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Story: Harbinger

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He, however, filed away the comment made about soul magic for later; tampering with the soul was a dangerous and forbidden art for a reason. It was so easy to destroy or permanently maim your soul and there wasn't a lot that could fix a damaged soul after the fact. The red head only hoped Marvolo hadn't gone too far and if he had he realized the folly of experimenting with one's very soul and stopped.

Shaking his head he immersed himself into the conversation at the table, hearing about the changes at Hogwarts from Severus, chatted with Draco about Curse Breaking for Gringotts, listened to Harry and Lucius speak about the upswing in new and better laws being proposed in the Wizengamot. Apparently the Wizengamot was meeting again in two days to hold another session and during this session they would select a new Chief Warlock; Bill wondered who would be chosen.

Marvolo called for Bill and asked if he would stay behind when the others began to leave to attend to their own tasks; Lucius thing to prepare for the Wizengamot session, Severus had a school to run and Harry and Draco had a wedding to plan. The red head sat back into his chair and turned curious blue eyes to the red eyed male.

~~~~~~*********Chapter 34*********~~~~~~

Harry left the breakfast room, a small smile on his lips; it appeared that Marvolo was taking a leap of faith with Bill. Hopefully the two elder wizards could come to some sort of an arrangement and become closer. Bill would be good for his father, the eldest Weasely son was a good man, patient and kind but he wouldn't let Marvolo run roughshod all over him.

That was what Marvolo needed, someone with a firm but gentle hand. Someone who could roll with his volatile moods and not take offense when the man acted out because he was emotionally confused. When you spent most of your life emotionless the torrent of new emotion that hit you when you began to feel again must be overwhelming.

But Bill could do it, could understand what exactly Marvolo needed. Merlin, this was becoming interesting but he was confident that they could work it out; they were both intelligent and strong in their own ways. However, Harry would do what he could to help them along; sort of like a translator for them, helping Marvolo to understand the passionate Bill and aiding Bill to comprehend the sometimes cold Dark Lord.

For now he would accompany his fiancée to select colors for their wedding; who knew there were so many shades of white? Wasn't white just well white? Apparently not as Draco explained to him. When Harry agreed to assist with the planning he had thought it would be simple; you wear this I wear this and we have these flowers etc.

This evidently was not the way it went. Well according to Draco and thei pureblood traditions they both believed in. Their union would also be the wedding of the century and they would present themselves as the citizens of high standing they were. But it did please him that his blonde was showing such ardent attention to the nuptials; this kind of focus usually only presented itself in their sexual activities.

Another swatch of white was pushed in front of his face and Harry merely nodded in agreement to use it; what the hell color was Churchill Lace? It looked like the last five swatches he looked at. The only reason he agreed was he saw the look in Draco's eyes and knew the blonde wanted this exact shade for the wedding and reception.

While Harry may be the bottom in their relationship and damn well enjoyed it he was not for frivolous things and this planning was chock full of them. Coming to the conclusion that Draco would be fine on his own the raven pressed a kiss to his distracted lover's cheek and left the room. When he was about to close the door his fiancée called out to him; "Love, you don't want to have any say in this?"

The green eyed teen turned around and smiled; "No, I trust you and your decisions. Whatever you chose will be lovely." Draco merely rolled his eyes and waved his lover out the door with a huff of mock irritation. Harry smirked at his blonde and escaped out of the room and the twenty thousand color swatches.

Now he had some time on his hands and nothing to do, well nothing he felt like doing anyway. He could study some more; his NEWTS would be taken after Marvolo's trial but he was well prepared for those.

He could take some time to brush up some more on etiquette but the very thought of those books made his skin crawl. No, etiquette was out. Besides he felt he mastered most of it. Now it was merely putting what he read into practice and in the very near future he would have the chance to do just that.

But what could he do...Bill was busy with Marvolo, Lucius was plotting and planning somewhere, Draco was putting together their wedding and Severus was back at school. The Lestranges and Rookwood were gone, already in their new residence, and awaiting the result of their Lord's trial.

So his usual companions were all busy or gone but there was still someone at the Manor he could speak to; Kingsley. The older Auror was still in residence and would have been reading the Daily Prophet. It would be fun to talk to the dark skinned man about what he was reading in the paper. Maybe even sway the man a bit toward their side? It was worth a shot.

Turning he made his way into the dungeons and stopped at the wide open cell door; this was Ginevra's cell and from what he knew the bint was still breathing. Rabastan mentioned he was keeping the girl alive for his fun, as he called it, and would be back to pick her up when the trials were done. So that begged the question as to why the door was open.

It hit him then what exactly Rabastan was trying to do. It was cruel and brilliant at the same time; Harry was impressed with the second Lestrange brother. The older man was tempting, and testing, Ginevra to try and escape. Of course the idiot wouldn't get far at all if she attempted to leave but it would allow Rabastan to punish her for her transgression later on.

