Cassie entered the field of tombstones with her heart heavy. She hated them so much. They just reminded her of her losses, and the way she could easily go. She shuddered as she passed a marble angel, marking the loss of a five year old. It was wrong, that little five year old was dead, that innocent life lost, whilst people like Lucius had lived past one hundred. Lucius was buried somewhere there, and he must have been seething down in hell. Sharing the same hallowed ground as muggles and mudbloods. Mudbloods like her Albus. Frankly, he didn't deserve it. Lucius Malfoy deserved much, much less. Cassie's train of thought was interrupted as she spotted it, the brand new stone in the Potter area of the Graveyard. Lying under the earth, next to his sister, was her beloved husband. She hobbled over, her arthritic knees almost giving up on her. She lay a bunch of flowers, nothing particularly meaningful, onto the recently dug up earth. She traced the golden lettering on the stone, a tear forming in her eye as she spelt the name of her love out.

There was nothing she wanted more than for him to return, not as the pained being he'd left the world as, but her Al. The boy who had told her he loved her with a cat on his head. Had proposed to her in a cupboard, and had let her name his first daughter and second son with names that honoured said cupboard. She chuckled a little at the memories from a time when it didn't hurt to run. She realised it was the first time she'd laughed since the night he'd died.

She took out a cloth and wiped imaginary dirt and dust from the stone.

"This." She announced to nobody in particular. "This is from the cupboard that brought me and my Al together." She tied it about the stems of the meaningless flowers, and suddenly they meant something.

"I love you, Potter." She gave the sky a watery smile, because if Al was anywhere, he'd be up there, not rotting away underground. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned.

It was her Al!

"Al?" She asked, excitedly. The raven haired boy shook his head.

"No Mum, Dad's dead. It's me. Astor." Her son replied. Cassie felt the hope that had filled her dissipate. For a moment then it had been Al.

"I'm taking you home now Mum." Astor told her gently, pulling her up. With a sigh and a sad look to the stone that made it real, she walked away and into real life.

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