Chapter 2- Falling Snow

Snippy's POV- possible Snippy/Captain references in later chapters. Mr. Snippy has problems with reoccurring feelings similar to blackouts.

"BWAH!" Snippy paced back and forth in a frustrated manner, 'Why couldn't that idiot have sent his dear, little Pilot instead!? I'm always the one who has to go on some suicidal operation to find the stupidest things! Maybe those thugs will capture me again and then we'll see if Captain cares!' Snippy stopped and pondered- "he won't". With a groan he continued to sift through the piles of radioactive waste with no luck. He had already searched at least ten skeletal excuses for households with nothing.

He found that they had already been searched- more like ransacked though. All the canned food (that was all the stuff worth eating these days- radiation has silently leached into everything else) was gone and everything else was tosses into radiating masses that Snippy rifled through. They needed to move on, he wordlessly reminded himself to mention that to Captain when he arrived "home"- If he arrived- The Captain would probably have a tantrum if his brave explorer returned without the desired beverage, Pilot would most likely suggest a penalty- probably banishing the Sniper forever or likewise. "If that idiot wants his dear Captain all to himself- HE CAN HAVE HIM!" Snippy barked (once again- I'm pretty sure people don't bark either but it really wouldn't matter- "Sonja! Did you just tell your teacher to go fuck herself?" "No- I barked it"). God- he hoped no-one was around to hear his sporadic bursts of resentment- that would be freakin' embarrassing. Maybe he would walk into another ambush set up by some scraggly group of murderous loners, this time; he wouldn't have his wonderful cancer summoning purse to save him- and then attempt to violently murder him and Pilot… Maybe that thing wasn't so bad after all… Then Captain wouldn't have to worry about him- not that Captain did anyway.

The lone Sniper (damn! That sounds poetic) 's thoughts were interrupted by a single dirty, grey snowflake that tauntingly danced before his unfocused eyes then noiselessly perched on the middle of his gasmasks dented and tarnished filters. With a war cry of "BWAH!" he continued on to shake his head (as much as he could wearing his hood) violently and flail his arms like some bizarre idiot having a vicious muscle spasm- Okay- now he really hoped no-one was slyly spying on him. Well- at least if anyone was-they'd think he had radiation sickness and shoot on sight, probably…

"hmmm?" Black clouds began to accumulate before Snippy's eyes and he felt a familiar pounding in his skull- His sudden burst of movement must have triggered another dizzy spell! 'Crap! Not again!' he silently thought as he fell to the ground. From his almost-fetal position on the ground he gazed upward - savoring the view where a missing portion of roof let him gaze upon the greying sky. Watching falling snowflakes gently gathered on his lenses as he drifted to somewhere far away...


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