Chapter One - Morning

She knew.

She knew as soon as she woke up, sheets rubbing against her skin in a strange green room, the mattress moving with a man's breaths beside her, that what had just happened would change her life. Maybe not now, maybe not even soon, but eventually. Some day.

Raven peeled her eyes open, vision obscured by purple hair falling into her lashes, and tenderly began to move her body. Oh God. Sore. Down there.

Oh, my God.

She jerked forward, the sheets twisted around her torso, pinning her breasts down. A glance beside her saw a green-skinned back, thin wiry muscles moving with sleepy breaths.

She voraciously ripped the sheets off of her body, and in the thin dawn light, beneath her sour-milk thighs, there was a stain of brown blood.

Jesus fucking Christ.

"Morning, beautiful."

Beast Boy had turned over, his bare chest coming up from under the sheets. He was scrawny, but so was she, and apparently he'd had enough strength to pound the hell out of her last night.

"Hey" was all she said. But inwardly, the word 'beautiful' rang like a bell in her ears. Her, beautiful? Stark ass naked, skin the color of oatmeal, spindly legs and an unforgiving haircut. The scars from her childhood screamed out from her back, raw and histrionic. She shuddered when he ran a soft finger down the worst of them.

"Did we actually do what I think we did last night?"

"Best night of my life," he said, with the ardor of a sixteen-year-old.

His voice, with just a hint of growl, made something rise within her. She immediately squashed it.

"Not that I don't love spooning," she said, standing up to gather her clothes, "but that was way out of my comfort zone. All of this is. And I really don't think we should do that again – "

"It was your first time, wasn't it?"

Images popped up in her mind. Rough, searing, enchanting pain, screeching up from someplace hidden inside of her.

"Yeah, pretty sure it was my first time," she growled.

He gave another smile and also stood up from the bed. Dear God, that was some morning wood.

"Wait," she looked again at that smile, "that wasn't your first time?" Come to think of it, he seemed really good at hitting her spots.

He said nothing, pulling on his boxers.

"Jesus Christ," Raven gasped, "you did it with Terra, didn't you?"

"Now you're just jumping to conclusions."

A laugh bubbled up from her lips, something primal. She wasted no time in summoning her clothes to her and dressing with a sudden urgency. "Okay, now we really never need to do this again. See you at combat practice, asshole."

"Raven, I'm sorry – "

"For what? I'm fine. You're a grown man, you can fuck whoever you want. I'm gonna do my morning meditation."

With a swoop of her cloak, she fled out of the room, making sure to let the door slam shut extra hard behind her. She ripped through the tower to her room, scaring the hell out of Silkie, who was sleeping by the bathroom. When she reached her room, she stripped immediately and ran to the shower to wash off the sweat and blood –

She laughed. She doubled over by the shower and laughed.

That green-skinned little ass had forgotten to wear a condom.

Hope you enjoyed! The story's almost completely written, so I should be able to post pretty quickly as we go. Thanks for reading, and please tell me what you think! - PVB