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Olive's P.O.V

It was the morning after the talent show and Lexi had texted me and told me to come to her house and that it was urgent.I quickly put on some sweat pants, sneakers , and tied my hair up in a ponytail and ran down to Lexi's house, Kyle joining me on the way.

"Did she text you telling you to come to her house?"I asked.

"Yeah. What do you think this is about?"he asked back.

"I honestly don't know . I guess we're about to find about."I say as I step up onto Lexi's porch. When I went to knock on her door it opened instead of staying shut. I gave Kyle a confused look as we stepped into the house , looking around for Lexi.

"Lexi?"I called out into the silent house.

"Upstairs! "she yelled , she sounded terrified so I took very little time running up the staircase to find Lexi sitting at the edge of her bedroom door , curled up in a ball , holding her phone.

"Lexi what's wrong?"I asked sitting down with her. She looked to me and she looked paranoid.

Her eyes were wide and glossy , her hair was all frizzy , and she had mascara down her face.

"It-it's Paisley . I called her and she didn't answer the first time , and she always answers , but I didn't think anything of it. So I texted her later and she didn't reply , so I started getting scared. She finally called back screaming 'Help me Lexi' then the line got cut off. She said something about an abandoned farm. I'm just so worried about her"Lexi said as a tear made its way down her face.

"Hey , it's going to be okay Lexi."Kyle said softly, sitting down beside of us and my mind still focused on the farm.

"Wait!"I said and both of their heads jolted up towards me.

"I think she's talking about the farm people say is haunted and it's connected to the woods. She's probably there. I have to warn you though, it's pretty strange."I said truthfully. Lexi stood up and smoothed out her clothes.

"I don't care how scary it is. One of my best friends is out missing and scared. We have to find her. "Lexi says .

"Okay , let me call Fletcher."I said , whipping out my phone and dialing Fletcher's number. He picks up almost immediately.

"Hey Olive."he chirps into the phone.

"Fletcher , get to Lexi's house as soon as you can. No time to explain , I'll explain when you get here."I say and before he could answer I hung up.

"I wonder what happened."Kyle mumbles , looking around.

"Hey uhh...Lexi ...where are your parents?"I ask looking at her in her fragile state, her eyes kind of just stopped and stared into mine.

"I don't know , they just said they were going out , like they always do."she said looking down. I knew right then and there that she was lying but I didn't want to press into a bad subject. Kyle had the same thoughts because he shot me a look and I mouthed 'don't ask her' to him and he just nodded and before anything else could happen Fletcher ran up the stairs and stopped running , putting his hands on his knees , and breathing heavily.

"What...is ...wrong...I just ran ten blocks...dear lord I need to run more in gym class..I .am .DYING!"Fletcher breathed out , still trying to catch his breath.

"Fletcher ,Paisley is missing , we think she's at the abandoned farm a few blocks away from here."I said . Fletcher's eyes he finally caught his breath he gave me a strange look.

"Wait , so you think someone kidnapped her?"he asked. Lexi only nodded her head , and then started pacing the floor.

"Weird things have been happening lately."I said and Fletcher's face seemed to pale.

"Fletcher what's wrong ? You act like you've seen a ghost."Kyle says.

"Someone sent me a letter and said that they were watching me . They didn't sign it either."he all shared a glance and I'm pretty sure we all only had one thing on our minds.

What in the world is going on?

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