Title: Dark Machine

Genre: Supernatural/Adventure

Rating: T

Pairing: Lilly T. / Rico

Summary: The evil genius Rico has created a machine that turns everything black and white. Only three people can stop it. One is incapacitated, another is incarcerated, the only one left is a skater girl named Lillian, "Lilly" Truscott.

Story: Chapter One

Lilly Truscott was leaving the skate park when her phone rang. It was Mikayla Santoro calling. She said Hannah was in ICU and she was going to an experimental prison with energy fields instead of cells. This is the conversation:

Lilly: "Hello"

Mikayla: "Lilly I'm in trouble. Hannah is in ICU and I'm going to prison.

Lilly: "Hannah is in ICU!?

Mikayla: "Hello, big picture here. I am the only one left who knows what Rico is planning".

Lilly: "Why is it so important? Isn't he only thirteen?".

Mikayla: "You will have to come and see me. I'd rather discuss this face to face'.

End call.

Lilly was worried. It was typical of Mikayla to only worry about herself, but this seemed to be something else. Lilly was the first to arrive at the hospital, where she discovered Hannah had lost her voice and was in a coma. Lilly then visited Mikayla in prison and they had this conversation:

Mikayla: "Rico has constructed a machine that turns everything black and white."

Lilly: "How did he manage that?"

Mikayla: "He's an evil genius isn't he? Anyway he targeted me and the other one because singing is one way to reverse it."

Lilly: "Is there another way?"

Mikayla: "Just one, and it can only be done by a skater. Take this board and skate everywhere."

Lilly: "I will Mikayla. Goodbye!"

End Chapter .

Authors Note: Well what did you think? Read and review good, bad or other wise and let me know if I should continue or not. Today is August 21st 2012. I will wait until September 21st to give people adequate time. I need more 'yes' than 'no', to continue. If more 'no's' - then write it yourself!.