I'm not a robot!

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(A/N:Hey y'all , this is my first A.N.T. Farm fanfic so I would really appreciate some feedback. This may seem a bit more dark than my Kickin' It stories but I hope you like it. :)))

Olive's P.O.V.

It was another miserable day at Webster High , Fletcher hitting on Chyna , Angus hitting on me , and Lexi's high heels clanking through the hall ready to lower my confidence to another level. Life was so dull for me. I loved Fletcher but he loves Chyna . Angus won't leave me alone, and Lexi is on my last nerve.

Everyone I've ever hung out with thought I was invincible just because of my talent. Heck , I don't even call it a talent anymore, it's now called 'The Curse' in my mind.

It was free period and I was waiting for school to be over , 2:50 PM. Ughhh! Darn you slow time!

Chyna , Fletcher , and Violet walked into the A.N.T Farm , completely oblivious that I was sitting there. My mind was brought to some flashbacks . They hurt me and brought me down all the time .

"...and Olive's a robot in a human body."Fletcher said knowing I was standing there , he probably knew I was hurting , but what does it matter to him. (A/N:From the episode 'replicANT')

I wasn't a robot . Robots had no emotions...I did...

Tears started to fall out of my eyes and the bell rung. Fletcher looked over to me , saw I was crying, but I darted out and ran out of school.

I heard "Olive ! Olive!" but I was soon out of ear shot and kept running. Why does he do this to me? Why do all of them do this to me?

What friends were they? They put me down every chance they got! Soon Fletcher's voice faded completely and I just kept running. The only thing that surprised me was I was crying, I haven't cried for three years and that was when my best friend Kyle left. He moved right before I went into the A.N.T program, I missed him so much. We kept writing e-mails and tried to communicate but it fizzled out after a while.

My phone started ringing 'Operation' by Lady Danville...my favorite song.

So here we go againg

Just like I said I would for you

You end up all alone in your broken throne for two.

I answered it expecting it to be Fletcher , but was greeted with a different voice.

"Hello!"said a very familiar voice on the other end.

"Hi...erm...who is this?"I ask .

"You seriously don't know? walk to your house Olive"it said.

"Umm...alright"I said turning onto the street to my house. I saw a figure standing on my porch. My eyes widened as I got closer to my house.

"KYLE!?"I scream running to my house and jumping at him for a hug. I end up tackling him and sit back up.

Finally something good has happened lately.

(A/N:Well , how was that, don't worry Kyle isn't any threat to Fletcher in this story, him and Olive have a 'brother/sister' type relationship. Well. Review and Peace!)