And There It Is

Note: a slow burn with character development and lots of action. Please comment and let me know what you think as you read!

Chapter 1

The Stilinksi house was dark, except for a single light shining from the kitchen downstairs. The quiet was interrupted by a peal of muffled laughter that echoed into the quiet neighborhood outside.

Stiles scrambled up the stairs trying to stifle his laughter, his hands covered in pasta sauce. As his right foot landed on the last stair, his left shoe was snatched off his foot and flung down the stairwell like a pebble tossed into a well, the sound of it clattering below echoing in the quiet house. He slammed his bedroom door shut and grinned widely when a solid body slammed against his door, the immediate crunch of wood causing the door frame to shudder.

Thinking quickly, he crawled under his bed and stilled his movements oblivious to the fact that he had smeared pasta sauce across the floor boards as he did so. A moment later the door swung open, slamming against his bedroom wall. He peered awkwardly from under the bed as a pair of heavy feet entered the room and suddenly disappeared as quickly as they had materialized.

He was pulled out from under the bed with a yell.

Stiles was tossed onto the bed in one swift motion leaving him breathless as Derek appeared above him, a large puddle of pasta sauce still wet and dripping from his t-shirt. Stiles smiled back at the wolf man biting back a laugh.

So much for homemade pasta sauce.

Derek took off his shirt in one swift motion, revealing his steel cut abs and glorious chest. Goodbye virginity he thought, hello sexual discovery. Derek tossed the other shoe into a corner and pulled off Stile's t-shirt, the seams ripping in urgency.

"Aw man, that was one of my favorite shirts." Stiles whined as Derek tossed the shirt above the large armoire in the corner of the room.

"It's dirty." Derek offered.

"You're dirty" Stiles shot back without thinking.

Derek let out a low, feral snarl that caused the tiny hairs on Stiles' neck to stand on end.

Derek was always so rough. Stiles really didn't mind. He took Derek slamming him onto a bed rather than against a wall as a vast improvement in their relationship. Not much of a relationship, but one none the less. Derek had even stopped telling Stiles that he would rip out his throat, or threatening injury upon him for getting in the way. Progress, that's what it was.

And finally giving it up after all this time was superb. Goodbye virginity, hello sex bomb Stiles.

He stared as Derek's pupils expanded, the alpha's arousal humming through his body. God, the man put male models to shame. Stiles wondered if people found it strange that someone like Derek Hale would be interested in someone like him. Sure people, mostly his mom, would say he had the most beautiful honey brown eyes in the whole county, but apart from that he really wasn't much of a catch. He had a mouth and opinion on him though, and that got him into more trouble than neither he nor his father had bargained for. It has also led him to Derek freaking Hale. The poster boy for lust fueled fantasies; hell he could make girls swoon and guys cringe in jealousy just by walking into a room. Derek was bad boy Ken complete with leather jacket, brooding demeanor, and midnight black Camaro to boot.

And now Stiles would have a firsthand experience of his abilities.

"Stiles" Derek growled loudly. "You're starting to smell so…" Stiles shuddered as he felt Derek shifting, trying to stop himself from letting his wolf out. Their previous erotic fumblings had ended with Derek almost shifting and having to run out in a hurry as the wolf would run on instinct, and Derek needed to be in control at all times, especially when taking a certain teenage boy's virginity.

"Sorry I'll stop" Stiles murmured with no intent on slowing his body's pheromone production.

He looked up at two red irises and smiled playfully at the wolf man. He gave the alpha a soft kiss, feeling the sharp fangs just underneath the stubbled skin waiting to claim him.

He still couldn't believe that someone like Derek hale would want him though. Derek usually looked like he wanted to destroy something the first few months after their introduction, a ying to the others yang so much so, that while they were so different they seemed to meld together, some sort of magnetic pull that even Scott with his rudimentary sensory development was able to pick up on. He would often watch the pair suspiciously and make faces when Stiles would give off these sweet smelling pheromones whenever Derek was near. Derek on the other hand had a handle on his feelings, long since past being a nervous and hormone riddled teenager, and was usually able to mask his arousal, though he too would have to leave their company after extended periods of time, his wolf reacting to an overload of Stiles' scent nearby.

And when Stiles was able to assist the pack in research and other tactical observations, Derek was glad. Glad and frustrated. He could watch the little bastard and keep tabs on him, not like he was stalking, just keeping the human out of trouble and well, mostly away from the advances and beds of other men.

