This is a one-shot dedicated to iluvhoa123! Let's just call it a present! (:

"They accept! They accept! They accept!" Anjali told everyone she could find of the news of the newly weds. "They accept…" Anjali smiled when she saw Rahul.

"Even I accept." Rahul said to Anjali right after he smiled widely at her.

Anjali started to walk away but not before he could grab on to her sari. "I know… I know your secret Anjali. You love me don't you?"

Anjali's face turned confused. "What?"

"I know you love me, Anjali." Rahul replied. "You yearn for the same thing that I yearn for. Each other's hearts." He let go of her sari and grabbed her hand. "I know you want me as much as I want you."

Anjali still seemed surprised. "What?"

"If you don't love me than why are you squeezing my hand as if your life depended on it?" Anjali blushed but still didn't move her hand away.

"That doesn't mean anything… Maybe I just wanted to hold your hand." Anjali said gently pulling her hand away. "Because I know that If I hold your hand for to long, if will end up both of us never returning to your home and you know it. Even though as hard as I fight it, I want to take have you and love you but, I really could never take you away from your family."

Rahul moved forward to her ear. "Anjali… So what if we have to leave the home of my family? We can still see them everyday, but only I would sacrifice that for you. In the end we will both still have one thing. Our love and I will always except your love. I will never give it up." He whispered.

"I-I…" She stuttered and closed her eyes.

"It's okay don't say anything. We can do this." He whispered before walking away from her and leaving her standing there.

"What am I going to do?…" Anjali asked herself before running off.

"They agreed! They accepted! They agreed!" She yelled happily.