Chapter 1: Trigger Happy

Subject Name: Agent 47

Gender: Male

Age: Classified

Origin: Classified

Description: Pale, Bald, Barcode-like tattoo on the back of the head, extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat, knowledge and experience in an array of weapons from hardwire to sniper rifles. Approach with extreme caution…..

Nothing takes Agent 47 by surprise anymore, always monitoring his surroundings with the most unfazed look and sharp, piercing eyes to send any regular man into shock. Reflexes are so smooth and quick it would almost seem like he has some sort of foresight to see the future, almost like an inhuman or supernatural ability. For his choice of clothing is the usual: black slacks, white crisp-looking undershirt, black sport coat, black formal shoes, and a fresh set of black leather gloves and a red tie. Under the smooth, sleek looking suit lies his favorite weapons of choice: a dual set of silverballers complete with suppressors (AMT Hardballer: .45 ACP Colt M1911 clone) tucked inside his innercoat pockets, fiber wire, a flexable piece of stainless steel cable that is able to go undetected through metal detectors, for a more close face to face approach and leaves no trace of blood, and smoke bombs for a stealthy group take out.

To be continued!