Ash was, indeed, paralyzed about what had just taken place. His baby sister, the one he swore his mother he would protect, had now been taken by Stryker. That just meant one thing.

Stryker was going to die. Painfully at that.

Ash teleported himself to his realm, rubbing his forehead in quick circles.

"Boss?" Urain's voice brought him back to the present. "Is something wrong?"

Ash glanced at the man. "Wrong...?" He pondered that for a moment. "Well, let's see. Tory and I were having a great day, until her friends called her off. Right after that, I realized I was too late to save some poor soul from being sucked up by Daimons, which I thankfully killed. And, oh yes, let's see. Last, but not least, I just watched my baby sister be taken into Kalosis by Stryker, while she was bleeding like a bitch out the side. So, when you ask if something is wrong, the answer would most definitely have to be no. This is the best day of my life." Acheron's sarcasm was so thick you could cut through it with a chainsaw or even Talon's srads.

Urain paled. "Marissa was taken?"

Even through Urain didn't deserve it, Ash snapped at him. "No. I just made that crap up to make my day seem even better. I figured I needed a fucking pity party. It's been to long since I had someone look at me and thinks 'hey, he looks weak. Let's fuck around with him!'." He glared hard at the other man.

"Ash, you know that I didn't mean it like that."

"I know. Now, if you'll excuse me, go pick your belly button lint for a little while." Urain chuckled at Ash, before he disappeared.

Slowly, Acheron counted to ten, before contacting his mother.


"Yes, Apostolos?"

"I'm only going to say this once, and I want you to hear me clearly, alright?"

"What is it?" A frown seemed to work its way into Acheron's mothers, Apollymi, voice.

"I want Marissa back. Now. I understand that she is your daughter, but you know that exposure to Kalosis will kill her. We kept her secret, as par your words. But this is too much. If you wanted to see her, or anything… I just don't understand Matisera! You could talk to her at any time! Why?"

Ash felt her fury from where he stood in his realm. "I have not kidnapped her, Apostolos! Stryker must have had a hand in this! I swear to you, I will break his neck is he has harmed her in any way! I will protect my babies." With that, she was gone.

Ash blinked, hoping for the best, but knowing, it never worked out well for him.

Apollymi broke open the doors leading to Strykerius' chamber as even more fury mounted. She hadn't been this mad since the day Apostolos had died.

Stryker looked up with a shocked expression. "Apollymi?"

"Don't even speak my name!" She hissed at him angrily.

He stared at her, unsure of what this meeting was to bring.

"How… dare… you…" Apollymi could barely get the words out.

His swirling silver eyes stared at her apprehensively. "Apollymi, I don't understand what this is about. Have I done something?"

"You took my child!" Apollymi spat at him.

"I have not touched your son." His point was matter-of-factly.

"You took my daughter, you bastard. You took her here!"

Stryker blinked, fury betraying his normal calmness. "Nor have I touched your daughter. I'm not that stupid. I know how easily she can get sick here. I tried it once, and I never will again."

Apollymi's powers burst out, throwing wind around, which made stuff fly about the room. "Don't you dare lie to me! Apostolos just witnessed you take her!"

Stryker's significant other, Zephyra entered the room than. "Apollymi, from one mother to another, I know that he did not touch your baby girl. He's been with me for the last 4 hours."

"Doing what?" The goddess demanded.

For once in her life, Zephyra blushed deeply as though embarrassed.

Apollymi turned to Stryker, "Is this true?" He simply nodded.

The goddess's eyes welled up in tears. "Someone has taken my daughter from me!" Clenching her fists together, she let out a scream that shook the foundations of her realm.

Acheron froze as he heard an antagonised cry that shook him to the marrow of his bones. He knew then, that his sister wasn't taken by Stryker. Ash felt himself tear up. His little sister was somewhere out there, and at the moment, the odds were against them.


"She's not there, is she Matisera?"

"No, she's not."

"I'll find her, Matisera. I promise."

"I know, Apostolos. But there is one problem."

Now, it was Ash's turn to frown. "Problem?"

"She is connected to you, Apostolos. If she dies…" His mother seemed to be taking a shaky breath. "Then you will. If she dies, the world ends. If you die, the world ends. Either way, if anything happens to her…"

Apollymi didn't need to finish her statement. Acheron heard it loud and clear. If Marissa died, they were all fucked. The thought seized Acheron's heart.

Wishing his mother well, he withdrew from her realm. Sitting on his bed, he braced his elbows on his knees, and dropped his head to his hand. He didn't to find Marissa, and he needed to now. No, not now. Hours ago.

Lifting his face slightly, he saw Alexion approaching.

"Lex?" Ash's voice wavered slightly.

"There is someone here for you, Ash. He says… well, I'm not too sure what he's saying, but I figured you might as well give it a listen, okay?" Acheron didn't even have time to reply as Alexion disappeared, and a man walked inside.

His hair was a sandy brown color, and his eyes were an astonishing blue. He stood around 6'4" and had an air of caution.

"Can I help you?" Acheron's voice took on power immediately.

"She's gone… isn't she?" The newcomers voice was just a whisper.



Ash stood, "How do you know her?"

The newcomer looked at Acheron, and waved his hands to his side. "Don't you remember me, Acheron? It's me, Marius." All that did was caused Ash to frown. "Marius Dawn? You once introduced us. It was a long time ago. Ash, look at me! I'm a Dark-Hunter that was off-grid, as well as a shape shifter."

Now Ash remembered. Thousands of years ago, Ash sent Marissa to Greece to be protected by the Dawn family. This was the heir.

Cursing himself for the overlook in stupidity, Ash shook his head.

Marius continued to speak, "I've already called in the Dark-Hunters. We're going to find her back. We're all beside you boss."

Again, Ash cursed. Today was going to get a hell of a lot more interesting. He could feel it.