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Story: Harbinger

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They could legally move about and make the changes they wanted to in the Ministry and Wizengamot without having to move in the shadows. Soon their world would be running smoother than it ever had and magical people would flourish instead of wallowing in stagnation. Harry looked forward to the day it all came together and would take great pride in the fact that he had a part in it.

He didn't know if his parents or Sirius would agree with some of the things he did or would do in the future. He liked to think they would be proud of him for having the courage to fight back and make a better world for all magical beings. Harry would never know though and maybe that was for the best, it would hurt if his parents or Sirius didn't approve of his actions but they were dead and he would never have the chance to speak to them again.

Biting his lower lip he settled down into the cushy wingback chair by the fire and summoned Tempy. Once he handed over the letters and instructed the little elf where to send them to the raven grasped his thrice damned etiquette book and went back to the grind; he swore after this if he ever saw another etiquette book he would scream and then banish it to the deepest depths of hell.

~~~~~~*********Chapter 33*********~~~~~~

Marvolo made his way back to his study after administering the oaths to his three captives; the fact that Kingsley chose to stay in the dungeons was not a shock. The dark skinned Auror was a man of action and would not stand by and let the Dark win.

Shacklebolt would probably be dead within a week if he was released back into the world with the oath in place but his choice also showed the man had some form of self preservation. A very Slytherin choice if Marvolo had any opinion in the matter.

However, the crimson eyed man respected the other's principles and would not be averse to the man heading up one of his new departments inside the Ministry, once he overtook it of course. The thing people forgot was that there was no shame in giving your enemy credit where credit is due.

Kingsley may not be someone he liked or wanted to associate with on a personal level but he was an intelligent and honest man. Someone who would be highly valued as an underling in his new regime. The same could be said of Madam Bones, the woman had the will of iron and the work ethic of a Niffler in a gold mine; she would be another valuable asset within his newly reorganized Ministry.

Fudge of course would have to go; once their use for him was done. The sniveling man was a stain on the Ministry and an embarrassment to them internationally. The bumbling fool had ostracized wizarding Britain from the world, portraying them to be inadequate and arrogant. Marvolo of course saw himself ascending to the post of Minister or at least to the post of Chief Warlock in the Wizengamot.

Arthur Weasely's choice was no shock either, after the death of his wife the man was broken. Even if their marriage wasn't the best the loss of one held so close was staggering to come back from. Marvolo anticipated the man would avoid any conflict or involvement with the war from here on out. The eldest Weasely would go to work, and most likely enjoy his free time with his remaining children while living a quiet life.

Maybe the Weasely patriarch would come around to their way of thinking, it was a long shot but not impossible. After all the Dark's plans were sound and beneficial to all of them; Arthur would be foolish to turn away from their plans just because of his dislike for the person leading the revolution. Then again wizarding Britain had not been acting in an intelligent manner for too long, some of this stupidity was bound to stick around.

Upon entering his office Marvolo sat behind his desk and pondered what would happen to him when he turned himself in. Auror Carrion would be there to supervise his intake and temporary imprisonment in the bowels of the Ministry; he would not be moved to Azkaban until he was found guilty and sentenced to prison time.

The intake and waiting for his trial were not his primary concern; the Ministry would be quite stupid to harm him while in custody, contrary to what his surrogate son thought. Harry and Lucius would raise holy hell if they saw so much as bruise on his skin when he appeared in the courtroom. That would be an interesting site; Harry and Lucius hexing the assembled Wizengamot on their Lord's behalf.

Chuckling, he pushed the amusing thought out of his mind and focused on a few of the potential questions that would be asked of him under Veritaserum. He knew the Potters would come up at some point and he would deny it all, claiming he was nowhere near Godric's Hollow that night.

Pettigrew would of course take the blame for the murders of James and Lily Potter; after all the man was indeed quite jealous of the Potter Lord and his wife. Even more so after their son was born and Peter was pushed further out of the Marauder's little circle. That explanation should satisfy the courts and it wasn't like Peter could deny it; the little rat was dead after all.

At least the rodent's demise had done something positive. Sirius Black would be found innocent of betraying the Potter's location. Not that he frankly cared one way or the other, it probably would have been better if everyone stayed believing it was Black that turned against the Potters and the Light.

However, the fact that Black would be found innocent made Harry happy and making his surrogate son happy pleased the red eyed man immensely. A snort left him; making someone happy with no gain for himself? This was a first for him but he didn't mind it. He knew his little raven would do the same for him so he rationalized it as an exchange of favors; at least that was what he told himself.

Another inquiry would come regarding several Death Eater raids, most had taken placed over twenty years ago. The statute of limitations were up on many of the charges they could have leveled on him. That being known the only charges they could levy against him would be conspiracy to commit murder as he was not at the scene of these raids. The charges of conspiracy would be hard to prove as none of his Death Eaters with the exception of Kakaroff had turned against him and spilled any important secrets.

