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Story: Harbinger

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Once Bill was stunned, dosed and levitated back to bed the two elder males left. Harry stood in the doorway and cast a quick Ennervate before he too left but he wouldn't be going far; he had a date with another red head. Though this red head would probably not be so happy to see or Draco for that matter.

When the door to Bill's cell shut Harry called for Tempy, he really did like the little house elf, and when the little elf popped in the green eyed teen asked him to retrieve Draco for him. An enthusiastic nod and babbling were heard before the elf popped out of sight only to appear with Draco a couple minutes later.

A feral smirk was on the blonde's face; "So we finally get to visit with the Weasel? I can't wait to see him again." Harry chuckled and began to walk down the hall until he reached the first cell door on the right; "Well let's not keep our guest waiting any longer."

~~~~~~*********Chapter 28*********~~~~~~

The Dark Lord excused himself from Severus after the interrogation, giving him instructions to investigate this Carrion fellow in the Auror Dept. and made his way back toward his office. Sitting down in his chair by the fire he thought about something that was niggling at the back of his brilliant mind for a while; legitimacy.

Legitimacy; that was the one thing the Dark Lord needed. As of right now he was still a wanted man as were some of his followers but in order to seize his goal of running the wizarding world Voldemort needed legitimacy.

In the past few months, with the exception of the raid on Order Headquarters, his Death Eaters had not made any move to attack or harass anyone. While that made them look good to the public now it did not erase the many years his forces were feared and reviled.

What he needed was a plan to remove himself and his followers from the list of most wanted wizards; it would not be easy but then again what was? The crimson eyed male had the beginnings of a plan however but it hinged on a few things falling into place for his side.

First Neville Longbottom needed to remove his old bitty of a grandmother from her position of Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom. Once the boy did that he could assume the Lordship as his own, securing the Dark with yet more of a controlling vote in the Wizengamot.

With Harry, Lucius, Neville and his many other allies it would be no issue to sway the rest of the governing body to pardon him and possibly the Lestrange brothers as well. Rookwood and Bella were a longshot seeing as they were quite mad and unbalanced but they could possibly hope to have the Wizengamot vote in favor of institutionalizing them until they were at least stable.

Dumbledore of course would have to be removed from power before any of this could happen; the old coot would make things incredibly hard for them if he was still around. So most of these plans would have to wait until the old coot was arrested and tried; after that occurred it would be time to move and begin to implement his plan.

The Dark Lord knew he would meet resistance from some people; Madam Bones would not be so inclined to forget the things he had done. However, with Dumbledore disgraced it would be quite easy to dance around their concerns, most of which were over things that happened over fifteen years ago.

The brilliant thing about trying to accuse Voldemort of anything was the fact that the people who could give the condemning information couldn't. His Death Eaters and allies were under strict Secrecy Contracts through their Dark Marks or Oaths. His victims were either dead or insane, not exactly the most credible people around.

So the Ministry could question them all they liked and they would get nothing. They could attempt to question him; it would not be successful though. Over the years the crimson eyed male had prepared for the chance that he would be dosed with Veritaserum and be forced to answer questions he did not want to answer.

For over three years Severus and himself had taken to meeting twice a week to build his tolerance before he fell to Harry that Halloween night. A month before he disappeared was when all the hard work paid off; the Dark Lord was now resistant to Veritaserum.

He was not immune however; he still felt the compulsion to answer honestly but with his resistance to the serum and his prodigious skill in Mind Arts Voldemort could manipulate his answer to suit his needs. So with his tolerance to Truth Serum and the fact that most of the time the Ministry would have no witnesses to his crimes it essentially paved the way for Voldemort to get off with a slap on the wrist and a fine.

They could not just chuck him into Azkaban like they did with the Lestranges; Harry would never allow it to happen, not after knowing about Sirius Black's lack of trial. Speaking or thinking of Sirius made him wonder why no one had found Pettigrew's corpse yet. Even in death no one wanted the little coward; well he needed to fix that.

