Modern America: 2012

November, Nightfall

It was a dark depressing day in the world. Society on the verge of collapse, gangs and mobs beginning to retaliate against political figures, local and nationwide. As the United States begins to crumble from debt and loss of control, other countries are seizing the moment and rapidly rising from the ashes of yesteryear and organizing to become the top Megapower of the world.

But all is not lost for America, deep in the heart of the US, they have Agent 47, the most skilled and deadly assassin in the modern age. And with many successful eliminations under his belt, he will be the right man for the job.

47 enters into a darkened room in the Agency office with nothing more then an overhead spotlight on to an oakwood desk, and on the desk holds a suitcase and a folder labeled "Classified". Inside, shows documents and photos of the targets: background info, child history, likes/dislikes, daily rountines, the works at his fingertips.

His objective: "Eliminate all targets, Leave no witnesses, by any means necessary"

He grins as he grabs the suitcase…