Chapter 1-The Beginning of the End.

Snippy's POV- possible Snippy/Captain references in later chapters. Mr. Snippy has problems with reoccurring feelings similar to blackouts.

It started with the blackouts.

You know, like when you stand up fast, really fast and then for a split second you feel dizzy and headachy. Mr. Snippy assumed they were normal, or the ghastly beginning of his slow and painful demise by radiation poison. I mean, he had to take his mask off SOMETIMES. He assumed his sad little band of survivors- also known as his teammates- did too on occasion. Although he had never seen one do so. Their crazy leader-partially-dictator who dubbed him-(or her, Snippy didn't really WANT to know)-self 'Zee Captain' in particular. He must have absorbed A LOT of radiation (by now Snippy assumed Captain was male and had no intentions of checking) that or he just escaped from a mental asylum. Which-based on Engineers choice in test subjects- was highly possible. Either way, Captain was insane.

Back to the point- The blackouts were getting worse and the snipers lack of sleep (most likely due to the also insane Pilot sneaking around at night- he was a bloody ninja or something) wasn't helping either. Oh- and he probably wasn't a sniper either. Captain just dubbed him that because his last name- Snippy- sounded like sniper. But he really didn't mind the assault rifle that was an accessory of this title. Snipers probably don't use assault rifles either but he defiantly wasn't going to correct Captain on that mistake- Better him then that delusional Pilot or smartass Engineer.

Snippy's worst fear was that the blackouts would interrupt a mission- that's what the Captain called crazy ventures into the radioactive wasteland. More like suicide missions.

Even though the blackouts were only a few seconds- they consisted of a feeling of extreme dizziness, a pounding headache and crushing blindness- sometimes. Mostly, dark blotches would cloud his vision further than the thick and scratched lenses of his gasmask already did, but once or twice he was actually blinded for a few terrifying seconds. Blindness wasn't like closing your eyes- you can't see a hazy reddish glow through your eyelids- the blackness surrounds you and everything you seemed to know about your surroundings fades into what meager evidence you can gather by cautiously reaching your arms out in a wide circle and cocking your head to listen for radioactive, mutant monsters out for your precious blood that you think you can hear faintly roaring in the back of your heavily clothed ears. And a dull pain pounds behind your eyes like a migraine except it prickles like when your foot falls asleep and it feels like some imperceptible demon is stabbing your foot with piercing needles when you happen to need it again. Those few valuable second could mean life or death if Captain and Pilots damn pet, Photoshop –or whatever they had agreed upon calling the monstrosity- attacked him again. Senseless mutated worm. Why couldn't those idiotic imbeciles have chosen that 'Lifealope' thing to harbor as a pet instead?

"Mister Snippy!" An oddly high pitched shout from a different room derailed his jumbled train of thoughts, "Here we-no-I go again on some crazy suicide mission" Snippy muttered rather angrily. Why was it always him? Once again his thoughts were interrupted by another call from the psycho they called 'Zee Captain' "Mien minion! Zee Captain is calling for you!" Snippy hesitantly rose from his couch-that-he-called-a-bed and trudged sleepily into the other room of the small and abandoned suburban house that currently held the title of their 'base'. "What is it now" he practically hissed- which doesn't really make sense because last time I checked normal people don't hiss words, I guess living in a fictional post-apocalyptic nuclear winter wouldn't quite make you normal by our standards though.

"Zee Captain demand mien minions to fetch more tea!" He brandished that malicious little mug- only half full of searing hot tea, surprisingly- towards Snippy's masked face threateningly. The sniper might have muttered an argument if the fate of death by scalding hot radioactive tea didn't dangle menacingly over his hooded head.



I've recently become a huge Romantically Apocalyptic fan and Mr. Snippy quickly became my favorite character. (The crazy idiot VS only sane person relationship of Captain and Snippy reminds me of my relationship with one of my closest friends 3) And I thought it would be interesting to write about some of his mental/emotional problems. I plan for this to have multiple chapters and a developed storyline. Thank you for reading and please review. Reviews really help with motivation (I'll update faster!).

Kthxbai- /Unt0t3n/