Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Harbinger

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It was probably all the years of Curse Breaking; you had to think on your feet in that profession or you would be killed for your carelessness. Now, the red head worked as Gringotts Chief Warder and only took jobs within England that would last no longer than two days. Bill didn't like being away from Marvolo and the crimson eyed man despised it when his lover was away from home. This may be their house but the red head's warm presence made it their home.

Both men watched their family and friends as they chatted while the kids bounced around happily. Marvolo was content with his life and pleased that their world was now becoming a place he would even consider bringing a child into. Things may not be perfect but they were getting there and every day they were getting closer, and closer, to the goal of a peaceful society where all were respected.

~*~*~*Chapter 37 - Side-Fic~*~*~*

The house was quiet and serene. Everyone had either left to return back to their homes or retired to their rooms for the night; the silence was welcome after a full day of entertaining and chasing children around. He snickered; who would have ever thought the great Dark Lord Voldemort would be relegated to shadowing Bella's spawn to make sure she didn't injure herself, hovering around her like some Dementor? Certainly not him, not in a million years.

But he'd changed. The changes began when he brought Harry into Malfoy Manor as his apprentice and they'd continued to happen from then onward. Marvolo had become more willing to listen and compromise when the situation called for it. He still didn't suffer fools lightly; he never would.

Now, however, he had the patience to hear someone out completely before he immediately turned them away or proclaimed their ideas idiotic. He contributed that change to his lover, William Weasely. Yes, William, or Bill as he preferred to be called, made him want to be better, to become someone greater than he already was.

Before Bill he'd wanted to rule the wizarding world because he reveled in the idea of himself commanding such power. He thrived on the thought of others bowing to his whims, salivating to do his bidding. Of course, he also wanted to make changes to their world for the better. But the benefits reaped by these changes to the wizarding world were secondary to Marvolo's ego being satisfied.

Primarily, he wanted to rule over the magical world of Britain because it made him feel all powerful. It made Marvolo feel untouchable, unsurpassed in his brilliance. That he, an abused half-blood orphan, could ascend to the rank of the most feared Dark Lord and then still rise further to govern the British magical world was orgasmic in and of itself.

How things had changed for him. Now, he truly desired his world to be better, to run smoother, and for the people he governed to live peacefully and thrive in prosperity. Merlin and Morgana Bill and Harry had turned him soft. But the crimson eyed man didn't think he'd change anything. He had come further than he ever would have and he had the changes he'd undergone to thank for that.

Marvolo's soft footsteps brought him to the doors to his and Bill's rooms. No doubt his red head was already snuggled in bed. The former Dark Lord may have tracked a wayward little girl around for a day but Bill had gone all out with the kids, playing tag; well as much as one could play tag with kids so young, and playing other ridiculous games with the troublesome brats.

It made him smile when he saw the pure joy reflected on his lover's face when he played with the kids. He knew that one day soon that endless joy, and love, would be directed at a child of their very own. This thought pleased Marvolo to no end; it pleased him to know that no child of his would go unloved and uncared for by either of their parents.

He did fear that he wouldn't be a good parent; he had no experience with parental, or familial, love but he knew what he wouldn't do. Well he was becoming better with expressing love and affection with his close circle of friends, and family, as time wore on.

But these thoughts were for later. There was still plenty of time to consider producing an heir. Right now he had too many things he wanted to do with his life; so many places to travel to and things to learn and he wanted Bill by his side for all of it. His red head companion was his confidant and also his equal when it came to intelligence.

No one could spar with him verbally like Bill could; well maybe Severus but the scowling Potions Master was always so busy lately. And Severus' schedule didn't look to be clearing up anytime soon, not with his first child coming. Salazar, the poor man would be rode ragged by his work, tending to a hormonal Lucius, and soon a newborn child. It was, however, amusing to see the snarky man so besotted by his heavily pregnant spouse.

Who knew Severus Snape; evil dungeon bat extraordinaire could be so cuddly? Not many but it was nice to see a man who had a tough life finally achieve his happiness. All three of them had; Harry with Draco, Severus and Lucius, and him with Bill. Three badly abused and unloved half-bloods had found their other halves; it was amusing that their partners were all pure-bloods.

The crimson eyed man slipped into their rooms and quickly made his way across the small living room and into the large bedroom. As he thought his red head was already sleeping, making adorable chuffing noises when he exhaled. Marvolo never thought he'd find snoring endearing but there you have it. Well it seemed he was feeling very maudlin today; next he'd break out into a heartfelt sonnet and beseech Bill to throw down his golden hair.

