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Ch. 9 A true Dark Side.

This was bad, it was beyond bad. No one thought that the foot-clan would be out and about tonight, and now they just might be interested in capturing the creature they see before them now. And that's just what they did.

The foot began to surround them, and tried to separate them; start picking them off one by one. The first five managed to get to Leo, then the next five got to Raph, then Donnie, then Mikey, then the last hand full of ninja had their weapons at the ready, prepared to take down this beast and take it to their master. Surely he could find a use for this giant reptile.

Chris on the other hand wasn't sure of what to do, but soon a dark and providing feeling crept into her, it was a feeling of darkness that began to consume her, she tried to fight it off, but nothing worked. Her mind slipped further and further into the black abyss that found its way into her mind. Soon she found that there was no escape, the spirit of Maydock bested her, and lost a mental battle that she knew she could never win.

Her eyes closed for one second and then shot open, instead of being bright blue, they turned back to blood red. Soon it began to rain, and hard. Thunder and lighting clashed together, but the weather pattern became very strange. The dark storm clouds circled around the building; where they fought. Then the lighting appeared to be getting stronger and becoming brighter, and thunder was getting louder and louder with every bash that was heard in the sky. Chris raised her head, but she wasn't in control of this form. No the true owner of this form, was Maydock. He let out an ear-piercing screech that echoed even louder than the mighty thunder.

He stomped his clawed hand on the concrete roof leaving a print there, imbedded with cracks from the impact. He let a low growl escape his throat, his mouth opened slowly to reveal his razor sharp teeth, his mouth watering for the need to see the blood of his enemies split on the very grounds upon which he stood.

He made his move to start the fight with a single sweep of his tail, and knocked the foot clan's feet out from under them. He started swiping each member of the foot clan one by one. He would knock them into each other, he would crush them, and the extremely unlucky ones were thrown off the roof. His eyes began to glow red and hit lit the roof with his fire blast. Where his tail was laying the concrete beneath it began to sizzle and bubble with a strange green substance. When his tail lifted it left behind an imprint that was still sizzling with some kind of hot poteen acid.

The ninja's regrouped and tried to tie the beast down, but it only resulted in him either biting the ropes cutting them with his claws or burning them. When rope didn't work they went to the next best thing. They took out long chains and threw them over the beast once again. When he tried to bite them, they wouldn't break, when he tried to cut them, that didn't work either. His finale chance was blasting them with fire, but they only turned bright red with the extreme heat and then faded back to normal color as it cooled down. But he still had one chance left, he spread his wing and they beat up and down, creating a powerful wind that blew against everyone near it. He began to lift up in the sky and thrash around. But once again he felt a horrid pain, this time in his arm.

He looked down to see his arm was punctured with a ninja star. He pulled it out with a clawed hand. He looked around to see who threw the star, his eyes landed on four other ninjas on top of a building higher than one he and the turtles were on. They were wearing the same uniforms, with the colors of black and red. When the guys saw them, their eyes widened in fear.

"Is that who I think it is?" Mikey asked shakily

"Unfortaintly it is. The Shredders Elite ninja." Leo said lowly

"Wait look, behind them!" Don said pointing to the building behind the one that the Elite ninja's stood.

It was no other than, the Shredder him self. He looked down at the turtles, but turned his attention to the giant flying beast in the sky. It was thrashing back and forth trying to break the chains, but to no avail. He came forward as the beast was some how being pulled down. Shredder came face to face with the beast, it was still thrashing about, but when it saw Shredder, he kept still and looked him dead in the eye.

"Believe it or not, I know much about you and who you are." Shredder said

Maydock growled angrily at him. How could he possibly know who he was. And did he know about Chris?

"I know what you want, I can help you make it happen."

He gave him a surprise look, he wanted to help him free his army so he could take over this tiny planet. Why?

"I only ask of one thing in return."

Of course, they only help you in order to gain something. That was why he had a hard dealing with human like him. They always want something.

"All I ask, is for a partner ship in ruling this world."

Now he lost his temper, and for the first time in 10,000 years he gained the ability to speak.

"You impudent mortal, you think I need help in ruling this world?! I have an entire army that bends to my will, and my will alone! You dare try to insult me with this petty offer?!" His loud, deep and thundering voice shouted as he got in Shredder's face.

"Please, listen to me! I am aware of the powers you have and the army you weald, but if you and I join our forces, the power of the hydra with the strength of the foot clan! We could be unstoppable!"

Maydock started to give it some thought. "Your ninjas are strong, I give them that, but are they willing to take the risk of releasing my army and showing capability of helping them burn this world to the ground?"

"Trust me, they are more than willing."

"Very well, and as for your so called 'Elite Ninja', when my army is free I will pair them with four of my best and strongest warriors. But be warned, no mere mortal has ever dealt with the power of the hydra, let alone trying to use it in this manner, so you must know that the danger will be greater than any thing your kind have ever faced. And if you fail…" a low growl escaped his throat as his eyes glowed dark red again. "You will pay the ultimate price." He said in a deep, blood curdling voice.

Shredder bowed to the hydra kind, and ordered his clan to unbind him. They did as their master commanded, and recoiled the chains. Maydock spread his wings and stretched. He looked to the Shredder and kneeled, motioning for him to climb onto his back. He did so, and the two were lifted into the sky by his powerful wings.

"Hey wait!" Mikey shouted

Maydock's eyes turned red again, and he shot a giant fire ball in Mikey's direction. He was pulled out of the way by Raph and Don. It exploded into a fiery inferno, and when it cleared Maydock, Shredder and the foot clan were long gone.

"This is just great, now our new enemie and our old enemie, just joined forces, and are gonna tear this entire city apart!" Raph shouted in anger

"Raph, take it easy, were going to stop them and were going save this city and the world."

"Oh yeah? And how do you propose we stop a whole army of hydras', from leaving the underworld and com'n here?!"

"By stopping Maydock and the Shredder from bringing them here." Leo said

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