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Wipe Your Eyes


10 years later...

My baby was getting married today. I couldn't believe time flew by that fast. It was just like yesterday when I was still soothing her cries and cuddling her in my arms.

She was getting married to the right man and I know that this marriage would be for forever. Renesmee was lucky enough that she found and met Jacob. Maybe her father had something to do with it too since it was his idea to move to Seattle.

It wasn't me who had the fairytale ending, but my daughter. I was still grateful that she was happy with her life.

Well, I'm happy too.

Let's just say that I found someone, someone who waited for me until I was ready to love and trust again.

I met Logan in the bakery where I used to work. I have my own shop...shops now. Business was good and I enjoyed it. I finally knew what I wanted to in my life and I'm contented.

Back to how I met Logan. He was an editor of a small publishing company and totally hot. He was two years older than me and he was pretty tall. He had fair complexion, beautiful dark blue eyes, lean body and his face could surpass tons of hollywood actors. He was a regular costumer and he had been buying goods there even before I started working in the bakeshop. He was a good friend to me until he knew of my divorce.

He started flirting with me every chance he found. He was visiting the shop more often and he was giving me small gifts which I returned to him.

One day, I thought he already gave up when he didn't show up. Little did I know, it was never in his plan to give up. He's pretty stubborn. He came when we were closing the shop and asked me if we could grab a bite and maybe have coffee.

I didn't know why I agreed, but I did.

We had dinner, some drinks at a local bar and then finally coffee for him and hot chocolate for him. We talked for hours and discovered more of each other. I ended up coming home at nearly two in the morning which made Nessie really worried. She thought I left her again. I would never ever do that to her.

That night was repeated numerous times and I found myself getting more and more interested in him. I was falling for him and to be honest, it scared me. I was afraid of getting hurt again.

The day he asked me to be his girlfriend, I freaked out. I left him hanging in the expensive restaurant. I felt guilty and bad doing that to him, but I didn't know what else to do.

I had a hard time sleeping after doing that to him so I went to his apartment in the middle of the night.

He looked like he hadn't been sleeping too. What did I for him to like me this much? He was so handsome and he could find a more beautiful girl than I was.

I just started crying to him as soon as his gaze met mine. I told him all about my past and my difficulty to trust a man with my heart again.

He held me in his arms all night as I poured my heart out. He never gave me disgusted look nor did say anything bad about me.

He still wanted me after knowing my ugly past. He said he would be willing to wait until I could love him as much as he loved me.

It took two years but it was worth the wait. It took another two years until we got married.

It was different from my first marriage. Only really close family were there and we were less than fifty. That day was the happiest of my life ever.

I gave love another chance and it was worth trying.

The following year, we had our little miracles. I gave birth to twins of both genders. Reese and Taylor.

After giving birth to them, everything just went into place. My life isn't perfect, but it's good. I finally found my happy place.

I just finished retouching my makeup when I got a knock on my door. It must be Logan.

"Come in," I shouted.

The door slowly opened as I turned my head to see who it was.

He was wearing a tux and he looked as handsome as ever. He actually looked better than I last saw him. He wasn't the miserable man who I left ten years ago.

"Ready?" he asked me with his signature crooked smile. It didn't seem to have the same effect on me anymore.

"As I'll ever be," I said, standing up and returning his smile.

We would be walking our daughter down the aisle. I'm not going to lie, I'm not that comfortable around him, but I'm doing this for my daughter.

He helped me walk down the stairs, we walked arm to arm. I hope Logan was ok with this.

After fifteen minutes, the march finally started. Reese is the flower girl and Taylor was the ring bearer. Everything was a blur until it was our turn. Nessie was a bit shaky as we walked her.

She was beautiful and radiant. She looked like a real life princess. Jacob is a lucky guy.

When Edward gave her hand to Jacob, Ness and I were in tears. She was really on her own now and she'll be starting her own family.

After Edward gave a few threats and warnings to Jacob, we took our seats.

I sat beside my husband and he intertwined his hands with mine. I gave him a genuine smile and a small peck on the lips.

He wiped the tears on my cheeks and eyes and he held me close as the ceremony started.

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