Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Harbinger

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What does one buy for a man who has everything? Maybe he should speak to Severus about this conundrum, the dark man and Lucius had been together for over twenty years and if there was one person more difficult to shop for then Draco it would be Lucius and maybe the Dark Lord but that was aside from the point.

Changing course Harry scurried toward the potions room, deciding that would be the most likely place for his surrogate cranky uncle to be.

~~~~~~*********Chapter 24*********~~~~~~

The Dark Lord was waiting for his follower to appear in his office; Peter Pettigrew had a low to answer for if his charge was too believed. As soon as Harry left he summoned the sniveling idiot to him and now it was a matter of getting to the bottom of these accusations.

True, he knew Wormtail was a coward and a weak willed pion but he always thought the little bastard loyal to them. Maybe he really had lost touch before his fall that Halloween night; he would admit he did spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out a way to access the Potters, so much so it seemed he might have missed Pettigrew's treachery.

Well if that was the case he could make up for that today and if Peter was lying Nagini would have a delightful meal after chasing her chubby prey. The only good thing was that the rat faced man did not leave the Manor and had no means of communicating with the Light or more to the point Dumbledore.

The fact that Wormtail never was assigned a mission was not due to the Dark Lord's distrust but more so the fact that the man was useless to him. The idiot was not magically powerful or talented, making him completely irrelevant to their plans; now it seemed keeping his possibly traitorous follower close was a very wise decision.

Also, the fact that Peter never was marked; the man was his spy during the first year and could not risk the man's arm being seen and Peter's true allegiances being known. Well before he killed the man he would mark him and leave him where the Ministry could find him, allowing the public to know that the allegedly dead man was in fact alive.

By leaving Peter to be found they would open the door for Harry and their followers in the Wizengamot to bring up the issue of Sirius Black and his imprisonment. Once the topic was raised he was sure Harry would waste no time in getting his deceased godfather's name cleared and as a bonus drag Dumbledore's name through the mud once more.

Dumbledore; it all started or ended with that meddlesome man. So many lives were changed, destroyed or damaged from that man's Greater Good. It sickened him to know that this man was the reason their world was crumbling and eroding to the point where they were a mere shadow of what they once were.

The soft knock at his door brought him out of his thoughts; "Enter Wormtail." The short greasy man flittered into the room, nervously looking around and looking all around frightened. Good; it would make this so much easier.

"Now Wormtail information has come to me from a certain source; this source that claims you offered to turn your back on me for clemency. Tell me is this true?" Voldemort's voice was controlled, calm, nothing would bely the roiling anger he felt inside of him at the possibility on of his people were disloyal.

"No, no my Lord! I would never turn away from you! I am your most loyal servant." The Dark Lord looked at the sad pathetic excuse of a wizard in front of him, the crimson eyed man did not believe anything the man just told him; he did not need Legillimency to know that Peter was a liability now.

He would have to tell Harry he was right in his accusations but admitting that did not sting the pale man like it should. If anything it made him feel pleased that his ward trusted him enough to tell him these kinds of things instead of hiding them and keeping them to himself for fear of not being believed or punished.

Indeed, Harry had come far in such a short time and Voldemort felt pride in his surrogate's son's progress. But right now he had a rat to exterminate and with his new plan Nagini would not be able to eat the rat man. No, Peter had a post-mortem date with the Ministry.

Looking into Wormtail's watery dull eyes the Dark Lord skewered through the weak man's pathetic mind shields and picked through his memories and thoughts, becoming more and more angry. It seemed Peter was never loyal to anyone but his own skin; now the Dark Lord could respect this sense of self-preservation but he did not want it in his ranks.

Yes, most of his followers were interested in saving their own hide but not at the cost of their cause; a cause most of them would give their lives for before they turned their back on. These were the people the Dark Lord respected, he had no respect for the man in front of him and now that the man was useless as well as a confirmed traitor Peter needed to die.

Pulling away his mind out of Wormtail's the Dark Lord looked down dispassionately at his former follower; "Tsk, tsk Peter; you lied to me. You know the penalty for disloyalty don't you?" A whimper was his response, a cruel smile broke out on the skeletal face of the Dark Lord, calling his wand to his hand the Dark Lord spoke the two words that would remove the stain that was Peter Pettigrew; "Avada Kadavra.:

The green light flew into Wormtail's flabby chest, stealing his life away and leaving nothing but a husk that used to be Peter Pettigrew. He felt quite good about it and turned to summon one of his house elves, when the little creature popped into view he gave his instructions on where to leave Pettigrew's body.

Once the little elf took the body away the Dark Lord sat behind his desk and allowed his mind to wander to other things, more interesting things. Things like William Weasely; now that man was truly strong, both magically and intellectually. The crimson eyed make was always intrigued by things that did not fit with the norm.

William Weasely was a Weasely and should be the epitome of Light; he should be working for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts like his father. However, the man chose to become a Curse Breaker for goblins; curse breaking was not a Light profession, no it was quite dark.

And this information made the Dark Lord's interest peak. Why had the eldest Weasely male chosen such a questionable profession? Another anomaly was Charles Weasely, why had he left the country, like his older brother, right out of Hogwarts to go and study Dragons?

The Weaselys always seemed like such a tight little group of Blood Traitors and now upon further examination it seemed that facade was crumbling. Two of the eldest sons left Britain as soon as they could and rarely returned, the boy, Percy was it, cut ties with his family for their views and the twins selected to be neutral and not fight to help their family.

If that wasn't the glaring picture of familial issues the Dark Lord didn't know what was. Now it wasn't like the skeletal man knew what a family was exactly but he had an idea now that Harry opened his heart a little bit. He knew he felt some affection for his favored servants and followers as well as care for his ward but would they be considered family?

