The long echoing halls of the Enterprise were eerily quiet, with just the sounds of Dr McCoy's footsteps, filling the quiet corridors in his stride. He was travelling down the corridors at a deathly speed, his white sickbay coat billowing behind him, and wearing a face of frustration and concern. Frustration, that he was the one left to go on a man hunt for the "so called" captain. And concern for said captain, his friend, that he had been late to his beta shift on the bridge. Jim was never late. And this thought just caused more concern.

He turned sharply, heading towards the captains room. Only stopping shortly to release some of his building verbal frustration out on the oncoming cadet, who had managed to walk into him whilst reading down at his PADD which he was now scrambling down on the floor on all fours trying to retrieve the PADD which had been violently thrown in the rough collision of the two enterprise crewmen. McCoy's language used at the young, fresh faced cadet was what anyone would describe as 'creative'. Flushed red from embarrassment, the cadet quickly scurried to his feet and made a hasty apology to the now angry CMO and quickly turned on his heels and strode down the hall, his head bowed down and PADD clutched to his chest, breathing steadily, in an attempt to get control over his ever reddening face and neck. McCoy made the rest of his journey towards the captains quarters seething with overwhelming frustration and anger that made him clutch his fists tightly at his sides, in order to gain some control.

He reached Jim's door and banged violently.

"Damn it Jim! I swear to god if you don't open this door I'm going to hypo your ass to hell'n back"

his southern drawl leaking from his lips with the building frustration. He banged on the door again, and turned his head sharply to glare at the onlooking cadets that had gathered at the end at the hall. They quickly got back to doing whatever it was they were supposed to be, when they saw the shear anger on the CMO's face. He carried on knocking and only stopped when he heard the sound of a faint, but deep, groan emanating from the other side of the door.

"Jim open this door, NOW!"

he heard the sound of someone scuffling their feet on the floor, which got slightly louder as they came closer to the door. The sound of the door lock being opened made McCoy stand straight, ready to let his frustration out on the captain once he appeared in his view. But what he saw was far from what he expected to see from the normally bright, smart-ass captain. As the door slid open, McCoy was faced with the view of red rimmed, sunken and tired blue eyes staring back at him. shocked and speechless McCoy steadily ventured further into the captains room as the automatic door slid shut behind. He reached out a hand towards his friend and noticed firstly the flinch it produced and secondly the look of utter fear and dread in his sunken blue eyes. A look he had never before seen displayed from his friend.


McCoy went to reach for his friend again, just to have his hand violently shoved to the side.

"No. Don't touch me...please Bones"

McCoy softened slightly at the sound of his nickname, and reluctantly placed his still outstretched hand down a his side. He took the long moments silence to view the picture of his friend before him. Jim's shoulders were slouched forward, his honey blonde hair sticking to his face from sweat. His night shirt hung loosely around his frame, more so than normal, and he noticed how thin and frail Jim looked. Not at all like his usually flirtatious and cocky self. And this worried him. He looked tired, like he hadn't slept for weeks, or eaten either. The smell was the last thing that hit him. The strong, putrid, familiar smell of vomit, emanating from the bathroom door.

"Jim, are you okay? What's wrong"

"nothing Bones, nothings wrong. I think I just caught a nasty stomach bug is all."

Bones noticed how Jim wouldn't look at him in the eyes. And he didn't like it. Not one god damn bit.

"Jim you look like you haven't eaten for days!"

Jim sighed heavily, running a shaking hand through his sweat drenched hair.

"yeah well, whatever I eat just ends up in the bottom of the toilet anyway."

Bones frowned deeply at the thought of his closest friend starving himself. He didn't like this. Not one bit. And he knew when Jim was lying to him. And he was going to find out what it was he was trying to hide.

"What's really wrong Jim? Your never late to your shift on the bridge. What's changed?"

"Nothing Bones I swear, I just feel a bit queasy is all, nothing a bit of rest cant handle"

"Really? Nothings wrong. I doubt that Jim, I know you and I know when your lying to me, so tell me what's really wrong, or I swear to god I will hypo your ass with truth serum and get it outa you that way!"

Jim's eyes were focused in a frown on the floor in front of his feet. Not looking up once. If he had he would have noticed the worry on his friends face.

"I'm fine bones I told you, theirs nothing else to it."

"Oh really, so why is it then that you haven't once looked at me in the eyes since I've been here then Jim?"

Jim finally snapped and raised his face to look directly at Bones.

"Damn it bones just leave it all ready!"

Bones scowled, furrowing his eyebrows lower. Jim held his gaze, they stayed this way in silent observation of each other until Jim's features suddenly changed and a green tinge to his face alerted them that Jim was about to empty the remains in his stomach. He quikly slapped a hand over his mouth and ran for the open door of the bathroom making it just in time to release his stomach into the toilet. Bones stood motionlessly, panning his eyes over the inside of the room. He noticed the bed looked untouched, probably due to jim spending most of his time with his head over the toilet he thought. The sound of Jim dry heaving in the bathroom sounded unusually loud in the tidy captains quarters.

Jim finally made his way out of the bathroom. Certain that there was nothing left in the contents of his stomach to empty. Hand's rubbing at his tired eyes as he tried to wake himself up. Bones was stood by his desk, arms folded in front of his chest with a look of concern covering his features. Jim's mustard yellow captain's top and a fresh pair of black slacks lay folded neatly on his bed. Bones fixed his gaze on Jim as he made his way over to the bed, stripping his night clothes of as he went. His lean, muscular chest had a sheen of sweat that glistened in the dim light of the room. His boxers hung loosely by his hips, and bones couldn't stop his gaze from drifting down the man's body in appreciation. Jim had by this time grabbed a towel from his wardrobe and was wiping the sweat from his body, ready to dress in the fresh clothes splayed out for him.

"you should rest Jim, your obviously not well"

"and miss a day on the bridge, I don't think so. I told you I'm fine bones, just leave it okay"

"well excuse me, I'm just a doctor after all! Your obviously not 'fine' Jim, anyone could see that much. You don't have to be CMO to figure it out!"

Jim turned to face him. Fully clothed now. His hands placed on his hips as he strode towards Bones his usual confident mask back in place.

"Look Bones, I told you its just a slight stomach bug. Nothing a kirk can't handle"

Bones scoffed loudly, shaking his head slightly before he returned his gaze to Jim's. Who was closer to him that he first thought.

"tell me what's wrong Jim, I know you, I know when your hiding something from me."

Jim's bright blue eyes looked deep into his own rusty brown one's, as if searching for something, before he turned abruptly and headed for the door.

"come on Bones, I've got a ship to run."

Bones sighed heavily before following behind Jim. He was not finished with him yet, and sooner or later he would find out what's 'really' going on with his friend. It was only a matter of trust.