He snorted lightly; golden hair? Maybe he really was tired. It wasn't like him to have such inane, insipid, thoughts. A rustling sound coming from their large bed broke him out of his thoughts and made him turn his head toward the bed. The sight that met his gaze was mouthwatering. The sheets had slipped down and exposed lover's naked form. Bill was radiant in the moonlight streaming though the sheer curtains covering the windows.

With a smirk he waved his hand and banished his clothes to the laundry basket in the bathroom and his wand to his bedside table. Now equally nude, his cock twitching to life, Marvolo made his way to the bed and his lover's unsuspecting sleeping form. This would be fun; he enjoyed awakening Bill like this. The red head's reactions were always so...erotic.

A lewd smirk still on his face Marvolo slid onto the soft mattress and crawled in between his lover's spread smooth muscled legs, nudging them further apart so he had more room to work with. Once situated he surveyed Bill's naked body; the man was gorgeous even when he was sprawled out on his back, snoring lightly. From the top of Bill's fiery red head to the tips of his slender feet his red head was the incarnation of everything Marvolo found attractive.

Bill was muscled but not overly so; just enough to make his body hard but not unyielding in Marvolo's greedy hands. The red eyed man was always captivated by his chosen's pale form; even his few freckles were delightful to his blood red eyes. Yes, Bill was his, made for him and no one would take his partner away from him.

Marvolo may have changed over the years but he wouldn't hesitate to rend someone's head from their neck if they tried to hurt Bill, or anyone the former Dark Lord considered family. With a mischievous glint in his eyes he lowered his head until his face was hovering over his love's soft cock.

Casting crimson eyes upward so he could see Bill's face he breathed a puff of warm breath, surrounding his partner's soft length with hot breath. The response from the red head was delightful, as always. His love's cock began to harden while his back arched a bit off the bed, asking for more with his body even if his mind was still asleep.

Red eyes shining with excitement and lust he lowered his head further and began to lick Bill's hardening length from base to tip. Marvolo swirled his slick appendage around his lover's cock before taking his red head's member into his mouth and sucking on the tip. He quite enjoyed the taste of his partner's flesh; it was a mix of musk, salt, and something underlyingly sweet, something uniquely Bill.

The dark haired man continued to take more of lover's burgeoning erection into his mouth and once his nose brushed Bill's pubic hair he swallowed around the cockhead in his throat. The response from his love was enough to make Marvolo's already hardened cock leak. His red head arched further off the bed, moaned loudly to the ceiling, and opened those gorgeous blue eyes that were hazed with desire and sleep.

"Mmmmm Marvolo...don't good." Marvolo just "Hmmm'd" in response around the now rigid length in his mouth; the vibrations from his humming caused Bill to start pumping his hips shallowly, asking without words for the dark haired man to go faster. How could Marvolo deny his love anything? He really couldn't so he did as his partner's body was requesting and sped up his ministrations.

He drew away from Bill's member until only the tip remained in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the flushed mushroom head before he sucked the tip harshly, scraping the sensitive flesh lightly with his canine tooth. His red head responded beautifully! He screamed in pleasure and began to writhe, causing Marvolo to bring his forearm across his lover's hips to keep the man from choking him.

Marvolo's cock was now harder than he thought possible and leaking profusely. But he knew he wanted to be inside his love's body when he came. Reluctantly he drew away from Bill's erection and resettled on his knees in between Bill's slender thighs, with a wave of his hand a bottle of lube slapped into his palm.

The crimson eyed man didn't waste a moment and slicked up three fingers; he would prep Bill just enough not to hurt him but that was all. Marvolo was too high with need to take his usual time preparing his lover's passage for his more than average length. His red head seemed to be on the same wavelength as him, seeing as the blue eyed angel on his bed was now begging, somewhat incoherently, for Marvolo to just fuck him.

The crimson eyed man smiled down at his love; "Shh, Bill, I'll be fucking you into the mattress in a little bit but I have to stretch you." Bill tried to glare at him but was completely unsuccessful and Marvolo just smiled at him, looking completely unrepentant, and brought his lube covered pointer finger to his lover's entrance. The older man gently inserted his digit until his knuckle met his partner's plump ass cheeks.

His red head ground down on the invading digit, fucking himself on Marvolo's finger. The sight was almost enough to have Marvolo throwing the thought of preparation to the wind, saying the hell with it, and fucking Bill then and there but he restrained himself. While they both enjoyed a bit of pain during their sexual encounters the crimson eyed man would never truly hurt Bill.

Bill's begging, pleading, voice brought him back to the task at hand; "More...more...fuck! Marvolo give me more...Now!" Sometimes he had such a bossy little red headed slut but he did enjoy it when his love demanded things from him. Marvolo always enjoyed fulfilling every one of his lover's wants and needs. Without further ado he slipped his second slicked finger into his lover's clenching passage.

