The Ultimate

Chapter 1: Reawakening

There is a balance to the Universe, the struggle to maintain that balance is the stuff the Legends. The Universe is divided into many different realhms, each very different from the others. And amongst them they all have different ideas of how the universe came to be. All different but in the end there was only one true beginning and that started with war.

Each realhm will sooner or later break into war, whether amongst themselves or with each other. Whether that battle ends for light or ill is entirely up to whatever divine entity if any is out there.

But Wars come to an end and the and the realms had now turned to peace. And the heroes of those wars returned to a calm life of peace they welcomingly accepted. But nothing can last forever. For evil is stirring, with a dark plan.

Shao Khan was probably the biggest threat I his realhm. And if left unchecked someday he might go on to conquer all of reality. Today was a victory for him, a greatest victory he had ever achieved. He had conquered Earthrealm.

After over 500 years his warriors had proven triumphant. The Shaolin Monks, The Special Forces, not even the Elder God Raiden had stopped him. But still there was some lose in his victory. While he had destroyed some of his most hated enemies he himself lost some of his best warriors but even more precious to him, his own daughters had died in the conflict.

So it was a bittersweet victory for the Emperor as he stood atop his balcony watching as Earthrealm finally became a part of Outworld. It was silent until he was approached from behind.

"Emperor. "said a voice that attracted his attention. Shao Khan turned around to see Ermac, the man of a thousand souls standing there." We have come to inform you your forces are already presenting themselves in Earthrealm. Within the hour the entire world will bow to your glory."

"Excellent." The Emperor hissed. But he didn't speak with his usual confidence and vigor, now even in his victory he seemed defeated." Where is the Sorcerer Shang Tsung?"

"The Flesh Pits, your grace."

"Send for him immediately and for any other of my warriors still in Outworld."

"It will be done, lord." Ermac said with a bow. And he turned to go about that task.

Within the hour Shao Khan's remaining warriors had gathered in the throne room. There was the Sorceror Shang Tsung, Shao Khan's most trusted advisor. Ermac a creature of Shang Tsung's creation, his 'masterpiece' as he called him made from the souls of a thousand men. He was made to be the strongest man in the realhms. And to this day none has proven that false. Reptile the last Saurian. A massive green creature who acted as a friend to Ermac, the only one he'd ever had. Lastly was Baraka the Chief of the Tarkatans.

But Shao Khan had many warriors from realhms that were not his own. The wraith Scorpion acted under him on be-half of the Netherrealm. None knew why the Netherrealm involved itself in Mortal Kombat when it had no stake. But Scorpion would stay little on the matter.

Then there were the Lin Kuei assassins. Leading them was Sektor the son of their Grandmaster. With him was Cyrax and a Cyromancers. This was Sub-Zero the greatest warrior of the Lin Kuei, a mountain of a man and a notoriously fearsome warrior with a tendency toward extreme violence. Following him was perhaps the closest thing to a friend he could have, a fellow Lin Kuei named Hydro.

Lastly was Kano. The Leader and last remaining member of the Black Dragon mercenary group.

Everyone went silent as Shao Khan made his way into the room.

"All Hail Shao Khan!" Ermac called around the room." Conqueror off worlds, ruler of the realhms." Shao Khan raised his hand to his subjects as they bent the knee. Even those such as Sub-Zero and Scorpion who were not loyal or stubborn bent the knee.

The Emperor took his throne and with a wave of his hand commanded his subjects to rise. Silence took them after that.

"Good Majesty. "said Shang Tsung stepping forward." A thousands compliments on your victory today." Shao Khan stayed silent." But the question on my mind, perhaps on that of others to is" He paused as he surveyed the room and observed everyone's faces." What will be our next move?" The Emperor was silent and stayed silent for several moments. Some didn't think he would ever answer. But eventually he did.

"We continue on." He grumbled.

"Continue?" asked Shang Tsung." Pray tell sire, how do you mean? Was not your mission this whole time to take Earthrealm?" Shao Khan rose from his throne and to his full height.

"Earthrealm is mine." Shao Khan said closing his hand into a fist." But there will be more. More realhms out there. I will conquer them all, it's people will become mine. They will obey me and live through me. Those who don't will DIE!" To those in Outworld like Baraka and his tarkatans cheered at the chance for more blood. But to those like Scorpion and the Lin Kuei, it seemed their truce just extended a little longer.

Shang Tsung stayed silent and rubbed his hand through his beard.

"Your highness." He said approaching the Emperor once the commotion had died down." I think it would be unwise to take this course of action too soon. Your forces are cut in two, our numbers grow thin." Shao Khan glanced around the room and knew it to be true." We have very few skilled warriors left on our side."

"I disagree." The Emperor responded. He thought of Raiden now and how he had assembled a group of 'Special' Warriors to combat his own. The idea intrigued the Emperor." I shall form an advanced unit of Kombatants to Enforce me will. Ermac." He pointed to the man of a thousand souls. He stepped up and stood before the Emperor." Reptile." The last Saurian stepped forward and next to Ermac." Sub-Zero." The Master Assassin stepped forward and joined the others." Scorpion." The Wraith left his place in the shadows of the corner and came into the light.

"You shall be my Enforcers." Shao Khan said with his arms wide open." You shall be my Special War Powers." The Emperor had seen the four of them fight time and time again, they themselves were the reason he was able to take over Earthrealm. Each had in one form or another had dealt a blow to Earthrealm's defenses and killed a combatant Shao Khan despised. The four turned their heads and all looked at each other, each with an idea conflicting with the other.

Ermac was proud to have been selected by the Emperor. On top of that he felt honored to be in the company of such great warriors. Reptile felt very much the same.

Sub-Zero cared not however for Ermac, Reptile, or Scorpion.

Scorpion simply felt pure rage. He was standing next to the man who killed his family but had to keep himself in check for some unknown reason. His revenge would have to wait.

"Very well." Said Shang Tsung stepping forward." You have your 'War Powers'. But surely that cannot be all." Shao Khan turned and surveyed the room more. The idea hit him once he saw Kano.

"We will scout out these realhms." He announced." And find dark souls who can be brought into our cause."

"A wise move Emperor." Shang Tsung said with a bow." When should we-"



"NOW! Go yourself Sorceror, scout out the next realhm for my conquest."

"As you command, my lord." Shang Tsung bowed and walked away. He then left to go about his task but not before signaling for Kano and Baraka to join him. Soon after Shao Khan's army was dismissed and he himself left. The only ones left in the room were the five 'War Powers'.

"This is truly an honor." Ermac said addressing his new team-members." We hope we all fight well."

"As am I." said Reptile returning the bow.

"When the killing starts." Spoke up Sub-Zero." Just stay out of my way."

"Bah!" Scorpion growled. Then he turned on his heel and walked away. Tundra said nothing and just walked away.

The group slowly dispersed with only Ermac staying behind with Reptile. Now Ermac was a simple creature, created only to fight. It was here that he found his purpose serving his Emperor.

"We are going to be a good group." He said turning to Reptile. Though the Saurian must have noticed the hostility easier than his friend and looked at him strangely.

Shao Khan had returned to his chambers. He slowly walked out onto the balcony and looked up at the sky. The stars were bright and shined across the cosmos. Slowly the Emperor put both his hands up and acted as if he had them all in his hands.

The War to end all Wars was about to begin.