It's not like Derek would ask him to marry him or anything, he was alpha after all, Stiles knew that. Stiles just wanted Derek to take his V card. He knew that once he got that taken care of he would be way less awkward with both sexes and be more grown up and stuff.

He watched as Derek made quick work of his own clothes, running on instinct and arousal. He stopped and admired the wolf man's gorgeous torso, the muscular chest and beautiful six packed stomach. Man, of all the bad things that happened, it was like the universe was giving Stiles something good to make up for all of it.

Even though the two butted heads, Stiles couldn't imagine his life without the alpha. He was crude, handsome, and had a lame sense of humor, but they just gelled. Sure the tension between them was fun and led to a lot of inappropriate gawking, but Stiles liked having him around. Even though Derek was faced with deadly scenarios at every corner, the pack seemed to handle it well and got stronger in the process.

While Stiles knew that Derek was always battling for his life and the survival of his pack, he couldn't imagine losing the alpha; he couldn't imagine losing anyone close to him ever again. That probably explained why he worked so hard to support the pack, making sure he did everything he could to keep his friends safe and alive.


He looked up at Derek's eyes, glowing with concern.

"Hey." Stiles repeated.

"Are you alright?" Derek breathed, noticing the change in Stiles' scent.

Stiles nodded, he continued to look into Derek's eyes.

"You're so brave." Stiles whispered, trying to sound awestruck while burying the feelings of worry or anxiety he was feeling.

Derek bored into Stiles as if reading his very soul.

Derek slowly thumbed away the tears that had pooled dangerously at the edges of Stiles' eyes, the rough, warm hands causing him to sigh in contentment. The alpha cradled Stiles' head in his hands, framing the beautiful doe eyes and those expressive lips that seemed to babble on forever without a filter.

"It can get emotional the first time." Derek stated, punctuating the silence.

What the hell? Stiles was not a lovesick loser. He was a horny teenager who needed to get off. With his sort of boyfriend. Did Derek sense something underneath? He was an alpha werewolf but last time Stiles checked, they couldn't read minds.

Derek looked uncomfortable, shifting his weight across the bed. Stiles didn't need to read minds to know that the wolf was also feeing awkward. Derek tapped Stiles' chin coaxing the teen to look into his eyes, the alpha laid next to him and slowly pulled him into his embrace, spooning him with his nose against Stiles jugular, breathing in Stiles scent, straight from the pulse point.

Stiles felt his spine tingling against the soft silky hair on his paramour's chest and abdomen, the muscles feeling like hard reinforcements to the thousands of nerve endings connected within the fragile support system in his back. He sighed softly, causing two warm arms to envelope him in a protective embrace. He wouldn't even be able to keep the sandman away even if he tried.

Stiles woke to find himself still in Derek's arms, clutched against the older man's body as if Stiles would run away from the big bad wolf in the night. No way. There's no way he could keep away from Derek, even if he tried. Hell just being so close to the alpha was enough for Stiles to create endless fantasies and let his imagination run wild. Wrapped up in Derek's arms though, he realized that he wasn't prepared for what he was starting to feel for the man. And that made the embrace even more powerful and scary. He felt same, warm, and protected. This wasn't just about sex anymore.

He looked down to see the hulking wolf man laid against his chest rumbling like a small truck. His permanent scowl curiously absent, the man looked sweet, even innocent. Stiles absent mindedly ran a hand through his man's hair. He was Derek's now wasn't he in some sort of weird way? He tried to push the thought of it out of his mind and continued to run his hand through the handsome man's hair causing him to push back unconsciously. Stiles smiled.

"Just a big puppy aren't you?" he whispered to himself.

Stiles felt Derek's hands snake around him and pull him down so they were face to face.

"What are you doing?"

"Just you know." Stiles kept stroking, focusing his eyes on Derek's forehead with a soft smile on his face. He loved it when his mom used to stroke his hair when he was tired and grumpy, her gentle touch helping him fall asleep.

Stiles felt Derek's eyes on him, watching him intently, though the alpha leaned heavily into his touch trying to hold back the deep rumblings that were igniting in his chest. Stiles couldn't help grin even wider.

He was slowly turned onto his back as the wolf hunk towered above him. Stiles stopped his gesticulations and placed his hands by his sides with his small content smile. He could be like this forever; as the satisfied mate of a handsome alpha. A guy could dream, couldn't he?

