These are for WerePireGirl (Please check out some of her awesome stories!) because she is the perfect match for Albus Potter, it's just a shame he isn't real.

Cassiopeia Nott lay on her bed, the hangings down, shielding her from the world, eating copious amounts of chocolate, stroking her cat, and crying. Her boy friend (ex boyfriend now) Tristan Zabini had decided to break up with her. She'd thought he was the one! Obviously not because 'the one' didn't go round snogging (yes, she knew he was doing more but really, would you want to admit that to yourself?) random girls. He was bad news, he wasn't worth it, he was the boy she'd been in love with for nearly a year! He had played her and all she could do was go along with it. Her peaceful den of heartbreak was intruded on by a mass of ginger curls, accompanied by a rustle of paper.

"Cassie, I have a plan!" Her friend informed her. Cassie groaned. Her friend's plans were notoriously disastrous.

"It's actually not that bad. And it would really piss off some of your relatives." She grinned. Cassie was becoming increasingly interested.

"You go out with Al Potter! Think about it, Zabini's with his ex-girlfriend, you can make them jealous, split them up! As well as that, you can annoy your lovely old Grandparents, brother and God-father by dating the Gryffindor off-spring of a Weasley and a Potter, and he can get back at Scorpius for being with his cousin." She beamed as she concluded her surprisingly well-formed plan. If she could annoy her family it would be brilliant, especially if she could annoy Scorpius, dating his best friend should avenge the 'cake-in-hair' incident of the Christmas before. And she would love to make Tristan jealous.

"I assume you've confronted Potter about this." She replied. Her friend nodded excitedly.

"Alright then, I'm in." She agreed, what did she have left to lose?