Chapter 2: Splish Splash

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Tony Stark always had a reason for ditching work and heading to Vegas. Well not really-he just went because he could and because he hated going into work.

Instead of attending one of his business meetings, he decided to ditch it and have fun for the weekend.

Sure, Pepper would be mad at him for yet again leaving everything to her, but hey, that was what she was paid for. What was the point of having an assistant if she couldn't take care of everything for him?

Pulling his Rolls Royce into Caesar's Palace, he decided to start his mini vacation off by getting drunk and gambling to his heart's content.

The billionaire gave the valet a rather nice tip as he stroll into the hotel lobby with his usual swag. The female receptionist gave him a flirting smile as he came up to the desk.

"Welcome back to Caesar's Palace, Mr. Stark" The receptionist said.

Tony pocketed his rather expensive glasses into his suit pocket and gave the receptionist a charming smile.

"Book me for one of your villas" he said.

He knew he wasn't going to be staying in the villa, but it was either go big or go home. Tony Stark loved to show off.

When the receptionist gave him the keys to his villa, he strolled off to do whatever he felt like. But what to first was the real question. Get drunk to the point he couldn't walk straight? Gamble tons of money that would hardly leave a dent in the fortune he possessed? Maybe have a little fun with a lady friend or two?

Or he could always check out that new Hotel that just opened the other day.

As he made his plans of screwing around, he brushed pass a certain photographer who was heading to the same hotel.


Emma looked passed her shoulder when her shoulder rammed into someone else's/. He didn't even bother to stop to apologize as he went on his merry way.

The photographer simply rolled her eyes while grumbling profanities about men under her breath. She really wasn't in a good mood at the moment seeing as she was in her least favorite place on the planet. While everyone traveled far and wide to see the City that never slept, she would rather be in Africa or somewhere across the world.

Vegas was such a shady, nasty place that she wondered why people came here all the time. You went with pocketfuls of money, only to end up empty handed from gambling. And of course let's not forget about the little nasty diseases people tend to get from their little get together with certain people.

"If I catch anything while taking these stupid photos, I'm going to kill Jeremy" she said. "Or pass it on to him"

She walked through the busy streets that were filled with a variety of different people. There were the tourists, the locals, street performers, and of course the people that made her wonder why they even bothered to go out.

With her camera in hand, Emma made her way towards the brand new hotel that was needed as a last minute addition to the art book that their client needed.

It didn't look that fancy. It looked more like a middle eastern restaurant than it did as a hotel. The vibrant colors and golden edge design gave it a modern vibe than the over the top hotels around here.

"Well, at least it's not as gaudy as some of the other hotels I've had to stay at" she muttered.

Putting the camera to her eyes, she snapped a couple of photos of every angle of the hotel. She didn't know what this client was looking for when it came to the hotel itself so she decided to go a little crazy.

When she took enough photos to satisfy herself, she brought her camera away from her face and smiled proudly. Even though she was mad that she had to do these last minute photos, she was happy with her job.

Her pocket vibrated as her phone went off. Digging into her pocket, she brought out her phone and read the caller id. Rolling her eyes, she flipped her phone open and pressed it to her ear.

"Becky, I told you not to call me while I was working" she groaned.

She could hear Rebecca laughing on the other end of the line when she heard her pout.

"Sorry, but you can't blame me for worrying about you. You're a trouble magnet after all"

Emma rolled her eyes. Her best friend had no faith in her being alone for a few days.

"I am not. I just tend to be a klutz at times" she retorted.

"That's pretty much the same thing" Rebecca said. "It's not that I have anything against it, I just wished that you wouldn't act so crazy when it came to taking photos. You're life is more important than a few pictures"

"I'll have you know that those pictures are my life. I make a living off of it" Emma snapped.

She could hear Rebecca sigh on the other end of the line. If she were to bet on anything, she was rolling her eyes as well.