He wasn't sure and finding out was very low on his list of priorities but what was tickling his interest was the handsome eldest Weasely son. It had been quite some time since another living soul captivated his attention and he was loathe to let that soul slip away without examining them completely.

However, that exploration would have to wait until after Yule; Harry deserved to have his first Yule with no thoughts to darker matters such as torture and interrogation. HIs ward's first winter holiday would be picturesque and perfect in every way and if anyone tried to ruin it Voldemort would hurt them severely. Indeed his little Harry had wormed his way into his heart and he rather liked it now, not that anyone would ever know this.

But he had a feeling, an intuition that Harry as well as Draco, Lucius and Severus knew how he felt toward the younger male. Not even six months before he wanted to kill the boy and now he wanted to keep him safe not just because he was one of his precious Horcruxes but because he was Harry, his surrogate pain in the ass son.

A small smile crested his thin pale lips at the maudlin thoughts but his heart felt warm and contrary to what he thought the feeling did not disgust him; in fact he rather wanted to feel more of this warmth and explore it further.

Did he feel any different now that he had a bond with someone else? No, he still felt the same, maybe a bit better actually, but no less the same. This affectionate feeling did not make him want to run to the Light and absolve his sins. It did not make him any less inclined to torture, maim or murder of he had too.

So in short this attachment to Harry may actually be a good thing for him; he could still be himself without losing this newly forged familial like bond with Harry. This was contrary to what he always believed in his younger years, one of the main reasons why he never opened himself to another, not to mention he was an abused child who knew nothing of healthy bonds or unselfish love.

How else was he supposed to form normal relationships when he never had one himself when he was a child, before he entered Hogwarts? Then he entered the magical world and he was first shunned by his Slytherin housemates when he was found to be an orphan but then they accepted him when the saw his prodigious skill and massive stores of magic.

Also being the Heir of Slytherin and a Parselmouth went along way to cowing his fellow Slytherins. Unfortunately by the time he was accepted into the Slytherin ranks he was looked at as a god among them, someone who would change their world; they did not look at him with affection only worship and in some cases lust.

Oh yes the Dark Lord know the looks worship and lust well and how he had capitalized on them when he was gaining his first followers; Abraxas Malfoy was his favored bed warmer while he was in Hogwarts; something Lucius would probably enjoying hearing about.

Oh how Lucius hated his father for many things but the coup de grace was forcing him to marry Narcissa Black; it would make the Malfoy Lord spectacularly happy to know his allegedly indomitable father used to bend over for his Lord and scream like a bitch in heat for his cock.

Abraxas always was such a tight ass, in more ways than one, but while the he shared many traits with Lucius looks wise the current Malfoy Lord loved his family with all his heart while Abraxas looked at them as pawns to further the Malfoy name. Voldemort respected Lucius for his loyalty for those who deserved it, such a closet Hufflepuff sometimes.

Snorting the crimson eyed man drug himself away from his current train of thought it would not do to reminisce about things that could not be changed. No, it would not due to dwell on the past when the future was so much better and brighter. In the near future they would win and a new age would come into being, a time for revitalization of their ways.

He would lead them into a better way of life, a place where magic was not suppressed due to the fears of few cowards, people would begin inventing and experimenting again, Gringotts would begin lending money for business ventures and by doing so bring some competition to the market.

This competition would push the current vendors off their complacent asses or they would lose business to their new competition. Capitalism was a beautiful thing when used correctly and that was exactly what he wanted to bring to the wizarding world; competition for business and competition to develop the best product possible.

Of course with these changes new divisions would need to be made within the Ministry to ensure no one was cutting corners and harming anyone but that was easily fixed with the shuffling of a few departments. For example, why did they need the DMLE and the Aurors? Weren't they almost the exact same thing?

Yes, they were so why did they both exist? It was redundant and a waste of funds; when he assumed power he would streamline many of the departments while dismantling and reshuffling others. People would no longer skirt by doing the minimum, if they wanted their job they would work to keep it.

Not to mention the hiring process and qualifications to be hired would be strengthened. The Dark Lord did not want morons working in the Ministry, no their government was not the place for the subpar. Their government was the place for the best and brightest of their world.

However, those that were not smart enough to work at a higher level job would apply for a lower level job in one the new businesses his reign would bring; it all worked out in a symbiotic circle that made Voldemort very happy. New businesses meant new jobs and new jobs meant more money going into the pockets of the people who worked there.

The Dark Lord knew it would not be that easy to implement but he was optimistic he would make it work; he never gave up before and would not give up now. All he needed was to crush Dumbledore once and for all and then he would have a clear path to his victory.

Dumbledore wouldn't last long not after Rita's newest article came out, before the old man could make some excuse for the mentioning of his stealing funds from Harry but now that the goblins were leaking the information it would be almost impossible to deny or explain.

Then the actual trial would come and nothing would be kept secret anymore and by doing so it would expose the old coot for the bastard he truly was. Their whole world would see what kind of man their once beloved Headmaster was; Voldemort knew what kind of man Dumbledore was since he was an eleven year old boy but it would be delightful to see the horrified faces of the public when they found out their pinnacle of Light was so depraved and callous.

All in good time, all in good time; right now he had other things to tend to and he had reminisced enough for one day. Shifting, he picked up his quill and another damnable report from his Ministry spies and went back to work.

So a little look into our Lord's mind and thoughts,kind of got carried away. Pettigrew is out of the picture but more ill be mentioned about him later on and Harry is still happy. Next chapter will be a fun one so stay tuned my dears!

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