"Tempy!" with a little pop the elf was in front of him; "What can Tempy be doing for Master Dark Lord?" The crimson eyed man decided to be nice to the little elf, he was after all partly responsible for his ward's recovery; "Tempy I want you to find a way for someone to find Peter Pettigrew's body."

A frantic nod was his answer and the elf bowed and popped away, leaving the Dark Lord to sit by the fire and continue to plan and scheme. Fifteen minutes later a pop announced the creature's return; "Master Dark Lord, sir, I's brought someone to find him Master Dark Lord. Theys called the Ministry and the Aurors came before I left. Is there anything else Master Dark Lord?"

The red eyed man waved his hand, dismissing the little creature; "No that will be all." Left alone Voldemort continued to think; he really should have thought about getting himself cleared before now but it really never crossed his mind. For so many years they had been fighting to win even the smallest of victories that the thought of them actually winning the war was almost unbelievable.

Now their victory looked assured but he still didn't have a concrete workable plan for the absolution of himself and his followers. At the end of the day Voldemort just wanted to help guide and mold their world into something better, stronger, more capable to sustain itself.

If he could not get himself cleared he would of course never relinquish his control. If he couldn't be cleared he would just work from the shadows like he did now. It was not his optimal plan but it would allow him to do the things he wanted while staying out of Azkaban.

The Dark Lord had big plans for their world and he wanted to see them come to fruition. Unlike Dumbledore he did not want the Dark to have a total monopoly, he wanted them to debate in the Wizengamot, compromise and make stronger, better laws for their world.

He had found over the past few months that the way he went about things in the past left much to be desired; sure his followers obeyed him but they were also to fearful or nervous to make suggestions. When he finally asked for suggestions or ideas he was astounded by the things his people came up with; some ideas put forward were not practical but some were fantastic, bettering their plans and strategy.

Hopefully in the future the Light would look past their darker fellows' magical orientation and concentrate on the bills and laws being presented. Honestly, what did it matter if you liked the person presenting the new legislation? If it was a good piece of legislation it was a good piece of legislation and should be passed because of it; not because you had an issue with the presenter during your years at Hogwarts.

The Wizengamot was NOT a place for voting through new acts because you liked the person or they were your friends. No, you voted for what was best for all magical beings not a precious few. His allies now voted as they saw fit; that they generally saw it as Voldemort did was just how it was. Why else would they be on his side if they didn't agree with the crimson eyed man's views?

Of course Voldemort could storm the Ministry by force and take what he wanted but he would shatter the public's softening view of him and his followers. The Dark Lord wanted to claim his prize fairly, well with little to no sabotage by his side. Subverting the effects of Veritaserum was quite mild in comparison to him stalking into the Ministry with his Death Eaters and taking the establishment with violence and death.

He couldn't stop the chuckle that left him; he had truly begun to soften hadn't he? Before Harry he would have marched into the Ministry or any building for that matter and cast the Killing Curse with no issue. Now he weighed his actions before he acted, thought about what the public would think of him or the repercussions to his people and cause.

It was easier before he fell, when he acted to cause the most fear and reap the most destruction. He had truly lost himself to madness long before Harry felled him that night. Well that was the past and he would move forward as he always planned to when he was a simple seventh year student at Hogwarts. Before he became twisted and filled with rage at his impotence to make a significant change for their world.

Now, he cared for others as family; Lucius, Severus, Draco and Harry were becoming like an extended family to him. Lucius and Severus were like brothers to him while Draco and Harry were like sons. It was still a bit disturbing to him but he tentatively welcomed the feelings of care he felt from the four men.

Then there was William Weasely; the man was captivating to him. The red head was handsome, smart and powerful; all these traits were like a natural aphrodisiac to him. The crimson eyed man wanted the red head for his own but with his new awakening feelings he knew it would not be easy for the younger male to see him as anything but the monster that killed his family.

But Salazar he wanted William to see him for who he was on the inside; while he would always be cold, cruel and calculated he also discovered he had a deep capacity to care for, maybe even love, those close to him. He wanted William to be close to him like a true lover would be, like Lucius and Severus or Harry and Draco.