"Fine, fine, say what you want, but for the love of god don't do anything stupid or dangerous" Rebecca said. "And if I find out that you got arrested for doing something stupid again, don't expect me to come up there and bail you out. I have my job to worry about too you know"

"You're a high school art teacher" Emma reasoned. "How could you possibly get in trouble because of me?"

"I teach kids; they soak things up like a sponge"

Emma just laughed. She always found it funny how serious Rebecca took her job as a teacher even though High School students didn't listen to what anyone said half the time.

"Well, as much as I love chatting with you, I have to get back to taking pictures. I want to leave this place as soon as possible" she said

"Whatever you say. Just don't catch anything and bring it back here" Rebecca replied.

"Oh, hardy har, har. See ya, Becky"

"Oh and before I forget, don't forget to call Dasha. She said you need to schedule you're monthly appointment with her and that if you bail out on her again, then you can forget getting a refill on your meds"

Emma sighed in agitation. She should have known that she couldn't have avoided her doctor appointments. Dasha was strict with her appointments and always scolded her for skipping out on her appointments.

"I'll talk to her when I get back. I need to focus on these pictures more than anything" she grumbled.

"Fine, but make it soon. I don't want to see you suffer from another relapse because you forgot to get another refill on your meds" Rebecca warned

"I'll be sure to do that. See ya, Becky"

She ended the call and put her phone back into her pocket.

Even though Rebecca tended to annoy her with her constant calls, she was grateful she even took the time to even call her in the first place. She was the only family she had really and made life easier for her.

With photos on her mind, she went back to taking pictures of the casino before she decided that she had enough daytime pictures for the album.

"Now I just need to mess around until it gets dark out" she muttered.

"I wonder what I should do to kill time?"

She just decided to roam around the city and take random picture of areas she's never seen before.

It would make a great addition to her collection.


While our photographer was busy with her job, Tony was busy not doing his job. After booking into the villa that he had no intention of staying in, he decided to screw around the casino and blow away a ton of money.

Downing his seventh drink, he threw the dice across the table to see if he would win the winning number but ended up with snake eyes. Watching the fifty grand being swept away by the dealer, he simply shrugged at the loss. Fifty grand was like pocket money to him. He was a billionaire; he had so much money that he didn't know how to spend it half the time. So being the self centered man that he was, he simply blew all away on stupid things like gambling and such.

As he was starting another round, he felt his cell phone ring in his pocket. He was tempted to ignore it; knowing it was probably Pepper. However he had been ignoring it all day, so he decided to answer her.

Flipping his phone open, he decided to let his secretary vent out on him and listen to her usual speech to him.

"Tony, where in the world are you?! Don't tell me you snuck off to Vegas again" the redhead yelled

Tony just smirked, enjoying the fact that Pepper was in a bad mood already. Apparently she wasn't happy that she had to be attending to meetings that he was supposed to be in.

"Hey, Pepper, how's it going?"

"Don't 'hey Pepper' to me. You're supposed to be attending to one of the board meetings"

"Oh, was that thing today? I completely forgot" Tony said, acting surprised.

"Oh I'm sure you did" Pepper said. "Obadiah isn't happy about this"

"He's never happy about anything, Pepper. Just relax, it's no big deal. Just let the board spew whatever nonsense they want to talk about, pretend to agree with them and act like you'll think it over. Standard protocol" Tony shrugged

"Yeah, well your 'standard protocol' requires you to actually be at these things. Now you better come back from whatever casino you're in now and start doing your actual job. It's not my job to be doing your job"

At the mention of casino, Tony remembered that he was in the middle of betting and was about to blow off a lot of money.

"Hey, thanks for reminding me of that Pepper. I'll talk to you later. I'm in the middle of gambling"

"Wait, Tony! Don't you dare hang up on-"

With a snap of his phone, the billionaire shoved the phone back into his suit pocket.

"Geez man, you're blowing a lot of cash" a patron said.

Tony put on an arrogant smirk as he placed his bet on the table.

