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Story: Harbinger

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Now to go and see his Lord about questioning Arthur, Bill and Kingsley; this should be interesting indeed. Harry knew his father figure was intrigued by Bill and that in itself was something; Voldemort was interested in knowledge but he almost never was interested in people.

Only time would tell why his Lord was interested in Bill but Harry knew one way or the other things were going to change for the wizarding world after today. The changes would be for the betterment of their world; not for the Greater Good of a few but for the improvement of the many.

Harry was proud to belong to the Dark and would always do everything he could to make sure they reached their goals. Walking quickly toward Voldemort's office he began to formulate questions for the three captives they would be questioning in a few hours.

The raven had many things he wanted to know and these men could tell him and after he had his questions answered he and Draco could have bit of fun with Ronald Weasely.

~~~~~~*********Chapter 23*********~~~~~~

Harry swept out of the dungeons and made his way back to his Lord's study; he had not spent as much time with the bitch as he thought he had if the position of the sun was anything to go by.

Right now though he had some things he wanted to tend to now that he had visited the little whore. Throughout most of his time at Malfoy Manor Harry had not had time to focus on anything besides his training, his health and the Dark's cause.

That being said it was a wonder he had not thought to visit with Peter Pettigrew; the bastard who cost him everything. Don't get him wrong he was fine with where his life had taken him now but he felt that Peter needed to be punished for his disloyalty.

The one thing Voldemort prized above all else was loyalty and Peter Pettigrew did not have a shred of it. Why as Harry recalled the rat tried to plead for his mercy before he escaped to rejoin his Lord. The disgusting rat was not loyal merely weak and looking for someone to protect him.

Well Voldemort would be told all about his little rat but where the hell was the useless bastard? Harry had seen Peter once when he arrived at the Manor but after that Peter was nowhere to be found. Maybe the sniveling piece of garbage had died and done them all a favor.

A snort left Harry's nose; no, he would never be that lucky. Reaching his father figure's study he knocked on the door and waited to be allowed in. Hearing his Lord's permission to enter Harry opened the door and took in the scene in front of him.

A goblin sat in front of Voldemort, taking notes while the Dark Lord smirked happily. Deciding to stay out of it Harry took a seat next to the fire and began to sort through his thoughts and feelings. He felt nothing in regards to Ronald and Ginevra Weasely; they both would get what they deserved just like Hermione did.

Nor did he regret Remus' death only that he lost control of himself when he was confronted by the disgraced werewolf's pitiful excuses. Other than that one occurrence Harry was happy with his life as of now.

Dumbledore could not touch him, the Order was shattered and the Dark was gaining ground. Only a few more well placed plans and the Light would crumble in defeat and his Lord would bring about a new, better age for magical kind.

The sound of the floo flaring brought Harry's emerald eyes over to his Lord; "Harry, I'm surprised you're back so soon. I'm assuming there was not much left of her then?" The teen smirked viciously; "Oh no there was plenty left but she was not in the mind to talk to me so I left her with Bella and Rabastan."

The Dark Lord smirked before he began talking; "The goblins will leak the news to the papers tomorrow that they are pursuing charges against Dumbledore in regards to the theft to your vaults. Before Rita mentioned this little fact but I'm sure Dumbledore found a way to dance around the accusations."

"Now the old coot will have no way to avoid the truth of the matter; the venerable Headmaster stole from a minor and left that same minor with abusive muggles for the first eleven years of his life. That this minor was their beloved boy who lived will not be forgiven lightly."

"Yes, I dare say most of his backers will leave him before they could be painted with the same brush as Dumbledore in the publics' eyes. Not to mention his little Order has been thoroughly destroyed though I bet the old coot will try to downplay the damage his side has taken."

Harry had no doubt that Dumbledore would try to dance around the attack on his Headquarters. Yes, the Dark Mark was released into the sky but no one would be able to get into the house so the nature of the attack would remain unknown.

Even when the non-combatants and children present during the raid woke they would not be able to give an account of what happened. Harry truly loved Elven magic in that moment; it was so unlike a wizards that it was almost impossible for a wizard to break through a House Elf's enchantments.

That being said no one would likely be able to crack Kreacher's memory spells; the authorities might not even know that these people were present at the attack on Number Twelve as Harry doubted Dumbledore would tip them off. No, the old bastard would try to collect the freed hostages and see what happened for himself.

Harry shuddered when he thought of what Dumbledore may do to the people they set free. The ex-Gryffindor believed that many of them would lose their minds under the Headmaster's attempts to release their memories; the Headmaster may be talented at Legillimency but he was nowhere near his Lord's talent.