He wanted the red head to talk to him and spend time with him. Not because he was afraid to decline the Dark Lord's advances but because William wanted to. A deep sigh left him when he realized it would take ages, if it ever happened, for his blue eyed fascination to ever see him as anything but the Dark Lord but he would try his hardest to make William see him, all of him.

The same little elf popped back into his office; "Master Dark Lord Master Harry is being with Draco in the red head weasel's cell. I came to yous as yous requested." The crimson eyed man nodded, dismissing the little elf with a wave. Well it seemed his surrogate son was feeling particularly vengeful after their information gathering session with the three captives.

He could not blame Harry for his anger; Merlin knew he would have stormed out of the interrogation with Arthur and Avada's the young Weasely male without a thought. As a matter of fact he had a feeling Ronald Weasely would be begging for the Avada before Harry and Draco were done with him.

That made him smile with pride, his little ward had come so far in such a short time but his heart and soul, while a bit tainted, still shone brightly. If not for Harry's horrid abuse the boy would probably be unable to torture or main anyone. While he did not regret killing the Potters he did regret his downfall at the cost of his own arrogance and impatience. The Dark Lord did regret that Harry was given to a family that abused him.

But he knew the abuse was not his fault. He may have raised his wand and killed the Potters but Dumbledore was the one who placed Harry with the Dursleys. Dumbledore abandoned the boy with magic hating swine and never took the time to check that Harry was alright.

Dumbledore was the reason Harry was the way he was now, the reason Harry was so untrusting. The old bastard was the reason the emerald eyed teen would become unstable and lash out magically when he was upset or angry.

The Dark Lord knew Harry was strong magically as well as mentally; the boy had survived him on several occasions. That would not have been possible if Harry wasn't powerful and smarter than he let on. It was the baseless abuse, disgusting neglect, Harry's magical strength and intelligence that drew the Dark Lord into offering to help the boy.

True, when he made the offer to Harry when he first came to the Manor it was mainly so the boy would trust him, rely on him and never try to betray him but now it was for no other reason than the fact that he wanted Harry to be happy and well. Harry seemed to understand that he cared for him even if the crimson eyed male would rather Avada himself then admit it out loud.

Voldemort liked to think it was partly through his care that Harry was reawakening, growing and becoming more confident with himself and his abilities. The young man was growing and healing from his prior treatment at the hands of his family and supposed friends and it made the red eyed male proud. Now the boy had a fiancée, a family and true friends around him and that made his father figure happy as well.

Now all he needed was to firm up his plan to get himself cleared by the Wizengamot and becoming a legitimate player in the world of wizarding politics. Oh the joys of being the Dark Lord, the work never seemed to end for him but at least now they were making progress toward their end goal.

He glared at his desk covered in papers and reports, hoping his gaze would set them on fire so he would not have to wade through the drivel written by his spies and informants. Grudgingly, he pulled his tall slim body up, sat behind his desk, pulled yet another report in front of him and began to read.

Later he would meet with Lucius to construct an air tight oath for the three prisoners down in the dungeons; their oaths would have to be stricter than Longbottom's, Lovegood's and the Weasely twin's. No doubt if Arthur or Kingsley chose to take the oath they would try to find a way to circumvent it and help the dying Light side. William would be staying with them at the Manor so they could watch him easily.

Forcing his eyes back on the chicken scratch in front of him he made a note to threaten his people at the next large gathering, if they couldn't print legibly then they needed to dictate their notes with a Quick-Quotes Quill.

His eye sight would not survive the war if he had to continue to squint to make out the damn words. Grumbling colorfully under his breath he went back to decoding the missive in front of him.

Sorry I left yah hanging but next chapter I promise Ron's torture will be featured!

This chapter was necessary though; I wanted Voldemort's rise to power to be as believable as possible. If he is going to seriously take over the wizarding world of Britain I think it would be more beneficial to do so with the least amount of violence possible.

Also, if he clears himself legally the public will be more willing to accept and follow him. If he were to take the Ministry by force then that would lead to a greater chance of rebellion.

Anywho I hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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