"Stiles look at me."

Stiles looked into Derek's eyes, his body illuminated by whatever moonlight shone through the open curtains of his room.

Derek bored into him again, but there was something else there.

"Derek" Stiles whispered

Derek lowered his lips onto Stiles, slowly pushing his tongue into his mouth. God the alpha knew how to kiss, did the teach this in some sort of werewolf academy? Because he would definitely need to sign up, learn a few things about werewolves and alphas, and how to get along with them and keep them satisfied and not wanting to rip things and people apart. 'How to Keep an Alpha Happy 101' would be a great crash course to enroll in.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Derek's kisses turned passionate, and demanding. His pushed Stiles legs apart and lowered himself over his body covering him in a blanket of muscles and sinewy flesh. Stiles found his hands softly ghosting over the hard muscles in Derek's back, memorizing the power each one kept and the desire that coursed through every fiber of Derek's being.

Stiles felt Derek's appendage fill out in tandem with his own arousal and he could only groan wantonly into Derek's mouth. Stiles felt his body arching off the bed as Derek started to rise. He would be filled from both ends soon and he wouldn't mind at all. Hell he wanted it, no needed it. It would just make his life complete. Once and for all. Derek's pheromones were strong and breathing them in was like getting high off the sexiest drug possible. Hell he could bottle it and sell it on the black market and make a killing. Or just sell it legitimately at a storefront and the secret musk would indeed be that of Derek. His wolf. The one that belonged to him, and him alone. A guy could dream, right?

Stiles felt two long, dexterous fingers rubbing his entrance and slowly dipping inside him.


Stiles opened his eyes to see Derek, his lips pink and puffy from kissing,

"Do you want to wait?" he said, his voice deep and low, filled with the desire to mate, testosterone pumping through his veins.

"What. No! Derek."

"I'm going to die a virgin. I knew it." Stiles muttered under his breath.

Derek was nervous again, Stiles could feel it. He watched as the wolf contemplated whether to continue on with the main event, slowly making love to Stiles till he could only scream Derek's name into the night as the alpha claimed him over and over again. Stiles couldn't read him, but he knew that the more time Derek sat thinking and the less time he spent grinding against him meant his chances of losing his virginity were growing slimmer by the second.

Derek slowly picked himself up from the bed and began putting his clothes back on, grimacing as he placed his still aroused appendage into his pants. Stiles watched in fascination at the way it looked. That was going to go inside him? Where would it all go? He shuddered thinking about how he would feel with Derek inside, connecting them in a sacred bond.

"Wait. Why. I don't want to wait!" Stiles snapped out of his stupor.

"I need to talk to your dad." The Alpha said quietly.

"Wow hold on. Talk to my dad? About what?"

Things came together quickly and Stiles practically jumped out of bed.

"You cannot talk to him. He doesn't know!" Stiles stammered though a little voice in his head knew that his dad had already figured it out but was waiting for him to man up and tell him.

"It's that or nothing. "

This is not twilight!

"Urgh no fair!" Stiles moaned, since when did Derek Hale have attacks of conscience? Stiles' didn't need the man to be all noble and forthright now, hell he wanted the wolf man at his dirtiest, kinkiest, toe curling worst.

Stile was still in high school, what would Derek say to his dad? Ask the sheriff to take Stiles off his hands with two mules and a wagon? Would the two shack up in the old hale compound with Scott, Lydia, and Jackson traipsing through whenever they pleased? Would they spend nights together reading and watching movies, Stiles cuddled up against Derek's side against the cold as the man was surely part furnace? Would they have babies and raise them so they would abide by pack rules and were-law? Would his dad say yes? God please say yes. Stile would pout for eternity if it didn't happen.

Stiles was so nervous as the thoughts simultaneously rushed through his head like scenes from some sort of romantic comedy drama amalgam.

"Don't go. We can cuddle. Cuddling is good for you; it was proven in some study." Stiles babbled hoping to get the guy he adored to stay the night.

Derek was fully dressed and opening the window, he turned to Stiles, something clearly on his mind. Instead of speaking however, the wolf man jumped out into the night and was gone.

"Great. Love you too." Stiles said into thin air.

"Love you too?" He repeated to himself as he curled up inside the blankets.


God talk about being needy.