"Aw, it's nothing really" he said.

"You should be spending that at the new casino they just opened up" another patron said. "I heard it's pretty glamorous"

Tony raised an eyebrow. New, glamorous casino? Now that was his thing.

"Oh really?" he asked.

"Yeah. It opens up tonight" the patron said.

Now Tony was hooked. A brand new casino opening meant that would be the perfect chance for him to show off and be his pompous self.

With that in mind, he took back his bet and decided to spend it at the new casino. What kind of billionaire gambles at an old casino when he could spend it at a new one?


Like Emma expected, the casino was packed at night. It was like Vegas held special powers at night where people thought they would get extra lucky or something. There were big time celebrities showing up at the place, trying to make themselves look more popular or try to boost up the rating for the casino.

And of course, when there's celebrities, there were Emma's sworn enemies: Paparazzi.

She scowled when she saw the life sucking leeches flashing their cameras all over the place, making the area look like it was lit with fireworks. It seemed that they were desperate to get the latest scoop of the famous world and thought they would find something here in Vegas.

This was not going to end well with Emma. How was she supposed to do her job when all she wanted was to cave in the heads of imitators doing her job? If beating up Paparazzi was an Olympic event, she would get the gold medal hands down.

Gripping her camera tightly within her hands, she focused on her job and not he desire to beat up the Paparazzi.

"Now I need to find a place where I can take these pictures" she muttered.

Since the Paparazzi were blocking the main entrance of the casino, she would have to find another way.

Scanning the area, she tried looking for a spot that would let her take good pictures of the place and without the paparazzi out of the way.

She got her spot when she spotted a very fancy looking Persian fountain that stood in the middle of the entire area.

With a mischievous grin curling her lips, she decided to be daring and be a show off against the paparazzi.

She pushed her way through the crowd of people while they snapped enough photos that it almost blinded people passing by.

The paparazzi continued to flash their cameras, catching every person that went by and every car that drove in. The rapidly flashed their cameras when they saw a certain Rolls Royce pulling up. Everyone cheered when Tony stepped out of the car and flashed one of his dazzling smiles. He knew Pepper was going to kill him when she saw his picture in the paper tomorrow, but he really didn't care. He's done this a thousand times, what's one more going to hurt?

Reporters flocked around the billionaire, asking him questions like why he was here and if he was enjoying the new casino.

As always, he gave them loaded answers like 'oh, I'm having a fabulous time' or 'why wouldn't I be here in Vegas?'. It really didn't matter what he was saying because he was going to get drunk and forget about it anyway.

A rather attractive reporter stepped forward with a tape recorder in hand and held it out in front of him.

"Mr. Stark, could you tell us about the latest weapons that Stark Industries is creating?"

Tony had to laugh. It was always the hot reporters that wanted to know about the latest scoop regarding about his company…that and they wanted to sleep with him.

While he was flirting with his new conquest for the night, he failed to realize that a certain photographer was climbing up the fountain that he was standing near.

Emma swore mentally as she got soaked from the water. With her camera clenched within her teeth, she almost looked like an assassin getting ready to kill someone. It was crazy that she was more concerned about her camera getting wet than her getting sick from wet clothes.

Climbing to the top of the fountain, she was amazed that no one tried to stop her.

"They're probably busy making sure none of the freaks attack the celebrities" she thought.

When she reached the top, she held onto the ledge with one hand while she held her camera with the other. Taking pictures with one hand was considered shameful to Emma, but considering the fact that she was dangling on top of a fountain while she was getting soaking wet, she could care less.

Making sure that her camera was in focus, she snapped a couple of pictures that would go into the book. She could just imagine the look on Jeremy's face when she would tell him how she took these pictures.

"Oh, it was nothing, Jeremy. I was just going above and beyond on a last minute job that you shoved down my throat" she acting out the scene in her head.