Even what Igor told the Wizengamot was thin in condemning him; mostly the little snitch had called out the names of alleged Death Eaters; all of which were dead. The Dark Mark on the traitor's arm was to thank for that, the pain must have been something terrible for Igor to have gone through; this excruciating pain was probably why the bastard hadn't said more at his trial.

Kakaroff's untimely death would be another blow to the prosecution; the man could never again spill his guts to the Wizengamot. Such a shame wasn't it? A dark chuckle left his lips; it always amused him when he came up with a plan that saved himself even when the odds were stacked impossibly against him.

The next line of question would most likely be related to the Dark mark; either the ones on a Death Eaters arm or the Mark set into the sky. The thing most people forgot was being a Death Eater was not illegal; what they did was illegal but not the Dark Mark or the group. That being said casting the Dark Mark in the sky would not be a crime, it was unsettling to see but not illegal in anyway.

The reason he was disguising the Lestranges' and Rookwood's Mark was a matter of making things simpler for Marvolo. With no proof of the Dark Mark on them the Wizengamot members against the Dark would have less of a leg to stand on in condemning them as Death Eaters and less of reason not vote against their innocence.

Anything else he would say at his trial would be thought of on the spot. Marvolo was a brilliant orator; how else had he gained the following of some of the wealthiest pure-bloods in wizarding Britain when he, himself, was a half-blood? Most of the assembled Wizengamot were on his side anyway, the others he would win over by sheer charm and logic.

He knew a few would vote him guilty out of spite and blind idiocy but he had a feeling he would be walking out of his trial as free man, cleared of all charges. If anything he may have to pay a fine for something small but he had vaults of galleons at his disposal, a few thousand wouldn't hurt him at all.

Marvolo knew his strategy was sound; it was just the waiting that annoyed him. He wanted this done as soon as possible but the potion wouldn't be ready until after dinner tonight. Theoretically he knew what the potion did and he was a bit nervous as to how much it would hurt, regrowing hair and other facial features would not be comfortable; he imagined it would be like taking Skelegrow.

The crimson eyed man would be lying if he said he wasn't eager to see his old reflection again. He used to be so handsome before he began tampering with soul magic and it would be nice to look upon himself as he should be. This snakelike visage while terrifying was not appealing in the least.

His appearance was probably one of the reasons Bill wanted nothing to do with him. Marvolo stopped that thought right there, it wouldn't do to dwell on the handsome red head anymore. The younger male didn't trust him or like him at all, it would be a waste of time and effort to try and dissuade Bill that he was not the monster he thought Marvolo was.

Now if only his damn reawakened heart would listen to his logical mind; emotions were a pain in his arse. He remembered why he wanted nothing to do with them in his youth; they made everything twice as complicated! Marvolo knew he was setting himself up for possible heart ache and rejection by pursuing William but his cursed heart wouldn't listen to his brilliant mind.

The tall man clenched his fists and battered down his thoughts regarding the eldest Weasely son; he would see what happened tonight at dinner. He would watch Bill and see his reactions to him. If the red headed Adonis ignored him and brushed him off he would move on and remain alone but if his prospective lover showed an interest in him he would follow through with slowly courting the handsome younger male.

Sometimes just organizing his thoughts and newly rediscovered emotions made him feel better, more at peace. He now had a game plan to follow and that made him feel more secure as well; Marvolo was a planner by nature and felt ill at ease without a direction to go in.

Many would not think so. Before his fall that Halloween night he had slipped into madness and began acting rashly, like a first year Gryffindor. It was shameful now that he thought about how far he let himself fall into insanity and his obsession over Harry Potter and a damned prophecy; that may or may not even be true, he wouldn't out anything past Dumbledore at this point.

There was nothing to be done about it now. His past was his past and he would learn from it and move forward to a better future with his little family and followers. Standing from his chair the snakelike man gracefully moved to leave his study and track down Severus; Marvolo wanted to know if the potion was progressing as planned.

~*~*~*~*~*~*POV CHANGE*~*~*~*~*~

Bill rested in the chair by the fire, a book on Warding rested in his lap but he wasn't absorbing any of the words. Not that the book wasn't interesting, in fact it was quite fascinating to him; in all his years as a Curse Breaker he read a lot of things but never had he encountered a book with so much information on different types of wards.

The Malfoy family truly had a great library, not that he'd seen it. Tempy was the one to bring him the book after dinner. Bill needed to get his mind off Marvolo and their stilted dinner experience. The older man didn't to talk to him just watched him and interjected a remark when it would seem rude not to.

It was very unnerving to the red head; Bill wanted the man to acknowledge him but instead he observed him as if waiting for something. When the blue eyed male smiled at him the snakelike man just stared at him blankly. Damn it! Bill wanted to know what was going on in the taller male's mind?!

