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Now away from the garden, Atem and the queen, were out on the balcony of the queens corridors. She looked at her son seeing him smile while looking at nothing in particular.

"So what do you think of Amber?" She asked him. He seemed to wake up from a haze and looked at his mother.

"What do you mean?" He questioned.

The queen chuckled, "Well I assume there was more to the story, than you two both deciding to sleep outside against one another. " she winked. The prince blushed, shaking his head. Like he was trying to shake the blush off.

The queen decided to ask her question differently, "How do you guys end up asleep in the garden?" The prince sighed. Finally getting what his mom was asking.

"I wanted to just get out of my room for a little while... so I walked into the garden. Then I heard singing- oh mom she sang so beautifully, it was amazing!" he exclaimed. "I walked up to her... she was crying while singing... she heard me and she looked surprised to see me, may have been my hair now that I think about it. We started talking and I guess we talked each other to sleep "

He looked at his mother, "Did that really happen her father he really gone?" he asked.

The queen nodded her head sadly, "He was dead by the time your father reached them... Did she tell you what happened?"

The prince leaned against the wall, recalling what had happen last night. "She did, but I think it was because of my dream that made her so open. Like she knew she could trust me, to release what was on her mind." he softly replied.

"What dream?" she asked him. The prince stiffened, realizing he gave away his secret. "Atem..." she began.

"Well you see... its not a big deal... " he tried to sound convincing as he told his mother the dream from two nights ago. The Queens eye's widen when her son finished telling her about his dream, "...I didn't know what to think and I eventually forgot about it, till I saw her..."

The ten harvest old prince, then looked confused. "She sounded and looked just like the girl in my dream, but why did she have wings, in the moon light? Why did I feel her pain...?" he pondered.

The Queen was dead silent, only hearing her own thoughts, scream across her mind. He knew her before they met! But how can this be? Amber has dreams that serve as visions, does their connection give him those as well? He knew about her Ka! She hasn't even realized her own ka, yet!...Is there a way to stop them from being bond to hurt each other...?

She looked at her son, who now was get frustrated, knowing she had to tell him. "Atem..." she barley whispers.

The prince looks back at her, "Yes mom?" His crimson eyes shined with what little innocence the boy still had, almost hurting the queen.

However she knew only she could tell him, "There is more to Amber than you realize...and to you. There's something you need to know..."

Amber gave the royal brothers her full attention, wanting to learn more about her adoptive father.

"We knew Tumaini about your age, Amber. He was the son of priest Taf-Nekht, the highest priest in our fathers' time." Akunadin said. "Being his son, a lot of proper edict was expected from him and he never got to see his father... that was when we had met him, in the library. That was where he spent most of his days in there, he was 5 harvests older than us and we kept away from him at the time, not knowing how he would be." He continued.

The Pharaoh then started, "It wasn't till one night in the garden that we saw him with a satchel and was heading toward the stables. Akunadin and I, were the curious type and wanted to see what he was doing this late at night...heh... not realizing he would ask us the same thing."

Akunadin smirked at the memory, "Yes, he about jumped when we came inside questioning him, he started grilling us about being out in the stables at night. However since we had a higher stature than him, he told us his plans."

"He wanted to see the world, he told us. Didn't like the shut in life of the palace, there was nothing here for him and was going to find his destiny." The pharaoh recalled. "Being young and naïve, we grabbed his dreams in an instant and begged to come along."

The brothers then chuckled, "His face turned pale as the moon, was saying we were insane to mention the thought of traveling with the princes of Egypt, it was suicide." Akunadin laughed.

The pharaoh spoke, "Then we had told him, we could head back into the palace and wake the others if he didn't-"

"You blackmailed him!?" Amber exclaimed, she realized she interrupted them, but they didn't call her out on it.

To her surprise they seemed to blush from embarrassment, "Like we said we were young and really foolish." Akunadin replied. "By saying this, he gave in, but wasn't happy about it."

"We got a few of our belongings, our weapons, clothing, other things of value and loaded up the horses and followed him out. At first we wondered how he'd get out in the first place, then surprised us by showing a secret opening in a horses stall. We lead the horses through and seeped into the dark behind the city toward the Nile." the pharaoh remembered.

"apparently Tumaini had been out before and had a boat ready on the river. It was a tight fit, but we managed to get across. We told Tumaini thanks and were about to ride off without him, until he pulled in front of us. He said 'I got you out of the palace, lead you across the Nile, and left you like this to fend off for yourself, Ra would strike me down! If anything happens to you, your father, my father, the entire palace will have my head! We're traveling together, and that's that!' We didn't argue with him since we never saw him like that before and rode off to the east." Akunadin said.

"It seemed like more than just 2 moons, but we traveled away from the citizens and ended up at the Red Sea. Tumaini didn't like this and wanted to turn back and head west and find another way to cross the Nile. We, however wanted to leave Egypt, and rode off to get on a trading ship. I swear Tumaini blew a fuse, he chase us, but didn't get on the ship. We waved to him, yelling our thanks and to live a good life." The king frowned upon remembering. "That was the worst move we could have made."