It was sad that more people would be subjected to the Headmaster's Greater Good but at this point there was little they could do for them. The wizarding world would need to see Dumbledore for what he truly was before they would listen to any words spoken against him.

The article being leaked to Rita would push Dumbledore even further out of the public's good graces and the upcoming trial would hopefully be the final nail in Dumbledore's coffin, whether the nail was figuratively or actual was up for debate.

Harry vacillated between letting Dumbledore live with his disgrace or letting the man meet his ultimate end, after all the old coot thought death was the next great adventure. Harry would have no issue with the old man going on a permanent sabbatical but letting him live to watch his fall from grace when all of his manipulations came to light would be delightful in its own right.

"Well one can only hope the masses will wake from their blond altruistic view of Dumbledore and accept that he is doing more harm than good for our world. But I came to you for a different reason, My Lord."

The green eyed teen watched his father figure as the tall man cocked his head to the side; "Oh and what is it you need from me Harry?" The raven gathered his words and began to speak; "I wanted to ask you where Peter Pettigrew is, My Lord. You see Pettigrew betrayed my parents and he also tried to betray you when he was found out in my third year."

The Dark Lord leaned back, his crimson eyes narrowed when he heard Harry's words; "Oh and how has he tried to betray me Harry?" The raven knew he was treading on dangerous ground but pressed forward, he was after all a Gryffindor; "When we found out who and what he was in my third year Peter tried to bargain for his life."

"He tried to tell us that he never wanted to join, that you forced him under torture to join your cause. I know now he lied, you would never force someone to join you but he tried to appear as such. I want him dead My Lord. He needs to pay for what he has done to me."

"At the end of the day he is the reason I have no parents! That bastard turned his back on people who considered him a brother, trusted him with their lives and he betrayed them in the cruelest of ways."

"Now if that was the only thing he did I may have overlooked it as he was working for the betterment of the Dark but Peter then tried to come back to the Light when he was caught dead to rights in the Shrieking Shack. The rat has no morals and no loyalty; he is useless to the maximum and can NEVER be trusted."

The Dark Lord listened to all of this, quietly absorbing his ward's heated words, slowly he rose and began to pace languidly in front of the hearth; Harry's bright green eyes followed the imposing figure, waiting to see what his Lord would do.

"Rest assured Harry I will look into your accusations; if they prove true Peter Pettigrew will feel the wrath of my wand. However, if your words prove false you will feel the brunt of my anger for making unfounded accusations and you will also give Wormtail an apology for slandering him."

Before Harry could begin to speak the Dark Lord raised his skeletal hand calling for silence; "As unlikely as I find the latter option I must give you fair warning of what will happen if your words prove to be untrue. Now I do believe we have some guests coming to visit for Yule."

At his father figure's words Harry smiled brightly; Luna and Neville would be joining them for a few days. I felt like ages since Harry saw his best friends; "They will be arriving tomorrow if I am not mistaken. My Lord when would you like to question the three Order prisoners?"

Voldemort looked thoughtful; "I believe we can wait for a few days until after your friends leave; the prisoners are being taken care of, not to well but they will not die waiting for us to visit. Now go enjoy your holiday Harry, we will not be doing any training until the New Year."

A blinding smile and an enthusiastic hug were delivered to the tall man courtesy of his very hyper happy charge; "Thank you my Lord. Thank you, you're the best!" Voldemort just stared down at the teen currently asphyxiating him and shook his head; it seemed Harry would never lose that light that burned so brightly inside of him.

"I am aware of my greatness Harry but it always nice to hear it from others. Now run along I have business and plans to make. Shoo." The raven smiled at his very uncomfortable looking father figure; one day the man would be used to getting affection from people but Harry was happy the man no longer tensed and reached for his wand when the teen tried to hug him.

He pranced happily out of the study, on the lookout for his lover so he could plan some fun outings and discuss what he should buy for his friends. On that note what should he get for Draco?

The blonde was not one for a lot of jewelry of adornments but Harry wanted to get him something special; all thoughts of his father figure's interest in Bill and the upcoming questioning of the Order members flew out of his mind as he focused on his Yule gift for Draco.

What does one buy for a man who has everything? Maybe he should speak to Severus about this conundrum, the dark man and Lucius had been together for over twenty years and if there was one person more difficult to shop for then Draco it would be Lucius and maybe the Dark Lord but that was aside from the point.

Changing course Harry scurried toward the potions room, deciding that would be the most likely place for his surrogate cranky uncle to be.

Well Peter probably won't survive long but that will be dealt with next chapter. Also, what does Harry get for our lovely Dragon? Oh and what is going on with Voldemort's interest with our dear William?

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