"Why, of course!" the Professor exclaimed. "I have a salve right here that I think would do the trick. It contains..." He began to rattle off the names of the salve's ingredients.

"Well, never mind all that. Just give it to me so that I can take it to Ginger."

"Certainly." The Professor handed the vial containing the salve to Mary Ann, who took it to the girls' hut.

Ginger was pleased to find that not only did the salve help her sore nipples, it also did wonders for Audrey's diaper rash.

One night soon afterwards, Audrey had a long crying jag that lasted for hours and hours. Ginger and Mary Ann tried everything they could think of, but nothing seemed to help at all. Finally, in desperation, Ginger looked at Mary Ann and nodded in the direction of the Professor's hut.

"But we can't wake him up! It's the middle of the night!" Mary Ann protested.

"But we have to! He's the only one who can help Audrey!" Ginger wailed.

With great reluctance, Mary Ann went with Ginger and Audrey to the Professor's hut. She knocked softly, and a few moments later, the Professor came to the door, rubbing his eyes groggily.

"We're very sorry to wake you," Mary Ann began.

"Audrey's been crying for hours, and I don't know what's wrong with her!" Ginger cried in exasperation.

Silently, the Professor took the baby into his arms, gently laid her on the bed, and felt her stomach.

"Just as I thought," he mumbled. He went to his cabinet, where he fetched a small bottle with a dropper. He dropped several drops of a clear liquid into Audrey's mouth, and within moments the baby had stopped crying and fallen asleep.

"She's fine," the Professor told Ginger. "Just a bad case of colic, is all."

"Oh, thank you, Professor!" Ginger threw her arms around the Professor's neck, and he grinned and patted her back.

The next day Mary Ann stopped by the Professor's hut again.

"It's so amazing how you seem to always have exactly what we need to help Audrey," she told him. "How on earth do you do it?"

"I simply anticipated the probable medical needs a newborn would have and researched and prepared products that would meet those needs," the Professor replied.

"You're such a smart man, Professor."

"I know." He grinned.

Mary Ann's birthday was a few weeks later. Ginger and Mrs. Howell baked her a cake, and each of her fellow castaways gave her a present. As resources were, of course, limited, most of the presents were very simple ones, such as decorated rocks to use as paperweights, but Mary Ann was touched that everyone had remembered her.

"Close your eyes," the Professor told her when it was his turn. Obediently, Mary Ann closed her eyes and waited patiently. She felt something lightly touch her neck.

"Now open them," the Professor instructed. Mary Ann did, and found to her delight that he'd placed a beautiful necklace made of seashells around her neck.

"Oh, Professor, it's lovely! Thank you!" Mary Ann exclaimed happily.

"It was made from the seashells I collected the day Audrey was born," the Professor told her.

"Well, in that case, I don't mind at all that I had to deliver Audrey by myself," Mary Ann said happily.