Akunadin nodded, "Yes we had been well hidden on the ship and made across fine, but when on the other side we just rode east more, to Persia. At the time we didn't realize this, still it was a foolish whim of a move. Out in the middle of nowhere with resources running low, then... there was the thieves." Akunadin didn't seem to want to say more, so the king continued.

"A band of thieves had seen us and our load, they encircled us. Saying to give them our items and they'd leave us be. Well as bold as we were we pulled out our swords and told them to back off, though if was weak coming from 2 boys. The men just laughed, and pulled out their swords. They attacked us and we could only block so many hits.

The horses got swiped and bucked us off and rode away, leaving us with the thieves. They were mad their prize was out of reach, then saw that we had jewelry on us, as well os our crowns that showed our royal blood. Before we could do anything, they knocked us out. They took us to their camp, tided us back to back and interrogated us. Asking where we were from, our town, and ways to get there. We said nothing, which ended us getting beaten. They would do that for 3 days, never fed or treated. We prayed to the gods, for some hope, though it was slim.

It seemed that the thieves finally got impatient with us, when they came into the tent the next night, they said we'll speak tomorrow or will be killed. My brother and I, had agreed from the beginning not to speak a word about home, even then we wouldn't; we'd died to protect our home." The king sighed, at the memory.

Amber looked shocked, "But you weren't killed! You both are here now! How did you get away?" She asked.

Akunadin seemed to smile,"Your father saved us, single-handedly might I add, in the morning they lined us up to kill us. When rocks began to hit many of the thieves in the head, killing some instantly. The others rushed about to find who was attacking, leaving us tided to a pole, blindfolded. We heard the ruckus and wondered what was going on, we heard the thieves yell, then silence. We tried to break free from our bonds, when a voice behind us did it instead. 'Don't be afraid, my princes, your safe now...'"

The pharaoh shook his head, "He never stopped surprising us, we collapsed from finally being free from our binds, which made him alarmed. We were unconscious for 2 days, with Tumaini healing us in an oasis, back in egypt. Yes, he'd cross the Red Sea to get us and came back with us. I was the first to wake up, much to Tumaini's relief. I had asked him, 'How did you know where to find us? How did you get us here?' many more questions that made him laugh. Much like you did when you got up, Amber."

Amber's face turned red remembering her questioning Shimon and the kings comment.

Akunadin continued after the pharaoh, "I woke shortly after hearing laughter, Tumaini then told us that he had followed us over on the next ship, but lost track of us for a day or so. He then pointed over to where his horse was with our horses. He had found them running in the heat and made them lead him back to where they had been. After that he followed the tracks and found us, Tumaini had a pained look when he looked us in the eyes. 'It's my fault,' he said. 'I sneaked out, allowed you to come, then you get taken... you were almost dead because of me... please, forgive me.' Even though your father was older than us, it seemed that the events had made him seem powerless as a child."

Amber looked down, remembering how she felt when Kesi died...then Tumaini. Her father was all to close to feeling what she felt now, those years ago.

The pharaoh seemed to notice Amber's emotion and spoke softly, "It that time the thieves held me, I felt I grew more responsible and older. My brother and I were changed from this, but we didn't blame Tumaini for what had happend. After he had apologized, I stopped him. I told him it was our own fault for running away from him and making the moves we made, if it hadn't been for him we would have died from our own foolishness, not because of him. I told him not to blame himself for something he couldn't stop."

Amber stiffened, remembering those words... 'Amber... remember when you promised me... you won't blame yourself... for anything that you can't stop. This is the same... I only wish... I could have protected you better...and got to see you grow.' He knew what she was feeling while he was dying, and wanted to let her have peace before his time came.


"Tumaini was shocked by my words to say the least, he told us we had grown in only days, we weren't boys anymore, but true princes of Egypt. We stayed there for a few days, till we all decided it was time to head back home. Gods, when the town saw us arrive, it was like Bes had spread word and gave everyone a voice of melody. We all were shocked, by the time we reached the palace, our father and his priests stood in the front gates to greet us, including Tumaini's father. By the look on there faces, we guessed they just happy to see us and not kill us on the spot. " Akunadin muttered at the end.

The King laughed, "Yes, we knew we needed to head back, but we didn't know how future events would unfold. No one had made a move until Taf-Nekht rushed to Tumaini and hugged him. It was the first time we saw him cry, both of them. After that everyone took us inside, and we told our tale... and how Tumaini saved our lives. He became a hero... while we got scolded for moons without end. Tumaini had a better relationship his father, till the day Taf-Nekht died. We had become better friends with Tumaini after that trip. By the time 6 harvests went by, our father granted Tumaini's wish to leave the palace and to lead the trading routes. We lived separate lives from then on."

The brothers concluding their tale and looked at Amber.

Amber felt amazed hearing her father's past, he had done so much in such little time, it made her wonder what she could do to reach the heights her father reached, then it hit her. I'll reach my dream and protect everyone, just watch me father!

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