Yes, thank you." Albus spoke soberly to his audience. "I have always prided myself on knowing many of the more esoteric branches of magic and while magic itself may not help in this case, many stories have been told when delving into the ancient arts. Many stories that I, myself, found unbelievable just a few months ago. The story revolves itself solely around the Potter family, King Arthur, Morgana Le Fey, and Myriddin Emyrs.

"Remember, this is history so muddled with time that only the oldest families have even an inkling of what the truth is and I highly doubt we actually come close to the actuality. We all know Morgana Le Fey, Arthur Pendragon, and Merlin, but the Potter Lord has almost been erased. The rumors though are astounding. He was as powerful and knowledgeable as Merlin and Morgana, while being as close to a brother to Arthur without being tied with blood.

"The magic he is rumored to have created is equally as impressive as it is terrifying. Creatures, such as Vampires and Dementors were his creations. He still is the only one to ever ally himself with the goblin nation and this in itself is enough cause to be seriously panicked. They control our entire economy and if they were to turn on us it would be disastrous. Every treaty they have signed has always had a clause about being void if one of their previous allies was to return. The wizarding world, secure in their knowledge that those enemies were long gone, just laughed at it.

"Lord Potter, Morgana Le Fey, all of their allies launched an attack on Camelot and in doing so Arthur was killed. Nobody is really sure how it happened, but it was in that battle. A few months later, the castle disappeared, along with the entirety of Camelot's realm.

"No one knows what happened to those three wizards after Camelot disappeared, but there are many rumors. Some say Morgana was just happy to get the throne and then waited peacefully for death. Others think they took Camelot to a whole other dimension where they began a kingdom there. Now, the one that was the most farfetched theory, but now has cause for us to worry is that Camelot was hidden until such a time that they would seek their vengeance on the world. They say that Morgana and Lord Potter have both found immortality and just continue to bide their time. We can only hope that this isn't the case, because I fear our most powerful sorcerers will have nothing on two beings with 1500 years of experience. Let us hope that the spell has simply lost enough power to properly fuel it, otherwise the Statute of Secrecy is the least of our worries.

"The fact that the Potters have all disappeared about the time Camelot has appeared, is certainly troubling."

Dumbledore looked out over the faces. Many were pale with worry, others disbelieving, while others angry at the thought of not being able to handle the threat. This was mainly the muggle military leaders. Before anyone could fire back though, they were interrupted by a boy. A boy that just looked like he ran a mile at a full sprint.

"Ma'am!" he spoke huffing. "You all need to come quick. The castle has just awoken."

"What do you mean it has awoken?" the queen demanded. "Speak some sense boy."

"The castle…there are tons of people…horns blowing….red flag with dragon….bridge lowering." he finished as fast as he could.

The people in the room were stunned until Albus Dumbledore took charge. "Everyone who can apparate, take someone who can't. We need to hurry!" With that Albus grabbed the Queen and was gone in a blink, followed by everyone else.


Albus Dumbledore landed softly in front of a mass of people that were being held back from the scene in front of him. Ignoring the gasps from magic ignorant muggles and the glare from the Queen, Albus strode forward with her majesty by his side. With her there, there was no need for anyone to question him, not that the guards wanted to anyway. They were too terrified with what was happening in front of them.

Horns were still blaring into the wind and the bridge had fully lowered itself. Walking in front of a small army, which were definitely vampires, if the way they moved and looked were any indication, were three people. One led the procession, with a scroll in his hands, while the two behind him were directly off to each side, holding tall flags with the Camelot symbol on it. It was a blood red flag with a black dragon flying ready for an attack. Albus Dumbledore watched with growing trepidation as the man drew closer with each step. He knew, that whatever was in that scroll would be bad news for the rest of the world.

The man stopped right in front of the Queen of England, completely ignoring Dumbledore and the other leaders of the world and spoke. "I am William, messenger to the one and only true Empire, Camelot. My leaders send this missive to be read at the nearest opportunity. Please do not be late."

Albus couldn't believe what he was hearing. The way he spoke made it sound like they were ready to kick the Queen out of her position along with the rest of the governments. "What do you mean, don't be late?" he spoke hurriedly as he saw the man walking away.

He allowed himself a turn of the head and a little smirk. "You'll know once you read it." before turning back around.

The only thing the leaders could do was feel helpless at the entire situation. "We need to get back and read this immediately." Getting nods, they all returned to the room they had left less than ten minutes ago.

Opening the scroll, the Queen spoke in as strong a voice as she could muster at the time. The message was remarkably short, but left no doubt what they wanted.