If the whore didn't attempt to leave then Rabastan may reward her in some way; it was a classic conditioning technique. Stepping closer to the door he felt the subtle touch of a ward and knew this would be how Rabastan knew if the girl left. Like he said quite brilliant but then again the younger Lestrange always seemed to like playing with his food before he ate.

Looking inside the cell Harry saw the bitch lying on the floor, eyes vacant and unseeing, body and face covered in bruises and other bodily fluids. It made him feel so so happy that the little whore was broken. This was what she deserved after all she had done, and planned to do, to him. Enjoying her pain he cooed to her from the doorway; "Aw Ginevra, you don't look so good."

The red head turned to him and flinched away when she saw who it was, amusing Harry further, stepping past the wards Harry began to speak again; "Now, now Ginevra there isn't anything to be afraid of. I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Tell you about your family well the ones that are alive anyway."

He reveled in the girl's tears and whimpers; this was probably the most life she'd shown in days. Well the raven always did have an effect on people; "Well let's see your bitch of a mother is dead, I think Bella was the one to finish her. I think I'll take her out to dinner when she's declared innocent. Ronald is probably better off dead but where would the fun be in that?"

"No Ginevra your dear brother, Ronald, is being useful to our cause and breeding like the good Weasely he is. After all your family is useless but they are fertile so we use what we can. Maybe Rabastan will knock you up and create a Lestrange heir for Rodolphus? After all Bella can't have children, unfortunate accident in her youth, but you little slut could give them an heir."

"The only thing Bella, and Rodulphus if he chooses to, would have to do would be to blood adopt the child to flush out your disgusting blood and traits. Then it would be a proper child worthy of the Lestrange name but of course this is assuming it's a boy. If it isn't you'll just have to carry another child until we get a male. But that's all you and your sow mother seem to be good for; the production of children."

Another cry of anguish left the girl. Merlin, he was enjoying this! Now to push her further; "Charlie, Percy and the twins along with your father are fine and well. They haven't even asked about you or Ron. Sad, no one seems to care for you two; the disappointments of the Weasely children. Both of you are pathetic and I'm happy that you both are suffering in your new roles."

"But alas I digress. Oh I forgot about Bill. Well he's living here in the Manor now and quite enjoying the hospitality of the Dark Lord. I think it will only be a matter of time before my father is fucking your brother. Can you imagine their children? They'd be adorable." This comment appeared to pull Ginny from her stupor; "You're lying! My brother could never love that thing!"

Harry smirked darkly; "Watch your tongue wench! You wouldn't want to lose it would you? But then Rabastan would be angry with me. If I cut out your tongue he won't be able to hear your screams for mercy when he fucks you like the slut you are." There that calmed the little bitch down.

Rising, he crossed the cell. When he reached the doorway he looked back and smiled maliciously; "Enjoy your life Ginevra! Isn't this what you wanted? To fuck someone of high standing? Well you have your wish don't you!" With the evil smile still on his face he slammed the door.

Rabastan would forgive him for spoiling his game since the wards would show someone crossed their boundaries; Harry would just say he came down to the dungeons and found Ginevra trying to escape them. The Lestrange would believe the raven over the red headed bint anyway so no worried there. Plus, it wasn;t like Rabastan would give a damn if Harry was lying if he got to punish his little whore?

Taking a moment he collected himself and walked down to Kingsley's cell. Harry released the wards around the door and stepped inside. He watched Kingsley, who was reading a book on the bed, for a moment. The man looked good, about the same weight he was when he was captured and he appeared to be clean and dressed in good clothing.

This pleased Harry; he wanted the man to be kept off balance. He knew Kingsley expected to be mistreated and tortured here and so far that wouldn't happen and probably never would. This would make him nervous and off his game, leaving him open to suggestions. Smiling politely Harry conjured an arm chair and seated himself; "How have you been Kingsley?"

The Auror looked at Harry, studying him for a moment before replying in that deep rumbling voice; "I'm...well. Well as well as I can be while living in a dungeon but it was my choice to remain here." The raven nodded and gestured for his captive to continue. "I have been reading the papers and I am confused to be quite honest."

"Things are not as I had foreseen them to be; I thought that Dumbledore was a good man who had your best interests at heart and judging by the papers that was not true. I believed Molly to care for you as a son but I was wrong again. I've been so blind in my faith and for it you suffered. I'm truly sorry for it you know?"

Harry nodded; "I know you're a good man Kingsley. It is the reason you are alive now and why I am speaking to you. I want to know you, not the lackey who followed Dumbledore like a blind dog. You're smart, powerful and fair; Kingsley you would be a great addition to the new Ministry."

