The power of the Necklace

Ch.1:Traveling to NYC

A young girl by the name of Chris has lived a difficult life, her mother died when she was only three, and never even got to know her father. She lives with her Aunt Ally in Nevada, but when she decides to find her own way in life she leaves for NYC when she turned 16 hearing it was a land of opportunity..

"Honey just promise me that you'll be alright, and at least try to keep out of trouble." Aunt Ally said as tears rolled down her face and a small smile, but left as soon as it came.

"Don't worry Aunt Ally I'll be alright, besides I'm a lot tougher than some people think." Chris giving her Aunt a reassuring look.

"One more thing, I have something for you, your mother would want you to have it."

Her aunt pulled out a stunning necklace with a sapphire in the pendant on a golden chain. When a ray of light hit it, it shinned and glowed in a beautiful and stunning form.

Chris put it on before she left and smiled at her aunt.

Her aunt then gave her one last hug before the plane made its finale call for passengers to New York City.

Just before she left she waved good bye to her aunt one last time, took a deep breath and went to the plane.

On the way she looked out the window to see what they call the 'Big Apple'. The tall building, the lights, the stars that shined at night. There was just one thing that confused her, when the plane was beginning to descend, she was four people jumping from roof top to roof top.

The moment the plane landed she was ready for a new life in the big city.

She didn't really have much with her. She had a backpack with some food like apples, bananas, drinks and just a few pieces of candy for desert and in another pocket, a spare change of clothes with an extra pair of shoes

All she had was the basics things she believed she needed to survive on her own, but what she really needed to worry about was what kind of people live here in New York. She knew that New York wasn't exactly the safest city on earth, but either way all she wanted was to take a chance and make a difference in life.

(A week passes)… Chris's POV

So far I'm doing fine on my own, I've gotten a job over at an antique shop and my boss April, is being very nice to me. She helps me out with a couple of jobs I do in the shop and invites to her house which is right above it. We talk all the time and I met another friend of hers named Casey Jones. I admit he's very nice but he's also kind of clumsy. There was just one thing that bothered me whenever I go up there right before I come in, I hear tones of people start to scramble like their trying to hide or something, but sometimes I think it's just me.

"Well thanks for having me over April, but I think I should get going, you know get well rested for work. Oh wait technically I'm still at work." I said rubbing the back of my head sheepishly. This earned me a small laugh from April.

"You're welcome, and you can come by any time not just on work hours."

"Ok I'll talk to you later then. Bye"

April waved bye to me and was out on my way to my apartment then I managed to keep with the money I've been making.

On my way home the streets were quiet and lights were dim. A few cars drove by but other than that there was almost no life anywhere but me.

I was about a mile from where I was staying, but on the way I looked into a dark alley to see a bunch of thugs with purple dragon like symbols. They saw me, but I kept on moving but heard them following me, I looked back a little bit to them getting closer to me so I picked up the pace. Soon they came even faster after which I found myself running. Trying as hard as I could to get away, but I ran into one small problem, I think I just ran into their boss.

He was huge with blond hair that looked long enough to be in a ponytail, he obviously had a lot of muscle with a purple dragon tattoo on his right arm and a three clawed scar on his face.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

"Who are you?"

"We are the purple dragons, and I happen to be the leader of this clan Hun. And you just stepped into our turf."