Title: Dark Machine

Rating: T

Genre: Adventure/Supernatural

Pairing: Lilly T. / Rico

A/N. Hey Guys sorry it has taken so long my Beta reader was on vacation and I was waiting for more than two reviews. Anyway thanks to the 116 people who read my story and a special thank you and my eternal gratitude to the two people who left reviews. A few more things before the story firstly there is no Miley only Hannah. Second all stewart family members are dead. Finally other characters make appearances and other places are mentioned. Now on with the story.

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Rico looked out of the window at the destruction he was causing he felt for once truly happy.

Jake Ryan: "Sir the eternal darkness forge is operating at 200% far beyond our expectations".

Rico " I am more interested in knowing if any singers still pose a threat to me"?

Jake Ryan " No sir the only places it does not cover is hospitals where Hannah is in a medically induced coma, The fields in your new prison where Mikayla is shocked when she tries to sing and finally Churches where only the choirs remain".

Rico: "So no one can stop me"?

Jake Ryan: "Camp Rock, Camp Star, Hollywood arts and Lima Ohio were the first places targeted by the forge.

Rico What about other American Songbirds"/

Jake Ryan: "Taylor Swift, The Simpson Sisters and Katy Perry are all con summed by the forges power.

Rico: "That will be all, now leave.

Rico looked out the window and laughed at how he was winning even the president was under his forge's power. Suddenly Oliver comes running in.

Oliver: "Sir the forge is losing cover and power it has dropped to 150% and continuing to drop.

Rico: ' How is that possible the only singers left are international singers like Reece Mastin and One Direction And they don't have the power to stop me and Justin Bieber certainly doesn't"!

Oliver: " Well it is happening somehow located a few miles form your prison is where it started.

Well That's Chapter two done. Reason I said Justin Bieber couldn't stop him is because i don't like him. Please Read and Review. There is still one more chapter to come let me know. Auf wiedersahn.