The dark skinned man looked wary; "I find it hard to believe you or You-Know-Who would want me in this new Ministry you speak of. Wouldn't you be worried I would start trouble, raise a rebellion?" The raven chuckled; "No, I wouldn't worry and neither would my father. You see we both are of the mind that you want the best for this world we live in."

"It's the reason you joined the Order, you believed that was what was best and you threw your whole being into the cause. Now, you see that wasn't the case and hopefully in the future you will see that my father, and his allies, only want what is in the best interest of all magical beings."

"Once you see this fact I think you will be agreeable to working with us. We don't want mindless lackeys in the Ministry any longer. We want strong-minded, intelligent people who are willing to debate and compromise for the good of all not just a few. I don't see what the problem with that is."

"I know you've seen in the papers that we have not attacked or raided anyone for a long time. We want this revolution to be as peaceful, as bloodless and legal as possible. The time of slaughter and torture are over for the Dark. Marvolo understands this fact and I hope with this new outlook you will me amendable to working with us in making our world better."

"Kingsley Shacklebolt would you truly not work with someone just because you don't like them? Would you impair those who seek to make something better just because you don't care for them as a person?"

The older man looked thoughtful for quite some time and Harry let him think in peace. Finally, Kingsley broke the silence; "No, Harry I wouldn't not work with someone just because I don't like them. For Merlin's sake I worked with Fudge and that man is an idiot." The raven couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled out of him; "Indeed, he is and he will be the first one to go when we overthrow the Ministry."

"We need competent leaders in place in order to achieve our goals. You, Kingsley, are one of these people and I want you to be there when things begin to change. What say you?" The Auror leaned back against the wall and shifted in his bed; "I would have to have an in depth talk with your Lord so I know exactly what these goals are."

"If, and this is a big if, I agree with his thoughts and plans I would not be averse to working alongside you. But if I disagree or I am uncomfortable in anyway with the plans I will not stand with you. What I will do is a mystery at this point and won't begin to think of it until the time comes. For right now I'm reading the Prophet and gleaning what I can about the current climate amongst the people."

"The masses seem to be happy with the changes being made so that eases my mind a bit but after Dumbledore's manipulations you'll forgive my reluctance to believe anyone on just their words alone." Harry agreed with those words more than he could ever say; "I would think you a fool, Kingsley, if you just accepted what I or anyone says as truth at this point."

"Enough of political talks, how have you been? Have you been getting your food properly? Have you been allowed to bath? Tell me if the elves are not doing their job; you're stay here will be palatable so speak up if you're unsatisfied." The older male shook his bald head with a smile; "No, Harry I'm fine. The food is good and delivered three times a day."

"Every morning the elves come to set up a tub with hot water, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush. They leave me a change of clothes and a towel. They've even set a small loo over there." And so they had, Harry just noticed the small closet.

"All in all for the situation I'm in it could be worse, much much worse. I thank you, Harry and your Lord, for the care and respect you're treating me with." The emerald eyed teen merely nodded and stood; "Well than I must be off. If you ever want to talk call for Tempy and he'll find me."

The dark skinned man nodded and went back to reading his book; from the title it was a book on wizard politics. It seemed Kingsley was more interested in their offer than he admitted; good. The raven left the cell and reset the wards around the door and left the dungeon.

He would go check on Draco and see what else his blonde lover decided on for their big day.

~*~*~*~*~*~*POV CHANGE*~*~*~*~*~*~

Marvolo watched his little family leave the breakfast room; when Harry closed the door behind him he turned his crimson eyes onto his new fascination. The younger man looked delightful in his robes; sapphire truly did set the red head's features off. He would have to remember that for gifting purposes in the future, well if this little chat went well that is.

Bill seemed to become nervous under his intense stare, watching the younger man fidget brought a small smile onto his now handsome face; "Do I make you nervous, Bill?" The red head's blush was absolutely stunning! Merlin, if the other man looked any sexier right now Marvolo would jump him; the hell with propriety.

Pressing down his more base urges the elder cleared his throat; "So tell me have you been enjoying your time here so far? Has everything been to your liking?" The red head smiled that pretty smile and answered; "Well the day and half I've been out of the dungeons have been fantastic."

"This house is lovely and Tempy has been very helpful, bringing me books and things. How have you been?" Marvolo smirked, delighting in the fact that they were actually talking civilly and the younger actually seemed interested in what he was doing. And since Bill took an oath to not speak about anything regarding the Dark Marvolo could chat with him about whatever he liked.

This oath might be the best thing for his new relationship with Bill. He didn't trust easily, obviously, and the assurance that Bill at least couldn't spill his secrets was comforting to him. Looking into those pretty blue eyes Marvolo began to talk; "I've been well. Planning and organizing a few things before I stand trial in front of the Wizengamot. Hopefully, by this Friday I'll be a free man and can do as I please without hiding away for fear of being arrested."