The crimson eyed man moaned when he looked down and watched his two long fingers being swallowed by Bill's tight arse; such an erotic, enticing sight. Marvolo continued to thrust his fingers into his partner's body, swiveling and twisting his digits until he felt his lover's body begin to relax and allow his fingers to enter with little resistance.

When his two fingers were sliding in easily he introduced the final finger and had to stop himself from withdrawing his fingers and just slamming his cock deep inside Bills body when his red head mewled in delight and writhed on the bed. Merlin Bill looked like a debauched angel and he was Marvolo's, every inch of Bill was Marvolo's.

His cock was throbbing with need but Marvolo wasn't done with his love's preparation and continued to pump his fingers into that scrumptiously tight passage. When Bill arched his back and shouted he knew he'd found his partner's prostate. With a smirk on his face he began to hammer that little bundle of nerves and he quite enjoyed the sight of Bill fucking himself on his fingers.

With one more impatient throb of his cock Marvolo withdrew his fingers and slicked up his erection and moved until he was hovering over Bill's immaculate form on his hands and knees. The dark haired man's cock was nudging his lover's stretched entrance and without warning he snapped his hips forward, sheathing himself in that slick, tight, heat on one go.

His lover screamed in pained ecstasy and arched his back while his sapphire eyes clenched shut. Marvolo stilled when his hips hit Bill's arse, allowing his gorgeous partner to get used to the feeling of being filled so suddenly. While his red head adjusted Marvolo moved forward, lowering himself until his elbows were next to Bill's head and he was mouth to mouth with the man he adored.

The older man lowered his head and placed his lips against his lover's; they proceeded to exchange sweet, soft, kisses, nothing more than a mere pressing of lips until Bill became impatient and thrust his tongue into Marvolo's mouth. Not to be outdone the taller man moved his slick appendage to meet his companion's.

Their tongues slid and caressed the others, clashing and battling in practiced movements that never became old; Marvolo enjoyed the taste and feel of that now familiar but no less desired mouth. Bill was delicious in every way from the way he tasted to the way he felt; sometimes he wondered if his red head was made for him?

Marvolo smirked into his lover's mouth and rolled his hips slowly, deciding that Bill had enough time to adjust to the feeling of his cock inside of him. His partner gasped into the older man's mouth before he pulled away to throw his head back; "Ngh...please more...Marvolo please."

Sitting back onto his knees the crimson eyed man grasped Bill's legs and arranged them to lie over his broad shoulders. His love moaned when the older man's length sunk deeper inside of his slick channel and mewled when the blunt head of Marvolo's cock brushed against his prostate.

The older male growled lowly and began to thrust into his lover's fit body, thoroughly enjoying the fact that his red head was being reduced to a moaning, mewling, mess and it was all due to him. Bill's head was thrown back, his fiery red hair was fanned all over the pillow like a halo of fire; he looked like a god and Marvolo wanted to make him lose his mind in ecstasy. By the time he was done he didn't want Bill to be able to move or think coherently.

Shifting, the taller man pushed Bill's legs forward, bending his younger lover almost in half and allowing Marvolo's face to be closer to Bill's flushed countenance. Marvolo wanted to be closer so he could see every emotion flitter across his lover's handsome face. His hips were now moving faster, and harder, inside his lover's body; Bill's tight heat was delicious and so so good.

Marvolo could feel the muscles of his lover's passage begin to flutter and convulse and the older man knew his partner's orgasm was imminent. Lowering his head the crimson eyed man smashed their lips together, thrusting his tongue into Bill's mouth, miming with his tongue what he was doing with his cock.

Bill was mewling and whimpering trying to respond to the onslaught Marvolo was subjecting him to from both ends of his pliant body. The taller man was hammering Bill's prostate with every inward plunge of his hips and swiveling his hips to massage his red head's anal walls on every withdrawal of his length.

The crimson eyed man could feel his release hovering on the edge of his mind, and body. But Marvolo wanted, no needed to make his lover succumb to his peak before the older allowed himself to surrender to his orgasm. Marvolo continued to fuck his lover into the mattress and when the need for air became overwhelming he pulled away from his lover's mouth so they could gasp for much needed air.

Marvolo moved his head, nibbling his love's jawline and neck as he made his way toward Bill's sensitive ear. When he was breathing hot puffs of air on Bill's ear he spoke; "You feel so good, love. So tight and hot around me. Mmmm never felt so good before. So good, so beautiful, want to feel you cum and feel you grip my cock before I feel you up with my seed."