To the Outside World,

We, the people of Camelot have sat idly by and watched as you have destroyed yourselves and this wonderful planet. We cannot sit by any longer and if you can't change yourselves, you will force us to do so with deadly tactics. One way or another you will comply, so please save the world the trouble and save many lives by surrendering to Camelot's rule and its true King. To prove to us that you have complied is quite simple. You have caused the atmosphere to break apart with your greed and technology. To save the atmosphere, stop all factories, automobiles, etc.

Wizards were once a being that chose to guide muggles in their time of need. Look at Merlin and King Arthur. Alone, they were nothing, but together they ruled a great kingdom. The magical world and muggle world is constantly at war, even if half the time, muggles don't realize it. This must stop as we were meant to live on this earth in peace.

Now, we know that these INITTIAL demands are substantial so we are willing to work with you. If you show that you are making significant progress, we will extend the terms. But, know now, our ultimate goal is to see a world, much like it once was.

Green grass and forests as far as the eye can see. The bluest waters you could ever hope for. Wildlife roaming free without the worries of getting hit by automobiles. If you are worried about muggles surviving without many of these things, well, we didn't say it would be easy. Remember, you have wizards and as much as that world may have stagnated, they have ways to solve many issues.

Do not worry about contacting us. We will know if you are complying.

King Arthur Pendragon

Lord Myriddin Emyrs

Lord Harry Potter

Lady Morgana Potter nee Le Fey

"They can't be serious!" an American yelled out. "What they ask is impossible. We would destroy the entire economy and there would be nothing left of us anyway. It would be a perfect time for them to come take us out with the riots that will be happening."

"I think, my good sir, that that is the point. They know we can not comply with their demands and therefore they have pretty much told us that in two month's time, they will be using deadly force." Albus Dumbledore spoke tiredly.

"Let them come!" spoke the German president fiercely. "We have more than enough means to take out such a small country. Look at them now, they live in houses that were out of use centuries ago. What good can they do? You wizards always underestimate us."

The German was getting agreements from all the other non magicals.

"Do we even know what kind of threat they possess? What if they are just using these names to scare us into submission?" The Queen asked Albus Dumbledore directly.

"I am not sure my lady, but I highly doubt that all of these people are dead. This is just too much of a coincidence. Best to prepare for the worst anyway. The army themselves would probably pose a limited threat to the muggle population, but it is those four that I am worried about. I doubt we could penetrate those wards with anything that we have," he ignored the scoff of the muggles, "but they could do an incredible amount of damage themselves with hit and run tactics. We would never catch them. I would suggest warding every place of importance as well as we can and just hope that these four were not as brilliant and powerful as legend wants us to believe."

No one could come up with anything better so they all decided to call it a night and get warding teams working first thing in the morning. Albus Dumbledore though sighed tiredly as he reached under his shirt to grab a small pendant with a phoenix on it. Tapping it with his wand, he summoned his trusty Order of the Phoenix for an emergency meeting. First though, he had a stop to make and hopefully gain a new and powerful ally.


3 hours later

Albus watched wearily as the last member walked into their meeting place. It was a small home, its use given by his good friend Dedalus Diggle. None of them were surprised by the emergency meeting, since they had all heard of a giant castle appearing out of nowhere. What was a cause of confusion was the young man sitting side by side with Albus Dumbledore.

He was fairly tall at five foot eleven inches, incredibly handsome, aristocratic face, brilliant blue eyes, and straight black hair. Many of the young ladies even blushed at the young man before they sat down.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice, but I have unpleasant news. Camelot has indeed returned and not in a friendly manner. Basically they gave us the demands of ending the Statute of Secrecy, which I admit is pretty much gone now anyway, but also end our way of life. They want us to all bow down to Camelot's rule." Dumbledore gave them a brief history lesson of Camelot, like he did at the meeting, before continuing with current events. "According to the missive we have received, they are all still alive and I have no reason to doubt that."

He wasn't surprised by the shouting that started up at that point. Questions like 'how can we beat the Merlin?' and 'Merlin and Morgana are allies?' were expected. What was also expected was many of them glossing over Potter Lord. He was sure that by the end of this campaign everyone in the world would be plenty acquainted with him.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Albus shouted, tired from the extremely long day. "I understand you are scared of these foes, but remember this is about to be a world war against a small country the size of Wales. If the world comes together and works with one another, we will weather this storm like always. Now, I have already been proactive and gotten us a powerful new ally. He has many wizards and witches under his control, along with a vast army of creatures. Please allow the man next to me to introduce himself."

Motioning to the young man next to him, he dreaded the aftermath of the revelation, especially when he saw the sly little smirk come out. "Tom Riddle, it's a pleasure." he drawled out. Many looked on in confusion except for a few that looked on in terror. Deciding that he better get the show started he continued. "I also go by the name…..Lord Voldemort."

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