The red head looked at him with wide eyes; "You're going to turn yourself in? Are you mad? They'll convict you without a thought! You can't do this! It's it's suicide!" Marvolo was a bit taken aback by the vehement response from his love interest.

Maybe the man cared for him more than Marvolo first thought? He was jolted from his thoughts when he saw the worried cast in Bill's pretty eyes; "Bill, I'll be alright. Do you think I'd be foolish enough to turn myself in without a plan? I'll be fine, if anything I'll pay a fine."

"And if worse comes to worst and I do get sentenced to Azkaban I'll have my people break me out and I return to my initial plan and destroy the Ministry. Either way I win but the first solution is more palatable to me at the moment." Bill numbly nodded but Marvolo could see the man relaxed once he heard the crimson eyed man out.

Apparently, Bill thought they needed to distract themselves from heavier topics and shifted the conversation; "So who else lives at the Manor besides us, Harry, the Malfoys and Severus?" The elder male smiled and allowed the change in conversation; "It's just us right now. The Lestranges and Rookwood left a day or so ago for their safe house."

"Once my trial is done it will be their turn to stand in front of the Wizengamot. I'll be leaving tonight and turning myself in tomorrow. The Wizengamot meets in a few days and I'll stand trial then." The red head responded quickly; "You're leaving tonight?" It warmed Marvolo's heart to see Bill look so unhappy at the thought of him leaving; "Yes, I'm leaving but I'll be back before you know it. Oh come now William don't pout."

The red head squawked a bit in indignation; "I am not pouting! I don't pout! And you're supposed to call me Bill." Marvolo could only laugh internally at the look on Bill's face, it was adorable. He wondered if anyone had ever told the man in front of him he was adorable. To many Bill Weasely was a tiger but to Marvolo he was a kitten.

"You look quite adorable all puffed up in indignation, do you know that?" A spluttering noise was Bill's response, making Marvolo laugh outright for the first time in year's, maybe even decades. The red head's annoyed look immediately faded and he smiled at the elder male, looking quite pleased that he had made Marvolo laugh; even if it was at his expense.

When the red eyed man calmed down he looked at Bill; "Thank you. I haven't laughed like that in quite some time. I think I'd enjoy doing it more, that is if you'll consent to spending more time with me when I return from the Ministry." The red head cocked his head to the side, looking pensive for a moment before a wide mischievous smile broke out on his face; "Why Marvolo are you asking to court me?"

For the first time in his life Marvolo blushed slightly and was at a temporary loss for words. He recovered quickly; "I am, actually. I'd be quite happy if you consented to let me court you." There he said it and now the ball was in Bill's court.

The younger man shifted a bit and looked hard into Marvolo's ruby eyes; "I'd consent to letting you court me but you will understand that it won't be easy. We have a lot to overcome and learn about each other and you, from what I gather, aren't exactly an open book with certain bits of information. If you truly want to have a relationship with me we have to be open and honest with each other."

"No lying or manipulating; say what you mean and mean what you say. If you want to know something ask me and I'll do the same. It's simple, right?" Marvolo thought about what his younger interest said; he could do what Bill asked him. Being honest and up front wasn't too difficult but it would be hard to open up about certain things in his life, his less than happy childhood for one.

But he had faith, for some reason, that Bill would understand why he did what he did and how he became how he was. The red head seemed to want to know him for him and that was nice; most wanted his power or money or some other favor. Maybe he was spending too much time with Slytherins? Well it was a good thing that Mr. William Arthur Weasely was as Gryffindor as they came.

"I think I could do that with you but you have to be patient... I'm new at this... feelings thing. I can't promise it will be easy to be with me but I'll try my hardest to make you happy." Bill nodded, a bright smile on his face; "All I can ask isn't it. Now, I only have today with you so let's enjoy the day. No planning or conspiring just relaxing."

Marvolo stood and offered his arm to his red head; "Well then let's have a walk around the grounds. The garden isn't at its liveliest right now as it's winter but the Malfoys have several plants that bloom beautifully in the cold weather." The red head allowed himself to be led outside and into the gardens.

The elder male watched Bill's reactions when he showed him different plants and shrubs, enjoying how expressive the younger man was. All in all if he had to go to the Ministry holding cells tomorrow he was glad he would have this memory of his time with Bill to keep his spirits up.

I don't know if anyone has noticed me kind of pressing the issue of Harry and etiquette? Well if you have here's why; I have read a few fics where in one chapter Harry's so out of depth in the wizarding world and then the next he's bowing to goblins and greeting them like he's lived in the magical world his whole life.

This annoys me greatly! Now if the author paves the way by saying Harry has been hiding his true knowledge cool I'm down with that but don't just flip Harry from ignorant almost a muggle-born to savy pureblood out of left-field. Okay I'm done with my mini-rant; Ciao Lovelies!

Well next chapter will be the trial and that is the beginning of our end lovelies!

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