Bill moaned to the ceiling, and thrashed his head while grinding his hips downward in time with Marvolo's powerful thrusts. "Fuck Marvolo so close so close..." Marvolo moved his left hand from where it was holding Bill's left knee in place and shifted it until he grasped Bill's flushed leaking erection and began to pump it in time with his thrusts. Both men were sweating heavily and clashing against each other as they both hurtled towards their mutual release.

Marvolo's balls were tightening to his body and he could feel a blazing heat rising in his belly, swirling outward throughout his body as his orgasm bore down on him. Determined to bring his lover off first he bit lower lip and continued his punishing pace, battering Bill's prostate until he felt those silken walls clamp down on him and pulled back a little so he could watch through hazy red eyes as his lover lost it and came hard, showering their bodies with his release.

The older man continued to thrust into his lover's body while he pumped Bill's length until it began to soften in his large hand. Satisfied that his partner was spent Marvolo withdrew his hand and moved it to Bill's mouth; his lover took the cum covered digits into his mouth without being asked and began to suck on them until they were clean.

This action was what sent the older man over the edge; just watching his red head devour his own cum off of Marvolo's fingers sent him spiralling into the abyss; it was so damn erotic. With one more hard thrust inward Marvolo came, exploding deep inside his lover's arse, filling Bill with his release.

He continued to pump his hips, enjoying the aftermath of his orgasm, until his cock began to deflate. His lover was lying on his back, covered in sweat and cum, looking thoroughly tired and debauched; this pleased Marvolo very much. He hovered over his partner, just taking in the delectable sight of a thoroughly fucked Bill.

When his soft cock slid out of his love's entrance he released Bill's legs and flopped, gracefully, onto the bed. He moved onto his side, facing Bill, and propped himself onto his elbow so he could look at his lover's face. The pretty red head turned his head until they were both looking at each other; "Mmm remind me to have you wake me up again like that." The crimson eyed man chuckled, feeling thoroughly satisfied; "Anytime, love."

The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant as the two of them looked at each other until a loud pop was heard next to the bed; Marvolo's wand was in his hand without a thought and a second later the Yew wand was pointed directly at a very nervous, and scared, house elf; "I's sorry Masters but Mr. Severus asks Tyky to get Masters. Mr. Lucius be's having the baby, sirs."

Both men sat straight up in bed, no longer caught up in their post-sex lethargy. Their sudden movements made the elf jump backwards in fear; both men ignored this as they cast cleaning spells on their person and threw on their house robes so they could quickly traverse the house and get to Severus and Lucius' rooms.

Marvolo knew without a doubt that Severus was probably in a snit and barking orders to the elves; no doubt scaring the living hell out of the timid creatures. Hopefully, the Potions Master remembered to call for their Healer. Well they would be there soon to take care of all of that so Severus could be with his husband without worrying about a thing.

Marvolo chuckled when he heard Bill questioning the elf about the length of time Lucius had been in labor, how far apart were his contractions; you would never know that not even five minutes ago the red head was laid out in bed covered in cum and sweat he was acting so collected.

Marvolo really loved this kindhearted man and with a smile he grasped Bill's hand; "Bill, we can ask all these things when we get to their rooms but right now we need to get there and make sure both Severus and Lucius are alright." The red head snickered as they moved to leave the room; "You mean we need to check that Severus hasn't murdered anyone yet?" The crimson eyed man sniggered; "Indeed, I happen to like my house elves."

The two men walked out the door, hand in hand, toward their friend's rooms. Marvolo couldn't believe that before the night was out they would be welcoming another member into their little family. It was a great, if still somewhat foreign, feeling to have; this feeling of family and belonging. Never in a million years did he think he would ever feel it let alone that he would cherish it so.

But he did and it all started when a scrawny raven haired teen dropped into his meeting room in Malfoy Manor all those years ago. That abused, traumatized, child was a harbinger of things to come for the crimson eyed man and he didn't regret one decision made or moment lived in all these years. Bill squeezed his hand, making Marvolo look to the side; "You alright, Marvolo?"

The former Dark Lord smiled; "I am and everything's fine. Come, let's get to Lucius before Severus destroys something. I wonder if someone called Harry and Draco to let them know about the birth." Bill chuckled; "I'm sure Severus has. Then again those two may have heard Severus bellowing at the top of lungs at the house elves all the way from Malfoy Manor..."

Both men laughed and picked up the pace. They were both happy to be welcoming another baby into their lives. And from the look on Bill's gorgeous face he would soon be welcoming his own spawn into the world. He wondered if the world could survive having two Riddle men in it. He chuckled and let Bill pull him down the halls, willingly following his love wherever he wanted to take him.

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