Frustration was running rampant in him and he had no clue how to proceed with this. Bill had been in other relationships, with both men and women, but no one was like Marvolo; none of his other interests possessed the elder male's level of intelligence or power and it was intoxicating to the younger male.

Bill found himself wanting, no needing, to know the other and talk with him, find out about Marvolo's past, why he was the way he was. It was a fascination the eldest Weasely son could not turn away from. Harry's words in regards to his father figure did nothing to sate his curiosity about the snakelike man; they only heightened the flames of his already burning curiosity.

The only thing stopping Bill from throwing caution to the wind and seeking the older man out was the fact that he wanted Marvolo to come to him, to express his interest in him again. The red head knew he was being stupid, the red eyed male already tried to speak to him and Bill had fucked that up royally but he still wanted Marvolo to chase him, show him that he cared in some way.

A snort came from the red head; he sounded like a fucking thirteen year old! Who would have thought the suave and sexually experienced William Arthur Weasely would be acting like this over a man who resembled a reptile more than a human. But he was fascinated and he wouldn't change it, there was nothing to be ashamed of, at least he thought so.

The one thing he did know was that his time with Marvolo would never be boring; the man was an enigma to Bill and the red head adored puzzles and mysteries. The snakelike man was certainly a mystery to him, one he wanted to solve. Also, the red eyed male was smart enough to keep up with Bill intellectually; he looked forward to debating with the older male about anything and everything.

Sighing, he put the book down on the table next to the chair and went to the bathroom to prepare for bed, tomorrow he had a snake to catch.

Bill rolled over, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he looked around and remembered where he was; that's right Malfoy Manor with the Dark Lord, the Malfoys, Snape and Harry. He chuckled gruffly, whoever would have thought he would be here with these people? Not him but he found he liked it here, well as much as one could after only one day.

Aside from the stilted vibe between Marvolo and him everyone else was pleasant and friendly. Lucius was a funny man once you got past the icy facade and Severus as always made him laugh with his snarky comments; the new Deputy Headmaster tried to come home for dinner every night so he could spend time with his blonde lover.

Draco and Harry were damn near perfect for each other. The two younger men meshed well together, where one was strong the other was weak and vice versa, well at least that was what Bill gathered from the limited interaction he saw last night. The youngest Malfoy was intelligent and well-articulated; the red head looked forward in getting to know him more.

Harry was the same as he always was but slightly different. There was an edge to the raven haired teen now but Bill knew there was a reason for the younger man's new attitude. So much had been done to the teen and no one tried to help him or guide him at all.

It pissed Bill off that his mother and some of his siblings had been in on the plot to sacrifice Harry; he still loved them, they were his family, but he found himself not liking them as people. Bill would mourn his family but he would not hold it against Harry; the younger male had his reasons for his actions and if the courts or goblins got ahold of his mother and siblings the punishment would have been just as severe as death.

There was nothing he could do for the emerald eyed man about his past but he could be a good friend to Harry and help the younger man any way he could. He would not join the Dark at this point; the red head needed more information on what exactly their end game was. Only then could he make his decision on where he exactly stood in this war.

In the beginning he believed himself to be firmly Light but when he returned from Egypt and actually interacted with Dumbledore he found himself changing his views. He still did not condone the slaughter of muggles or muggle-borns nor the discrimination pure-bloods subjected others to just because they weren't of pure blood.

Now he didn't see himself as Light or Dark but mostly grey with a hint of darkness. He believed he would never torture anyone, it wasn't in him to do it, but he would duel someone to the death if he had to. That was the Gryffindor in him; courageous and righteous but unlike most Gryffindors he could be reasoned with and change his views.

That was the problem; the wizarding world seemed to hate change or anything different. Change was a good thing when it improved lives. What was so bad about reevaluating your views and adjusting them to fit the new accurate information you were told?

Bill didn't see anything wrong with it and he believed it came down to foolish pride; people had too much pride to back down even when they were blatantly wrong. Dumbledore was a perfect example of this; the old fool had made so many mistakes and when the evidence of these mistakes was shown to him the old man just pushed on, crushing so many in the wake of his Greater Good. Bill could guarantee Dumbledore would never apologize to Harry for what he had done to him.

The eldest Weasely son would never be like Dumbledore or any other stubborn moron who believed his views were the right ones contrary to all evidence against them. He would keep an open mind and make his own decisions, rebuilding his views based on facts and reliable evidence.

From what he could see it seemed Marvolo and the Malfoys views weren't as fanatical in their pure-blood supremacy as he had been told; if families like the Malfoys could change their ways anyone could.