When she took enough photos that were decent enough for Jeremy, she decided to snap a few pictures for herself. She always took pictures for herself when she was on the job. It was a hobby of hers.

She pulled out a small digital camera out of her sweater, where it was covered in a thick, protective case.

Holding out her trusty camera, she snapped a couple photos to add to her collection. She noticed that a few of them were a little blurry from her moving around, so she decided to take another one.

"Maybe I should lean forward?"

She made the mistake of leaning forward, which resulted in her losing her footing and slipped off the top.

Tony continued flirting with the reporter, knowing he was so close to having her come back to his hotel room.

"My Mr. Stark, you sure know what to say to take a girl's breath away" the reporter said.

Tony just flashed a sexy grin at the reporter and lowered his glassed to the bridge of his nose.

"It's a gift really" he said.

"I always have girls falling for me"

No sooner than he said that, he was drenched when Emma landed at the bottom of the fountain, spraying water everywhere. People screamed when they got wet and wondered who got them wet.

Tony started swearing when he saw that his expensive suit was soaking wet. Stupid paparazzi, they were going to pay for this.

He spun on his heel, intending to give hell to the person that humiliated him in front of so many people. He jumped back a little when a hand shot out and grabbed the ledge of the fountain and pulled the owner of that hand out.

Emma spit out water as she got out of the fountain. She winched as she felt her back sting from landing on the hard tile interior of the decoration. She landed on her back when she fell so she wouldn't get her camera wet or broken. It was a small price to pay, but at least her camera was alright.

"God, I'm never doing that again" she groaned.

She wiped the water out of her face as she slowly climbed out of the fountain.

"Jeremy better give me a raise after he hears about this. This is not what how I wanted my trip to end"

She wrung her hair out with her free hand, forgetting the fact that she just splashed a billionaire and that everyone was watching her. She finally noticed the silence and looked around to see people staring at her.

"Uh oh"

"Hey you!" Tony barked.

Emma whipped her head at the sudden outburst and finally noticed the drenched billionaire. It didn't take a genius to realize that she got him wet by standing too close to the fountain.

"Oh crap" she muttered.

Tony snapped off his glasses, completely furious. Nobody made Tony Stark look like an idiot and lived to tell the tale. He didn't know who this paparazzi was, but she was going to pay.

Emma laughed nervously, tugging her hat further down her face to conceal it.

"Take is easy, big guy" Emma said.

"I'm sure a little water won't melt you"

The sound of police whistles made her go in freak out mode and drop her camera.

Time to run!

She bumped past Tony as she made a run for it, which caused the billionaire to fall right into the fountain.

"Sorry about that!" she called out.

"You might want to take that to the cleaners"

She ran away from the crowd and away from the police that were after her. One of the things that she learned from her sworn enemies the paparazzi was how to get away from the cops without getting caught.

She ran as fast as her legs would let her. She couldn't believe that she got Tony Stark wet! She would have been dead if she stuck around any longer.

'I hope I don't run into him again!' she pleaded.


After being pulled out the fountain, Tony's went from good to bad. He got soaked and humiliated by a paparazzi chick who tried to take a picture of him.

She didn't even apologize really and made him fall into the fountain instead. And what was even worse, she was able to get away from the police!

She was either a ninja or really good at running away. Either way, it didn't help the fact that some stranger got him wet and there was no way for him to find out who he was.

"Here's a towel for you, Mr. Stark" someone said.

Tony went to retrieve the towel when his foot brushed against something. Looking down, he saw that it was the camera that paparazzi chick dropped when she bumped into him. Bending down, he noticed it was a rather old looking digital camera that had a few nicks here and there. He turned the camera around, studying it and noticed someone's named carved into it.

Emma Lancer

An arrogant smirk spread across his lips as he read the name.

Pulling out his phone, he contacted Jarvis and told him to look up someone by that name and where she lived.

He tossed the camera up and down in his hand as he thought of certain payback he could lay on the little photographer.

"I'll be seeing you soon, princess"


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