A light popping noise brought Bill out of his internal oration, sitting up in bed he noticed Tempy was standing there, twisting his hands; "Mr. Bills sirs, breakfast is being served and yous wasn't there. Master Harry asked Tempy to find you." The blue eyed male glanced at the clock on the bedside table and noticed he had been laying there for over forty minutes thinking.

"Thank you Tempy. I'll be down in a few minutes; I just need to clean up a bit." The little creature bowed and disappeared with another pop, leaving the tall male to get himself together.

Bill did his morning ablutions and selected a thick sapphire robe set, the color complemented his eyes and he remembered fondly that it was the color Marvolo had made the conjured sweater; a sweater he still had by the way. Flattening his robes once more and after pulling a brush through his now waist length red tresses Bill glanced in the mirror and was quite pleased with what he saw.

He had always been taller than most wizards, standing at about six foot one with broad shoulders and long legs; not to mention his toned, muscled physique, the product of Quidditch at Hogwarts and his demanding occupation as a Curse Breaker.

His face was handsome or some would say pretty; his nose, lips and chin were refined, not broad like Charlie's. All in all William Weasely was quite a catch, though the red head only wanted to be caught by one man. Namely a taller, snakelike male with a propensity for violence.

Godric, Bill was an infatuated idiot but he would survive. With one last glance he swept out of his room and made his way to the dining room, he was quite hungry now that he wasn't lost in his internal thoughts. When he came to the French doors to the dining room he pushed them open and nearly choked when he saw a man around his age sitting at the head of the table.

He had no clue who the man was only that he was gorgeous; it was only when the man looked at him with glowing red eyes that it hit Bill. The man had to be Marvolo! But how the hell had the older male gone from snaky to sexy? A little voice in his head interjected with a loud 'WHO CARES?!' and the red head had to privately agree.

Who cared how he had done it. All that mattered was that Marvolo had. The crimson eyed man was handsome with shoulder length dark hair and pale skin. Those rare eyes shimmering like rubies and his sculpted face looked carved from marble; he was too damn handsome. Bill watched as Marvolo watched him, a strange glint glowing in those ruby eyes.

A clearing throat broke both men out of their impromptu staring match, turning Bill smiled at the others, bidding them good morning before sitting in the open chair to Marvolo's right. Immediately, he realized the significance of the new seating arrangement.

The older man basically claimed Bill as his, well Bill wasn't quite sure what, but a claim was laid nonetheless. The red head couldn't muster up the strength to care; he was actually quite pleased with this new development and smiled at Marvolo as he settled into his chair.

From his new seat Bill could continue with his study of Marvolo's new looks while he ate his breakfast. The man's face was even more attractive up close; his lips were thin but a luscious shade of red that just begged for Bill to kiss him and his nose was strong and aquiline. All in all the red head would not mine being in this man's company in the least.

The red eyed male's voice broke through Bill's hazed mind; "How did you sleep last night William?" The blue eyed male smiled again; "Please, I thought I asked you to call me Bill. And I slept wonderfully last night, thank you for asking. How did you sleep, my Lord?"

Marvolo smirked; "Well if you insist on me calling you Bill I insist on you calling me Marvolo. As to your other question I slept fine once the transformation was done." The red head obviously noticed this transformation but was confused as to how it happened. However, he didn't want to pry into Marvolo's business.

It seemed the red eyed man had no issue with sharing what happened with him; "I can see by your face you are confused and wondering how it is I look the way I do. This is how I would have looked if I had not dabbled in some of the darker aspects of soul magic."

"As to why the Restorative Draught brought back my body from my twenties is unknown to me but the passage in the potions book explained it would bring back the user's body when it was in its prime. Apparently my mid-twenties was my prime." Well that made sense to Bill and he in fact quite pleased with the results of this potion.

He, however, filed away the comment made about soul magic for later; tampering with the soul was a dangerous and forbidden art for a reason. It was so easy to destroy or permanently maim your soul and there wasn't a lot that could fix a damaged soul after the fact. The red head only hoped Marvolo hadn't gone too far and if he had he realized the folly of experimenting with one's very soul and stopped.

Shaking his head he immersed himself into the conversation at the table, hearing about the changes at Hogwarts from Severus, chatted with Draco about Curse Breaking for Gringotts, listened to Harry and Lucius speak about the upswing in new and better laws being proposed in the Wizengamot. Apparently the Wizengamot was meeting again in two days to hold another session and during this session they would select a new Chief Warlock; Bill wondered who would be chosen.

Marvolo called for Bill and asked if he would stay behind when the others began to leave to attend to their own tasks; Lucius thing to prepare for the Wizengamot session, Severus had a school to run and Harry and Draco had a wedding to plan. The red head sat back into his chair and turned curious blue eyes to the red eyed male.

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According to etiquette guidelines the Lady of the House sits to the right of the master at the dinner table during meals; the master sits at the head of the table. So essentially Marvolo announced subtly that he was interested in Bill.

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